T-Pain Explains Influence On Kanye West: ‘I Felt Unappreciated’

Published: Thursday 9th Jan 2014 by David


‘Bartender’ performer T-Pain has reveals that he feels hurt & ‘unappreciated’ by the world’s refusal to acknowledge his influence on rapper Kanye West’s critically claimed ‘8o8s and Heartbreak.’

Why the ‘Low’ lyricist believes he deserves credit for the project’s impact on Pop culture?

Find out below…

Speaking to DJ Vlad, he explained:

“The crazy thing was I worked on 808s & Heartbreak with Kanye,” T-Pain said. “I went down to Hawaii for like 10 days with that *****. You know what I’m saying? And Kanye actually told me himself. My album, Rappa Ternt Sanga, he said ‘I listened to your album Rappa Ternt Sanga. I heard all the songs. I ****in love your album Rappa Ternt Sanga. I think you a genius. Blah blah blah.’ He went through this whole spiel. He said, ‘But what I figured out that Rappa Ternt Sanga is just a bunch of love songs with a **** load of base in em.’ And I’m like ‘Well, love songs is like heartbreaks and the **** load of bass is the 808s. So, you calling your album 808s & Heartbreak because you making a bunch of love songs with a **** load of bass in ‘em?’ And he basically was like ‘Yeah, pretty much.’”

“I respect that ****, but it’s like the praise that he got from it was like ‘Oh my God, this is so creative. This is the new ****. This is the ****,’” he said. “And I’m like ‘Well, what happened in 2005 when I dropped Rappa Ternt Sanga and it was the same album. That’s kind of weird.’ You know what I’m saying. It just felt like I was unappreciated and anything like that. Any originator of anything is gonna be the lesser known because it’s the newest thing and that’s just not—it’s not right, but that’s just how **** goes.”

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  1. Lamb4lyfe January 9, 2014

    Beyonce also stole from him

  2. Brandon Jay January 9, 2014

    T Pain just seems kind of salty in general lately. He took shots at Future cause he apparently copied him and now Kanye. Where’s T Pain’s music at?

  3. Stephy Tha Lambily January 9, 2014

    Why he so LOUD tho…

  4. FAF January 9, 2014

    I like tpain but why he always talking about somebody else style ? Like Zapp and Roger and many others used autotune. True he brought it back but Future shares more similarity to him than kanye bc he doesn’t always use it

  5. Ant January 9, 2014

    In all fairness, in terms of the whole Future scenario, it’s kinda true. Basically, he’s “copy and pasting” everything that T-Pain already did….verbatim! T-Pain was the hot guy to have on your hook in all these hip-hop songs for a good few years, and now Future is the guy to go to and it’s basically the exact same thing (only I can’t really stand the way Future mumbles and warbles through his songs, it’s annoying as hell).

  6. 2bad2bme January 9, 2014

    Ok T-Pain you used auto-tune on all of your songs, and you made that more popular than “Zap and Roger”…the person you should be at for all of your non success lately is Jay-Z for making “Death of Auto-tune” LMAO

  7. RoyalKev January 9, 2014

    I really can’t with T-pain trying to claim the whole “love songs with a load of base” concept (aka auto-tune sound he think he made famous). Like it was already stated, several artists used it before him. Darkchild added that effect on everyone’s music he produced from Jlo/1999 (If You Had My Love) to Brandy/2002(What About Us). Cher/1998 (Believe)did it and so has many, many others. Next week Pain will probably attack Rick Ross, R. Kelly, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and God knows who else. I like T-Pain, but please be seated!

  8. ROSEGOLD January 9, 2014

    Wtf did Beyonce “steal” from T-Pain? You people say any damn thing on here lol.

  9. Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) January 9, 2014

    T-pain why are you trippin? Just focus on you and your music.

  10. Navy Nick January 9, 2014

    VERY WELL SAID! Perfect

  11. YAMANN January 9, 2014

    T-Pain was not the first person to use auto tune!!! Just saying! Love his music but just because you did the research doesn’t mean that you should be the only one that use auto tune!! Just saying! Just keep making good music, who cares what the artists are doing.

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