Kelly Rowland Confirms Pregnancy?

Published: Tuesday 10th Jun 2014 by Sam

Kelly Rowland‘s glowing look and baggier ensembles of late have sparked strong speculation that she and husband Tim Witherspoon are expecting their first child together.

Fiercely private, the ‘Motivation’ maven has remained mum about about the rumors.

However, her latest Instagram post appears to be her way of addressing the chitter-chatter.

See what we mean below…

Ms. Kelly posted the snap below moments ago, with the caption:I’ll be stuntin like my daddy…..

If indeed with child, the youngster will be the first baby for both Rowland and Witherspoon — who have been together for several years.


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  1. rowland stone June 10, 2014

    SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yhasschixbcxb June 11, 2014

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  2. Alex June 10, 2014

    FANTASTIC!!! So proud of her, congratulations both!!!!

  3. nice guy June 10, 2014

    ohh really?!? i thought M** already cought that “deal” for real.

    yeh. congratulations. 😀

    • Remy June 11, 2014

      Yea but thatgrapejuice is more accurate then m** they look fr accuracy unlike a certain site.


    Congrats Kelly! Blue Ivy getting a cousin. So cute…
    I hope she doesn’t give some ridiculous ass name like “Future” btw.

    • FutureCIARA June 10, 2014

      Or God forbid she name them something like “Moraccan & Monroe” …
      Dear God

  5. IYANLA Gon Fix Your LIFE Honey June 10, 2014

    YAAAS! Her baby will be too adorable! so happy for her!

  6. IStanForYourFav June 10, 2014

    Awww so happy for her. I actually met her last year with a good friend of mine. She looks identical in person, if not even better. She is one of the most beautiful and humble women to ever live. I wish her well and much success.

    P.S. This means Kelly was getting more than Kisses Down Low. (lol)

  7. DestinysChildLover June 10, 2014

    OMG!!!! Congrats if it’s true!!!!

  8. Molly June 10, 2014

    I don’t know her.

    • Brandy stan June 11, 2014

      Stfu you lonely b****.

    • Rowlandstones June 11, 2014

      We knew it baby, so happy for you and Timmy :)♡

  9. The Boy Toy June 10, 2014

    Congrats Kelly!

  10. Teacher June 10, 2014

    Congrats Kelly!!! I know you’ll carry yours. *kisses*

    • DIGGER BEY June 10, 2014

      Weak Ass Shade Coming From An Weak Ass H** Kiii

      • Rih June 10, 2014

        i don’t get it?

      • Teacher June 10, 2014

        LOL then why you mad?

    • IStanForYourFav June 10, 2014

      Rihanna looks gorgeous in your avi! ♥♥

      • Teacher June 10, 2014

        Doesn’t she!!!! *winks*

  11. DIGGER BEY June 10, 2014

    CONGRATS KELLS!!!!! Im so happy for her! She’s now about to become a mom, now a wife and a career that **SCREAMS** IM HERE TO STAY!!! #I LUV U KELLY

  12. DIGGER BEY June 10, 2014

    Kelly is so fawkin Gorgeous in the above pic!!!! #R&B IT GIRL

  13. BEYFLAWLESS June 10, 2014

    congrats she so beautiful

  14. The Queen of R&B June 10, 2014

    Queen Kellz you go girl I’m happy for you and your family

  15. truth (The PinkShit will FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) June 10, 2014


  16. The Great Lacefronce. June 10, 2014

    Her baby will definitely look better than Purple Ivory

    • Rih June 10, 2014

      I wonder what u look like? Ur prob ugly as f**k… besides Kelly’s baby gon get kelly’s wide ass nose…

  17. Yea ok June 10, 2014

    Congrats Kelly I love her but taking care of this baby will be the most work she done since DC3 ended. I’m still salty she didn’t promote TAGG.

    • IStanForYourFav June 10, 2014

      Ya bc that record could have been so much more than what it was.

  18. ozzy June 10, 2014

    Congrats indeed!!!! I have a feeling she’ll make a good mom.

    • Chris June 10, 2014

      When will Rihanna?

      • ozzy June 10, 2014

        Have a baby? Who knows, she a young woman in her 20’s on top of the world. She came to slay and conquer and thats exactly what shes done in the last 9 years.

  19. musiclover June 10, 2014

    awwwwwwwww she’ll be a great mom

  20. Rihanna June 10, 2014

    y is it that Kelly can sing about getting head and she isn’t seen as a bad example? Yet Rihanna and Bey sing about it and they h***… oh ya thats cuz nobody watches her ugly ass videos.

    • IStanForYourFav June 10, 2014

      Lmao no! Kelly is a sweetheart though.

    • monicastan June 10, 2014

      Thats because they are attention seeking low class c****. Kelly has an heir of class to her.

  21. Blue ivy June 10, 2014

    I hope she’ll be a better mom than artist because she’s very lazy

  22. truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) June 10, 2014

    Im not throwing shade but…wtf cares??!!

    • monicastan June 10, 2014

      obviously you do ugly f****…..

  23. Criss June 10, 2014

    I wonder how many d**ks Rihanna has had. I bet she’s slept with more men than Kelly. Rih prob owns an abortion clinic.

  24. Beyonce June 10, 2014

    who cares

  25. FutureCIARA June 10, 2014

    Congratulations Kelly!!!

    Once again Michelle is “Left Out” the group…

    • monicastan June 10, 2014

      worry about cici’s failed career.

      • FutureCIARA June 10, 2014

        Whats a Monica?

    • Brandy stan June 11, 2014

      B****, worry about C t***** being a single mom.

  26. Rih Rox June 10, 2014

    Congrats…but who cares?

    • Brandy stan June 11, 2014

      B**** you care, that’s why you clicked on the post.

    • rowlandstones June 12, 2014

      so why did you open the page?

  27. cocobutta June 11, 2014

    We don’t need to drag this out like Aundrea did from DK.
    We clocked the deal from long time and it’s the same for our Chocolate Queen Kelly Rowland (who loves fitness).

    Congratulations Mrs. Kelly.

    Another child of destiny in wed-lock.

    Let’s hope your child head has better maintenance than a Blue one.
    Not shade as she a toddler still, but an observation.

  28. BeYou June 11, 2014

    Congrats to Ms Kelly….wish it ws with a decent celeb tho

    • sandropeace85 June 11, 2014

      Are you decent in your s***** life?

  29. Kisses Down Low June 11, 2014

    Awww congrats beautiful Kelly. Bringing the second child of destiny into the world!

  30. Trust And Believe June 11, 2014

    All the destinys seeds have been born in wed lock the right way (unlike some).
    Im sure Michelle will do it right with her religious

  31. Timago June 11, 2014


    • Sarah June 11, 2014

      #fail Try again sweetie

  32. Sarah June 11, 2014

    The audacity of trash on this website to disrespects someone’s preganancy..Anyway..a HUGE congratulations to Kelendria Trene Rowland-Witherspoon!!!You deserve every bit of happiness!

  33. Brian310 June 11, 2014

    Congrats to Kelly

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