Must Hear: Usher – ‘Good Kisser (Ft Mila J)’

Published: Tuesday 10th Jun 2014 by David


Hailed by many as today’s answer to the late Aaliyah, the R&B force that is Mila J puckers up and plants a kiss on Usher’s ‘Good Kisser.

Remixing the number as she works on her debut LP ‘MILA‘, her take on the jam swings by after she wrapped her Ty Dolla $ign-led touring venture and months before the release of Usher’s latest studio album…on which ‘Kisser‘ can be found.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mark111 June 10, 2014

    … today’s answer to the late Aaliyah? I’ll say Ciara’s final nail in her career. I do see my girl’s influence tho.

    • Ryan Spears June 10, 2014

      You wanna talk about nails in career coffins when Beyonce couldn’t get a #1 to save Blue’s dread locks?

      • Mark111 June 10, 2014

        What make you thin I’m a Beyonce stan?

      • BeySting June 10, 2014

        Eugh, Mark could never be a part of the Beyhive with his flip flopping ass.

    • sleazy June 11, 2014

      final nail ? ciara gon snatch those words outta you d*** suckn mouth. thats not what mile 10000000th flop single says

    • yhasschixbcxb June 11, 2014

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  2. CiciFinnaBeAnIndependantWoman June 10, 2014


    • Loco4Aiko June 10, 2014

      ….said the Grammys to Ciara.

      • sleazy June 11, 2014

        said Triple trash bag status to Jhene cassie rip off

  3. Dance4Dawn June 10, 2014

    Today’s answer to Aaliyah? No honey, that’s Ciara.

    • BrandNuStar June 10, 2014

      Dawn’s still bleaching her skin?

      • Dance4Dawn June 10, 2014

        Brandy still looking for relevancy?

  4. JanetXone June 10, 2014

    I love ha!

  5. Manda J June 10, 2014

    I think the lone Dawn fan on here should focus on Dawn’s metamorphosis ass having face before they come to give their opinion about Queen Mila.

    • Dance4Dawn June 10, 2014

      And I think you should be concerned that Mila is damn near pushing 30 and is only NOW getting any kind of buzz and attention and needs blogs to support her because noone else has a dusty f*** to give.

      • Manda J June 10, 2014

        30 and has more credibility than Dawn Richard. One minute she’s in the forest talking about finding unicorns and the next she’s on stage serving low down stripper authenticity. You better HOPE Danity Shame don’t ever release new music on the same day as Mila cos it will be on like the silicone in Aubrey’s titties.

  6. RoyalNavi June 10, 2014

    She does a better job of paying homage to Aaliyah than Ciara does imo, Aaliyah booked stages around the world, can Ciara even book an appointment at the studio without the receptionist asking who?

    • BaddieBey June 10, 2014

      That’s real cute, but has Unapologetic sold any more than 1.5 million after two years, or will Rihanna continue to be a flop albums seller or nah?

      • TurntUp4Cici June 10, 2014

        Drag the b****.

      • RoyalNavi June 10, 2014

        Was anybody talking to you?

    • LoveJones. June 10, 2014

      That would’ve been funny, but it’s just not. You’re trying too hard.

    • CupidsEgo June 11, 2014

      But Ciara does more World Wide performances than she does local? What are you talking about?

  7. metzo June 10, 2014

    Ewww they’re singing about eating pussay 😐

    • MzMila June 10, 2014

      But didn’t Beyonce sing about giving head in Partition?

      • OVORobbie June 10, 2014

        Kinda sorta true.

      • metzo June 10, 2014

        Lmao. Y’all didn’t get it.. bye

  8. MzMila June 10, 2014

    Beyonce’s illiterate fans have got some nerve talking about Mila when Beyonce talks about s** more than anybody these days.

    • HistoRih June 10, 2014

      I like you already.

    • Draggin4MrsCarter June 10, 2014

      There’s a difference between being sexually expressive and being vulgar honey.

      • MzMila June 10, 2014

        So Beyonce is vulgar.

    • XoMoDe June 11, 2014

      “Mz Mila?” Yeah, right. Who do you actually stan for? Don’t attempt to hide behind this no-name chick, you poseur. I know an infiltrator when I see one and you are about as transparent as Rihanna’s lack of talent. Is it her? Hmmm.

  9. Navy Nick June 10, 2014

    CUTE lil mix….

  10. Rosie June 10, 2014


  11. GoodMusicLover June 10, 2014

    Damn,can any of yall just get on here and comment on the music and only thay.This is just what this song needed and they need to perform at the BET Awards.

  12. GoodMusicLover June 10, 2014


  13. An0thrDream June 10, 2014

    why are all these chicks TRYING so hard to be Aaliyah, there can only be one., – tinashe, mila J, Sevy Streeter, theyre talented no doubt but they need to quit tryin so hard.

    Ciara, I know you got your baby at home but the game needs you like YESTERDAY, show these girls how a bad b**** do it!

    • Mark111 June 10, 2014

      Nothing is wrong with being influenced. I love my fave’s impact, she was so ahead of her time. We need more and new R&B artist. Ciara just wasn’t cutting it by herself.

      • CupidsEgo June 11, 2014

        Ciara releases potentially the best R&B song of the decade but yet y’all still doubt her? Why?

  14. eric June 10, 2014

    Aaliyah?? NEEEVER!!

  15. Junior in Jamaica June 10, 2014

    I am not feeling her “Foxy Brown” like snarls lol…

  16. MILA J STAN June 10, 2014

    Ummmmm…. love Mila J but she doesn’t remind me of the late great Aaliyah, only the fact that she wears baggy clothes just like her. People really try to knock down Aaliyah’s vocals and have the nerves to compare it to Ciara or Mila. Aaliyah’s vocals were eargasmic, it was so s*** and calm, cool and colletcted.

    Aaliyah’s best vocals can be found on tracks like “At Your Best,” “One In A Million,” “4Page Letter,” “Man Undercover,” “I Care 4 U,” “U Got Nerves,” “Rock The Boat” and plenty more. I don’t remember Ciara ever do anything incredible with her voice.

    Example A) Hit the 1:28 mark

    • eric June 10, 2014

      My favorite vocal of hers is “The One I Gave My Heart To”, the revamped video version. I think she showed even more growth in one of her final recordings, “Giving Up”.

    • sleazy June 11, 2014

      why arent you posting Aaliyah last perfomnce tho? dem vocals are off Aaliyah is dead R.I.P go have a seat somewhere else.

  17. cocobutta June 11, 2014

    Love Mila J song Blinded.

    Cool mix. Bit disjointed in a couple areas but love the 90s style remixes that are becoming more of a trend again.

  18. sleazy June 11, 2014

    your fav sales only increased after she died

  19. ZIGGY STARDUST June 11, 2014

    Her addition to the song, in my opinion, wasn’t needed. It was fine the way it was with just Usher. Plus, I find her little “Uumphs” every now and then, a little annoying. Some songs don’t need a remix, and this was one of those songs.

  20. Patrick June 11, 2014

    She is NOT Aaliyah. Yes she is pretty like Aaliyah, but Aaliyah never used profanity or described sexual acts in anything less than a classy manner. Many women in R&B have been compared to Aaliyah, but the fact is none of them do it like she did. Aaliyah had grace, class, beauty, and was never ratchet.

    • sleazy June 11, 2014

      classy fvckn a older man while you a minor is not classy im sorry just cus she died R.I.P dont gotta sugar coat it and there was nothing classy about Rock the boat those lyrics are Nasty

      • Imthabestnow June 11, 2014

        We can all agree we love who we love age ain’t nothing but a number, so what I loved r. Kelly and secondly she was 21 when she did rock the boat whe was a young adult and those lyrics talked about s** in a very classy metaphoric way it was not blatant

  21. Jay June 11, 2014

    Not feeling mila tinashe or sevyn streeter they have been in the industry toooo long and have been polisher in failed girl groups and are too rehearsed and boring…sevyn has the best major music but does not stand out mila is old and is singing about drugs and has stale dances tinashe name irks me and is like a back up dancer with a mic like ciara i dont like her style and push up bra get the girl a glam sqaud…looking for that female artist thats fresh raw and uber talented not a industry rat

    • Sleazy June 11, 2014

      Ciara is no back up dancer fa.g you just here to hate! That girl is a star and there is NO denying it she was born to slay stages! Tinashe is Major potential that girl is dope! What you need to worry about is The rihannas and katy perrys of the industry they have NOTHING to back them everything about them is questionable yet people are running to buy their SINGLES!!! You get artist who put so much into their work Yet still get hate yet you get these pop tarts running around on stage sounding amazingly bad yet you come for talented people you need to check yourself

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