Kelly Rowland Lands Lucrative ‘Caress’ Skin Care Deal

Published: Wednesday 26th Mar 2014 by Sam

Kelly Rowland keeps her brand hustle buzzing.

Fresh from nabbing lucrative deals with TJ Steel and Jaguar, the ‘Motivation’ maestra has been announced the new spokesmodel for Caress skin care.

The major Unilever brand will feature Ms. Kelly in their promotional efforts for the following year.

Can you say winning?!


Peep the video announcement after the jump…

With the music industry continuing to shape-shift, survival is often hinged on making power moves like this. Kudos to Team Kelly!

Your thoughts?

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  1. MAMA WAS A ROWLAND STONE March 26, 2014


    • Tamartian#1 March 26, 2014

      And Kelly could never sell an album

      • Sarah March 26, 2014

        She sold 4 solo & 5 Group Albums …7 of the 9 albums selling over 1 million World Wide…Any more questions???

      • Aarin March 27, 2014

        And Tamar Braxton is struggling to even make Gold!

        Tamar #127 U.S. Billboard 200 #42 U.S. R&B Albums **flop**
        Love & War (Single) #57 U.S. Hot 100 #13 U.S. R&B
        The One(Single) Did not chart on U.S. Hot 100 #34 U.S. R&B **flop**
        All The Way Home(Single) #96 U.S. Hot 100 #32 U.S. R&B **flop**
        Hot Sugar (Single) Did not chart on U.S. Hot 100 #48 U.S. R&B **flop**

        And before you talk about Love and War (single) and The One(Single) going Platinum and Gold respectively, check the Official RIAA website. None of Tamar’s singles have been certified Gold or Platinum by the RIAA. TONI BRAXTON is and will remain the ONLY SUCCESSFUL BRAXTON! Now get yo life!

    • rowland stone March 27, 2014


    • valerie March 30, 2014

      this bish is plum crazy. Ciara better watch out. She announced a fake engagement after ciara, a fake baby bump after ciara, copies every ciara hairstyle, trys to get on every show with ciara, claims ciara’s friends and now the fool has begged for a body product endorsement after ciara got her’s months ago. if i was ciara i would carry a gun at all times near her. this fool is an insane stalker. she is obsessed with her. i’m looking for her to change her name to ciaranumber 2

      Ciara lands an endorsement deal with Degree deodorant, releases new commercial january 2014

  2. Sarah March 26, 2014

    Congrats Kelendria!!! Beautiful inside & out!!!! Get your coins boo

  3. BLOW March 26, 2014

    oouhh There go my baby mama, pulling up like jagger hey girl….
    How can one be this fabolous ughh?

  4. The Queen of R&B March 26, 2014

    The Queen of R&B Bow Down Now !!!!!

    • ABC March 26, 2014

      What? Lmao. Stop it.

    • FutureCIARA March 26, 2014

      Aint nobody bowing down to that…..

    • jason March 30, 2014

      Apparently no one but kelly knows she is the queen of R&B

      American Music Awards
      Ciara Got nomination for American Music Award
      category Favorite Female Artist – Soul/R&B

      Why doesn’t her brother in law JZ give her a pity record contract? They do everything for solange and she is super ugly and cant carry a single note.

  5. Himeros March 26, 2014

    Well done, this woman needs a break

  6. ABC March 26, 2014

    Ooo kill em Kelly! She is so pretty.

  7. coolness March 26, 2014

    Wow! Kelly is gorgeous!

  8. BeyHive March 26, 2014

    Aww Just here to show The Queen of R&B Ms Kelly rowland-Witherapoon Some Love Xoxo Form The BeyHive

  9. The Commander March 26, 2014
  10. mhud March 26, 2014

    Long Live The Queen.I’m so happy for my baby.

  11. Chillin March 26, 2014

    Great job Kelly!Well deserved and definitely well chosen!!

  12. Courtney March 26, 2014

    What is Kelly the queen of? Her fans make it too easy…. Grats to her though. She’s beautiful.

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      She is OUR Queen…why is that a problem to you? Grow Up already..If you consider someone your queen..thats your choice..The only REAL Queen is Queen Elizabeth..other than that…Everyone else is someone else’s personal opinion…gosh…

      • Courtney March 26, 2014

        But I specifically see people hailing her the Queen of R&B. b**** please miss me with the delusion.

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      And if we think of her as the Queen of R& point still remains..why is that a problem to you??…like i said Grow Up Child…

      • Courtney March 26, 2014

        It’s a blog. Aren’t we free to disagree? B**** blah sit your delusional funky ass down.

    • Chillin March 26, 2014

      You are free to disagree..but that still doesnt answer the question as to why are you upset/mad/bothered that we refer to her as the Queen of R&B…Whomever your fav is, all means..refer to them as the Queen..and we will do the same

      • Sarah March 26, 2014

        Thank you Chillin! Kids these days

      • Courtney March 26, 2014

        Kid? Girl please whateva! *in my three six mafia voice*

      • Sarah March 26, 2014

        LOL that was funny!

  13. Dem Lessors March 26, 2014

    Queen Kelly’s doing her thing. Never heard of the brand but I suppose she’s getting them coins!

  14. Matthew Charlery-Smith March 26, 2014

    It’s a shame it’s come to this. Most artists do these type of deals at the dawn of their careers, not 16 years in:

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      And some artists aren’t even offered the opportunity for their entire career…….It aint you get’s to STEPPING!…In other words nice try..but you failed…Have a seat

  15. Mark111 March 26, 2014

    Now I’m a guy, buy caress is great for the dark skin. My friends make fun of me, yet my skin is smooth.

  16. lovebird March 26, 2014

    DEATH!!!!! at this no name skin care brand. What the f*** is this?Indian brand diproson?

    Not Kelly landing a deal with some no name skin care brand, I cannot.

    • Chillin March 26, 2014

      WOW you ARE as dumb as i assumed…LOL…super funny

    • OH March 26, 2014

      oh the ignorance^^, not you calling Brands with annual sales of over^one billion euros (Unilever brands) an indian brand hahaha…He reaching LMAO

  17. lovebird March 26, 2014

    So let me get this straight, this bxtch has been seated in front of 6 million viewers week after week and this is the endorsement she can land? This bxtch NEEDS TO DO BETTER.

    Where is that bidding war the Rowland stans were deluding themselves about? LABEL-LESS Kelly still content with just getting by I see. Girl, get off that f****** couch and do something.

    Hell even a fitness DVD will suffice.

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      I guess trailer trash will never know what Caress is..Stick to Irish Spring boo…These Lessers are hilarious…pure comedy

    • Mark111 March 26, 2014

      But Lovebird, Caress is the best, even tho it is a cheaper Dove, lol.

      • lovebird March 26, 2014

        I might give it a try, but that will be based on your recommendation and not because Kelly is endorsing it.

      • Mark111 March 26, 2014

        “I might give it a try, but that will be based on your recommendation and not because Kelly is endorsing it.


        Kelly can’t even sell soap! lol

      • Sarah March 26, 2014

        Of course she can’t sell a soap to someone who has been using generic soap their entire life…if they don’t even know what Caress THATS the Kiiiiii

  18. Tamartian#1 March 26, 2014

    Yall Rowland flops got some f****** nerve coming for Tamar. Platinum singles, almost gold album, Grammy noms and a f****** tour is what Tamar has. Kelly can’t even promote or sell an album f*** off

  19. TRUTHTELLER March 26, 2014

    GO Get that coint, even though HER music is not selling anymore and the only ones dat buy it are her family members A.K.A(BEYONCE,MICHELLE,JAY-Z AND SOLANGE: 10 copies each). IT’S NICE TO KNOW SHE IS TRYING TO SURVIVE, BECAUSE IF SAM DID NOT POST DIS, I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT SHE WAS BEING FED THROUGH WELFARE SERVICES.

  20. Lolol March 26, 2014

    She’s endorsing that cheap 99 cent shít? Lmaoo

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      Here comes another dummy LOL..You guys keep me entertained..Keep the laughter coming

  21. katycat March 26, 2014

    Partition’s chair >>>>>kelly’s carrer

  22. cocodior March 26, 2014

    She has the potential to be QUEEN!!! All Kellly needs is just 1 number 1 Pop song and she would hold the title of Queen of modern R&B or at least a first lady! But homie really need to tour and when I saw tour it needs to have production values. I mean moving lights a video screen, costume changes. I don’t care how big the Venue she has to show US why we should spend our money to see her versus Tamar and them other girls! I want an arena style show in a theater for Kelly’s show!!!

  23. Lolol March 26, 2014

    Kelly has to go on flop tours with The Dream and Open up for Chris brown. She’s been in the game longer than these other female singers and she’s still a flop. *dead*

  24. The Queen of R&B March 26, 2014

    She’s the Queen of R&B because she’s the only on out of the R&. Women who’s net worth is 45million and has a nigh profile while Ciara Tamar and Kmichelle don’t their not on the same high profile as Kelly rowland

  25. cocobutta March 26, 2014

    Oooooh chile my lovely heifer Kelly be looking almost as light as my gurl in the AVI….

    However Kelly is a Queen! A queen of getting paid and

    How often is it that so many women from one group stays getting paid??

    Bey, Kelly, LeToya (new show and movie coming).
    Michelle getting something somewhere.

    3.5 out of 5 members is a great ratio for Destiny’s Child members longevity in entertainment industry.

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      This is what I have been saying from day one..Not sure why people are so bothered by Kelly (shrugs)

  26. slay_hive March 26, 2014


    When will FLOPara???

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      Maybe when the baby is born…the baby can get Gerber endorsements…Cuz we know Ciara can’t get any for herself

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        LMAO READ!!!

  27. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    Lol get them coins i guess .. Better than puttin out her ear bleeding albums that she probably earns 2.5 dollars from.

  28. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    Lol b**** when will kelly see a platinum album?? When did this b**** had a number one single and album or a mothafuckin top 10?!?! H** dont u eva compare ciara to this horse that will forever live in beyonce’s shadow u balls swallower d***.

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      See Slay_Hive below for your response…That is All

  29. Matthew Charlery-Smith March 26, 2014

    On the bright side I guess it’s nice to see Kelly in a music video… with clothes on…

  30. slay_hive March 26, 2014

    Forever living in the previous decade. When Kelly’s last two albums outsold Cierror’s last 3 FLOP albums and soon to be FOURTH FLOP!

    Why is lil ole Kelly(The one without a platinum album) outselling Cierror?????? EXPLAIN b****??

  31. Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

    I came in to congratulate but as usual you fucktard f****** are putting your h***** mouths where they dont belong. Kelly the dark horse will never be on Ciara’s level. Call me when Kelly gets off her ass & gets platinum albums outside of Beyonce’s group

    • pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

      Readdddd that stupid ass s***!!

      • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

        I never seen so much delusion sis. Kelly had one major hit and the rest are forgettable. She is nothing without Beyonce

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      Call me when Ciara recovers from from Basic Flop

  32. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    Lol u delusional cunttt when da f**** did kelly outsold her lmfao!!!!! D*** u didnt answrr me, where is kelly’s mothafuckin number one single, hell where is her top 10?!?? Her highest charting single is Motivation (#17) kiiiiii f**** u retarted piece of shittt

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      See Basic Flop …..

      • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

        See Simply Flop, flop Kelly, here I flop and Flop a Good Flop

  33. Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

    Cici already had endorsements with Rocawear, Adidas and Givenchy and she currently endorse Degree. Ciara’s coinedt down and she has receipts unlike Floppy Hoeland

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      Kelly’s networth doubles Ciara petty change boo..Let’s not even go there

  34. slay_hive March 26, 2014

    Her I Am AND TAGG has outsold Fantasy FLOP, BASIC FLOPstinct and FLOPara!!

    When was the last time Cierror had a #1 or top ten honey?? When was the last time the b**** had a platinum album??? Hell, even gold???

    Why can’t you bring any receipts from this decade?? LOOOOL

    • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

      Kelly’s last and only gold album was in 2002!!! What the f*** kind of floppage? #12yearsaLESSOR

    • pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

      Lol 12 years!!!!! Here is ur receipts bitchh

  35. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    Kelly with 4 albums couldnt even get a top 10 lol i fuckinn cant!!!!! Slay Hive u are one delusional nigggga!!!!

  36. lmao March 26, 2014

    DEATH @ Degree

    • Sarah March 26, 2014


    • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

      Yes, please die. Degree is a very successful deodorant. It’s under the same company as Caress and it makes more money. Are you 6 feet under yet f*****?

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      Your right..Ciara armpits be sweaty…fits the profile

      • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

        Kelly long horse face was sweaty too when that man was beating her flop ass.

      • Sarah March 26, 2014

        Nice try….but you failed…After 50 Cent, Bow Wow and the likes already ran through her

  37. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    @Slay hive the last tie ciara had a top 10 was 2009, kelly’s last top 10 was dilemma with nelly lmfao b**** sit down and sniff your pubic hair u ratchet cuntt

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      Celebrity Net Worth

      Kelly Rowland : 45 MIllion
      Ciara Harris: 15 Million

      Child go somewhere with your 2 platinum albums & 1 Grammy ..Kelly Has 4 MULTI Platinum albums with her name & picture attached along with 4 Grammy’s with her name on it…Not sure why your p**** is so bothered

  38. slay_hive March 26, 2014

    Ok, but when was the last time Cierror had a top ten though?????? Cierror has tried 3 times and FAILED!
    Body Parts wasn’t even good enough! LOOOOOOOOOOL

    • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

      Body Party did better than every Kelly single since And before Motivation. Keep clinging to Dilemma and Beyonce’s group singles. That’s all the horsey is good for.

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        KDL is gold, and Body parts is gold. Even with all of the promotion . Body Parts should have been top ten, and her album should be platinum. Cierror is so basic baby! LOL

      • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

        Body Party was a top 25 hit. KDL didn’t even crack the top 80 and went gold because of streaming.

      • Sarah March 26, 2014

        It didnt crack the top 25 but still went GOLD..meanwhile the top 25 Body Party is on the same level..KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

      • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

        500k people went to iTunes and purchased BP. Can you say the same about KDL? No you cannot. The “new rules” helped her because the airplay was not there at all.

      • Sarah March 26, 2014

        Girl Bye….Your excuse is TIRED just like your fave

  39. slay_hive March 26, 2014

    LOL 2009? Thank Justin Timberlake for that! No one uses that flop w****! lol Judging by your name, you’re a ratchet d*** carpet muncher, b****

  40. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    B**** i answerd u already but since you a hive member and u clearly have trouble in reading ill say it again, CIARA HAD A TOP 10 IN 2009 AND KELLY’S LAST ONE WAS IN 2002 THAT IS 12 YEARS H**!!!!!! And body party shitss all over Talk a good flop that album was a real ear bleeder, F*** u son

    • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

      Drag a bit sis! Our new hashtag for Kelly is #12yearsaLESSOR

    • slay_hive March 26, 2014

      LOL ok I know Kelly hasn’t had a top ten, but don’t act like Miss FLOPara is killing the game, when she clearly is NOT! #57k 😀

      As of 2014 TAGG is outselling BASICara without half the promo! So how is 57k shitting all over TAGG when the b****’s first hit in 5 years can’t even reach 200k WW??? kii #BASICBITCH

    • pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014


    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      But yet the ‘Ciara’ album still didnt outsell Talk a Good Game…the irony

  41. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    At least ciara had solo top 10’s!!!! Did kelly EVER had a solo top 10 , hell a solo top 20?!!! gtfo c*** suckinng trampqrrroq

  42. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    Lol kelly tried it again with lil wayne with ice but tha b**** failed!!! Kisses down low flopped even harder and dirty laundry was the last straw with this dissasterous album, body party peacked at 19 and im out at 44, bye niggaa

  43. Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

    Kelly doesn’t even have a LABEL!! She can no longer blame Beyonce’s daddy for her catastrophic commercial failures.

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      Sweety Ciara only has a label because is pregnant and they can’t fire a pregnant lady..KIIIIIIIi that’s why she let raggedy ass Future knock her up…I CANNNOTTT

    • slay_hive March 26, 2014

      Cierror won’t have a label next #57k

      Atleast Kelly has options, what label is going to wanna snatch a certified flop, up??

  44. slay_hive March 26, 2014

    A Cierror fan calling out FLOPS is so ironic!!! LOOOOL

    Forever living in the 2000’s

    What has the b**** done for me lately????????? LOOOL

  45. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    Slay hive nobody said ciara was killin the game because she clearly dont at this point but dont be deluaional and act like kelly has s*** on her ciara slays her in every single way, and i wont even say kelly is h has been cuz kelly never even happend!!!!! Rofl

    • slay_hive March 26, 2014

      Cierror doesn’t slay anybody though! I’m speaking of the PRESENT!

      As of 2014, Kelly is hotter than Cierror, she gets more features, her albums are CURRENTLY selling better, and is more respected thn Cierror!

      Cierror was nothing more than a Crunk N’ B FAD, pretty much like what GAGS is going through today!! LOL

      CIerror is a HAS BEAAN though!!! From Platinum to #57k LMAOOOOOO

      • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014


      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        But Kelly never had a platinum album though, remember?… kii it’s not a good look to go from platinum to struggling at 57k LOOOOL


      • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

        That’s my point dumb ass. Kelly BEEN a flop #inmynickivoice

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        and Cierror is not???? ……………….LOL

      • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

        Ciara > Kelly
        case close.

  46. Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014


  47. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    Slay hive shut up son i want f***** reciepts that shows kelly out sold ciara, i will wait s****

    • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

      Those receipts do not exist. Her highest selling album sold an embarrassing 600k in 2002. Brandy even sold more than her back then. She was just coming off of ‘Dilemma’ and still couldn’t sell. #12yearsaLESSOR

    • Sarah March 26, 2014

      LOL you must be living in Lala land if you think that ‘Ciara’ outsould ‘Talk A Good Game” ..NUmbers dont lie sweetie..take the effort and do proper research b4 u assume

      • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

        You act like it outsold by leaps and bounds. In January, @chartnews had Kelly at 170k. She can’t possibly be at 215k by now. I need real receipts for those figures.

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        but Cierror is the one with the “hit” right, and Kelly is the FLOp?

        How did she let Mrs. No platinum Kelly outsell her though? kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

        we got plaques over here. Not everyone can get a #1 single or album dahling. #inmymariahvoice

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        Cierror #8yearsalessor!

        When was the last time Cierror smelled a plaque tho? kii

  48. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    Lol she’s a f***** joke!!! Even x factor coulnt save her ass and help her get DECENT numbers,ciara’s new album did better without a 6 million viewer show, sis i think we clocked her ass.

    • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

      X Factor was canceled just like her record deal. El Oh El.

    • slay_hive March 26, 2014

      LOL IKR

      Not even a BET awards performance slot and every major promo stop in the world could save the disaster that is FLOPara!! kii

      Just imagine if she wouldn’t have promoted at all! She would have debuted with ashanti numbers!! LOOL

  49. Sarah March 26, 2014

    Ciara the fastest flopping falling artist of ALL time…from Multi Platinum to #37k ..KIIIIIIIIIIII..That should be in the Guinness World Book of embarassing….and only struggled 57k 4 years later..child please

    • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

      Kelly be flopping for 12 years now THA T should be in the record books. ‘MOST CONSECUTIVE FLOPS FOR A HORSE’

    • pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

      B**** u are such a hypocrite calling her a flop and fast falling. Even tho she used to sell much more at leased she USED TO but when did kelly did?????? She only had success with DC and that is thanks to beyonce!!!!!! Where is her top 10 hernumber one album and single?????!! Tell me niggaa!!!!

      • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

        Sorry we have to back down. Kelly went platinum in 2004 with “Soldier” wait that was Beyonce’s group!!!! Kelly loses again

      • Sarah March 26, 2014

        LIKE I SAID – Fastest FLOPPED artist from a Multi-Platinum selling to 37k in ONE YEAR…EMBARASSING…

    • pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014


  50. Molly March 26, 2014

    Wow the Kelly and Beyonce fans are trying it.

    • Ciara QUEEN Harris March 26, 2014

      Hey luv me and p**** juice were holding it down. I have to go but you faf and FutureCiara can finish these broke b****** off! #imout xoxo

      • Molly March 26, 2014

        lol awww yall held it down boo i don’t even feel like arguing with these lessors they ain’t worth it.

    • pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

      Lol enjoyed draggin their whoring ass with you boo , kisses.

  51. Molly March 26, 2014

    I think Kelly looks gorgeous and good for her getting an endorsement.

  52. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    Ciara>>>>>>>>kelly horseland. Ciara has top 10’s number one albums and singles, does kelly have any?Didnt think so now sit ur stupid brainless asses down f****.

    • slay_hive March 26, 2014

      Still in the past. 🙁 Poor Z-Squad!! LOL No one even remembers Cierror’s top tens or any of her albums. No one uses her anymore! Didn’t you get the memo? #57k LOOOOL

    • Molly March 26, 2014

      Yes only delusional f**** think otherwise.

    • pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

      B**** u atr clearly retarted!!!! Who EVER used kelly???? Pepole only know her for beign in the shadow of beyonce in DC and her song with nelly and maybe that song with david guetta(lmfao) THATS IT!!!! Ciara had number one albums singles and top 10’s, kelly is a joke, F**** U

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        and Kelly’s Motivation, Dilemma, and David Guetta singles have had more impact and will be remembered over anything from that horrible basic Crunk N’ B era! R.I.P.

        Kelly will always be more WW famous and recognized than Cierror the LOCAL flop! kiiii


  53. Molly March 26, 2014

    Damn @Slay_Hive you are extremely bothered by Ciara.

  54. Sarah March 26, 2014


    All the platinum albums, flop albums, top 10s, Billboard awards, Deodorant endorsements that Ciara has to her name wont EVER help her bank account reach to the level of THAT of Kelendria Rowland…But hey…here’s to trying to get to her level….just stay away from the 37 & the 57k’s……Have fun guys!!! Cheers to the beautiful Kelendria with the MONEY IN THE BANK!!

  55. Molly March 26, 2014

    Sarah you are really seething today.

  56. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    Cheers for what h**? For an album that spwaned 3 FLOP singles and a canceled show that was canceled because she bored the public to DEATH???

    • slay_hive March 26, 2014

      The Irony, when EVERY single from Fantasy FLOP and BASIC FLOPstinct spawned nothing but FLOPS!

      Cierror got lucky with Body Parts after releasing 50 flops before, and another flop afterwards (OVERflop)! Clinging to future’s d*** for a hit! LOL Little do she know, he is done too! kii

      R.I.P. to Ciara, I predict she’ll be dropped sometime later this year or early next year! 😀

      • Molly March 26, 2014

        You seem pressed cause Ciara has all cards working in her favor meanwhile Kelly stay getting dropped from labels, X factor got cancelled, and she will be getting married in a Taco Bell parking lot.

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        What does Cierror have working in her favor? Is her album platinum yet? Wasn’t Cierror dropped in 2012? Do you actually believe she doesn’t have a chance at getting dropped again? LMAO

        The delusion with the Z-Squad is too much! Your fave couldn’t even sell-out a free taco bell parking lot concert!

      • Molly March 26, 2014

        Ciara has the man the ring the baby on the way her cards are more in her favor then they are for Engaged Over Skype Rowland, Ciara won’t be getting dropped anytime soon i know you so desperately want that to happen but it’s not gonna happen, praying for someone’s downfall you look very bitter and miserable babe.

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        What does Cierror being knocked up by a Z-list dead beat rapper have to do with the current status of her career??

        I’m not praying for her downfall, I could really care less, being that I don’t listen to her music. it’s just quite obvious at this point, that she will likely be dropped. NO label will constantly accept #57k. It’s a waste of time and money. She’s too much of a hit or miss when it comes to hit singles. Anything Kelly is on gets spins on urban radio. 😉

        Retire that tired skype engagement already! kii

      • Molly March 26, 2014

        Yawn @Slay_Hive you bore me, you say the same s*** everyday. Goodbye #ImBetterThanYou

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        BYE BYE 😉

  57. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    Ciara has a beautiful face . Kelly remains a horse.

    • Molly March 26, 2014

      i spot no lies Ciara is more appealing. let me go buy G.U.Y. off iTunes

    • pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

      Love u sis!!

      • Molly March 26, 2014

        Love you too! You go hard!

  58. Molly March 26, 2014

    We had this argument last week its boring Ciara is superior to Kelly end of story.

  59. Mark111 March 26, 2014

    ”Kelly be flopping for 12 years now THA T should be in the record books. ‘MOST CONSECUTIVE FLOPS FOR A HORSE”

    Help, I’m dying!!!! Come on, Ciara sold records, Kelly NEVER did. Ciara had a her year in 2004-2005, Kelly never, unless being Beyonce’s shadow, then in that case, she been killing the stage. lol

  60. Molly March 26, 2014

    @Mark111 !!!!!!Exactly people stay discrediting Ciara.

  61. The Queen of R&B March 26, 2014

    Celebrity Net Worth

    Kelly Rowland : 45 MIllion
    Ciara Harris: 15 Million

    Child go somewhere with your 2 platinum albums & 1 Grammy ..Kelly Has 4 MULTI Platinum albums with her name & picture attached along with 4 Grammy’s with her name on it and A Star on the Walk of Fame , I’ll say it again so you can know I said a STAR ON THE WALK OF FAME , Ciara could not even get close to getting that okay so stop you making yourself look bad now and Kelly was nominated for Grammy this year what did Cici do

    • Mark111 March 26, 2014

      4 multi platinum albums?! Hahahahaha, what grammy did Kelly win with HER name and HER name on the main title on it. Not Nelly FEAT Kelly and I think her name isn’t Destiny’s Child.

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        Dilemma was Kelly’s hit though. She made the chorus of that song popular! LOL

        How many feature grammys does Rihanna have boo??? Don’t go there!

      • Mark111 March 26, 2014

        Umbrella, Only Girl (in the World), We nFound Love and Best Urban Contemporary Album for Unapologetic. Sit b****, matter of fact, kill yo self.

        Mind you, take away 3 grammy awards from Beyonce cause those were DC awards. so 14 time grammy winner Alicia Keys been shitting on her with 15 ON her OWN. Stay mad.

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        Take away three of Rihanna’s grammys b****! 4 are hers! WE Found Love was for Best short film, not the song itself! Leaving her with only three basic ass awards! 😉

        Beyonce was DC though dumb ass b****! Even if you take away three, she still has FOURTEEN .More that your basic yodeling ass fave will ever see with 100 albums and 80 generic meaningless hits!

        Sit in a f***** seat and stay there h**!

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        and mind you, that’s just with four albums and 5 #1 hits b****! 😉

        Just imagine with this next album. She’ll break her own record! #NOBASICZONE #BOWDOWNBITCH

      • Mark111 March 27, 2014

        Hahahaha, you wanna talk #1’s? Leave while you still can w****. Mind you, Bey and Rih were tied with the most #1’s in the 2000’s decade, now Rih has 13 while Bye is still at 5. Have a seat, you lost one.

  62. Molly March 26, 2014

    My intentions on this post was not to bash Kelly i really wanted to be positive i really think she looks beautiful glad she has something going on for her.

  63. pussyy juice lover March 26, 2014

    B**** she had a star on the walk of fame for DC and she DONT have 4 multi platinum albums u know u lyin h**

  64. Mira March 26, 2014

    I am proud of Kelly! She looks absolutely amazing

    And peoole can give their best effort to bring you down all they choose to.
    But your career wasn’t designed for you to come out on top. The label had them do
    Different albums Kellys first album were songs the label chose seems pretty
    Off considering she was coming off a huge HipHop/ r&b collab. But the point is
    The success she has had is still success. I don’t care if most of it came from different countries
    sales are sales! I don’t care about first week overall sales should be accounted as well.
    People let’s be real when the hell has Kelly gotten amazing Promotion? When have you
    Seen her perform even a popular song multiple times in a timely fashion. When has she
    Had anything past 3 singles in a timely fashion from a album.

    Dispite shortly promote she has still had some success ans relevancy after shortly deals.
    Where they never ever attempted to capaltalize off potential hits..smh

    I am proud of the 40 mil in the bank, the records you did sale and the great touching music you did make.
    Tw steel and mercedies are all great endorsements

  65. Applause March 26, 2014

    Is this Floplands first endorsement in 16 years?? kiii

    • stawp March 26, 2014

      Go and buy F.L.O.P. you have more important things to worry about

      • Applause March 26, 2014

        B**** and you go buy all of Kelly’s flop albums so atleast one out of four can go platinum.

      • stawp March 26, 2014

        I don’t stan for kelly. is artpoop platinum yet?

      • Applause March 26, 2014

        So you must be a R**** ,Basic Perry ,or Whaleyonce fan either way non of them have made the IMPACT that Lady Gaga has made thats why yall are JEALOUS.

      • stawp March 26, 2014

        All of them are still selling albums. Can’t say the same for lady flop

      • Applause March 26, 2014

        Yet two of them have no talent and the other one is the biggest fraud in music keep buying them grammys Yonce.

    • DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

      Caca can say god bye to endorsements and her career. Nobody n their right mind is gonna give that t***** endorsements after she lost Interscope 25 million n promo kiiiii

  66. Applause March 26, 2014

    @Slay_Hive needs to be purchasing partition instead of arguing with Ciara fans.

    • slay_hive March 26, 2014

      And you need to take advantage of ARTSHIT’S $9.99 discount and finally get it to platinum instead of worrying about what I’m doing 😉

      • Applause March 26, 2014

        Sweetie i already have my copies of Artpop it will go platinum in the next 2-4 months… Beyonce era is already dying death at her only being able to keep one single afloat Xo is a flop Partition is a flop Guess she needed her husband to get that struggle top 10

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014

        Beyonce has only showed her face to America once and her album is STILL outselling lady caca’s! Outsold it in three days to be exact! LMAOOO

        Not even youtube awards, vma’s, The voice, that fake gimmicky Christina duet, GMA, Today Show, that disgusting vomit stunt, radio intervies or The American Music Awards was enough to sell that garbage album! #FLOP 😀

        Jay-Z can barely get a hit on his own. Beyonce doesn’t need him sweety!

        It’s a sad time when you have top tens, promo and still struggle for platinum LOL

    • DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

      Lets see, 25 million lost in promo. The album is struggling around 600k in almost 6 months plus she had an MELTOWN n December LMFAO. #WINNING

  67. The Queen of R&B March 26, 2014

    When people think of The Top Four Hottest Chicks in the Game they don’t think of Ciara I’m sorry they think of Beyonce , Rihanna , Nicki , and Kelly just like that in that Order sorry if Ciara can’t get to the top four it’s not no ones fault but her own when Ciara’s net worth is 45 Million and has a star on the walk of fame then cici fans can talk s*** till then y’all can’t y’all are just upset because y’all don’t understand how someone like kelly isn’t selling that good but is above Ciara , it’s because Kelly rowland works her ass off just like Ciara maybe a lil harder but people love and respect kelly she’s been here longer they look at her as an icon because of her work with her group destinys child and some of her solo work so just stop people see her as the Queen of R&B because of the Money she brings in and compared to the other girls in R&B Kelly’s winning so Ciara needs to follow in Kelly’s light and shut up and get Money

    • Applause March 26, 2014

      Death the delusion is so real.

  68. DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

    Molly The Maid go sit your Raggedy Bag lady ass down somewhere. In what world is Cirrelevant superior to Kelly? I guess the delusional world that’s inside your small brain. Kelly has shifted more than 90 million records while Citranny is around 15 million records kiiiii. Plus Kelly is known WW while the struggling b*tch is local. She’s only known WW from dueting with JT on Love S** and Magic kiiiiiii kiiiii

    • Chillin March 26, 2014


  69. The Queen of R&B March 26, 2014

    thank you we appreciate it I like cici I’m just saying Kelly is doing a lil better but both of them could do so much better I would love to see them do a song together s*** get my life together real quick lol

  70. Chillin March 26, 2014

    Meanwhile Kelly is about to go live on huffington post in 2 minutes

    She aint worried about yall

  71. The Queen of R&B March 26, 2014

    She is apart of DC so what does that mean her has got four platinum f****** albums stop being delusional Kelly put in that work with Destinys child and she’s putting in that work now as a solo artist

    • Mark111 March 26, 2014

      If we’re not giving Beyonce those credits, then why in the phuck would we give Kelly Nowhereland those when she was a back up or I’m sorry, “2nd lead vocalist” aka back up.

      • slay_hive March 26, 2014


        So when some member of the Hive add DC’s numbers to Beyonce, don’t be pressed about! Since ya’ll accredit DC’s sales to Beyonce when it’s convenient! 😉

  72. Applause March 26, 2014

    IMPACT is more important then sales.

    • slay_hive March 26, 2014

      What has GAGS impacted? The costume industry? Cuz I don’t remember not one of the b****’s generic retarded songs! LOL

    • DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

      STRUGGLE 101! ArtSh*t = 11k in 2 months lmfaooooooooooooooooo

    • DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

      Yesssss SLAY HIVE….READ that c*nt. Nobody takes Lady Caca serious. She’s nothing but carbon copy of Grace Jones, Madonna and Queen. The world has the tea on The Real Lady Caca that’s the reason why she’s struggling like worser than an hasbeen.

  73. It’s Kelly Season B**** March 26, 2014

    Yo some of y’all are delusional n very missinformed. The “New Rules” (Streaming, Video views, ect) only apply to chart positions. For a Record to be certified Gold (Album or single) it has to reach or exceed 500,000 copies sold! Nothing to do with airplay streaming or views. Platinum is sales of 700,000 plus. This is for the U.S. it varies for other countries. Kellys last gold Album in the U.S was Ms.Kelly n it was released in 2007. Stop being haters. This broad got more money than any of u will ever see. Y u mad? U ain’t gonna make nobody not like her or see her different jus cuz u like some other b**** better. I guess thats what some of us get for having our own minds. N Caress is one the top brands of soap. Even at Family Dollar that s*** is $3.50 on sale. N any other store its $5-7 dollars. Its a step down from Dove. U know broke bit hes be usin Irish Spring n Dial. B****** need to dial up some class. Kelly gonna keep gettin them checks. Seven figures while u pressed strugglin to comment b4 they cut of ur xfinity wifi cuz u cant even pay ur phone bill lol

  74. DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

    Mark the f*ggot is sure pressed by Queen Kells lmfaoooo. Kelly Nowhereland???? Really??? Where the hell is your career and millions of dollars in the bank??? That’s right b*tch. You don’t have it. So Mark Nowhere Non Factor in life F*g. #KEEP SEEETHING

    • Mark111 March 26, 2014

      You’re right, Kelly Clarkson has millions in her account.

  75. DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

    Queen Kells sure has these no life b*tches pressed lmfaoooooooo. Just this decade alone. What R&B females has put an single or singles inside the BBHot 100? Nobody but THE QUEEN, R**** and Queen Kells. I don’t know where Tamar sh*tty irrelevant fans come from and the non factor squad. Neither of them b*tches can’t see Queen Kells! You all know Queen Kells can’t be stop! She’s an Soul Survivor! #SHE WON’T STOP

  76. lala March 26, 2014

    Kelly’s networth doubles Ciara petty change

  77. FAF March 26, 2014


    @QUEEN OF r&b girl…. Kelly been solo since 02 why are Ciara’s album sales BIGGER and singles too??? LMFAO

  78. FAF March 26, 2014

    @digger bey with future helping ur fave get her first top ten since lady gaga helped her kiiii

    Ciara single charted higher than kelly hoeland and was the first solo female r&b song to be certified in 2013

    GOOGLE B****! 😆

    • Molly March 26, 2014

      Yes Beyonce can’t get a hit on her own babe

    • DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

      Why can’t future help Ci Error find her career????

    • DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

      Faf….Chile i really feel sorry for u and the rest of the Non Factor Squad. I wonder why Cirrelevant couldn’t get Body Fart certified Platinum like Queen Kells and THE QUEEN did this decade with singles.Kelly’s KDL was certified gold also with NO PROMOTIONS! While Citranny promoted her ass off kiiiii. #U ALL STAY LOSING KII

  79. FAF March 26, 2014

    I’m not commenting ANY MORE until u f**** learn to google…

    how’s partition doing, sis? why did lovesexmagic not only come out FIRST but slay it ? Kiii

    top ten > #37 😆

    • Molly March 26, 2014

      Drag sis

      Partition is flopping so bad the hive swore it would slay.

    • LOL March 26, 2014

      The nerve when Ciara isn’t even on the f***** charts with a new album. Beyonce hasn’t even promoted yet. If she performs once it will chart higher than anything Cierror has released with her 1000 performances! FOH

    • slay_hive March 26, 2014

      B**** you stan for Cierror. Every single from BEYONCE could flop and she will still outsell Ciara with all of the promotion in the world! GET REAL!

      When Beyonce actually promotes, her singles will perform better!

      DEATH @ Body parts peaking at #22 with all of the performances and promotion, and I’m Out at #52 with the same exposure! DIL had ONE perfomance, #2 peak! kii

      Death@ Her album not even at 200k WW with Body parts being her biggest hit in YEARS! (still basic sitting at GOLD)

      DIL is platinum ALONG with a soon to be double platinum album!.. FLOPara?…………

      Know your motherfucking place b****. You as a stan of a flop, could NEVER come for Beyonce!!!

  80. DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

    Well i wish Future will help Cirrelevant get an top 10 or hell an top 20. Better yet; why won’t he help her find her career kiii #37k

  81. DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

    Hun Partition has yet to be promoted. Cirrelevant promoted I’m Out and what number did it crack on the Billboard Hot100????? #BYE NON FACTOR C*NT

    • Molly March 26, 2014

      The excuses you mad cause Im out was a bigger hit then Xo.

      • LOL March 26, 2014

        I’m out is nobody’s hit! DIL is a wayyyyyyy bigger hit than flop party though! BYE

  82. DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

    And Love S** and Magic was only an hit because of JT. I wonder why all those other singles from Fantasy of Flops never charted higher or became an international hit like Love S** and Magic???? Before Body Fart, Cirrelevant last hit was in 2006 lmfaooooooooooooooo. JT. JT. JT. That’s why outside of the US, she’s known as the girl that dueted with JT KIIIIIII KIIIIIII

  83. Molly March 26, 2014

    Beyonce had to cling to lady gaga for a hit,

    • LOL March 26, 2014

      B**** are you serious. DIL is currently a hit. More successful than anything Cierror has released in ten years. I won’t even mention how her album destroyed Ciara’s x 100 in sales. You are so delsusional!

  84. Molly March 26, 2014

    Not Body party being a bigger hit then Fagtition and also having longevity as a single fagtition is free falling off the charts as we speak.

    • LOL March 26, 2014

      DIL is more successful hit than Overpromoted party. It is platinum. Cling to partition while it hasn’t been promoted unlike Flop party. Where are the rest of Ciara’s hits from her flop album?

    • DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

      Molly The Maid…didn’t Flopira promote Body Fart? Partition hasn’t been promoted yet. When she does promote it, trust it won’t peak @ #22 like Body Fart and all its promotions. But deeeeeeeath @ BEYONCE having longevity on the Billboard 200 while someone else’s album didn’t stay 2 weeks inside the top 20 lmaoooooo

  85. Molly March 26, 2014

    Yonce got 3 singles out and only one can make top 10?

    • LOL March 26, 2014

      Yonce has only promoted one. While Cierror has promoted three and none of them have seen the top ten and her album still isn’t gold after 9 months. Beyonce nearing double platinum in 3 months boo 🙁

      • Rosie March 26, 2014

        Kii. Ciara is still at 160K after 8 months.

    • DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

      How many singles did Cirrelevant chart inside the top ten or top twenty with Citranny, Basic Sh*t and Fantasy of Flops????

  86. DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

    Where is Lady Caca now? Where is THE QUEEN now? Cirrelevant has to cling to Future to stay at least semi relevant kiiiiiii

  87. Rosie March 26, 2014

    Isn’t this some cheap supermarket body wash? Kelly couldn’t even get a Pantene/Olay deal? Get money though.

  88. Slayonce March 26, 2014

    But motivation was the first and only platinum single r and b for 2011

    Again getting her coint

  89. Slayonce March 26, 2014

    Lets get into the tea

    If kelly is so irrelevent why does she have you c error fans so pressed that you feel the need to come for her wig everytime sam makes a post about her.

    Trust and believe u wont see kelly rowland fans on ciara articles smfh

  90. DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

    Yessss Molly The Maid! Cling to XO but XO has certifications around the world. Does I’m Out? And was I’m Out an hit on the pop charts??? Its a good thing she named that song “I’m Out”. Yeah b*tch your ass is Out. OUT of The Music Industry Kiiiii kiiiii

  91. DIGGER BEY March 26, 2014

    Irrelevantiara is the Epitome of An Struggling No More Flop B*tch. Deeeeeeeath @ BEYONCE selling more in 3 Days than ALL of Ci Error previous Flops COMBINED KIIIIIII

  92. Alex March 26, 2014


  93. FutureCIARA March 26, 2014

    Caress is all I use, Its better for the skin and doesnt dry out your skin like Dove….

    I see it for this endorsement, I hope the commercials are atleast cute, I hate her look with that ugly hair style though!

  94. Himeros March 26, 2014

    Am I the only non black?

    • Rosie March 26, 2014

      Fellow white person here.

  95. ChiTown March 26, 2014


  96. Touché March 26, 2014

    Wow, these Kelly posts have been getting a lot of comments lately. Also, for a second I thought the title said “Careless skin care deal” lol. Anyway, she looks good.

    • rowland stone March 27, 2014

      lmao….if that was true, that would have been some major shade by TGJ, but they wouldn’t…

  97. rowland stone March 27, 2014


  98. rowland stone March 27, 2014

    OMGGGGGG she looks so YUMMY I could eat her. When she did that “YUSSSSSs” and gave that camera-ready look right after like it was not nothing, my heart MELTED…..literally lol. YESSSSSSS

  99. rowland stone March 27, 2014


  100. BEYAWNCE March 27, 2014

    Endorsement? She followed JHO’s step doing this crap.

  101. valerie March 30, 2014

    Yeah, doing commercials alongside ALL the other no talents is good since her record label dropped her sorry self like a hot potato.

    She didn’t even sell 200,000 worldwide with all that air time, and publicity. She has to be the most pathetic performer ever.

  102. joyce March 30, 2014

    where’s your baby? did she abort it like all the others?

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