Rihanna Readying New Concept Album For November

Published: Tuesday 25th Feb 2014 by Sam

Microwave music maven Rihanna may have passed on putting out new music last year (due to insurmountable competition), however it appears the star is looking to make quite the splash in 2014.

For, in a move few could have anticipated, film house DreamWorks have announced that the 25-year-old is piecing together a concept album based around their animated movie ‘Home’ – which will hit stores in November.

As at writing, the release will serve as the first new material from the model since 2012’s ‘Unapologetic’.

Details below…

The revelation came courtesy of DreamWorks chief Jeffrey Katzenberg, who made the announcement during the company’s fourth quarter and full 2013 year earnings results moments ago.

While few other details were divulged, it was confirmed that Rih will also perform new songs in the film.

Formerly titled ‘Happy Smekday!’, ‘Home’ is based on Adam Rex’s book ‘The True Meaning of Smekday’ and features the voices of Roc Nation Riri, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin.

‘Home’ hits US theaters on November 26th.




One has to wonder if this is being released as well as or instead of a traditional album. Because if indeed Ms. Fenty plans to roll out two LPs this year, she’d be braver than we’d ever give her credit for. After all, she often struggles to sell one album (beyond a certain level), hence we can only imagine the uphill battle attached to peddling two.

Oh the struggles of a singles artist.

#NowPlaying – Beyonce – ‘XO’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Valerie February 25, 2014

    Why are all her albums released in November?

  2. JESUS H CHRIST February 25, 2014

    there was so much shade in this I actually forgot what the article was about by the time I got to the end

  3. HONEYCHILDPLEASE February 25, 2014

    Nobody cares. We’re currently getting our lives from Bleachoncé’s music.

  4. FAF February 25, 2014

    So isn’t this called a soundtrack?

  5. Lovebird February 25, 2014

    The shade in this article was stale and BORING. Who wrote this for you, Rosie? Come harder Samantha.

    Anyway this is exciting, cannot wait to hear it. Knowing Rihanna, it’ll be some new age s*** that Beyonce wishes she came up with, microwave music or not.

    Now Playing: Cold Case Love

  6. SLAYLOR SWIFT February 25, 2014

    She won’t sell as much as Taylor or Beyugly

  7. mya February 25, 2014

    I don’t get why her albums are always released around Black Friday aka the biggest sales time period, when her numbers are NEVER big.

  8. Lovebird February 25, 2014

    Well at least Island DefJam will recoup Mariah’s payola money. God knows after the struggles that were Journals, Yeezus and soon to be whatever Mimi is calling her album, they need a new Rihanna album or two.

  9. ROWLAND STONE February 25, 2014

    It’ll flop and it won’t do Beyoncé’s first week sales.

  10. Lovebird February 25, 2014

    Hold the f*** up, who allowed a Kelly Rowland stan to talk about sales?

  11. I live for the Applause February 25, 2014

    This will flop harder than my fave’s last album

  12. Kendall February 25, 2014

    Hm so she is deciding to take an untraditional route as well eh? I won’t say any more.

  13. PRINCE CARTER FENTY February 25, 2014

    Yassssssssss my fave is coming to slay! Also Drake & Rihanna had so much chemistry on stage today in Paris. I hope they get back together. Also I really want a Rihanna/Beyoncé collab. It would slay.

  14. Lovebird February 25, 2014

    I cannot wait to see the visual concept of this album in terms of photography and videography. Rihanna always has amazing visuals.

  15. FutureCIARA February 25, 2014

    Kiiiiiiii @LOVEBIRD

    The shade!!

    One question though doll,

    Are you over bashing Ciara? You kind of went through a phase where it seemed like a Csquad member pissed you completely off, which lead to those random rants a few weeks back.

    Whats The T?

  16. Hive February 25, 2014

    Beyonce impact>>> trying to get sales to compete lmao

  17. King13 February 25, 2014

    Kinda like how your fave Gaga flopped with Artpoop? …yeah that’s right have several seats.

  18. FutureCIARA February 25, 2014

    Rihanna shouldnt allow Drake to be featured at all on her next album.

    I just dont see it for Drakeisha, Nor their fling relationship AT ALL!

  19. DARK HORSE February 25, 2014

    Katy Perry is coming to snatch Rihyawnna’s wig. She already Rihugly in having the most #1 pop hits. Pretty soon Katy will the Queen of #1’s.

  20. ***flawless February 25, 2014

    Will this be for kids are adults? lmao I see you rih

  21. Revolution February 25, 2014

    This will either work really well or flop hard. I hope the Navy don’t get too overconfident. And if she decides to release another album aswell, her sales will be abysmal yet it will be Rihanna oversaturation at its finest.

  22. ***flawless February 25, 2014


  23. My Forehead Tho February 25, 2014

    It’s one thing to force teens and adults to hear your struggle vocals live at Eminem concerts, but forcing young unsuspecting innocent children to listen to that s*** through a soundtrack is just a new low.

    Idk how the Navy can stand by that tbh….

  24. Netta the great February 25, 2014

    what does beyonce have to do with this? beyonce dropped her album unexpectedly. this project has been announced and it’s for a movie a la the bodyguard, frozen, despicable me. the shade is pointless.

  25. futured February 25, 2014

    they call that soundtrack or a feature album.

    we’ll see how it does in a couple months. it’s gonna be a kid thing… yeh?

  26. xedos February 25, 2014

    Label put big artist in November to make some money for the end of the year. this can make their balance sheet look good from all the flop a$$ during the year

  27. truthtea February 25, 2014

    When she releases a CD it is only during the holidays because that’s when everyhing is on sale and people are shopoing. Do you honestly think people would buy her CD’s at full price?

  28. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    ^^^^ Her albums are always full price during the first week unlike Gaga who sold her albums for a nickel and two q tips 😉

  29. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeves for 2014!!!

  30. Mwah February 25, 2014

    Kiii @ her coming for the kiddie market. And they say Beyonce’s contradictory.

  31. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) February 25, 2014

    @HoneyChild haha! As expect, closeted Bey stan. Anyway, her last concept album Rated R was actually good so I’ll wait to judge. I do know she needs the right team to create this concept album from beginning to end so hopefully she has that together. And funny she’s going back to another concept album #BeyoncesImpact

  32. RoyalKev February 25, 2014

    Wow! Still following the leader…

    A does Pop, R&B &Caribbean music (2003 – 06), B does Pop, R&B &Caribbean music (2005 -07)
    A goes from Urban/Pop to Pop(2008), B goes from Urban/Pop to Pop (2010)
    A goes back to R&B roots(2011), B goes back to R&B root (2012)
    A does an animated film (2013), B does an animated film (2014)
    A drops a special album with 17 special bonus features (2013), B does a concept album (2014)

    The pattern here that people insist on ignoring …

  33. futured February 25, 2014

    btw… in that case she really going to do that younger audience they will call that RIHboot… huh?

    just… 😆

  34. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    ^^can you read? It’s based around the film she’s voicing in! It ain’t got s*** to do with Beyonces VISUAL album.

  35. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    @RoyalKev the REACH kii

  36. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    Royal Kev I noticed that pattern and she ALWAYS avoids direct competition with Beyonce

  37. RoyalKev February 25, 2014

    @ The Boy Toy

    Well, the pattern speaks for itself my dear …

  38. Better yet a navy February 25, 2014

    Lmaoo a singles artist with 7 platinum albums ?? Singles artist ie Kesha , pitbull FLorida.. Congrats little miss sunshine keep pushing the boundaries … We the navy is very proud of you my dear. Sam give up. Rihanna will never a knowledge you

  39. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) February 25, 2014

    This “concept album” is for her movie “Home” which comes out in November which is y she’s releasing in November! Gumyoncé has nothing to do with s***! Blu Ivy is a ugly little b****! Ole big jawed s***. Her and her “mother”

  40. RoyalKev February 25, 2014

    @ Slay Hive

    I noticed it too, a loooong time ago! I didn’t want to go there for a while, but I had to this time because some people (that’s been mad since December) have the audacity to think that Bey is following her tracks! Now that’s a reach!

  41. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    Wow! Still following the leader…
    A does Pop, R&B &Caribbean music (2003 – 06), B does Pop, R&B &Caribbean music (2005 -07)
    A goes from Urban/Pop to Pop(2008), B goes from Urban/Pop to Pop (2010)
    A goes back to R&B roots(2011), B goes back to R&B root (2012)
    A does an animated film (2013), B does an animated film (2014)
    A drops a special album with 17 special bonus features (2013), B does a concept album (2014)
    The pattern here that people insist on ignoring …

    DIL – R&B
    MOTS – Pop Dancehall reggae fusion

    AGLM – Pop
    Bday – R&B/Funk

    GGGB – Pop/Dance/EDM
    IASF – Pop/R&B

    Rated R – Urban Pop/Dubstep/Rock/Hip Hop
    Loud – Pop/EDM

    4 -R&B
    TTT – Urban Pop/EDM/Dubstep
    UNA – Urban

    Beyonce – R&B

    I fail to see this so-called “pattern”

  42. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    @Gums these girls are reaching with t-Rex arms. Concept album for a movie =/= visual album. Apples and oranges. This has nothing to do with #R8. They’re so ready to throw shade that they don’t even read the article. 😆

  43. BagGal February 25, 2014

    Lmao at thiefonce fans.. Beyonce last album was completely
    Copied from Rih Rih. She’s the new good girl gone bad..
    It’s actually funny to watch her new fake attitude and fake swag.

  44. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    To be quite f****** honest, most of these pop girls are copying Rihanna…from Katy on down. Her impact cannot be denied. 😀 TALK THAT TALK era birthed these ratchet h***. 😆

  45. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) February 25, 2014

    As y’all insist on ignoring BEYONCÉ is a tribute album to Rih!

    And Blu Ivy is still an ugly lil tramp!

  46. slay_hive February 25, 2014


    Exactly. The reason she didn’t release last November. She/Her team knew the demand for Beyonce’s new music. They decided to sit back and wait. Check for Beyonce’s music/image/sales and work on an idea to compete with Beyonce’s visual album. They had to see what they were up against first and now they know. This news was only released because of Partition.

  47. Customer Service February 25, 2014

    Rih told Sam/TGJ. No basic zone, no basics to him and his blog, no wonder he is so bitter..,

  48. Vee February 25, 2014

    Lol @ Royal Kevs clock. Anyway Navy getting a taste of their own medicine today. And if yall think Beyonces album is a tribute to Ri (in your delusional little minds) the SHADE is that its selling better and getting better acclaim soooo look who did it better kiii. The self drag.

  49. RoyalKev February 25, 2014

    Baby Boy – 2003 = Pon De Replay – 2005
    CIL featuring Jay Z – 2003 = Umbrella FT Jay Z – 2007
    Irreplaceable – 2006 = Take A Bow – 2008
    RTW (video)- 2010 birthed Where Have You Been (video) – 2012
    Diva – Jan/2009 = Hard Nov/2009
    Beautiful Liar – 2007 = Can’t Remember To Forget You 2014 (Both FT Shakira)
    So now which diva is LATE?

  50. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    Rihanna On A Break? Singer May Take Time Off After ‘Diamonds’ Tour
    Madeline BoardmanThe Huffington Post

    Rihanna On A Break? Singer May Take Time Off After ‘Diamonds’ Tour
    Madeline BoardmanThe Huffington Post 03/08/13 02:03 PM ET
    Rihanna has been a busy woman.

    In 2013 alone, RiRi has debuted her first clothing line, won a Grammy award, released two hit singles off of her “Unapologetic” album, and kicked off her Diamonds tour.

    What’s next? As far as Ryan Seacrest is concerned, a break.

    “She’s been in this go mode for a while. Seven hit records in seven years,” Seacrest said on his radio show. “Sold-out tours, but sources say after this tour wraps, she plans to take up to a year off to unwind.”

    Rihanna is set to wrap her Diamonds tour this summer.

    The singer released her first album, “Music of the Sun,” in 2005. Her subsequent albums performed well, going platinum, and at times, multi-platinum. Rihanna landed her first number one last year, with the release of “Unapologetic.”

    Rihanna’s Style Evolution

  51. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    Rihanna may have inspired the other little girls but Beyonce already had this swag when Rihanna was pretending to be a goth chick during Rated R. LOL

    Beyonce has always had her lane and never abandoned her roots in any of her albums. Rihanna is nothing more than a character.

  52. Vee February 25, 2014

    Rihanna aint been on nobodies break. She BEEN on everyone’s track, still making music, doing photo shoots, interviews yet she couldn’t release any music. Why did she go on this so called ‘break’?

  53. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    Baby Boy – 2003 = Pon De Replay – 2005
    REACH. Her entire debut album was Caribbean inspired

    CIL featuring Jay Z – 2003 = Umbrella FT Jay Z – 2007
    REACH. The only similarity is Jay Z. I guess Beyonce copied off of Mya “Best Of Me” huh?

    Irreplaceable – 2006 = Take A Bow – 2008

    RTW (video)- 2010 birthed Where Have You Been (video) – 2012

    Diva – Jan/2009 = Hard Nov/2009

    Beautiful Liar – 2007 = Can’t Remember To Forget You 2014 (Both FT Shakira)
    Okay, you can have that one kii
    So now which diva is LATE? – you are, my love.

  54. Jose February 25, 2014

    Lol her albums consistently scan 3 million I wouldnt call that struggling

    And she released TTT the same year as 4 and TTT sold more and had #1 single I doubt she’s scared of “competition” from Bey if anything its Bey tryna imitate the Bad Gyal this era, but yall should be used to your fave copying lol

  55. My Forehead Tho February 25, 2014

    “Her impact cannot be denied. 😀 TALK THAT TALK era birthed these ratchet h***”



  56. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    What is that “Video Phone” video supposed to prove? That damn sure didn’t birth anything if that’s what you’re trying to imply.

  57. Navy kid February 25, 2014

    Now playing – Beyonce – XO???

    Oh please – that track is something rihanna would’ve probably done pre-Umbrella era.

    Whatever Rih drops in November is no doubt gonna hit hard. She brought a lot of substance with unapologetic. The tracks off that album are still played now as if the album came out last week.. Can’t say Beyonce’s ‘4’ had the same impact. Roll on November!

  58. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    Rihanna KNEW all of her competition was coming in 2013. She was already oversaturating. Smart move on her team. LOL

  59. TruthBeTold February 25, 2014

    Because that’s when consumer activity is at its peak and its close to black friday (the holidays….all blockbuster artists release there albums between sept.-november its a smart PR move!!

  60. RoyalKev February 25, 2014

    @ Boy Toy
    Okay, you can have that one kii
    No doll, I can pretty much have all of them! All those E’s you’ve used every time you blindly stated reach doesn’t take away from truth!

    BTW the focus is on Bey’s impact on Rih. You can see this in the PATTERN that has formed. Mya and Bey don’t have a dozen similarities.

  61. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    Lol @ the same ol Hives trolling when they complain about certain navy who do the same thing. I don’t give a flying f*** about Beyonce. She has an article a few posts down…go over there and argue about the same thing over and over. Let us non-trolls have our moment. 😉

  62. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    Ok @RoyalKev. Whatever makes you feel better babe. 🙂

  63. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    4 was an R&B album with NO mainstream hits. Still sold what rihanna sells with her “hits”… LOOOL

    Rihanna wouldn’t dare take a risk that big. She would flop. Can’t compare 😉

  64. My Forehead Tho February 25, 2014

    Any style Beyonce is doing now, she has did before Rihanna – that’s a fact.

    1. So how tf does one come up with the conclusion that Beyonce is copying Rihanna in anything?

  65. CICIS GOODIES February 25, 2014


  66. CICIS GOODIES February 25, 2014


  67. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    That video phone/diva/upgrade u ETC is what BIRTHED wanna-be “ratchet” Rihanna.

    She only waited til her fourth album RR to embrace “ratchetness”. Does Hard ring a bell???? AFTER sasha fierce. Ya’ll really think this character originated something. lol

  68. ANDIE February 25, 2014

    Beyonce jacking rih style like she does everyone else but if she did that to Queen Keri she would drag the h** just like she did in the turning me on remix lol

  69. Fabfenty February 25, 2014

    Video phone, diva and upgrade u aint even ratchet lol. Do u even know what ratchet is

  70. Mark111 February 25, 2014

    Rihanna isn’t thinking of no BeyCopingEverybodyCE.

    Rihanna grabs Neyo to write Unfaithful in summer of 2006.
    Beyonce grabs him later that year for Irreplaceable, on an album she recorded in two week in August.

    Rihanna puts The Dream on the map with a super hit Umbrella in 2007.
    Beyonce grabs him for Single Ladies, her last #1 that tide for with Rihanna at 5 #1’s and the most in the 2000’s.

    Rihanna goes dark with GGGB in 2007. Beyonce goes dark in 2008 with IASF.

    Rihanna works with Drake on What’s My Name and Take Care in 2011 and 2012.
    Beyonce grabs Drake for Mine in 2013.

    Rihanna get a #2 hit as a feat with Jay and Kanye with Run This Town.
    Beyonce feat with them on WTT and was so wack that it wasn’t even a single.

    Rihanna and Jay Z swags out on stage. Bey and Jay looks awkward and doesn’t even acknowledge his own wife.

    Oh and a singles artist doesn’t have 6 albums with sales of 3 million plus and sell 1 million on her first album with their first song being a #2 hit.

    They also don’t sell 150+ records with 30 million of those being albums.

  71. Fabfenty February 25, 2014

    Im hella excited for new riri music. I hope she gon release her new album before the monster tour

  72. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    no b**** do you know what ratchet is?? lol

    weren’t ya’ll saying Beyonce only had ghetto anthems a few months ago?? lol BYE

  73. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) February 25, 2014

    “4 was an R&B album with no hits…”
    Blah blah blah THE EXCUSES!
    If Beyonce is an R&B artist like y’all say then she shouldn’t have had any trouble w 4 seeing as tho she’s been successful w R&B music!

    I can’t w the excuses! Blu is ugly!

    @boytoy there’s no point in arguing w these ratchet illiterates boo!

  74. Navy Commander February 25, 2014

    Album in spring

    Concept/soundtrack In November

    This is definitively Rih’s year.

  75. Mark111 February 25, 2014

    With that said, I’m excited for this album. I don’t know what a concept album is tho. lol

  76. Fabfenty February 25, 2014

    Ratchet is beyond ghetto. Ratchet is explicit, vulgar and class less and wasnt nothing ratchet about those songs . Upgrade u and check on it were ghetto anthems but not ratchet and diva was hood but it ain’t ratchet. Pour it up is ratchet, cake, and cockiness is ratchet

  77. Fabfenty February 25, 2014

    @mark idk what a concept album is either lol,but i am excited for the film and the album omg

  78. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    @NAvy Commander yesssss!!!! This b**** has been too quiet!!! I need something lol.

  79. Marley February 25, 2014

    So the Navy are first to come up in here and call Beyoncé music ghetto and s***. But yet Rihanna they want Rihanna to have all the credit for it? I seriously CANNOT. Beyoncé doesn’t base her whole career on new persona every era because she doesn’t NEED to sell herself via a persona like Rihanna does. But any style Rihanna has had, Beyoncé has touched on it before her. So stop REACHING. Lets not forget who started out as tribute Beyoncé act. And who is managed by who’s husbands label. And when that failed, she used the whole’good girl gone bad’ gimmick.

  80. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    @MARK ooooop! Klawk!

  81. Navy Commander February 25, 2014

    @boy toy Yes because crtfy wasn’t cutting it. I need a solo single plz

  82. My Forehead Tho February 25, 2014

    Lol stop making this more complicated than it really is.

    Rihanna has been copying Beyonce since the day she signed with Jay Z. If she wasn’t copying Beyonce, it was Cassie, Kelis, Joseline Hernandez, Gaga etc. So my question is: what originality does the navy speak of… because I don’t see it. ?


  83. Navy Commander February 25, 2014

    She’ll probably just have a couple songs on the movie soundtrack.

  84. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    I want her to pull a Bodyguard and record most of the tracks 😀

  85. Marley February 25, 2014

    And also, I love how all the Navy’s shade is coming back round to backfire. Because you were so quick to hammer down the tired shade for months about Beyoncé being scared but she came and shut everyone down. And when you lay your card down on the table, the only one who avoided releasing an album in 2013 because there were so many other releases was RIHANNA. The whole ‘she decided to take a break’ thing would be more convincing if she wasn’t still around doing the most besides releasing music.

  86. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    She may just do that and release #R8 next year @Navy commander 🙁

  87. Navy Commander February 25, 2014

    Now playing cold case love & phresh out the runway

  88. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    Now MARK’S list is a reach!

    Neyo was a popular singer/songwriter during that time. Rihanna was still a nobody at that point #REACH

    IASF wasn’t dark and the album was completely different from that pop/edm mess Rihanna released on GGGB

    Beyonce working with Jay Z and Kanye had nothing to do with Rihanna. Jayz is her husband and she has collaborated with him AND kanye (Ego 2008). #REACH

    JayZ has kissed Bey on stage and they always seem happy together. They also have MANY ICONIC performances together. Who remembers a JayZ and Rihamna performance?? lmao #REACH

    Lastly, Rihanna is called a singles artiste because her singles sell more than her albums. Beyonce, her superior, has half the hits and half the albums but has outsold her albums in the U.S. alone! #REACH

  89. Navy Commander February 25, 2014

    She must release a solo album this year I can’t wait y longer lol @boytoy :(n

  90. Mark111 February 25, 2014

    A concept album is a studio album where all musical or lyrical ideas contribute to a single overall theme or unified story.[1] In contrast, typical studio albums consist of a number of unconnected songs (lyrically and otherwise) performed by the artist. It has been argued[2] that concept albums should only refer to albums that bring in themes or story lines from outside of music, given that a collection of love songs or songs from within a certain genre are not usually considered to be a “concept album.” -Wiki

  91. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    @MY GUMS

    DUMB b****, 4 had platinum singles. Outsold UNAFLOP in the U.S. Love on Top was #1 for SEVEN weeks on the R&B chart. Won a grammy. and garnered her the top tour of 2013.

    Could Rihanna do that? NO
    Not without an album full of her usual microwave bops!

    You can have a seat ignorant b****. I have NO respect for you!

  92. Navy Commander February 25, 2014

    I’m really excited because I read the book for this movie a couple years ago & it was really good. I can’t wait to see what the film looks like

  93. Navy Commander February 25, 2014

    International sales > US sales . Being local is never good

  94. Mark111 February 25, 2014

    And this is why Latoya and Letavia did the interviews for the group, cause someone can’t even speak a proper sentence. And you bugs trying to tell me that she write her songs? Hahaha


  95. Marley February 25, 2014

    And who is local?

  96. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    DEATH!!! Ratchet/ghetto all the same f****** thing!! HipHop productions. Something Rihanna was not doing when she debuted!

    BTW watch video phone video again.

  97. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    Yup Good Kid Maad City is a concept album…interesting!!

  98. My Forehead Tho February 25, 2014

    Awwww look, this was the beginning of Rihanna’s trend hopping/ swagger jacking days. Lol she was soo young.


  99. Nicky February 25, 2014

    Lmaoooooo @ unroyal lev

    Babyboy is middle Eastern you dumb bum b I t. C h. Lmaoooo

    Even the dance sequence was

    I stopped reading after that. Lmaooooooo dummie

  100. JOSE February 25, 2014

    But TTT outsold 4 worldwide and had a #1 single and Bey was everywhere and had all types of promo for 4

  101. Marley February 25, 2014

    Baby Boy is dancehall inspired. Try again. It didn’t feature Sean Paul the dancehall king for nothing.

  102. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    Beyonce has always said she’s not a good public speaker. She is shy.

    Atleast she can write a sentece with correctly spelled words unlike TBoz! kiii and they say she wrote unpretty. The devil is a MF lie! lol

  103. Better yet a navy February 25, 2014

    Like Kanye west said Rihanna made beyonce step her game up. Rihanna is the blue print for allll these pop starlets … Ques in Rita no hit wonder

  104. Navy Commander February 25, 2014

    I think that during mots and aglm rihanna was very directed and controlled my roc nation & her team. After Rated r and gggb I think she started gaining control of her image and that birthed the rihannna we have today.

  105. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    Ttt was POP sweetheart with WFL( As pop and generic as you can get) as the lead single. LOL

    Beyonce didn’t make 4 for Billboard 100. She wanted R&B back on the radio. She stuck to her roots when everyone was abandoning R&B for EDM! She had no commercial songs on that album. Still sold what Rated R sold with a #1 single.

    This new album will outsell both TTT and UNA lol

  106. The Boy Toy February 25, 2014

    @Navy commander and you are correct boo!

  107. Better yet a navy February 25, 2014

    Beyoncé is Slow as we all know. What’s this lie I’m hearing that she wrote partition without a pen & pad ..

  108. Navy Commander February 25, 2014

    Yassss get it over with is my favorite song off Unapolgetic tooo. @boytoy

  109. Mark111 February 25, 2014

    Rihanna was treated as on of the guys, an equal, part of the crew. Meanwhile he prostitutes his WIFE on national TV. Cause she’s under him, a w****, an item. SMH.


  110. Marley February 25, 2014

    @Slay_Hive I don’t know why the Navy come for Beyoncé for the way she talks. Rihanna slick dropped out of school at 15 and her grammar on social networking is atrocious. I mean who says ‘Blue Ivy arrived TO the planet..’ instead of on the planet.

  111. Better yet a navy February 25, 2014

    Rihanna becomes the first music artist and only woman to reach 13 million subscribers on YouTube! Congrats, another day another broken record

  112. Navy Commander February 25, 2014

    I’ve never seen rihanna interview where she sounds uneducated and dumb.r

  113. NICKY February 25, 2014







  114. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    Who remembers that performance tho! Look @ the chemistry. He even calls her the QUEEN when she walks off 😉


  115. Mark111 February 25, 2014

    You anna know why I love Rihanna? Cause in interviews she always say “We” “We wanted to do this” “We worked on this album.” VS Beyonce “I” “I wrote this” “I wanted this” “I worked on that.” The girl is self centered.

  116. NICKY February 25, 2014







  117. Yolo February 25, 2014

    These comments though. I don’t know what Mark111 is trying to prove shading Beyoncé and Jay Z lol. The struggle.

    When your fave can actually get stable man who treats her like a Queen and doesn’t shade her puxxy antics publicly only for her to go running back (Drake AND Chris Brown) then we’ll talk.

  118. NICKY February 25, 2014





  119. Navy Commander February 25, 2014

    RATED R- Cold case love & Russian roulette
    Loud- love the way you lie part 2 & man down
    TTT- WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN & we found love
    Unapologetic – get it over with & Love without tragedy/mother Mary

  120. Yolo February 25, 2014

    @Slay_Hive I love how his eyes lit up in that when she came out on that performance.

  121. JOSE February 25, 2014


    True Beyonce always wants to come off as if she completed albums by herself

    Even with Destiney’s Child she takes all the credit for songwriting(lies) etc.

  122. Yolo February 25, 2014

    You anna know why I love Rihanna? Cause in interviews she always say “We” “We wanted to do this” “We worked on this album.” VS Beyonce “I” “I wrote this” “I wanted this” “I worked on that.” The girl is self centered

    Hmmm yeah I guess that’s why she featured just about everyone who worked on this album in this clip alone


  123. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    @YOLO I loved it too. They always seem so happy together. You don’t make it this long in a relationship without having chemistry!


    LIES!!!!! Crazy in Love was #1 for fourteen weeks, named song of that decade and EVERYBODY knows the uh-oh dance. Have several psycho b****!

  124. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) February 25, 2014

    Not the Navy clinging to Beyonce’s man to drag.

  125. Mark111 February 25, 2014

    LOL LOL!!!! @Yolo The first thing her said was “I had a grand ideal to bring all the writers to the hamptons. Thank you for proving my point.

    All I hear is I’s.

  126. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) February 25, 2014

    I though Ri said she wasn’t a role model. Now she wants to make an album for kids?

  127. True That February 25, 2014

    Damage control

  128. Yolo February 25, 2014

    @Mark111 well if it was her idea to bring them to her house then why would she say otherwise?

  129. GILBERTO February 25, 2014

    I knew it. She is f****** scared to drop an album during lazy and stale months. Def Scam knows that she would sell like 100k for first week sales in January,

  130. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    chile BYE!

    Rihanna just toured the U.S. and got outgrossed by Bruno, Justin Bieber, Pink just to name a few LOL (Pollstar North American Tour gross)

    She was like #28 on the list while Bey was @ #5!
    You should know better than to come for touring LOOOL

    Beyonce’s overall Movie gross is over 700 million, all being box office hits. Nominated for golden globe! Personally requested by Clint Eastwood for a rile.

    BYE! Beyonce is always ahead. know that 😀

  131. NICKY February 25, 2014

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ gilbert-h**

    This is for the movie

    R8 is coming in the summer

    awwwwwww you tried though


  132. Mark111 February 25, 2014

    I could post videos of Beyonce coping, but I’d be here all night and the next few days. But this one will do just fine. These artist have stylists, now nothing is worst than taking a full performance from someone when you’re known as a performer more than anything. [sprays bug spray] [Burns Bey HIVE]


  133. NICKY February 25, 2014

    2 NEW ALBUMS IN 2014


  134. True That February 25, 2014

    It’s all about Rihanna these days and her effortless swag.

  135. Yolo February 25, 2014

    So Rihannas releasing two albums? The struggle. Her sales are going to be terrible. She thrives off quantity and releasing in bulk as damage control.

  136. True That February 25, 2014

    The fleahive and their pressed fave. Watching and mimicking Rihanna’s every move, Poor Rih! Just like she did to Jlo, Tina T, Janet J, Britney, who did I miss, StalkerBey

  137. Navy Commander February 25, 2014

    Why does the hive always cite US sales and not international? Just asking…

  138. GILBERTO February 25, 2014

    I remember when Titanic was bragging about that flop ass song with Sharikora. What happened? BeyHive didn’t forget about that s***.

  139. Beyugly February 25, 2014

    Beyawnce has been copying Rihanna since GGGB

    She copied GGGB with IASF, stole her makeup and art work

    She copied Rihanna’s Drunk on Love

    How did WHYB copy Run the Flop?? WTF It’s the other way around

  140. GILBERTO February 25, 2014

    @Navy Commander
    “Why does the hive always cite US sales and not international? Just asking… ”

    Because they’re more important and accurate than that fan-made-inflated-ass “international” sales. And b**** please, let’s not act like Beyoncé doesn’t album everywhere.

  141. slay_hive February 25, 2014

    U.S. or international. Beyonce’s albums sell better

    We just use the U.S. sometimes because Rihanna has 13 hits here but her albums still get outsold by Beyonce here. understand?

  142. Special Delivery February 25, 2014

    If Rihanna doesn’t sell more than BEYONCE: The Visual album this era she is officially an overhyped flop because shes supposed to be at the peak of her career yet shes getting outdone by someone who been out much longer still.

  143. My Forehead Tho February 25, 2014

    Nobody said Beyonce is 100% original though. I find it odd how Rihanna is allegedly so original yet copies/steals from others.

    Case in point M.I.A:


  144. GILBERTO February 25, 2014


    “She copied GGGB with IASF, stole her makeup and art work”

    “She copied Rihanna’s Drunk on Love”
    How exactly?

    “How did WHYB copy Run the Flop?? WTF It’s the other way around ”
    RTW was released before WHYB. How was it possible to copy that s***?

  145. Lovebird February 25, 2014

    Y’all know Rihanna has been working on R8 ever since Diamonds World Tour began. Remember how diplo, dark child and them were saying they are working on songs for Rihanna.

    No scraping, this era is coming and I sense an era bigger than LOUD.

    The hive are scared, anyway let me check how high partition has charted on iTunes.

  146. Lovebird February 25, 2014

    Just as I thought, it hasn’t done much. Anyway let me go pre-order Ashanti’s Braveheart.

  147. JOSE February 25, 2014


    Beyonce sold 1 million in 6 days, your comment makes no sense since it took her nearly 2 decades to achieve such a feat, she didn’t do it at her “peak” either

    The only overhyped album is that soft p*** trash Beyonce just released and lol @ the hive acting like it’s doing Adele #’s

  148. ***flawless February 25, 2014

    will rihanna pull those types of numbers 20 years into her career? doubt it
    why cling to Adele. Has Rihanna even did these numbers in two months with her hits? lmao

  149. Rosie February 25, 2014

    Death at her releasing in November again. I wonder what her first week sales would be if she released next week.

  150. Rosie February 25, 2014

    And mess at Lovebird’s very first comment. I stay on it’s mind.

  151. Beyugly February 26, 2014


    “She copied GGGB with IASF, stole her makeup and art work”

    After Rihanna did the super-ego thing, thiefyonce unleashed IASF. Her look became darker and edgy like GGGB and Rated R.

    “She copied Rihanna’s Drunk on Love”
    How exactly?

    You are truly a fool. The title is basically the same, their obsession with a man and being intoxicated with his love. Drunk in Love is nothing but a trashy version of Drunk on Love

  152. Beyugly February 26, 2014

    “How did WHYB copy Run the Flop?? WTF It’s the other way around ”
    RTW was released before WHYB. How was it possible to copy that s***?

    Gliberto or whatever, I never said she copied WHYB

    But she copied the video concept from hard and even had unoriginal choreography LMAO. Im just trying to find out how did WHYB copy Run the Flop



  153. Lmfao_Hoe February 26, 2014

    Honey please, what you think Bey was saying on ” I Been On ” ! aside that note Keri too scared, the Hive dragged that ass left to right leaving her distressed poor baby. This only shows don’t start s*** you can’t handle or finish cause you will face the HEAT. BTW didn’t a Bey fan smack her with a Beyonce album.

  154. Lil Wayne Stan February 26, 2014

    Why, do people have to argue, just enjoy the music.

  155. RICHIE_RICH February 26, 2014

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …..MESS!!!!!!! Please know Rihanna will always be 2nd to BEYONCÉ’ . ANY QUESTION? Driver, roll up the partition, please.

  156. Young February 26, 2014

    What struggle? I don’t see her albums flopping though! Girl is moneyed, set trends and even made yo fave strip and take off all her clothes. Yeah we see that album, singing about s** to be like the ‘struggling’ Rihanna.

    Nice try!

  157. Special Delivery February 26, 2014

    @Jose excuses.

  158. Bey Fan February 26, 2014

    should be interesting

  159. ROYALKEV February 26, 2014


    B**** sit! I didn’t even reference the song that I thought had Caribbean vibes and you knew exactly which one I was getting at. If you’re going to look up all the influences in Baby Boy on Wikipedia(and get all technical), the least you can do is not fail to mention the Dance Hall feel in it (that’s obviously incorporated in a MAJOR way), so you can make it seem like the song’s concept is so foreign from that island sound. It’s practically cousin’s with Reggae and Caribbean tinged music.

  160. Super Cisus February 26, 2014

    Well lookie here stans of the 2 biggest rip off s**** in the industry throwing shade at each other kiiiii. Rihalienna and Beyoldce are jokes one cant sing or dance and the other is a unashamed thief who cant dance and is a illuminati w****

  161. Rob February 26, 2014

    How is Beyonce a king of anything when she hasn’t had a #1 single on the Hot 100 in like 10 years?
    When will she?
    Hive explain now please?…

  162. Sandra February 26, 2014

    Yes finally the Queen is releasing a new album! I guess Copyoncé will be quick to copy the Queen Riri’s style, music and visuals like she always does. #ThatRihannaImpact

  163. Skyfall February 26, 2014

    I don’t know how i feel about her doing a soundtrack album i’d rather she do a traditional LP, but im here for her if shes releasing two albums.

  164. QUEEN MINAJ♥ February 26, 2014

    I really don´t understand why sam hates rihanna. But anyways even if rihanna does not bring good number on first week she always goes platinum so chill out hives.

  165. QUEEN MINAJ♥ February 26, 2014

    @ROB Beyonce does not need a #1 single cause her fans already bought the album. And @super cisus shut up b**** and don´t insult these two women. I am sure they did beter than your fave anyway.

  166. Lolz February 26, 2014

    Lol. The Hive dragged forehead in this post. Death @ her trying to take an alternative route like Beyoncé.

  167. Vince February 26, 2014

    Sooooo much shade indeed, jeeeeeez.

  168. Kenneth February 27, 2014

    The Fleahive are obsessed with Rihanna!I’m hoping for songs like “Colors Of The Wind from Pocahontas,”Circle Of Life” from The Lion King & “Let It Go” from Frozen! Beyonce is such a bipolar b****! She’s running around with Michelle Obama campaigning for little girls one minute! Then talking about swallowing c****** like watermelon the next! Oh the struggle! Slutoynce is sure setting a great example for Blu Ivy to follow!

  169. ozzyone February 28, 2014

    This is interesting in my opinion. This may be a hint that Rihanna is making MAJOR changes to her image. No shade but there are lots of b****** copying Riri’s style ahem ahem beyonce… Im very intrigued.

  170. Mac April 28, 2014

    I don’t know why any of this matters. If you don’t care for her, then why comment? Seems to be a useless argument. I’m a Rihanna fan and Beyoncé doesn’t do a lot for me, so if she is copying then she is doing it right for me. They both have different personalities and different aims as far as music goes; so who the f*** cares. Big whoop if you don’t like her music; go do something productive with your life and follow someone you enjoy. For everyone hatin’, don’t get mad next time someone hates on you because you only get from the world what you put into it. And if that is hate then I am so sorry for you.
    Excited for the new album though

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