Mariah Carey Fan Pens Open Letter To Management: “Get Your **** Together”

Published: Sunday 6th Apr 2014 by David

“Nothing left to prove.”

Unfortunately, the above stands a myth pushed by fans of many a seasoned act when forced to explain a hiccup in said star’s career.

With sales garnered in the past oft used to defend mistakes made in the present, recent years has seen one too many veterans make the mistake of believing this, only to see their legacies tarnished by ego-fuelled eras launched by albums that fail to hold a light to the very material they believe saw them have…“nothing to prove.”

Now, after watching the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna reach fresh career heights well into their 40s, fans of fellow icon Mariah Carey find themselves questioning the strategy employed by her management to push her brand new album.

A strategy, that they believe has seen them fail to secure the support of the general public in time for the album’s May 6th release date.

Now peep one open letter penned by a member of her ‘Lambily’, urging her camp to “get their sh*t together”, and accusing them of exploiting the ‘Make it Happen‘ maestra.


Since it was published on Jack Dorsey‘s ‘Twitter’, the letter has been retweeted 202 times, garnering responses akin to the ones posted here.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Modern beauty boutique April 6, 2014

    wow 1st ..

    • FutureCIARA April 6, 2014

      Honestly they should push back the album AGAIN…. It doesn’t feel right with a release as early as May…. The singles have been FLOPPING hunny…

      Lets pretend to stop with the delusions and bull SH!T…..

      I will support her and purchase the album whether it came out tomorrow or next year… But timing is everything for the GP and mass market… They are f****** it up for her, which doesnt help her at all considering she has lost about 60% of her vocals….

      NO T


    Death! Te lambs need to chill! Its not that serious. We all know Mariah is the Queen regardless.

  3. FAF April 6, 2014

    Why do people do stuff like this I bet she’s not even writing these sorts of essays to get college credit

    • Mother Earth Mariah Universe Carey April 6, 2014

      Girl, you had me rollin 🙂

  4. christinastherealtalent April 6, 2014

    Don’t blame Mariah’s management. Blame all the horrible song choices released as singles with the exception of Beautiful.

    • Skyfall April 6, 2014

      Exactly, as a manager he should of told her You’re mine wasn’t a good single choice and opted something else and book stages lie today show Gma Ellen etc to promote instead of paying it dust. Btw TAOLG Wasn’t a single

  5. Skyfall April 6, 2014

    She went off, but I agree JD doesn’t seem to do s*** but these whack radio interviews and hardly talks about Mariah new music or the album, she ends to fire him and get a real manager

    • KeriMeHome April 6, 2014

      Jermaine is a real manager.

  6. BeyBeyKing April 6, 2014


  7. Slayara >>> CopyrightYonce April 6, 2014

    This album is doomed. •Slowgrinds to Body Party.

  8. Touché April 6, 2014

    David please. Mariah is a legend who is already way past her prime. What else does she have to prove? I will tell you, absolutely nothing. She already left her mark in the industry which is why people use the phrase “Nothing left to prove”. She could flop today, tomorrow, or ten years from now; it doesn’t make a damn difference. Her legacy is engraved in stone so whatever events/actions take place now will not tarnish her legacy. Besides, that lamb is just like a typical stan who are nosy, overly concerned, and defensive when it comes to their fave so it is nothing special.

    • ChakaYonce April 6, 2014

      Hunty, if MJ thought like you did Thriller would have been his last album.

      • Skyfall April 6, 2014

        False; MJ was in his prime during thriller so he in fact still had a lot to prove
        Could he do it again, was it just luck? But during the 90s or even early 2000s Michael didn’t have anything left to to prove same as Mariah

      • Touché April 6, 2014

        @ Chaka

        What? You don’t make any sense.There are artists( usually legends)even after their prime who still release music or tour so you have no point. They do this because they love their craft. Not every artist is only focused on sales.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 6, 2014


      Davidina and the entire TGJ staff stays reaching! Lol

      • Touché April 6, 2014

        I know right lol. They are such flip flops. They use to like Mariah but ever since late last year they have been shading her like there is no tomorrow. I don’t know what she did to p*** them off but they stay obsessing over her like they do with Rihanna.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 6, 2014

        Lol. I get the feeling that TGJ reads the comments on this blog. Maybe they see certain things *cough* and they got mad. Lol

    • Kingboss April 7, 2014

      can you please pick it back up? what does that have to do with the point of the story? lol. Y’all so crazy. Folks talk about her impending flop and y’all counter with a video of her singing to a bunch of fans.

  9. Kim Kardashian Stan April 6, 2014

    Yes Mariah place the blame on someone else you coward.

  10. WhenItComesToBey April 6, 2014

    Why did David say management when the stan was clearly talking to JD? Be clear. He is her manager and that’s who home girl was addressing.

    • WeAreLambily April 6, 2014

      Maybe it’s because he can see like the other smart lambs can that Jermaine isn’t the problem.

    • Dance4Dawn April 6, 2014

      They obvs like JD so were trying to keep it cute for him.

  11. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 6, 2014

    And Samantha done tried it! It is a FACT that Mariah has nothing left to prove. She has a very successful career and has broken like every record every made! Stop with this hate. Its funny how 90% of Mariah’s posts on this crusty ass blog are always negative. This “seasoned act” clearly has you bothered Hun. Why? I dunno but stay mad though cause you will never win an interview with the vocal goddess.

    Mariah is NOT 21 anymore! Vision of Love has been released 24 years ago!! None of the divas from the 80s or 90s are selling big anymore. Not Celine, Not Madonna, Not Janet. The R&B girls like Brandy and Monica (people that this biased blog Stans for) aren’t selling anything so please find a seat somewhere and sit.

    And what exactly is wrong with Mariah and the lambs celebrating her past success? Success remains success whether it is today or from the 1600s. There is no present without a past and her past music and success has influenced many artists (including the trifling h** this blog Stans so hard for).

    Just leave the Queen alone and let her release her art when she decides to.

    • BeySting April 6, 2014

      Delusional. If she doesn’t care about sales why didn’t she release the album last year after Beautiful dropped?

    • Metzo April 6, 2014

      Lmfaooo. Its crazy how how all these stupid lambs think that Every post on this site is written by Sam. Read before you speak you idiot. And youre not making any sense. Mariah is irrelevant now, its not about not being onnher prime anymore or she has nohing more tomprove. Stop the excuses! Face the fact that Mariah really sucks now! Madonna just grossed a 300 Million tour 2 years ago and her and Mariah are from he same era. So whats your point? Mariah cant even tour. Shes a hasbeen. And you shouldnt vome for nobody when your fave cant even stay on itunes top 1000. DISMISSED.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 6, 2014

        Why are you little FlopYonce Stans always trying it?!?

        I realized after that this pressed article was written by David. 90% of the TGJ posts are usually Samantha so be quiet.

        What does this have to do with Madonna? And no one was talking about tours. This is about album sales and Madonna’s last album flopped just like Mariah, Celine, Janet, etc.

        Mariah is not a has been. You tried it. She is a legend. A has been is someone like Nicki Minaj who was hot for two seconds (1 era) and flopped on their second album. Mariah slayed for MANY YEARS. She got a number album and single 18 years after her debut. Not many people can do that.

        You’re acting Iike Beyonce will be selling well 100 years from now. Just keep quiet and go sit somewhere with your delusional ass.

    • CherylSoldier April 6, 2014

      Last time I checked, Madonna did more first week than Katy, Miley, Gaga etc with sh!tty MDNA

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 6, 2014

        But MDNA had the biggest second week drop in history. Mariah would never.

  12. Realest April 6, 2014

    Yeah Mariah doesn’t have anything prove. She’s here for the love of music so what you wrote isn’t valid. It is only valid in a sense of “HEY WE NEED HITS SO LETS PERPETUATE THE SAME MESSY DRAMA AND RECYCLE THE SAME OL B******* BECAUSE WE HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO WRITE ABOUT”.

    This site is slowly becoming like the amount of genuine journalism is being outweighed by messy thirst and repetition. The only difference is they repeat ass shots and you repeat the same tired Stan bait

    • HistoRih April 6, 2014

      She doesn’t care about sales? Ok honey, so that’s why she got that CC deal last year right? Just stop, you wouldn’t be saying all of that if YM was doing well.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 6, 2014

        Rihanna got a CC deal for You Da One so you have no right to speak much less approach this page.

  13. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 6, 2014

    Oh so this mess was written by Scamantha? So apparently the entire ThatPressedJuice staff is bothered by TeamMC.

    • BionicGlam April 6, 2014

      Sistren, better go out and support YM instead of being perched on here like the thirsty b**** that you are.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 6, 2014

        Gurl you’re dismissed. Come back to me when Bionic has any certifications. Bloatus Hun? Tripple copper yet?

  14. LaLopez April 6, 2014

    The delusion in this thread is so real I can’t even deal. The Lambs wanna act like Mariah doesn’t care about sales when the FIRST thing she does when someone questions her impact is bring up how many albums she’s SOLD.
    If she really cared about giving you music you wouldn’t have had to wait for a year to get this album and everyone can see that this is true. Just accept that she doesn’t know what she’s doing and stop blaming other people.

    • TeenageDreamer April 6, 2014

      Not a single lie was detected.

      • KissesForKelly April 6, 2014

        Truth tea everywhere.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 6, 2014

      B***** YOU ARE LYING!!! Mariah has never ever talked about her sales. Provide one interview where Mariah brings up her sales after being questioned about her impact. Stop fabricating h**.

      Jlo’s last bum isn’t even gold and every single besides on the floor flopped. #Sit

    • Touché April 6, 2014

      Delusion everywhere.

      If Mariah was that concerned about sales she wouldn’t have even bothered to release “Your mine”. Any idiot could see that would have flop from a mile away because it is not what this generation wants to listen to. That single only caters to her fan base not the newer generation. Also how do you know the project was even fully finished at the time #beautiful came out a year ago? Are you Mariah or are you on her creative team? That’s what I thought. If it is for the fans( who have been especially critical lately) than clearly she is going to take her time to cater to them. If it is truly for the money than she would have released some half-assed album when #beautiful came out a year ago which would have appealed to the newer generation who always buys anything generic.

  15. CallonMimi April 6, 2014

    Dangerous is just as important to MJ’s discography as Thriller is but I can’t see this new album doing ANYTHING for the Queen and that hurts me to my core.

  16. Mark111 April 6, 2014

    oop! When I say it, I’m called a hater or “pressed”. Album “comes out” in a month and there’s no title for the album, no hit single.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 6, 2014

      You are mighty pressed though. You always deny Mariah’s talent, impact, and success. #BowTheFuckDown

      • Mark111 April 6, 2014

        Never denied her success nor impact. Just her title as a vocalist.

  17. Heartbreaker1993 April 6, 2014

    David spoke nothing but the truth imo. The album comes out in four weeks and we have no title, no hit single and we find out that she’s STILL recording songs for it THIS week. You have to understand that it’s the gp that makes an album slay not the stans so at what point do you think she’ll have time to promote enough to make the gp care enough to buy it?

  18. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 6, 2014

    Watch hagriah push back the album

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 6, 2014

      I hope she doesn’t push it as far back as your hair line though. That would be embarrassing.

      • Mother Earth Mariah Universe Carey April 6, 2014

        lol sis

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 6, 2014

        i saw you decided to troll again with your blue account… #sad #byebitch #troll

  19. Stephy April 6, 2014

    DEATH! Mariah Carey lost her voice aint got nothing to do with Jermaine ol’ dusty ass…

    Anyways, did you guys hear that THE UNDERTAKES”S STREAK HAS FINALLY ENDED!!!


    Why would they give it to Brock Lesnar Ughh!

  20. Danielle M. April 6, 2014

    The Art of Letting Go was definitely supposed to be a single. That is what she was going to name the album! She changed the album title because the single did not do what she wanted it too. JD even said that TAOLG was the new “Vision of Love”. I have been a fan of Mariah’s since her first album and I am pulling for her. I think her album will be worth the wait. She and JD have had some false starts but I think JD is smart and it’ll come together.

  21. Danielle M. April 6, 2014

    I also don’t think that Mariah is going to fire JD. they have been friends and family for a long, long time.

  22. FutureCIARA April 6, 2014

    WOW the Lambs are really losing their sh!t…..

    If this album Flops, they will never live this down….. No matter what her past shows. This will be horrible

  23. Rosie April 7, 2014

    The Hogs are really losing their s*** right now.
    Moo needs to just push back the alum again or just cancel it now. At this point it’ll do slightly better than Ciara numbers.

    • Rosie April 7, 2014


    • FutureCIARA April 7, 2014

      Hey cuntt…..


  24. eric April 7, 2014

    Looks fairly obvious that May 6 isn’t happening. It’s probably best that it doesn’t. They have too many issues to work out. Mariah and JD are like Janet and Gil–they’ve bonded so much that they can’t admit the ties need to be broken in order to grow.

  25. TheOne April 7, 2014

    If you aren’t a MC supporter, then why on earth are some of you even concerned with the albums arrival. MC, take all the time you need because your true fans don’t want a typical album that any of those basic girls can put out. We want your best!!

  26. Mariah is Timeless April 7, 2014

    Errm, Mariah know how to make hits, even if it means acting like a 18year old e.g.Touch My Body. This album will have substance MC and JD made “Fantasy” hello…. Fantasy could make 1# on Billboard even TODAY.

  27. MC!!! April 7, 2014

    this stan needs help like mariah is releasing her new album in a few weeks. When it comes to albums mariah might say i have a release date but anything in between is private thats how it should be!! I swear mariah will be 50 and still people will treat her lie she hasn’t sold anything a day in her life!

  28. Eva mendes April 7, 2014

    The FLambs are more delusional than the C-squad

  29. Navy Commander(AUBRIH) April 7, 2014

    She needs new management .

  30. Why So Jelly? April 7, 2014

    Of course Mariah cares about her sales that album would have been came out last year if she didn’t. Lambs delusion is cute tho.

  31. JOHNVIDAL April 7, 2014

    LOL Sam always so pressed and following every Mariah Carey´s move. Like seriously, this is a f****** letter a random person has written, just like I could have done. Does this deserve a post????????? And also, can you please tell me once and for all who other artist of Mariah´s age and who debuted around 1990 is in the charts right now??? WHO? Cause Mariah comes from an era when Roxette, Alanis, Phil Collins and many more were slaying. Where are they? Do the new Lenny Kravitz´s albums get any attention at all? Cause the man still releases them, but nobody notices, I suppose his fans do. But I think you get my point. Sam is desperate to shade Mariah and I don´t know why since he loves almost every single song she releases, even now, in 2014. Of course, in his opinion, Kelly Rowland is a constant success as we speak LMAO.

  32. JOHNVIDAL April 7, 2014

    The person who wrote the letter gave valid arguments though. People have to realize Mariah has a family now too though. We don´t know all the truth. So sometimes it´s absurd to keep speculating about certain things. Her injure is doing its part too.

  33. Skyfall April 7, 2014

    Madonna only saw those high first week sales because she sold her album with a package deal for her MDNSLAY tour, thats why she had such a huge drop Mariah has never sold less than 120k first week and all her albums are platinum except MOAIA

  34. BrownieBfly April 7, 2014

    I’m going to need Mariah to get her act together. Her and JD make an awesome team on the studio together, they need to cut out all the hip/hop collabos’, stop trying to make music for the time. Mariah last album was an epic FAIL so I’ve been patiently waiting for a Mariah cd—we need this to be a huge success.

  35. Travon Austin April 8, 2014

    All of mariahs albums are slow growers anyway. So many people are quick to judge based on expectations that she will sell out in her first week. shes not rihanna, katy perry, or miley. shes an actual artist that doesnt need quick singles to sell out. all she needs really is an album. her name alone draws people. Flop quotes are not very accurate. I understand that people are quick to judge and very impatient, but I stay optimistic. This criticism she is getting now is way less but similar to the pre emancipation after glitter era. emancipation went on to become one of her best sellers.

    • Kingboss April 8, 2014

      I’m not sure your recollections of pre-Emancipation Mariah are accurate. She hadn’t released 3 or 4 singles that basically went nowhere then. People aren’t saying she’s gonna flop because she’s old or because she appears to have lost “it.” They’re basing it on the quality of the work she’s put out in the last year. And none of that portends great things for her in the future. But you’re right. We could all be wrong and she could mess around and shut down the internet.

      • Travon Austin April 8, 2014

        Actually. I recollect very well. Top 10%. #tested. Anyway people always are so quick to judge her. I have bought every album since emancipation. i became a fan during the release of emancipation. i was only 14years old. I grew up with her. Now at 22 years old i am one of the few fans that actually apprecuate her and not her sales. i relate to her not her success. successs for her is good but you know my point was that she is a great artist. thats what i recollect then and now. # fyi

  36. JC April 8, 2014

    I agree that the campaign couldn’t be going worse, but attacking JD’s grammar is hardly an intelligent argument.

  37. Travon Austin April 8, 2014

    Fyi I am not heated. Just getting my point across without arguing. Confrontation is Not my style but can #hang with a slang in my chain IF NEED BE

  38. Antonio April 9, 2014

    Tbh, Mariah should’ve went independent after Emancipation. She’s the most respected vocalist and artist for the females out now. Regardless of the fact Mariah is only singing with 3 octaves instead of 5-6, Mariah is still a vocal beast and when she really does sing live, slays pretty much anybody. So with that being said, Mariah has more than enough money, $520 mil to build her own label and write, produce, promote, market and release her own music. She has the pull to do it so why rely on a greedy label who’s only in it for the money. We’ve already gotten Triumphant, Already Home, #Beautiful, TAOLG and now You’re Mine… That’s 5 singles, 3 of which received widespread critical acclaim that haven’t really did s*** for MC. Already Home should’ve been the lead single in February, #Beautiful as the 2nd in May with the album in June, You’re Mine in September followed by TAOLG in December/January with a world tour starting in March. This album could’ve did a solid 1.5 mil in the US and 3-4 mil WW and Mariah could’ve retired with a big album, successful tour and possibly even won a Grammy or 2… Best R&B Album over Alicia and Best R&B Vocal Performance over Lalah Hathaway. Mariah, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Alicia Keys, Usher, Trey Songz all need new management and labels because they’re not doing them justice. We need more talented Black artists performing at awards shows and winning awards

    • Kingboss April 9, 2014

      WHAT are you blathering on about? You spent all those keystrokes talking about “should haves” and “could haves?” For real? What 3 singles got critical acclaim? Because I remember nothing but pans. So much more to say about your post, but I’ll stop because you seem waaaay invested this chick and I’m not about to bash your girl like that.

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