Must See: Ebro Darden & Laura Stylez Interview Ashanti For ‘The Hot 97 Morning Show’

Published: Monday 2nd Dec 2013 by David

Praised and renown for asking the questions few dare to pose, Ebro Darden‘s ‘The Hot 97 Morning Show’ celebrated one of its most telling interviews to date recently, when they caught up with the R&B beauty that is Ashanti.

Joined by co-host Laura Stylez, Darden‘s conversation with the singer/actress went a long way to address many a  hot topic surrounding her career.

Think the jailing of her stalker.

Her long running feud with former mentor Irv Gotti.

The intentional ‘mishandling’ of  ‘Murder Inc‘ budgets.


Still not sure why we’re calling this one a ‘must see’?

Find out below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Super Cisus December 2, 2013


    • vcncvndfhrey547 December 2, 2013

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  2. shay December 2, 2013

    I loved how open she was in this interview.

    Get it Ashanti!

  3. TREBOI December 2, 2013

    LOVE THIS Chic!! Push it to the limit like a big body Benz!!! #igotit Fire

  4. Vyleen December 2, 2013

    “never should have” never should have bombed!! mainstream radio is all about payola and big names!! if rihanna or adele wouldve released it it would have smashed!!

  5. LadiiJ88 December 2, 2013

    That “Who?” s*** is so lame & old. You really shouldn’t try to throw shade at anybody when you stan for Ciara. You know who she is, she’s that girl who has sold & accomplished way more that your fave has to date. Don’t believe me, look it up because she has the receipts to back it up.

  6. Diamond December 2, 2013

    9yrs with no engagement? Ashanti seems like a sweet girl. Hopefully she finds a good guy and stops sleeping around with the whole murder inc crew.

  7. Lalah Hathaway stan December 2, 2013


  8. Aunty December 2, 2013

    Ashanti the princess of hip hop and r&b.Shan last album sold more copies than your fave last 3 albums..girl don’t forget your fave is a 3x flopped ….now tell
    Me what is ms Clorox bottle doing other than following and promoting ms past tense aka future .while her album can’t even go double cotton.#igotit on iTunes now

  9. cocobutta December 2, 2013

    Irv wanted Ashanti and there’s no way he can be trying to deny it.
    Ashanti wanted Nelly d, so Irv try be messy and get all jealous, in a time where 2 much was going on negatively with Murder Inc…

    It’s a shame how it turned out but that THIRSTY Ebro is 100% right about Irv and Ashanti talking it out & I think Ja should be there to smooth it out.

    Really like her

  10. Super Cisus December 2, 2013

    When the last time this B**** been on a chart? I’ll wait………….


  11. ice angel December 2, 2013

    Great interview hot97, Ebro & Laura! By far one of my favorites out of all the interviews Ashanti has done. Ashanti was just so open and honest without saying anything bitter towards anyone. I’ve been a fan of Ashanti ever since she came out (since the big pun how we roll) 🙂 go Ashanti! Go #TeamAshanti #Braveheart loving her brand new song ‘I got it’ and congrats to her for her soul train award.

  12. sweetdreams December 2, 2013

    I love this Ashanti interview! That ‘I got it’ song is fire. Bleh forget Nelly. Lol. I’m glad she’s moving forward with such a positive energy. Hmmm I wonder if she’s dating desean jackson football player?? Saw a pic of them together on Ashanti’s IG, they look cute together.

  13. toohotfortv December 2, 2013

    Ebro is so fine to me but his mouth is ridiculous. Like i really wish he was a bit more umm… not how he is. his mouth. yuck!

  14. BeyRihStan December 2, 2013

    Upon release “Ciara” was met with a warm reception from music critics who …… criticized the lack of identity and lasting impression that the album makes. As of November 1, the album has sold 126,000 copies in the US.

  15. d December 2, 2013

    Wow, it’s about time she actually spoken on certain matters……nice interview.

  16. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me December 3, 2013

    No shade, but it is interesting how we see more of Ashanti, an independent artist who has pushed her album back for over 3 years, and she is getting acting jobs and interviews and such, than we see of Ciara, who has the backing of a huge label. Ciara makes her red carpets and gets her mentions on Fashion Police, yet is silent aside from album release weeks, while Ashanti at least is trying I guess. They both have a long way to go to relevancy, but I’m going to need you Ciara stans to check your lipstick before you come and talk to me about me being pressed – this is strictly my observation.

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