Leigh Bush Takes ‘Kontrol’ By Storm

Published: Thursday 9th Jan 2014 by David

‘Kontrol Magazine‘ surrenders itself to R&B heart throb Leigh Bush this month, joining him to unleash a spread we’re calling a ‘must see.’

Detailing his journey thus far and his swift but smooth evolution, his time with the publication also saw him stress interest in movies, revealing that he intends to pursue big screen glory in the coming year!

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An excerpt from the magazine reads:

“My music definitely reflects the changes in my life…I’ve been through more so I discuss a lot more in my music…you know I’ve been in love, relationships, had triumphs and hardships just like anyone else…luckily, I’ve been able to use music as my outlet…”

Every artist knows that sex sales, Sammie is no exception. After his career hiatus, he reemerged with a body that put D’Angelo to shame. “A few years back I managed to add ten pounds of pure muscle to my body, I’m naturally a slim framed male so it was quite a task…”

Recently, however, its his lips that are getting the major attention. “They’re [his lips] my favorite feature, I’ve had a lot of young ladies on Instagram, Twitter, and other social sites point out how they like their shape and stuff so I’m not gonna disagree with them…I have to keep my chap stick and Carmex on hand!”


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  1. ABC January 9, 2014

    Leigh Bush is such an ugly stage name. Go back to being Sammie!!

  2. 2Bad2bme January 9, 2014

    who the heck is Leigh Bush? That’s Sammie

  3. Bri January 9, 2014

    He changed his stage name…I like Sammie better to

  4. Tea4Daze January 10, 2014

    FYI- his full birth name is Sammie Leigh Bush…

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