New Song: Tamar Braxton – ‘She Can Have You’

Published: Wednesday 6th Nov 2013 by Rashad

Are you ready to get your life this Christmas?  Tamar Braxton is certainly hoping so.

For, less than a week before her inaugural holiday album ‘Winter Loveland’ is set to hit stores, the songstress shares ‘She Can Have You’ – one of 10 gems set to line the album.

Holding back the holiday cheer and serving up some holiday heartbreak, ‘She Can Have You’ acts as a yuletide ode to R&B past.  Tell us how you think she did:

[93.9 WKYS]

Forget “like”, where is the “love” button?  From Tamar’s always awe-inspiring vocal displays (see: range, melisma), the song skips the sappy sleigh bells and love stories and tells a tale of heartbreak reminiscent of The Emotions’ classic ‘What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas’.

If ‘She’ is even just a hint of what we can expect from ‘Winter Loveland’, well…we’re already in love.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Super Cisus November 6, 2013

    Tamonkey Wackxton

    • Draggin4MrsCarter November 6, 2013

      Hahaha you’re so funny. You know what else is funny? Let me tell you. It’s funny that Ciara is going to marry a man who can’t even raise his own kids but think he’s doing something by buying her a 15 carat ring.
      Would his DUMB ASS be willing to spend that amount of money on one of his kids if they needed it?

      You want to laugh at Tamar, but I’ll tell you this. She may be arrogant, she may be rude and she may have an attitude problem but AT LEAST the man she married is responsible and it takes more than knowing how to put it down in the bedroom to be able to call yourself a REAL man.

      Ciara is just another dumb ho in a long line of dumb hos who thinks she can change a hoodrat into a gentleman. What she doesn’t know is that Future has got two or three other girls on the side who he is also sleeping with. #NowRunAndTellThat

      • Super Cisus November 6, 2013

        B**** you wrote all that for what? Ci and future are actually in love. Brokemar only wants fat ass Vince for his money honey #imjusbeinghonest

      • ART POP WILL FLOP November 6, 2013

        Same as JAY Z… cheating on beyhoe with loads of side chicks.. b**** go ve a seat you can never get a ring talk more of 15 carat judgmental punk.

      • Molly November 6, 2013

        Yet beyonce married to a devil worshipping crack addict.

      • ART POP WILL FLOP November 6, 2013

        The fact is that you cant get a cubic zirconia in your whole life, so all you do is to seat back and hate, judge others while you age badly. Ciara has what you will never have punk .. u better get use to it or stay mad.

      • BumbleBey November 6, 2013

        Oh my, did I see one of the C Section say Future is more attractive than Jigga? The delusional is authentic in these E streets. Future looks like the Predator in Alien vs Predator and his child support has BEEN late.

        Jay isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but he takes care of the child he brought into the world? Does Future? Okay b****, no the f*** he does not, so fall back before a b**** has to get buck up in this.

    • RiriRoyale November 6, 2013

      Oh no. Not Ciara fans laughing at somebody who sold DOUBLE of what she did and actually locked down a good man.

      • QueenBeyonce(She’s The Queen You Know) November 6, 2013

        B**** was the first to comment like Ciara should be the first to be tested at the P**** Funk clinic. #BecauseFutureIsCheatingOnHaAzz

      • Draggin4MrsCarter November 6, 2013

        Jay Z doesn’t worship the devil you fool. Anyway, since you say Jay cheats on her where is your proof. I have proof that Future is a irresponsible man who makes babies and abandons them and ONLY pays child support when he’s forced to.
        Maybe Ciara should ask her new step children to buy her new album so it can go platinum, because you know that negro has like a million children.

      • Super Cisus November 6, 2013

        A good man that talks to and treats her ugly ass like the piece of cow s*** she is kii

      • Molly November 6, 2013

        Jay z is a known devil worshipers sis i suggest you do your research f**… Are you mad Ciara is marrying someone who is actually attractive unlike Jayz or Vince fat ass Lmao.

    • TisForTamar/HerpesIsForRihanna November 6, 2013

      You say Tamonkey Wackxton I say BabymamaAra

      • K.Rebelle November 6, 2013

        You say BabymamaAra, I say Vince buys Tamar’s albums.

      • Super Cisus November 6, 2013

        He bought those b****** like they were meals from Burger King kii

      • Molly November 6, 2013

        We all know vince bought 60% of those albums

      • FentySoSnatched November 6, 2013

        60%? Look at the SorrySquad doing math.
        Since you girls wanna talk numbers, try this equation on for size.

        Tamar’s first week sales – Ciara’s first week sales =

        The first b**** to answer correctly gets 10 unsigned copies of Beyonce’s mystery album.

      • Molly November 6, 2013

        @Fenty dont you have an weekly s** test you need to be giving Rihanna get lost and stay in your lane

      • FAF November 6, 2013

        ^sis noone is here for a fake Rihanna stan defending Tamar bc they dont like Ciara. Rihanna will never have a ring besides the one around her mouth. SIT

  2. geno November 6, 2013


    • Super Cisus November 6, 2013

      Holler at me when Tamuppet gets a platinum or gold album or single. Don’t let me get too old because it’s never happening with her no singing ass lol

      • Molly November 6, 2013

        It won’t happen sis kiii

      • geno November 6, 2013

        LMAO will the d squad ever find their way out of 2006???

      • Super Cisus November 6, 2013

        Body Party slayed every one of Tamuppets singles boo. 2013 realness.

      • Molly November 6, 2013

        Will Tamar ever find her vocals?

      • Molly November 6, 2013

        @supercisus has the one or love and war even sold 300k yet? Body party shits on anything Tamar has ever released.

      • Super Cisus November 6, 2013

        Kiii Molly sis I don’t think she will.

      • Super Cisus November 6, 2013

        Sis the Tamartians got cocky when love and War hit #1 on the iTunes chart but bombed on billboard lmao. The flone all the way down the charts and hot mess are nowhere to be found kii

      • Molly November 6, 2013

        Death and the only reason it went number 1 is because GaGa told the lil monsters to buy that boring s*** Tamartains should stay in there lane.

      • geno November 6, 2013

        album sales>>>>>>>>single sales

        is ciara at 150k yet??? LOL!!!!

      • Super Cisus November 6, 2013

        B**** stop you act like Tamuppet is almost gold or Somethin b**** sold 200k. Ci wrote her song so she gets the coin. She ain’t a puppet like the muppet kii

      • onepissedofffan November 7, 2013

        @Molly actually The song love and war has been certified platinum do your homework b**** cause they announced it last week and the one as certified gold and the album love and war is at 350,000 sold so shut the f*** up and do your homework and get you facts straight b**ch

  3. Super Cisus November 6, 2013

    She won’t execute this live with those awful vocals

    • Lana Del Slay November 6, 2013

      The only thing Ciara executes is LA Reid’s budget.

      • Super Cisus November 6, 2013

        Like how Lana executes collagen and Botox

      • TurntUp4Cici November 6, 2013

        The only thing Lana slays is her mirror when she strikes a pose with dem duck lips. #QuackQuackHeaux

      • Molly November 6, 2013

        @Turnt Lmao deeeeeath!!!!

      • geno November 6, 2013

        The only thing Ciara executes is LA Reid’s budget.


        fantasy ride……flop
        basic extinct………superflop
        ciara……….MEGAFLOP!!!! [with a hit single] LOL!!!

      • Lana Del Slay November 6, 2013

        How sweet! You wide p**** having h*** work in packs now. Too bad you were too busy trying to find the cure for pussyvitis to buy BabyMamaAra’s new album.


      • Super Cisus November 6, 2013

        Lana still doesn’t have a platinum album and Tamuppet will never!

    • BrownSuga November 7, 2013

      No one needs to talk about Tamar live while you stan for Cici cus Ta sounds stronger & better even on her worse days

  4. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) November 6, 2013

    I can’t listen to her music the way I use to anymore. She’s too much of a selfish, arrogant acting b*tch. I won’t be buying but her vocals are decent in this…

    • Molly November 6, 2013

      Vocals she will never be able to serve live :-/

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) November 6, 2013


  5. Molly November 6, 2013


  6. Rosie November 6, 2013

    Trash, generic R&B.
    I wonder if her beluga whale husband will be able to buy 100K copies first week for this album, too.

    • SexxDreamer November 6, 2013

      You are no position to talk about trash when you stan for Lana Del Filler.
      Why has BTD flopping in the US. Has it even gone Gold yet sister?

      • Rosie November 6, 2013

        It’s at over 800K in the US and over 5 million worldwide. It will go platinum sometime this winter and is probably ready to be certified that based on shipments. Let’s see if ChartFlop even sells half of that outside of the US.
        Poor T*****. Can’t impress the public anymore, and now she’s local.

  7. whocares November 6, 2013

    I’ll be alone this Christmas so this hits hard.

    • BanjeeRiri November 6, 2013

      Oh girl, I lost the f*** I would have given if I cared about your relationship status.

  8. ashley November 6, 2013

    zzzzzz put me to sleep

    • Molly November 6, 2013


      • TamartiansUnite November 6, 2013

        No b****, that would be the tranquilizers your farm owner injected you with. Or did you forget that you are a wild horse?

  9. GAGARULES November 6, 2013


  10. anthony freeman November 6, 2013

    haters r gonna hate she slayed yes hunty she sung the hell out of this song

  11. Dev November 6, 2013

    i really enjoyed that. Considering that her album is still on heavy rotation it looks like the Christmas album will be next. I hope she has a song with her sisters on the album

  12. BougieHippie November 6, 2013

    This is nice however being that her album is fairly new I would love for this to been an BRAXTON family LP.

    For that family to have so much talent they are fairly dumb in homing it into a huge money making entity. The need on business manager for their brand. The KArdashians are 33 million of a s** tape, not to take anything from their hustle I’m just saying image what people with a tangible talent should be able to do.

  13. LOVE AND WAR November 6, 2013


  14. Njqt November 6, 2013

    Sorry boo Love and War dingle has already gone platinum… BE MAD

  15. Njqt November 6, 2013

    Sorry boo Love and War single ready went platinum…. BE MAD

  16. Kev November 6, 2013

    Chile SLAYmar just SLAYED my life and brought me BACK to life with the NEW life she gave me from these vocals and them KILLER runs. Whaaaaat. #SANG bytch !

  17. Chile Please!! November 6, 2013

    Im so mad at the ignorant stupid comments. Tamar just slayed all of your current favs with this song! I guess be as though it’s not Wackyonce Tamar is not going to get her props? GTFOH! Then bytches saying “Yawn!” Why? because it’s not a hair swinging, booty poppin, drop it like it’s hot dance track? Ya’ll bug me out! I love this track & her vocals slays for the Gawds!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) November 7, 2013

      No because people have heard this before aka Toni. Plus her executing this live? I think not…

    • lol November 7, 2013

      B**** ! Beyonce>Tamar!
      Get into reality…Beyonce also slays tamar vocally! Beyonce has never had problems with her vocals! Beyonce has yet to have an album debut at #127 and that’s including remix albums and EPS.. Jay-Z could have easily brought 4 to make it a success, but unlike vince he didn’t.

      Tamar is nowhere near Beyonce’s status and the sooner you and these imengagedtoabumera fans get it through your head, the less it’ll hurt!

  18. Kev November 6, 2013

    Merry Slaymassss ! The Slayage is upon you this Christmas. SLAYmar ‘s bringing her bag of slayage this year with lots of Holiday cheer. ^_^

  19. Mark111 November 6, 2013

    I don’t get why artist do X-mas songs and albums. They only last for a month or two, unless you’re Mariah Carey of course, the Queen of Christmas. (So I guess MC will have a hit this year, lol)

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) November 7, 2013

      I still play christmas albums by my favorite artists every year. They last longer and can be passed down for generations

  20. Lucia November 6, 2013

    It was okay. I don’t have the urge to hear it ever again…

  21. Aaron November 7, 2013

    Nice parallel drawn between “What do the Lonely Do” and this track…this guy knows music.

  22. lol November 7, 2013

    Why do people keep entertaining these Ciara stans?
    You b****** arguments became null and void once he started selling albums via Groupon!Once Ciara(the Album)flopped,it should have been clear it wasn’t 2004-2006 and no one care anymore. I mean how the hell does one peak in just 2 years of their career? STFU and get over it, Ciara is less than a lessor and no amount of gay club stages she books will change that!

    As for Tamar, f****** yawn like normal!Same 4 stans hyping those non-existed studio vocals.
    How the hell is this a Christmas song? Who comes out with a Christmas album when their current “Main” project has yet to even do 300K? What sense does that even make? Instead of coming out with this future chart disaster,why not come out with a re-release of Love&War.S*** even a Love&War holiday edition with 2 or 3 Christmas songs would’ve been a smarter move.

    This song sucks just like most of the s*** released this year,not just from Tamar but most artist.

  23. BrownSuga November 7, 2013

    I won’t lie I was bit disappointed with certain matters away from music & some live showings but she FCUKIN KILLED IT on this song and I really enjoy her mid-slow jam soooooo much.

    Tamar knocked this out the park!

  24. PlumPeach November 7, 2013

    OMG she sung that!!
    Loving the delivery. Very talented girl when putting songs together.

    I’ve replayed this 7x in a row already

  25. cocobutta November 7, 2013

    EXCELLENT “But I’m stiiiiiiiiiiillll alone” she DRAGGED that so nicely.
    She was over it boy naming all those holidays lol.

    Tamar and Monica got me excited for xmas songs.

  26. Mandy Moore November 7, 2013

    Boring as f***!! When is she performing this love so I can laugh?

  27. POO November 7, 2013


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