Monica Enlists Brandy / Tamar Braxton Writer For New Album

Published: Tuesday 24th Dec 2013 by David

‘Angel of Mine.’ ‘For You I Will.’ ‘So Gone.’

For Sony staple Monica, crafting R&B gems with potent crossover appeal has always been an effortless task, enjoying global sales of over 7 million units thanks to the popularity this skill has generated for her.

So, as she continues work on her long awaited new album, the ‘Street Symphony’ siren has enlisted the highly sought-after TC to help create the release.

Wonderful news below…

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 19.29.25

Responsible for Brandy‘s ‘Wish You Love Away’ and Tamar Braxton’s ‘Prettiest Girl‘, Tiyon ‘TC’ Mack was announced as one of the LP’s contributors during a Q&A session launched by the performer to push his brand new covers release, Harmonic Fatality II.’

Now Grammy nominated by way of his contributions to Braxton‘s ‘Love and War‘, Mack’s forthcoming Monica material will come four years after her 2010 release ‘Still Standing’ debuted on the Billboard 200 with 184,000 units sold in its launch week.

This, months before it was certified Gold for sales of over 500,000 units in her domestic market.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly December 24, 2013

    Oh shes finally deciding to give her ovaries a rest and release an album that’s cute.

  2. SoGone4Monica December 24, 2013

    Wait. Let me get this straight. A Ciara fan talking about baby making. Wow.

  3. FAF December 24, 2013

    She’s only sold 7mil ww? I was on the brandy forum and they were talking about how much her albums were over shipped in the 90s to compete with brandy and Aaliyah

  4. MarinasDiamonds December 24, 2013

    Monica sold that much first week. Kiii, no wonder the C Squad and the Starz are jealous of her.

  5. Lace&Leather December 24, 2013

    Monica was never a big seller to be honest which is interesting considering how much R&B used to sell.

  6. 1D>>>>YourLife December 24, 2013

    Monica!!!!!! I love her so much because she’s the only R&B singer we used to listen to in my house when I was small.

  7. BeyWhoUWanna December 24, 2013

    Not Monica selling 10 times as much as Ciara.

  8. Molly December 24, 2013

    The Ciara obsession is real.

  9. SoGone4Monica December 24, 2013

    You started it you f****** b****.

  10. FutureCIARA December 24, 2013

    Alright ATL chick!

    Give us ‘SO GONE’ Monica back!!!!!!!

  11. AzealiaBankable December 24, 2013

    The CSquad always start mess and run when Ci gets dragged. STOP IT.

  12. 2bad2bme December 24, 2013

    my boy TC is so big now…i can’t believe i knew about him since 2007 and now he is in the game this deep

  13. anonymous December 24, 2013

    @Molly aint nobody obsessed with Flopera and her music. . thats why she’s a flop.

  14. Beyonce & Monica Stan.. December 24, 2013

    That’s my girl! Looking forward, can’t wait!

  15. Mark111 December 24, 2013

    Here we go again, working with the same writers and producers. You’re gonna flop like the rest of them. What happened to making your own sound? There’s a reason why MJB, Beyonce and Rihanna are on top, cause they sound like no one, 9 times out of ten Rihanna is the first to work with new people and bring new sounds.

    The Ciara stans HAVE to be trolls or them just love bring it on themselves.

  16. Absolved December 24, 2013

    I want Monica to reconnect with Dallas Austin. Thanks to Dallas, Monica had the best debut album; better than both Aaliyah’s and Brandy’s.

    Beyond that, she needs to stay away from recycled writers and producers that everyone else is working with. She needs to find her own collaborators that’re a little more low key and will give her their best, because at this point any HIT maker she works with is not likely to give her his best material. She’d get the left overs.

    She also needs to make the music on her next album more lively and hooky. Monica was never the most exciting pop star, but what used to work in her favor was that her songs had good production with very strong hooks that made singing along to them fun. She’s lost that flair.

  17. CeCe December 24, 2013

    All of Monica’s music and vocals sounds just about the same. I’m not a huge Brandy fan, but the 3 albums I have of hers are completely different vocally and musically. Staying true to yourself doesn’t particularly mean staying in a box. Best of luck to Monica and I’ll be looking for something fresh, not New Life pt II.

  18. Beyonce & Monica Stan December 24, 2013

    Sam…. MONICA has SOLD>>>>>> 20 MILLION WORLD WIDE!!!!<<<<<<< Wikipedia is your friend!

  19. Beyonce & Monica Stan December 24, 2013

    Sam..MONICA has SOLD >>>>>>20 MILLION WORLD WIDE!!<<<<<<< Wikipedia is your friend!

  20. Antonio December 24, 2013

    Miss Thang 1.5 mil US/3 mil WW
    The Boy Is Mine 3 mil US/7 mil WW
    All Eyez on Me – n/a
    After the Storm 1 mil US/2 mil WW
    The Makings of Me 350k US/500k WW
    Still Standing 600k US/1 mil WW
    New Life 200k US
    Total = 14 mil WW

    Brandy 2.6 mil US/6 mil WW
    Never Say Never 4.5 mil US/14 mil WW
    Full Moon 1.2 mil US/2.5 mil WW
    Afrodisiac 450k/1 mil WW
    Human 225k US/500k WW
    Two Eleven 200k US/400k
    Total = 25 mil WW

    Goodies 2.8 mil US/5.5 mil WW
    The Evolution 1.4 US/3 mil WW
    Fantasy Ride 200k US/500k WW
    Basic Instinct 120k US/200k WW
    Ciara 140k US/300k WW
    Goodies & More DVD 200k WW
    Total = 10 mil WW

  21. Joey December 24, 2013

    I agree. Brandys voice has matured but shes kept her vocals, her sound has developed but shes maintained her sound. To be honest, i’m only here for a Monica album that has Miss Thang vocals. Every album after that Monica’s voice has diminished, lacked fullness and range. I’m excited but not ecstatic.
    i listened to the TC mixtape and i find his voice annoying and autotune sounding, although i cant fault him as a songwriter

  22. Beyonce & Monica Stan December 24, 2013

    Antonio my WIKIPEDIA HAS STATED..Monica has sold >>>20 MILLION WW. Last but not least.. Monica ‘s first Lp MISSTHANG, has sold 3 MIL IN THE US. If u all want to check out ANY ARTIST STATS from A to Z..go to ROCKONTHENET.COM

  23. Realness December 24, 2013

    I’ve never liked Brandy’s voice, it annoys the hell out of me. Anyway looking forward to that Monica album, that girl can f****** sing her ass off! Brought that best man holiday album just for her.

  24. FutureCIARA December 24, 2013

    Not an AZEALIA BANKS stan coming for any ones neck, when that b**** cant even get her career to lift up off the depths of the deep!!!!

    Here’s your seats, I booked an extra one for your fav and an extra friend. _/ _/ _/

  25. RihRih Princess of Pop/ Beyonce Queen December 24, 2013

    I love Monica, such a true vocalist, and such a beautiful girl. Bring on that album girl. Fyi, I’ve always preferred Monica over Brandy.

  26. Kendal December 24, 2013

    Monica and Ciara are really good friends, so I just don’t understand this Stan war.

  27. Kendal December 24, 2013

    Sam Monica has sold 20 million world wide.

  28. FutureCIARA December 24, 2013

    And whoever wrote this post from the TGJ team is incorrect, MONICA’s last album was in 2012 called “NEW LIFE”,

    It featured Brandy on ‘IT ALL BELONGS TO ME’ which was supposed to be their comeback duet sequel to “THE BOY IS MINE”.

    NEW LIFE was actually a very great underrated album!

  29. FutureCIARA December 24, 2013

    Monica’s 2012 “NEW LIFE” album debuted at #4 on the US Billboard 200

    And at #2 on US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums (Billboard)

    With first week sales of 69,000.

    MONICA CURRENTLY HAS 7 studio albums
    -Miss Thang
    -The Boy Is Mine
    -All Eyez on Me
    -After the Storm
    -The Makings of Me
    -Still Standing
    -New Life

    And she has sold over 20million albums worldwide, with 7million in the US!

  30. BeyRihStan December 24, 2013

    Monica ain’t sold nobodies 20 million ww. Lol. She sold around the amount that Antonio said. Wikipedia is not a reputable source….

  31. Ciara Will always run s**t December 24, 2013

    Brandy fans aren’t jealous…there is no beef. that shi* dies in the 90’s let it go. Brandy has sold more than 35 mill world wide, monica has only sold 7 mill. Stop the madness smh

  32. Love And War December 24, 2013

    I could never understand why people compare Monica and Brandy. I for one think Monica is that chick, her voice just gives me chill’s. I remember back in the day when my big sisters would blast Miss thang, “It’s just one of them days” yessss, memory’s boy!

  33. FutureCIARA December 24, 2013

    Bittch shut TF up and figure out which bittch your going to stan for with a name like BeyRihstan….

    Monica has sold over 20million records worldwide, She has a career span over 15years, and Was in her prime with Brandy, Aaliyah, Mya, and Destinys Child in the 90s-2000s

    I dont get my information from uncredible sources like Wiki, Try or RCAA for once!

    Then comeback to defend your accusations!

  34. XXX December 24, 2013

    Thats cute. In other news Beyonce is now platinum in the US (HDD)

  35. missdiva December 24, 2013

    Sam correct yourself and stop listening to them salty miserable brandy stand
    Monica has sold close to 20 million in her career 18+ career…legend in making

    It’s sad how Jealous brandy fans are of monica, as if they know her personally…
    Threatened much but whatever they should be running to store to pickup her CD
    When it drops instead of stalking monica…Can’t Wait til monica drops another CD

  36. Antonio December 24, 2013

    Lol yall are so ignorant. Billboard, RIAA etc all only report shipments, NOT sales which is why Never Say Never and My Way are both certified 6x platinum and have only sold 4.5 mil and 3.8 mil respectively. The Writing’s on the Wall shipped 8 mil but only sold a good 6.5 mil. No shade, but Monica has hella Top 10s on the Hot 100 but she never sold as much as Brandy, Aaliyah, MJB or Toni. Miss Thang has shipped 3 mil but only sold 1.5 mil. Monica’s total album sales are around 14 mil, but combined with singles/DVDs, she’s sold over 20 mil. Brandy has sold nearly 25 million albums plus another 10 mil singles. Ciara has sold around 10 mil albums and 10 mil singles. For those who brought up Bey and Aaliyah

    Dangerously in Love 4.8 mil US/11 mil WW
    B’Day 3.3 mil US/7.5 mil WW
    IASF 3.1 mil US/7.5 mil WW
    4 1.4 mil US/3 mil WW
    BEYONCÉ – currently at 950k US/1.5 mil WW… My predictions: 2.5 mil US/5 mil WW
    Total 35 mil WW (with DVDs)

    Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number 2.2 mil US/4.5 mil WW
    One in a Million 2.5 mil US/6 mil WW
    Aaliyah 3 mil US/9 mil WW
    I Care 4 U 1.8 mil US/3 mil WW
    Total – 23-25 mil WW

  37. kleinmanvxv December 24, 2013

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  38. BeyRihStan December 24, 2013

    @ the delusional Ciara stan. Show me receipts honey. Monica has always been a LOCAL artist, so 20 million ww is not believable. I can stan for whomever I please f**. I don’t see how thats any of your concern. Antonio has already posted the true tea, so get the egg off of your face.

  39. Beyonce & Monica Stan December 24, 2013

    Exactly at FutureCIARA and missdiva.

  40. BeyRihStan December 24, 2013

    Lol Brandy and Monica fans are still beefing? Neither one of them are selling anymore. They should be united 🙄

  41. FutureCIARA December 24, 2013

    Girl have several, sitting here posting under multiple Beyonce and Rihanna accounts.

  42. Monica Fan December 24, 2013

    Yasssss I am so ready!!!!!!!!

  43. BeyRihStan December 24, 2013

    No f** you sit if you think I have time to do that. You’re probably the mastermind behind the Ciara trolls, b****. Now go back into your dungeon until I send for you, peasant.

  44. Quan December 24, 2013

    @FAF at the end of the day she still books shows and very much relevant as her competitors from back then. No it was 7 million WW it was 7 millions in the US (20 Million WW)

  45. Quan December 24, 2013

    I’m so here for this. i Love authentic artist that could truly sing. I dont care how much she sold, she has never and I mean never disappointed me when she releases albums. Monica is still in the game because at the end of the day talent will out last gimmicks. Say what you want she will be in this game for a while. Bring on the album Mo!

  46. FutureCIARA December 25, 2013

    Dungeon?? Peasant???



    I dont create troll accounts, I leave that to you. You already cant decide if you want to stan for Bey or Rih, God knows how many other accounts you have!

    TGJ needs to do a clean sweep and rid all you raggedy lame h***. LMFAO, B**** I cant believe you really just tried with that lame read talking about dungeons and peasants… Some of you Beyonce and Rihanna stans are seriously delusional, Living in a fantasy monarchic world.

  47. ChrisFierce December 25, 2013

    Let’s NOT be MESSY now! Monica has sold WAY more than 7 million albums in the United States! One site say she sold 2 million US, one site says she sold 5 Million US and now you say she sold 7 Million US. And ALL of those sites are sites where closeted fans can edit and try and crack JOKES! But we ALL know Monica has sold 10-15 million US with about 25 Million in WW sales. Half of those sites don’t even have the accurate sales for After the Storm which has sold well OVER 1.2 million in US sales. And Makings Of Ne which is close (if not already) at 500k in Us Sales. And New Life has about 210k us sales. Oh and for a quick FYI Miss Thang Sold 2.5 million in US in the 90’s (probably has sold more than that 18 years later), The Boy Is Mine sold 4 million in the US (probably sold more than that 15 years later). So yes she has sold MORE THAN 7 MILLION IN THE US. (On another note I won’t even entertain Ciara fans because she haven’t saw platinum since The Evolution Of Ciara)!

  48. Mark111 December 25, 2013

    Do the freaking math

    Miss Thang 1.5 million
    Boy Is Mine 2.0 million
    After The S 1.0 million
    Makings of .328 k
    Still Standin .475 k
    New Life .116 k
    5.4 million

    Brandy is at 8.5 million
    Aaliyah is at 8.4 million
    Rihanna is at 10 million
    Beyonce is at 13 million

    these are USA sales, not worldwide.

  49. BeyRihStan December 25, 2013

    @FlopCiara lol first of all f** I’ve been here before you. You probably are a troll seeing as that one of your first posts on here (and most of your posts) are dedicated to Rosie who effortlessly drags you and your c-squad “colleagues” every time! I don’t understand why you’re worried about who I stan for. You should be worrying about why your fav has been flopping non-stop since 2007!!! LMAOOO….you Z-Squats are so worthless!!

  50. BeyRihStan December 25, 2013

    US SALES AS OF DEC 25, 2013

    MAYER, JOHN 11
    NICKS, STEVIE 10.5
    LIL WAYNE 10.5
    MARTIN, RICKY 10.5
    SMITH, MICHAEL W. 10.5
    SCORPIONS 10.5
    BUSH 10.5
    BRANDY 10.5
    JUDDS, THE 10.5
    ABBA 10.5

  51. iconic cici December 25, 2013

    Beyonce is nothing but a f****** fraud and Rihanna is a non singing ass basic ass b**** Ciara is not worried about these illuminati devil worshipping punk ass b******… @BeyShitRihtardStan

  52. iconic cici December 25, 2013

    The c squad is above the navy and hive #fact.

  53. BeyRihStan December 25, 2013

    Z-Squat aint even 200k deep. Call me when Zzz-iara can fill an arena.

  54. iconic cici December 25, 2013

    B**** call me when Beyonce gets some originality and when Rihanna gets some p**** walls kiiiiiiii

  55. iconic cici December 25, 2013

    Im so glad Ciara didn’t have to sell her soul like RihWhore and Copyonce, Ciara is a woman of God, and such a great influence on her fans

  56. BeyRihStan December 25, 2013

    LMAO you are a queen of comedy, f**!!! Woman of God?? Do you mean a sleaze ball whose been passed around the industry and is only engaged because she’s knocked up? Cilessor has no fans to influence. #57K

  57. QueenCeline December 25, 2013

    Monica has not sold 20 million worldwide. Does that even make sense to you. If Aaliyah and Brandy didn’t sell that much WHY do you think Monica did when most of her albums didn’t even sell 2 million in her own country.

    Common sense people!

  58. Charm December 25, 2013

    Let’s be CLEAR you FOOL. Monica & brandy are BOTH in the 20-30 million worldwide bracket. Let’s NOT be MESSY & DUMB! And lastly, New Life is not at 116k, Still Standing is beyond 400k you damn FOOL! Go dot down or better yet go find something better to do with your sorry ass! Chris you are right, no one knows what Monica sold besides her and her company. Regardless of who sold what they ALL have more money than y’all 5 kids 4 baby daddy, Wic Voucher having ass black negative h***.

  59. ugh December 25, 2013

    I personlly known monica before still standing album .she came to my mothers restuarant to eat when ever she was in town. i told her i followed her long enuff to know she sold over 20million and she agreed abd that was the time After the Storm was platinum. sites dont post all facts . and Still Standing US sales are over 700k not 475

  60. ugh December 25, 2013

    Chile u dumb as hell like ur comment.. Monica was a Pop Star in the 90s. Believe it or f****** not. 20 million is right. she deserve millions more

  61. MelyB December 25, 2013

    I’ve been a Monica fan since she debuted. The thing that I respect most about her is that she knows who she is as an artist and hasn’t chased trends in order to cross over, she’s stayed a straight up r&b singer – you either like her or you don’t.

    I think Monica should work with writers & producers who make great r&b tracks like Ivan Barias & Carvin Haggins; Ne-Yo (who writes great songs with simple melodies that allow vocals to shine) and Missy Elliot (who has re-worked some great r&b samples into hits for Moni).

    Given the right production, I believe Monica can produce a great r&b album like Brandy, Keyshia & Fantasia that mixes elements of contemporary r&b with smoking ballads that allow her to shine vocally.

  62. Dave December 25, 2013

    1st off, there is NOT A STAN WAR! That person TRYING to drag Ciara is NOT A REAL CIARA FAN! Some of y’all are so gullible to believe they are. Monica and Ciara are REALLY COOL! They consider each other sisters, anybody a fan of either would know that. It is no disrespect between them two or her fans. But some of y’all already don’t like Ciara, so y’all try to Drag Ciara. Ciara IS GREAT! The only reasons he doesn’t quote on quote, “matter” to everyone else is because y’all don’t give her a chance to be great. You all shade her and don’t support a talent like her. Ciara still makes hits to this day, she IS RELEVANT, whether you want to admit it or not. Not the “relevant” you think she should be, but she still has a career after about 10 years, no many can still say that.

    Anywho, LOVE MONICA! Can’t wait to have her new albums, have ALWAYS BEEN a fan. Monica has sold more than 7 million sam. And Sam as a Ciara fan, stop trying to push her on people. It just makes people want to drag her, especially the ignorant ones that already don’t like her. People who like Ciara will like her, the music, art, and talent speaks for itself for those who are meant to get it.

  63. BrownSuga December 25, 2013

    I just love Monica.
    She really has that R&B blueprint with After the Storm & Still Standing in particular.
    New Life was a more enjoying her moment album and unlike other albums came out a lot faster than her usual time frames between albums.

    My fav songs are For You I Will, Inside, Now I’m Gone, So Gone… Ok let me stop as too many. BEFORE YOU WALK OUT MY LIFE!!

  64. RedWineStain December 25, 2013


    Brandy and the label were using Monica as a promotional tool for Brandy’s upcoming album. It looks like he was right after all.
    The record label was much more interested in pushing Brandy’s project than Monica’s. I can’t go (S’Rose) into any details on that.
    But rest assured that Brandy’s album will flop because the same people who worked hard to promote Brandy are now the same ones she is walking all over. (Read between the lines).
    “Brandy is disingenuous in everything she does,” said a record label source who begged for anonymity. “Brandy and her brother use people for their own benefit.”
    “What makes Monica a safe bet for her fans is she’s real. If you’re going to be real, be 100% real,” he said.

    RedWineStain take on it:
    I care about both Brandy and Monica but only thing I preferred about Monica was that she has never craved acceptance and has never been anything else but herself flaws and all. We’ve seen her blossom over the years

  65. agentm December 25, 2013

    She was when the boy is mine came out and after the storm those were big sellers !!! but all her albums have been sold over a million or more or gold !!

  66. Quan December 25, 2013

    At the end of the day its MONICA. Her talent alone will maintain her longevity in this game. She does not compormise her career when it comes to being a mother and wife and I am glad she doesn’t. I love her because she is REAL. I respect her because she is real. No explanation needed. Bring on the new album next year MO. Your #Day1 fans will be right here. She never tried to fit in to be successful.

  67. Miss Moderator December 25, 2013

    Well they use each other redwine as Mo was throwing the jabs back in the day when she took “The Boy Is Mine” and titled it as her album.

    Took a Brandy song, sung on it, slayed on it and took name of the song and put it as an album title!!
    That was several drags of the wig that went for the roots.

    All’s fair in love and war!

  68. ugh December 25, 2013


  69. FutureCIARA December 25, 2013

    After all these comments, aint s*** left!!

    Monica has sold RECORDS! For those still arguing this fact.

    I live for the comments that are still showing support for Monica, I’ve always liked her more over Brandy, Thats just me. But they are both great artists

    Cant wait for this New Album MO!!!

  70. tim3495 December 26, 2013

    She is not about to be NOBODY’s legend. Monica is an average/good vocalist. The ONLY thing she has going for her is full/rich tone that sometimes gets overbearing and has one vocal color to it. She’s neither vocally incredible or commercially impactful.

  71. Angel Of Mine December 26, 2013

    Know your role and shut your mouth. Have several back seats in the stadium and please remember to ask for a boiled egg to be placed on the seat. It’s her ovaries not yours
    Leave the Browns business and mind your own

  72. Singaslif6 December 26, 2013

    anyone who paid any attention during the promotion for “It all belongs to me” can see that it was actually Monica who benefited most from the song…1st off Monica’s album was due to be released first..This is why every time they performed the song live it was Brandy’s part that got cut short because the Label was trying to push Monica’s because album. and second I don’t see how you can think they were more interested in “pushing” Brandys album when they barely pushed it at all. the promotion for Brandy was horrible..after the first single hit took months (the entire summer) for a video to come out…by that time the summer wa basically over and the song died out..then they took forever to release a 2nd single for Brandy which didnt help at all..and they chose the wrong single on top of that. Monica’s album did better than Brandy in her 1st week as well..but not by much..actually, they both were within the 60k-70k range in their first week… but the point is the label didnt do enough promoting for either album. it seems that way for most R&B coming out these days..most r&b srtists dont sell above 70k in the first week nowadays.

  73. danish December 26, 2013


    Monica has not grown creatively or musically
    great singer, but also a very boring and maybe even a little basic.

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