Watch: Lady GaGa Readies ‘SXSW’ ‘Doritos’ Performance / Urges Fans To “Be Bold”



Sporting a look designed to remind fans of her strongest era to date, Lady GaGa caught up with ‘South by South West’ to announce her performance on the event’s ‘Doritos’ stage, much to the delight of her ‘little Monsters.’

While there, the piano playing Pop royal announced the March 13th arrival of the show and urged fans to engage in a challenge set to bring them closer to the hotly anticipated set, encouraging them to embrace their individuality and ‘be bold.’

Watch below!

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  1. HIMEROS March 10, 2014

    Hahaha oh F*** YES! Get that promo! Be that headline mother Monster!!

    Showing that the real stage is booked for real artists, not goat voiced fake katy perry

  2. Lovebird March 10, 2014

    I find it embarrassing that Nicki Minaj’s FLOPloaded has sold more copies than the $25 million budget Artpop.

  3. Dark horse March 10, 2014

    Bye girl no ones checking for you.

  4. HIMEROS March 10, 2014

    Lol bird, are you seething at your failed attempt at shade in the previous post?

    By now you SHOULD know that the 25mil loss thing was a rumour and it was proven false by interscope. Nice try.

    ARTPOP was still a number one album, APPLAUSE was still a top 10 hit, LADY GAGA is still represents the most successful fashion house

    She still has her awards
    She still has her 190 mil networth

  5. HIMEROS March 10, 2014

    Nobody want to book katy for a stage,they fear the equipment would break when Kunty tries to hit those high notes.

    She sounds goatish, maybe cuz of all the dry c*m in her throat

  6. Sandra March 10, 2014

    Lady gaga is a hasbeen

  7. HIMEROS March 10, 2014

    Are you talking about ciara? Now?

  8. Lovebird March 10, 2014

    A number one album that has sold LESS copies than Roman Floploaded; that makes it even more embarrassing.

  9. HIMEROS March 10, 2014

    Why are you bringing nicki up in this? There’s no beef there?

    Nicki is queen of her urban lane and Gags is queen of pop.

    Please #SuckaBigDick

    You are reaching now

  10. PRINCE CARTER FENTY March 10, 2014

    Flop lmao. *plays Rihanna – Fading*

  11. HIMEROS March 10, 2014


  12. Molly March 10, 2014

    Death at her going back to her old look desperate much?

  13. HIMEROS March 10, 2014

    Um? When has lady gaga not had blunt blonde bangs? Its in all the eras. Its on the damn COVER of ARTPOP

    Keep reaching ciara fan, you should be checking ciara’s baby bump

  14. HOTSTUFF March 10, 2014

    OMFG his tits are a BIG NO just like CHARTDROP.

  15. OrangeJuiceInstead March 10, 2014

    I usually try to find something nice to say but… damn

    I want to like Gaga but I’m just so excited and this era is pointless to even continue.


    – DWUW Video…. remember when that was happening?
    – Applause as the first single… ugh
    – Now She’s apparently making videos for all her songs… yeah..
    – ARTPOP in general.

    So yeah, But best wishes Gaga.

  16. OrangeJuiceInstead March 10, 2014

    Mac auto corrected meant exhausted

  17. Navy Commander March 10, 2014

    Just give up the ARTPOP era and come hard with something fresh and new gaga. It’s the only way to comeback.

  18. HIMEROS March 10, 2014


    I agree with you, this era has/had potential and it’s not easy staying positive about your fave, but I was there through the heaps of success and i’ll be there for the under performing.

    Well, an era isn’t done till a new LP is dropped

  19. HIMEROS March 10, 2014

    the dwuw video debacle really did put a block in this era.

  20. Slayty Perry (9 #1s) March 10, 2014

    Oh she’s still trying? That’s cute. Chartflop still hasn’t passed 700k though. If Gags is the Queen of Pop like the last LittleSuicide standing claims, then why hasn’t her album passed 700k in the US yet? Isnt she in her prime? Shouldn’t she be slaying? Why has Chartflop fallen off the worldwide tally at less then 2 million?

  21. FAF March 10, 2014

    @Hemorrhoid, is english your first language?

  22. FutureCIARA March 10, 2014



  23. BeYAWNce March 11, 2014

    Be Bold? Did she meant Be FLOP?

  24. Egypt (Monster_hoe) March 11, 2014

    LET THEM LAUGH, LET THEM MOCK BUT WE ALL KNOW THIS B**** AINT DONE YET.. SHE WORKED SO HARD TO BE WHERE SHE IS NOW AND SHE AINT GONNA LET IT UP JUST LIKE THAT. every artist has a floppish era, beyonce, madonna, rihanna. Do not doubt Gaga’s ability to reinvent herself, talent, perfomence skills… infact do not doubt GAGA AT ALL!!!!!!

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