New Video: Paris Hilton – ‘Never Be Alone (‘Featuring’ Marilyn Monroe & Madonna)’

Published: Monday 17th Feb 2014 by David


Solmaz Saberi directs the clip for Paris Hilton‘s latest effort ‘Never Be Alone’, the follow up to her forgotten number, ‘Could This Be Love?’. 

Hitting the net as the star continues to reach for Pop superstardom, the fashion-fuelled clip features ‘appearances’ from ‘All About Eve‘ actress Marilyn Monroe, and ‘Evita‘ icon Madonna, who- even if unknowingly- go a long way to make the clip what it is.

So, exactly what is it?

Press play and tell us below…

Your thoughts?


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  1. PARIS HILTON STAN February 17, 2014


  2. tits mcgee February 17, 2014

    The Queen of Valtrex is back!

  3. Skyfall February 17, 2014

    Cute visuals

  4. Common Sense February 17, 2014

    This b**** isn’t aging well at all. I guess that’s what happens when you take 10 different d**** every single night.

  5. BEYONCE F****** BARAK OBAMA February 17, 2014

    What da phuck was that.

  6. ASBEENISH (IS IT ME OR IS U THIRST N****) February 17, 2014

    @common you’d know all about that wouldn’t you b****

  7. GoldenBoy J. February 17, 2014

    I also see Ingrid Bergmann and Brigitte Bardot. Are they not worth a mention? Why, ’cause they’re not American?

  8. VANNY February 17, 2014

    Se looks stunning! “thats all” *meryl streep’s voice*

  9. beyonce who? February 17, 2014


    Whos beyonce?

  10. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT February 17, 2014

    she looks cute.

  11. nivea February 17, 2014

    well atleast paris has the balls to release her music videos, unlike kim k.

  12. Jdek February 17, 2014


  13. IStanForYourFav February 17, 2014

    Oh can we please have a moment of silence for the ultimate s** symbol. Marilyn Monroe will forever be that chick dead or alive. She looks so beautiful.

  14. JER February 18, 2014

    Great commercial

  15. Gistyinka Blog February 18, 2014

    Am glad for your new commercial single..

  16. Suicide Blonde February 18, 2014

    Marilyn was the most beautíful woman in the world, hers is the kind of immortality, reserved to very few.

  17. FutureCIARA February 18, 2014

    Paris Hilton is COINED either way!

    No matter if her music projects flop! She is a great business woman, has her own stores and products all around the world, AND is a billion dollar heiress!!


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