New Video: Rich White Ladies – ‘Wimbledon’

Published: Monday 7th Jul 2014 by David


Love ‘Luxury’ lyricist Azealia Banks?

You do? Well, allow us to introduce you to ‘Rich White Ladies’, the sinfully sassy duo behind the catchy cut that is ‘Wimbledon.’

Part Tokyo Diiva and half Scotty Rebel, the act pays tribute to the ‘Wimbledon’ tennis tournament with a number you’ll enjoy if you’ve ever longed for a Gwen Stefani / Azealia Banks collab, swinging themselves in the right direction after wowing the good people of Russia with their live stage show.

Check ’em out below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. TinasheRus July 7, 2014

    #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY 2 On)!

    WTF is this? LMFAO! TGJ never fails to amuse me. They said they’re not a fan of Tinashe but support Oral Gel (Rita), Nicole “Stuck In UK” Scherzinger, Cheryl “I Gotta Go” cole, Elijah “TGJ Ads Still Ain’t Getting Me Nowhere” Burke, and that other girl I can’t remember and now this! Hahahaha!

    Proof TGJ is protecting CiWhereRa’s neck for dare life on their site from Mila J and Queen Tinashe! 😀

    • FAF July 7, 2014

      Girl who is tinashe?

      Y’all kill me with these ciara impersonators

      Queen of dance PERIOD I don’t see these lightskin fraud birches

      • Ciara (The Female MJ) July 7, 2014

        Girlfriend, take the hint. If Sam and David aren’t getting behind her she’s not going to happen.

      • TinasheRus July 7, 2014

        CiError Queen of Flop! And let’s make it clear that only Janet Jackson is the real Queen but currently right now that lane is wide open for a female right now to take that #1 spot and it sure ain’t Ciara’s sugary pop music having a**. Sorry to break it to all y’all Cierror stans but her career has been in decline along with Keyshia Cole and the others since 2007!

        And oh btw can Ciara even sing? You know what don’t answer that hahahahaha! Ciara stays performing for 106 & Park lol not even So You Think you Can dance wants her lol.

    • TinasheRus July 7, 2014

      @Ciara(TheFemaleIceJJFish) Does it really look like Tinashe needs a TGJ to aid her music career? 2 On is the hottest female R&B song right now on the charts! That shows and prove something right there. She ain’t no Elijah “I need TGJ’s help To Get My Career Rolling” Burke. She is a REAL DEFINITIVE TALENT!

      Acknowledged or not she is doing something great with impressing Ryan Seacrest and everyone around. So nice try with that weak a** defense for CiWhereRa. Good Try 😉

    • axley July 7, 2014

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  2. FAF July 7, 2014

    They’re back cool now?

    Tokyo sang the bad girls club theme

    I stopped checking for her when she said Nic stole harajuku from her

  3. I’m Booked July 7, 2014

    This Screams Azealia Banks & Gwen!!
    But I Like Their Look! & I Think Its A Fun Song & Cute Video.

    • FAF July 7, 2014

      They been trying before azealia tho like 06 07

      Performed on TRL

  4. OhHiGwen July 7, 2014

    Love em.

  5. TinasheRus July 7, 2014

    Can everyone please stop being obsessive over Queen Tinashe right now and please notice these brown bxtches are calling themselves “Rich White Ladies?” WTH? SMH. I’m wimbling the fck outta here..

  6. WholeLotta July 7, 2014

    They’re good. Are they U.S or U.K? Another good girl group to mention is M.O’s new video for “Dance On My Own”. They’re like a young DC3 with a 90s theme.

  7. Julian July 7, 2014

    I’M LOVING THIS! Finally something fresh!

  8. kkkkk July 7, 2014


  9. Junior in Jamaica July 7, 2014

    Me likey!!

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