Watch: Mariah Carey Wows At Concert…From Her Home

Published: Sunday 1st Jun 2014 by Sam

One look at the first week sales forecast for Mariah Carey‘s new album and it’s clear the diva is in dire need of promotion.

Indeed, the set – which has been christened ‘Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse’ – has been elusive in the minds of the masses, with only 55,000 units likely to be sold by the week’s end.

As such, the 44-year-‘s NBC Home Concert Special -which aired yesterday- arrived right on time.

Even better, ol’ Mimi actually sounded good performing classic ‘We Belong Together’ and newer numbers ‘Heavenly’ and ‘Money’.

Watch Ms. Carey-Cannon soar after the jump…

‘Heavenly’ sees us catch the Holy Ghost each and every time! Overall, a solid set of performances.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Stephy June 1, 2014

    I enjoyed the lil special. I still love her very much. I hoping for more intimate moments with her & nick/children. Matt Luer did/asked great questions. She seemed very sad & in pain tho. Love you Mimi!

    • John June 1, 2014

      I did as well.

    • LOL June 1, 2014


      • Stephy June 1, 2014

        That is not why she looked sad. Obviously, she does not care about sells. She is going threw alot of personal issues. Also, she already sold 200+ million records. Those 55K are just gonna be added to her already EXTREMELY successful overall numbers. BYE!

      • John June 1, 2014

        Hmm…At least she can sing. Real talent doesn’t get the attention it deserves. We got artist out here like Ledisi, Jill Scott, and Keke Wyatts.

      • FAF June 1, 2014

        She and ciara are more talented than rihgoat that’s for fucken sure :lol

      • LOL June 1, 2014




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  2. gilbert June 1, 2014

    am i the only one who thinks she has a bad voice? i really dont enjoy listening to her sing. she was good back then, but now… it’s just a hot mess. i always try so hard to enjoy her voice but i just can’t. it’s so weird and unpleasant. not to mention really bland and nothing special

    • Stephy June 1, 2014

      Thats because her voice is auto-tuned…

      • Josh June 1, 2014

        There is nothing auto-tuned about her voice in the three videos above.

      • FAF June 1, 2014

        Someone said in a video she uses a different way of singing now it’s showcasing her lower register she used to have a higher singing voice because she was younger

    • Xaime June 23, 2014

      I’m a huge fan of her, but i have to say that some high notes she sings on this album are certainly unpleasant for human ear. I don’t even find them as energic as they used to be. I think the lack of sales of this set is the result of her abandonment on music projects, and the uncertainty of when the album was going to be released. Low sales is the only thing she’s getting if she continues paying more attention to parfumes and flavored water than making decent music. She should realize this is not 1990’s and she’s no longer married to someone that is going to garantee her success.

  3. Xtina (The supreme DIVA) June 1, 2014

    Lotus 73k
    Me I am a P** 55k-60k

    and they call Xtina a flop.

    • gilbert June 1, 2014

      me i am p** HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA epic. tell em!

      • John June 1, 2014

        Shut up.

    • John June 1, 2014

      Yeah, but let’s do this based on who has more talent? Both of these artist are good, stop being so rude. Lordy, if you don’t like her so much, you would just be smart and not say anything.

    • JOHNVIDAL (Iconic chanteuse slayed) June 1, 2014

      Why was that needed? How many copies is Xtina going to sell from her 14th album? You don´t need to answer (and no shede to Xtina).

    • OMG Logic! June 1, 2014

      How much promo did Floptus have? Wasn’t Xtincta on TV every single Tuesday, yet no one bothered to check for that guinea p**.

      • LOL June 1, 2014


    • Circus June 2, 2014

      Titles can’t be taken away.
      Madonna = queen
      Britney = princess
      Mariah = best voice ever
      Christina = s*** personality, s*** artist

  4. GaGa’s Tampon June 1, 2014

    SMH is there even one Mariah post where Sam isn’t throwing shade at Mariah

    Anyway I’m looking forward to seeing this later on 🙂

    55K or not Mariah is still a LEGEND and influenced your favs 🙂

    • John June 1, 2014

      Thank you.

    • lamb4life June 1, 2014

      #sayit whenever another female singer is asked who inspired and influenced them musically #MariahCarey is always mentioned in the list. These hater better recognize and give thanks

  5. ME. I AM FlopRiah June 1, 2014

    Thought i was watching Ru Paul’s drag race. the was she lip syncing for her life tho…

    • John June 1, 2014

      Wow. Let’s see you sing. Do you have 5 grammys? as many #1’s as Mariah?

      • ME. I AM FlopRiah June 1, 2014

        F*** you those grammys,#1’s and flopriah’s pre recorded vocals, you ass licker. You got the right motherfucking 1 today h**.

      • John June 1, 2014

        Yeah, I didn’t think you can sing. I’m just laughing at your response.

  6. GaGa’s Tampon June 1, 2014

    Having low first week sales doesn’t mean you flopped how many units has lotus or Bionic pushed so far?

    • LOL June 1, 2014


      • GaGa’s Tampon June 1, 2014

        Sit down yo! 😆

    • J.E June 1, 2014

      Last time I heard, Gaga seek help from Xtina(flop as you are trying to say)to promote her one forgetable single.

  7. Barbie’s World June 1, 2014

    The way those pre recorded vocals were set up tho.

    • Barb4Lyfe June 1, 2014

      Lmao what a joke.

  8. cocobutta June 1, 2014

    Wish we had some proper classic divas like Mariah.

    Always glowing and looking like royalty, with glam dresses and b****** popping like she Jessica Rabbit.

    Sale shouldn’t matter to Mariah because shes it not new.
    Veteran in this b1tch

  9. Barb4Lyfe June 1, 2014

    She’s a total flop now & is vocally challenged.

    • shaquinisha-rose June 2, 2014

      Vocally Challenged?! hahahaha. Okay sweetie. Jealousy doesn’t look cute on you.

  10. LovebirdTGJ June 1, 2014

    I think I’ll stick to the CD version, her voice is thinned out and damaged beyond repair. She sounds worst than Whitney Houston when she had vocal damage.

    How come Toni Braxton, Pattie Labelle and Celine Dion still sound the same as when they started. Well with Celine I can see why, the woman has gotten away with Lip Syncing 90% of her performances but the other two don’t have vocal damage whereas Mariah does.

    Anyway I enjoy the album but will not be pulling up a chair to hear her live, those vocals are like a nail to a chalkboard, painful.

    • Stephy June 1, 2014

      Toni Braxton vocals has NEVER been challenging enough to damage her voice. Toni barely belted out notes. She just stayed within her low range (which will NOT cause any-type of damage). Mariah & Whitney blew out their vocals from high notes/belting… Also, Whitney sounded worse than Mariah! And, Patti Labelle is just a vocal BEAST!

      • Skyfall June 1, 2014

        Also Mariah has nodules that get worse with age and she drinks. On top of that during 1997 and up she started doing that whispering voice which actually damage it even more. I believe if she gets her nodules removed she’ll sound 65% better and would be more consistent live and won’t have to lip all the time

      • FAF June 1, 2014

        Not true Toni hits high notes all the time In head voice and she growls too which can be damaging

        But she doesn’t drink and mariah does

    • JOHNVIDAL (Iconic chanteuse slayed) June 1, 2014

      Boy, you are almost always wrong. I love all these people but Celine Dion doesn´t sound the same at all. And sorry but legendary Whitney Houston sounded way worse than Mariah during the last decade of her career. Also, what Stephy and Skyfall said about Toni. And also, Mariah is a great musician, that alone is enough.

    • NavyNick June 1, 2014

      I actually agree with LOVEBIRD: please DO NO HATE ON TONI! I just saw her LIVE for Valentine’s DAY & that woman is AMAZING LIVE! REAL SANGING DIVA! Mariah is just boring live…Whitney was on drugs, and honey PATTI SHUTS ALL THESE H*** DOWN LIVE!!!! @ HER AGE!!!!

  11. Molly June 1, 2014

    Her voice isn’t the T anymore

  12. Born Sinner June 1, 2014

    Why is Mooriah’s fatass always wearing dresses 2 sizes too small? Ms. Piggy needs to sit her fat ass down.

  13. MaryJBligeNews June 1, 2014


    • lambily June 1, 2014

      @Stephy… No its not lipped, its DUBBED… The only tour she lipped was her last Memoirs Tour….. Butterfly Tour was amazingly Raspy…the struggle was so cool(I don’t know why lol) Daydream Tour Though………….. Rotterdam….Whitney/Celine could NEVA… Its totally raw and undubbed.

      • Skyfall June 1, 2014

        Well yes that I meant. I honestly don’t know why they dubbed a lot of her performances in the 90s like her madison square performance. I’ve heard some of the undubbed performances and she Slayed and sounded better sometimes.
        She still Slayed though.

      • Skyfall June 1, 2014

        And I’m not Stephy lol

  14. JOHNVIDAL (Iconic chanteuse slayed) June 1, 2014

    Damn it Mariah! She has this amazing and unique voice, decline and all. They don´t make them like this anymore (add the songwriting, catalogue and all).
    I love the album. My favorite song is ‘Make it Look Good’.
    I want to say that I really think the injury she suffered last year was a key moment. She can´t do the crazy promo like before and I really think she can´t lose the weight whenever she wants like before (a year ago for example, for #beautiful). 25 years doing this must be tiring and after this handicap she´s not the same. Go Mariah! You´re a figher.

  15. Mark111 June 1, 2014

    Only fans of flops compare flops. “Ciara and Xtina sold a few thousands nore unit than MC”. A flop is a flop. The question is, can those two stand on a legacy alone? I know I’m the main one that goes back n forth with the lames, but let’s be clear, the few things we rave about what our faves has accomplished, Mariah has done it and then some. Yes this album is a flop (although it’s a good album) and yes this era is something to laugh at, but let’s not act like six months from now that Christmas song Mariah released 20 years ago wont top the charts again.

    • Stephy June 1, 2014


    • FAF June 1, 2014

      Aaliyah sold a mere 100k the month before she died and had just had a #1 single The year before so what’s her excuse ?? stop worrying about X Tina and ciara

      Every thread one of the two got U pressed ugly

      • Mark111 June 1, 2014

        Hahaha, you’re about as dumb as it gets. Aaliyah sold 190k the first week, a month before she passed. You really need to do your research before you throw out numbers as if they’re facts. I don’t know how many times I have to explain that her life was XUT SHORT. She died after making a video, working on her career, so the disrespect need to stop. XtraLargea had a rise and a fall, she’s no legend, she has no classics under her belt. She popped with every blue eyes blond girl did (Britney, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore and many many more) so stop acting like she was this special something when in fact she was just another t*** star that burned out before the age of 25.

    • SMH June 1, 2014

      Don’t include XTina in that. She does have a legacy of her own to stand on. A 15-year legacy to be exact, in which she has been named one of the greatest singers in history several times. She’s even been placed above Mariah a few of those times.

      • Mark111 June 1, 2014

        She been flopping singles, albums and tour wise since 2006. That’s not even a 10 year run since she came out in 1999. What’s the difference from her and Gaga? Nothing, both were big and fell the f*** off.

    • LOL June 1, 2014


      • Stephy June 1, 2014

        Naw MARIAH’s career is increased to a LEGACY!

  16. OMG Logic! June 1, 2014

    #DEAD at all these Barbz coming for Mariah’s vocals when they stan for some howler m***** b****.

  17. lambily June 1, 2014

    @Stephy…. I don’t consider Patti or Aretha vocal beasts….. The MIX for there lives… Whitney and Mariah actually belt from Chest. I think Mariah needs to do another MTV unplugged. She need to 1.sleep 14 hours with humidifier, 2. Drink some warm green tea 3. Warm up , 4. Drink some Hon-ee-eey!. I am a male and I’m 18 and I can sing all of patti and aretha songs with mixing, its the same thing Adam lambert do…. the only Good belting singer of THIS generation is Kelly Clarkson… Pink can belt from chest too. Patti and Aretha mixing save there voice, I can mix up to a B5 yet only BELT to a B4(risky) A4 is easy though

    • Stephy June 1, 2014

      Overall, Patti & Aretha have stronger & more trained voices than Whitney/Mariah has EVER had.
      One of the reasons Nippy/MC’s voices gave out on them less than 10 years is because of TOO MUCH CHEST VOICE SINGING! Also, both smoked/drinked… Which is VERY DAMAGING to your vocals. Not to mention, everytime Mariah would do the whistle register than would thin her voice out. Whistle register is very damaging on your vocal chords. In order to do it & have control over it you have to SQUEEZE your vocals to produce the bird sounding noise.
      Patti, Aretha & Chaka >>>>> Whitney, Celine & MAriah… END OF STORY!

  18. lambily June 1, 2014

    @Stephy…. The POINT is……. Mixing doesn’t do anything for me… Its nothing special. Anyone with singing ability can do it… I would kill to be able to belt a C5 with chest. Adam Lambert trick so many people like Patti.. Mixing AINT special…. I heard mimi mixed on rare occasions… On cd though in “its a wrap” Saving voice doesn’t say anything. Whitney and Mimi proofed in their prime that they are the real deal btw Mariah whistle doesn’t affect her… She speaks in it in early morning she said”its a part of my singing voice” he belts and whispers and nodules+drinking made her lose her voice and oh…. Age.

  19. iXtina June 1, 2014

    I am a little disappointed by Mariah sells considering the good reviews it received. It really was a solid album. Maybe it was her attitude? Or perhaps maybe just this generation isn’t aware of her as an artist? Hell most of them don’t know who the Spice Girls were let alone who N’sync was! lol Guess that’s the answer there. -shrugs- oh well I liked the album that’s all that mattered.

  20. S****** Blonde June 1, 2014

    ‘Heavenly’ was my fav. part of the set, artists like Mariah does not need to sell good anymore to be relevant, she proved that she still got it with this record, that’s an achievement to any musician, any artist who still releases good music 20+ years into their careers, have my respect, that’s passion, she might have lost her commercial touch but the music is still there, that’s the most important thing. All big legends are still releasing albums, they’re not enjoying much exposure on the medias, they’re not having success on charts or selling that much but i take some of them anyday over the newbies, younger artists might have the commercial appeal (still not bigger than the old musicians had) but the music is trivial, i go further and say that sometimes i prefer an artist who isn’t that much of a mainstream artist, simply because it gives the artist freedom to do certain things that they cannot do while having success, they can experiment, try new things, that is where the Art comes from, once they don’t have to worried about how many copies they sold, how high would a song chart, they are free, it’s just them and the music, at least, that’s the way i see it.

    • iXtina June 1, 2014

      Took the words right from me lol

    • JOHNVIDAL (Iconic chanteuse slayed) June 1, 2014

      Great comment!

    • Stephy June 1, 2014

      Excellent Comment Baby! 🙂

    • S****** Blonde June 1, 2014

      That’s the truth to every legendary musician.

    • coolness June 1, 2014

      Well said Suicude, well said.

  21. lambily June 1, 2014

    @Mark….. Omg you are right this year Mariah song(that she wrote) is gonna top the christmas chart AGAIN from 1994-2014 wow All I want for Christmas…….. It alone makes her a legend and that song, “hero” I don’t know if any other pop singer had a strong classic like hero oh,”I will always love you” but Mariah wrote “hero” so she wins……

  22. metzo June 1, 2014

    Im not sure if it was lipped or not, butshe sounded good.

    • Stephy June 1, 2014

      I liked “We Belong Together”…

    • Skyfall June 1, 2014

      Both, we belong together was live.
      Heavenly was sing with backing vocals as if you listen closely you can here her real voice which actually sounded pretty good.

  23. LOL June 1, 2014



  24. RihIcon June 1, 2014

    GURL BYE! These flops love company! How many records has xtina and Ciara sold in their whole career? 200mil+? No? I thought so.

    Anyways these performances were alright. I just wish she would stop dressing so revealing she ain’t young no more.

    • Madame Aguilera June 1, 2014

      GURL BYE! Mariah is been around for almost 25 years and she has released 14 studio albums Christina on the other hand has been around for 15 years and has 5 studio albums 100+ million records sold worldwide I would say that’s pretty good for only 5 albums bye! No comparison there! But the haters of course would always compare these two when they’re BOTH great in their own right !

      • RihIcon June 1, 2014

        They are both great I’m just not here for her fans(whatever she calls them) coming for mariah when it is clear who has the bigger legacy.

      • Madame Aguilera June 1, 2014

        Agreed of course Mariah has a bigger legacy.

      • Stephy June 1, 2014

        Xtina has NOT sold 100+ million records. WTF! LIES!

      • Circus June 2, 2014

        “Christina on the other hand has been around for 15 years and has 5 studio albums 100+ million records” AYYYYY LMAO

  25. Theman June 1, 2014

    Ciara fans are pressed for company. Flop azzes.. Y’all do realize that Mariah is going to outsell her.. Ciara promoted everywhere.. Mimi didnt do no promo, there isn’t a single at radio either currently.. Shell get it together.. She sounded amazing also. Such a talented superstar..

    • FutureCIARA June 1, 2014

      Sure, Blame CSQUAD, when Xtina fans are Dragging for BLOOD!!!

  26. Madame Aguilera June 1, 2014

    DEADDD at the haters brining xtina in a mariah post! Y’all are so sad. Anyways Mariah has nothing to proved anymore with that being said 55k is not a a cute number for an artist of a caliber! But the album is great nonetheless, I just wish she had attitude change and stop so obnoxious.

    • Madame Aguilera June 1, 2014


    • iXtina June 1, 2014

      Am I still wrong for wanting a duet with Mariah and Christina to happen? Imagine how the world would react…. -daydreams- lol

  27. Ty June 1, 2014

    She IS A LEGEND. She IS AN ICON. Incredible cd, incredible vocals. The ladies you stand for probably will not ever reach her level. SHE AND CELINE are considered the greatest female vocalist alive. NO NEED TO RIP AND TEAR PEOPLE APART. Lipped, dubbed or pre- recorded her CD is INCREDIBLE. Those vocals on CRY and CAMOUFLAGE are breathtaking. STANDING O

  28. FutureCIARA June 1, 2014

    I will NOT engage in the Mariah Pre Recorded Vocal Dragging!

    Her album is still slaying me, and Its been on repeat the entire weekend. Such an emotional album, I feel the holy ghost when I play it through.

  29. Joy June 1, 2014

    Y’all sound really childish, dumb, and stupid AF!!! Mariah is a legend and has been in the game 24 years, she’s not pressed about numbers at this point! Been there done that. Besides every artist starts to see lower sales the oder they get…why? because their audience is getting older and does not go out to buy records anymore although they still like the artist…it just what it is…see Madonna’s discography as well…Janet Jackson’s….and you will see the same trend!!

  30. Rihboy June 1, 2014

    Arianna could never! Mariahs control is still on point. Arianna has no breath control. Nor can i understand most of what arianna is singing. This was well done!


    Mariah Carey better slay the girls!

  32. shaquinisha-rose June 2, 2014

    Here we go again…The hate never stops. It’s really simple people, if you don’t like Mariah, why do you continue to expend energy on her? Why not channel it into your own lives positively?

    I thought they were exceptional performances, and the interview was the most open and honest Mariah has been in years. She truly is a gift.

    I believe people are just jealous of Mariah’s talent, no one can touch her. Her voice has changed but that’s like, human’s are born, we live, and we die. We are all slowly decaying. PLUS she has vocal nodes, and sings incredibly difficult songs, that only she can sing.

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