Hot Shots: Keri Hilson Hits Studio With ‘Motivation’ Duo For New Album

Published: Sunday 6th Apr 2014 by Sam

After a relatively long spell out of the spotlight, Keri Hilson is readying a chart comeback.

The singer-songwriter, whose last album ‘No Boys Allowed’ was released way back in 2010, is cooking up her third studio effort and has called on R&B’s creme de la creme to help her craft it.

Case, point, her sessions this week with htmakers Rico Love and Jim Jonsin.

The duo, who are responsible for hits such as ‘Motivation’ by Kelly Rowland and Beyonce’s ‘Sweet Dreams ‘, shared shots of themselves working with Hilson on the long-awaited project.

Jonsin added the caption: Great Music and Spirits with @dreamincolor@iamricolove 

Are you as amped as we are to hear what they’ve been working on? Peep more pics below and let us know…


Check out Keri performing on That Grape Juice’s ‘The Splash’ below…

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  1. GSF April 6, 2014

    Keri is underrated. Plain and simple.
    Both her debut and sophomore albums were packed with some great songs. Pretty Girl Rock may have turned into the Ratchet (Basic) Girl Anthem, but there’s still no denying that it’s an immaculately catchy, well-produced pop song (plus the accompanying music video was super cute).

    I hate name-dropping other artists on posts that don’t pertain to them but I’ll honestly always be more excited for new Keri material than any upcoming Beyonce releases. Say what you want about her but the girl, but she is a gifted songwriter, singer, performer and her whole look is more interesting than a lot of the contemporary urban pop singers out today. No matter how hard Beyonce/her team of writers/her entire camp try to make her “edgy” at the end of the day you can’t fake the edge. Keri’s got it, Bey does not. It’s just too bad she never was able to truly escape the urban box and make it into the more lucrative, mainstream field.

    • GSF April 6, 2014

      oops…excuse all the typos. I pressed submit before even looking it over. oh well…maybe next time

    • Realest April 6, 2014

      Studio vocalist, she’s not a SANGER and that is why her records work better for other people. She is talented. But a singer/vocal moment and a true organic talent filled, live show is going to be from beyonce.. Not from Keri. She will give u a cute hook and verse and that’s it. Female Neyo

    • Royalkev April 6, 2014

      You “hate name-dropping other artist(s)”, yet it seems you were only stuck on one! Bey must be doing a lot of things right because her name was all throughout your comment on a post “that don’t pertain” to Bey.

    • Vee April 6, 2014

      You people complain about Keri not getting her shine but then you are the ones who bring up Beyoncé in Keris post. Tf outta here.

    • credits April 6, 2014

      @GSF I see no lies. Your comment is on point. Keri’s got it!

      @realest, did you just call ne-yo a studio singer? Think that comment through again.

  2. KING RIH April 6, 2014

    say what you want about her, but her albums are always on point… musically

  3. Mark111 April 6, 2014

    Gotta respect songwriters.

  4. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) April 6, 2014

    I pulled out my old iPod touch yesterday and her debut album was the first thing to pop up when I turned it on. Keri’s first album was one of the best urban pop records of the last decade, and even now. The album had awesome songs, vocals, promo and even had a clear and concise concept to it. She set that album up perfectly. People just hated her JUST to hate her. I’m here for her return.

  5. Judy,Ella,Mahailia,&Billie> your basic fave April 6, 2014

    Underrated? Looking at these comments maybe shes a little overrated.
    Keri’s albums are always full of fillers and mediocre songs, with an excellent song or two thrown in the mix,much like most albums are today.
    In a Perfect World was just as forgetful as almost every other R&B album of 2009 and No boys allowed is in the same boat.
    I like her singles but to date there is not one album of Keri’s that is great,unless mediocre is just your main taste in music.

    • she ain’t no damn overratted April 6, 2014

      ok preach !!!!!

  6. Navy Commander(AUBRIH) April 6, 2014

    I never listened to any of her albums before. The Only song I know is pretty girl rock

  7. Chadin April 6, 2014

    I am Thai. Not many people know her in my country. I think most of her songs are mediocre songs and forgettable. I mean I have simple and ordinary ear and taste in music. I heard all her songs in the first and second album. I think most of her songs were not well-produced. They lack something smoothness, flow, and something appealing. But her voice has character and has potential to become big. She is needing good, well-produced, just good songs. And yes her songs are always BUSY to my ear. It’s hard to listen to.

  8. C-mo April 6, 2014

    Yas! So excited! Love Jim Johnson!

  9. Keri Krew Kween April 6, 2014

    I have a feeling that this album will take it to the next level musically for her. She’ll need some serious promo to pull big numbers after such a long hiatus but at this point I care about how this album will sound more then that. I agree with the comments above, she is underrated and gets hate for no reason. Her debut album was pure fire! I still bump it to date. I’m ready for her to come back. The timing is right, R&B is making a return. Keri can definitely be apart of that.

  10. FutureCIARA April 6, 2014

    Ill give her another shot, her albums have been enjoyable…

    but she better work for it

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