Rihanna Settles Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit With Former Accountants

Published: Friday 18th Apr 2014 by David


‘Home’  star Rihanna has settled a multimillion dollar lawsuit with her former accountants this week, doing so after accusing them of financial mismanagement  and almost throwing her into bankruptcy.

What went down?

Full story below…

In 2012, the singer filed a lawsuit against accountancy and advisory firm ‘Berdon LLP’ after claiming that they had charged her ‘exorbitant’ commissions from her concert tours, failing to manage her domestic and foreign taxes and struggle to monitor unpaid song royalties she was owed.

Problematic, as their alleged incompetency saw her suffer sizeable losses during 2010’s ‘Last Girl on Earth‘ tour, while the firm “collected millions” as she faced bankruptcy.

Fortunately for the firm, Thursday saw the star’s lawyers reveal that she had agreed to settle the suit with the company, opting not to disclose any of its details, but cited the singer’s lack of knowledge with regards to financial matters when she first signed with the company as a contributing factor in their mishandling of her business.

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  1. cake like lady gaga April 18, 2014

    Has she paid the funeral home that she owes millions to though??

    • Lolz April 18, 2014

      Death (pun intended)

    • jimmyxcbxcb April 18, 2014

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  2. Micks April 18, 2014

    Hows the S&M one coming along? Rihanna has had plenty lawsuits to her name but the navy make out shes innocent.

  3. christinastherealtalent April 18, 2014

    Rihanna is just stupid and blames everybody else for her defaults. She loves playing the victim.

  4. Lolz April 18, 2014

    Clearly, Rihannas just not good with money and business. Hows she getting outwealthed by Justin Bieber with all the work she does? Her label milks her. She even dragged herself on Twitter posting her net worth.

    • Nessa gurl April 18, 2014

      So 90 million is a bad thing? lol

      • Lolz April 18, 2014

        In her position its not great.

  5. H2O April 18, 2014

    That picture ….. damn

    • RICHIE_RICH April 18, 2014

      The Bish can take a pic now….She is eatting it.

  6. RICHIE_RICH April 18, 2014

    Damn, that money could’ve went towards Blue college fund. Damn she has more lawsuits than Beyonce’

  7. RICHIE_RICH April 18, 2014

    That money could’ve went towards Blue college fund. Rihanna has more lawsuits than Beyonce’. The Navy so DUMB.

  8. Revolution April 18, 2014

    This is the product of someone who drops out of school at 15.

  9. Nessa gurl April 18, 2014

    Rih gurrrl get it together.

  10. Lovebird April 18, 2014


    But Taylor Swift out-wealths Beyonce and Beyonce is supposed to be the “highest paid female entertainer” according to your delusions.

    • Lolz April 18, 2014

      Beyonce NET worth 350 million
      Taylor NET worth 150 million

      Where is she outwealthing her?

      • Lovebird April 18, 2014

        Billboard’s highest paid artists 2014

        Taylor Swift – $39.7 million
        Beyonce – $24.4 million

      • Lolz April 18, 2014

        Since when did a year = Total wealth?

        Unlike this JB 169 million
        Rihanna 90 million.

        Since you’re speaking 2014, where was Rihanna in that list with her massive Tour? My point exactly.

      • Lolz April 18, 2014


      • H2O April 18, 2014

        @Lovebird that was for earnings from the U.S. alone, not worldwide … Last time I checked, only 29% TMCS gross comes from the US whereas Taylor’s tour barely made anything in the rest of the world.
        The fact that the US is not even Bey’s biggest market for touring and she still made that much despite some dates not being counted because their boxscores weren’t released during the tracking period …….

  11. Lovebird April 18, 2014

    And once again the hive have proven to be ignorant on many issues, this being one of them, who is surprised really? One would think given Beyonce’s track record of multiple lawsuits concerning songs she has fraudulently claimed to be hers, they would be well versed in the legal terms that have haunted their fav since Destiny’s Child’s NO NO NO.

    If I sue you in a civil lawsuit and we decided to settle, this means we have agreed on a civil outcome outside court. This could be done in front of an arbitrator and could involve either agreeing to perform a service or on a lump sum of money.

    In this case, Rihanna sued the firm and the firm asked for a settlement outside court, seeing that Rihanna wants nothing to do with the firm, it can only mean the settlement involves the firm agreeing to pay Rihanna a lump sum of money for their incompetence.

    There, you have learned something today.

    • Mimi carey April 18, 2014

      Delusions of grandeur. Your fave is an idiot middle school drop out just like Beyonce

      • Lovebird April 18, 2014

        And you’re mine is in the recycling bin of Apple Inc servers.

  12. Mimi carey April 18, 2014

    F****** broke idiot kii

  13. Lolz April 18, 2014

    What does this have to do with Beyonce? Beyonce aint underpaid like your s**** fave whos forever boasting about her NET worth.

  14. Cierror April 18, 2014

    She really is trying to model herself after Madonna I bet she can beat Madonna’s lawsuit record in the next 5 years if she’s still relevant.

  15. Stephy April 18, 2014

    LoveBird, still being a bitchh ass n***** I see…

    • RICHIE_RICH April 18, 2014

      How you get her Pic?….I thought that was Tiffany…..HMMMMMMM

      • Spongebob squariah April 18, 2014


  16. Navy Commander April 18, 2014

    But what other lawsuits has she had AGAINST HER besides s&m

  17. Ajanni April 18, 2014

    Particularly, if those details of her out-of-control spending were made public record, she would be a laughingstock, and portrayed exactly as they called her “a fool and her money.”

  18. Rihboy April 18, 2014

    Justin beiber? I think he is the most milked of them All! With not one live performance commendable to this date! Rihannas accountant is a dirty thief! There is nothing weong with her net worth which will increase once the animated film shes in drops! So many of yall stuck in that but she is still richer than all of you h***! Ciara stans and other lessors please stay out of this! Unlike some of these celebs she didnt have disney on her side as a youth, she started from scratch. So be seated and await era 8.

    • RICHIE_RICH April 18, 2014

      Why is she worth less than JB and TW, when they came after her? To add fuel to the fire, she’s a bigger star than them.

      All these excuess chile.

      • beyugly April 18, 2014

        JB sells more products than Rihanna..He has his face on every product..He has his own fragrance, shampoos, doll, clothing line, tape, pens, pencils,cell phone covers, I even saw a JB board game at Amazon.

      • Micks April 18, 2014

        Death @ the excuses. Doesn’t Rihanna have a fragrance, a clothing line, makeup range and multiple endorsements bigger than Justin Bieber?

  19. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 18, 2014

    Settling doesn’t mean that the firm won a case, it just means that Rihanna took them up on their offer. TGJ is spreading another lie. Both parties agreed to settle things OUT of court,l because wither you like to admit it or not, Rihanna would have most likely have own and tarnish the name of that firm or even if she lost the case, the firm most likely would have to go through countless losses of clients.

    So it’s a win-win for both.

    Are the dumb hive really calling Rihanna dumb when we saw her As and Bs on her report card in that video she made? Where is Beyonce’s report card? Didn’t she go to adult school to get her GED? What was her grade?


    • XoMoDe April 19, 2014

      Hey Slayriah-under-a-different name! lol

  20. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 18, 2014

    An accountants job is to manage your money and ADVISE you on what is profitable for you and how to manage your money properly. I forget that many people here never had an accountant so they do not understand how they work but damn. It’s exactly like doing your taxes, you could do it yourself or you can pay someone else to help you fill in the right information so you can get your tax return.

    • RICHIE_RICH April 18, 2014

      You seem pressed.

  21. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 18, 2014

    An accountants job is to manage your money and ADVISE you on what is profitable for you, I forget that many people here never had an accountant so they do not understand how they work but damn. It’s exactly like doing your taxes, you could do it yourself or you can pay someone else to help you fill in the right information so you can get your tax return. She was with a firm, they counsel clients on proper investments, if your accountant told you not to buy something because you’ll be at a loss then would you listen? I’m yeah because that’s what they were trained to do and that’s what you’re paying them for so if they f*** up and thought they could take advantage then hell yes I would sue!

  22. Yeah I Said It April 18, 2014


    Not the lawyers basically admitting Riris stupid.

  23. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) April 18, 2014

    Sam, where the f*ck did my comment go??

  24. FutureCIARA April 18, 2014

    She settled out of court because she didn’t want to suffer the embarrassment and DRAGGING that would have taken place after everyone would’ve seen those detailed documents!

    • xedos April 18, 2014

      are you that dumb.? wouldn’t that help her case.
      The accounting firm settled because they could not win and it would be expensive.If they had any chance of winning the would go to trial because the company name is on the line. not agood PR for any business to have their name in the news in a bad way for weeks or months. settling makes it go away quietly and less expensive

  25. xedos April 18, 2014

    beyonce got sued for a hundred mil and she settled out of court for lots of reasons. she did not want her financial history open to the world or maybe her lawyer told her she would loose. maybe that’s why she’s constantly touring because she took a massive hit from that lawsuit. i don’t think she paid the full 100 mil but its close.

    • Just Sayin April 18, 2014

      Beyonce did not pay anything do your research. Stop trying to make this about her.

  26. Just Sayin April 18, 2014

    So she ended up paying for something she commissioned herself kii. Clearly they have a lot of tea.

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