Hit Or Miss: Ashanti Delivers Cover of Chaka Khan’s ‘Sweet Thing’

Published: Wednesday 19th Mar 2014 by Rashad

With the promo run for her latest top 10 album ‘BraveHeart’ still braving the competition, Grammy-winning R&B songstress Ashanti garnered quite the buzz from her recent stop by Boombox’s “Off The Record” series.

Shaking off naysayers who panned her ‘I Will Always Love You’ tribute to Whitney Houston (click here if you missed that), Miss Douglas tried her hand again at the classic of another vocal powerhouse – Chaka Khan.

Lending a live rendition of Khan’s signature hit ‘Sweet Thing’, tuck in below to see if the New York-born beauty’s performance was a homerun…or just plain foul:

Looks like it won Miss Khan’s approval.  What about yours?

Screen shot 2014-03-19 at 11.17.16 PM

Your thoughts?

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  1. MarQuinn Curry March 19, 2014

    While you are trying to stir up mess, if you saw the tweet Shaka herself, complimented Ashanti on her performance of the song. #shadenotneeded

  2. QueenJanet March 19, 2014

    She’s ok. That’s grape juice loves to hate on black women. Mommy issues much ? Report the “news” and pop culture stop hating on these artist. It’s so tasteless

    • Mimi carey March 19, 2014

      Tgj loves hating on woman period.

  3. king z March 19, 2014

    it was ok…just ok. but maybe i’m missing something – where’s the shade? if this was rihanna, yeah they prob woulda went in.

    they didn’t say anything in this post. maybe i need it explained

  4. Mimi carey March 19, 2014

    TGJ biggest haters of all time.

  5. Mimi carey March 19, 2014

    If chaka likes it that’s all that matters.

  6. QueenJanet March 19, 2014

    Not specifically with this post. But other posts in general. Except for beyonce. To this site she can hit someone with a car and they would think its amazing, and would want it on dvd /blu ray

  7. KING RIH March 19, 2014

    you need to post about Beyonce stealing Drunk in love from Future. omfg

  8. Mark111 March 20, 2014

    I was just playing her new album. I wasn’t a fan of her albums, but like a few of her singles, but this era she been on! She killed it and gave it her flavor.

    Ashanti, the singer that can write her songs, not steal them from others.

    BEY original for ONCE. 😉

  9. Skyfall March 20, 2014

    She did amazing, but she lacks that soul in her voice just like Ariana Grande. I’m about to go buy her album now

  10. My Forehead Tho March 20, 2014

    I’ve never seen somebody put so much effort in a performance and sing there heart out yet sound so basic. If you watched this on mute, you’d swear she was killing it.

    I’d rate her 3/5 though. At least she was trying.


  11. The Queen of R&B March 20, 2014

    she did a nice job good for her from The Rowlandstones

  12. Mark111 March 20, 2014

    Changing the lyrics isn’t writing. In that case, I could take any song, change, add and take out words and call it my own? No, it’s Beyonce doing what the Knowles knows best, being a crook.


    • Molly March 20, 2014

      Oh my god.

      • Dev March 20, 2014

        Oh my good god! Did Future get any credit for the arrangement ?

  13. cocobutta March 20, 2014

    There was no shade here!

    They just put I headline that would make you wanna hear how she did.


    • cocobutta March 20, 2014

      I clicked & got a very pleasant surprise.
      Song worked well on her voice and she SUNG that!

      Ashanti has come a LONG way and now really giving all of her vocally.
      She’s worked and it’s paying off.

  14. GRUMP March 20, 2014

    Oh y’all aren’t gonna talk about JLo debuting at #98 on the hot 100 after two weeks? Huh TGJ? Why not?

  15. Brandy March 20, 2014

    No tea no shade

  16. Thando March 20, 2014

    She did good. Chaka Khan has one of the most unworldly singing ranges in the history of rnb/pop, so its gonna be hard to give her props when you know the original. She did very well.

  17. My Forehead Tho March 20, 2014

    And dead @ the struggle to come for Beyonce this era. Future worked with Detail, the producer of DIL, on the track ‘Good Morning’, the track you’re implying Beyonce “stole” from him. Again, Detail, the guy who was quoted multiple times saying Beyonce wrote the majority of DIL, produced both DIL and Good Morning.

    But not you guys accusing Beyonce from stealing from a thief though #struggle:


  18. coolness March 20, 2014

    She did really good. I truly commend Ashanti for working on her instrument and improving on it. You can hear the obvious growth in her vocals from her debut 12 years ago (she sounded cute in the studio but her live shows were a mess) to now. Not to mention, she’s only gotten better looking with age. She’s gorgeous! Oh and I don’t get why TGJ didn’t post up the tweet Chaka sent out saying she loved the cover. Like, why the negativity? Anyway, I’ve made my decision, I’ll cop Ashanti’s album.

  19. BEYAWNCE March 20, 2014

    Awwwww! That was really ‘Sweet Thing’ tribute. Kudos my Braveheart gurllll

  20. BEYAWNCE March 20, 2014

    Asahnti really makes Mama Chaka proud

  21. The Real Truth Tea March 20, 2014

    Yes, Yes and YES!!!! She sang for her life and sounded amazing!!!

  22. Mimi carey March 20, 2014

    Ewwww her vocals are so basic

  23. borraq March 20, 2014

    Um whatever..so we’re going to praise mediocrity just to spite “Other” artist now? Ashanti can’t sing.PERIOD! her tone is just terrible and her vocal cords sound dry!
    Hence why she sold that 28K in the first week, hell indie even Fantasia would sell more than that!
    Stop trying to cover artist who could be in mid-fart and sound better than you and keep promoting that flop ass album Miss Douglas!

    • slay_hive March 20, 2014

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kii

  24. quetta March 20, 2014

    It was alright. Nothing special.

  25. Timeless March 20, 2014

    Her voice gives me elementary school talent show teas,sorry not sorry. #mediocre

  26. Navy shits March 20, 2014

    Even though Future told the crowd he was working on “Drunk In Love,” his rep told BuzzFeed, “He was NOT involved in working on “Drunk in Love.”” Both tracks include production by Detail, are about love (a topic both know a lot about), and even include the catchy “we be all night” line. The melodies are also quite similar.
    Either way, “Good Morning” is a great tune and this is the only time you’ll see it performed, according to Future himself.
    (Globalgrind). Hahaha Future is such a flop that Detail’s song

  27. Didn’t YouKnow March 20, 2014

    Ashanti’s voice is high and the sound is feminine the complete opposite of Beyonce over singing a** on every song and manly sounding a**! Get it Ashanti, and she singing LIVE!

  28. mypenizfresh March 20, 2014

    Yeah, unless he can prove this what created before DIL, then it just sounds like he was ‘inspired’ by Bey’s arrangement.

  29. mypenizfresh March 20, 2014

    I thought she sounded decent.. Ashanti needs to push herself like she did here. She doesn’t have the best vocals but she can sing, she should showcase that more.

  30. NavyNick March 20, 2014

    SHE DID THAT!!!!

  31. Navy Commander March 20, 2014

    Why does future use auto tune? His voice is fine for rapping.

  32. Blacksista March 22, 2014

    Real women and Real men like Ashanti. Those in between can STEP

  33. RNB March 26, 2014

    I have always liked her. You go girl I got your back. Couldn’t be any more prettier or real. I will take Ashanti or B and RiRi any day!!!

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