Breaking News: Shots Fired At Chris Brown Pre-VMA Party

Published: Sunday 24th Aug 2014 by Sam

Chris Brown is once again at the centre of controversy, yet this time it appears it’s by no fault of his own.

Word is filing in from Los Angeles that gun shots were fired during a pre-VMA party Brown was hosting at 1OAK nightclub.

Details below…


More as it develops…


TMZ report that Hip-Hop figure Suge Knight was not only at the club too, but may have been shot:

Tyson Beckford, Robert Richard and Apple de Ap all tell TMZ … there were inside the pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown when they heard 4 shots ring out inside the club. 

Suge walked out on his own power … a cop spotted him and walked the rap mogul to the police car where Suge sat.  Suge was then put in an ambulance and taken to a local hospital.

We do not know the nature of Suge’s injuries.  One source who was present says Suge was one of 3 people were were shot.

One source says one person is in critical condition and others less severe.

The night started with tension.  An hour-and-a-half before the shots, Game came to the club and he and his buddies got into an altercation with security guards … there was a full-on fight.  Game tried to get in was denied and left, but his buddies stayed behind.  We do not know if they were involved in the altercation.


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  1. CATFISH CAREY August 24, 2014


    • GURL, It’s a booty hole August 24, 2014


      • orawyaoxcv August 24, 2014

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    • yasssssssssss B**** August 24, 2014

      you triiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd it and i love it

      • FAF August 24, 2014

        Rhianna’s handlers were mad he ignored her @ the celebrity match 🙁

  2. GURL, that’s a booty hole August 24, 2014

    I’m so tired of chris brown why can he get his sh1t together he’s always on the news for the wrong reasons can he just go away already? He clearly has no Interest on turning his life around his a mess.

    • Nikki August 24, 2014

      Did you even read the post?

      • GURL, that’s a booty hole August 24, 2014

        Um I did but my point his name is always on some negative news I never seen nothing positive from chris brown

    • Uh huh Honey August 24, 2014

      She clearly didn’t read the post properly, if she had she would’ve realised that blaming Chris Brown for the negative actions of others is not only futile but just plain silly.

    • yasssssssssss B**** August 24, 2014

      he wasn’t his fault gurl !

      • yasssssssssss B**** August 24, 2014


    • T. August 24, 2014

      Chris brown only hosted the event they never said it was because of him let Chris Brown live

  3. yasssssssssss B**** August 24, 2014

    smh,it’s the Vmas’s we don’t got time for this s*** lol

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan (“Pretend” Ft. ASAP Rocky 8.25.14 On iTunes) August 24, 2014

    To anyone thinking it’s Chris Brown’s fault, CLEARLY can’t read.
    Anyways, Thank God! Nobody died!

    And LOL at The Game, like really though? He’s always getting into altercations with security guards all the damn time.

    • GURL, that’s a booty hole August 24, 2014

      Same goes to you dear I never wrote it was his fault all I pointed out was his name is always involved in something negative rather than positive reading it’s fundamental have a seat

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (“Pretend” Ft. ASAP Rocky 8.25.14 On iTunes) August 24, 2014

        Did I ask you for your opinion?
        It’s time to get schooled, sit -> _/

        First off, you spend your time looking at negative articles about the guy but have been completely dodging the fact that he has been running charities for youth, A*DS and many positive things.

        Second off, can you READ properly, the article doesn’t say he was shooting or caused anything. So to say this is another negative story about him is just deplorable. CLASS DISMISSED!

        It’s time for you to go to bed now
        -> __________/

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (“Pretend” Ft. ASAP Rocky 8.25.14 On iTunes) August 24, 2014

        And also “Grammar” and “Punctuation” is fundamental.
        HASHTAG: #PleaseReturnBackToSchool

  5. Stephy. August 24, 2014

    They trynna kill poor Chris. God, help this child. smh…

  6. LB (Shanene > Wanda) August 24, 2014

    Some scary stuff, hopefully everyone is OK.

    Why is Game so ghetto though? Sometimes rappers do the most.

    • Stephy. August 24, 2014

      Good Morning Boo!

  7. Antonio August 24, 2014

    Chris Brown just needs to remove himself from around the ppl he associates with. They do nothing for him. Yeah he was nor involved in the shooting, but it was at his event, so now the media will focus on him. He knows he’s still in hot water about the Rihanna incident, jumping Frank Ocean, destroying the GMA studio and attacking that fan in DC, so he needs no more negative press. Tbh, I feel Chris should’ve just scrapped this whole X album/era when it wasn’t released last July… There’s no need to release an album that has already had 5 singles precede it’s release and will probably flop. This incident should hopefully open his eyes and make him realize that the ppl he’s around are doing him no good. This is why he needs to follow Rih’s footsteps and party with the white ppl, because n***** can never act civilized in a civilized situation, they always gotta get rowdy

  8. FutureCIARA August 24, 2014


  9. Stephy. August 24, 2014

    Chris Brown needs to just leave the industry! Go live a normal life & just be normal. They trynna kill this po’child. Somebody den put some “Michael Jackson” type voodoo spell on his ass.

    • FutureCIARA August 24, 2014

      Stephy, OMG We both thinking the same thing! OMG I love you!

  10. FutureCIARA August 24, 2014

    Is it by coincidence that the title of his new album is X, And the poster outside the club is of his face with a giant Red X crossing him out……

    Lord I hope the Illuminati not tryna off Bae!

    And Sug Knight???? WTF is that n***** still doing at night clubs, like dude go somewhere, You was behind 2Pac getting killed, Take yo old ass home, FR.

    AND The Kardashians better stop hanging around those thugs, Those Calibasas ho3s Is NOT about that life! That goes for Kendall & Kylie’s Groupie asses!


  11. FutureCIARA August 24, 2014

    Chris Brown was associating his self with the Bloods, So I wouldnt be surprised if this was due to industry Gang violence….. mind you The Game is a Blood too, and too mention that he was fighting there and got denied at the door could explain some sort of retaliation.

    All I want to know is, When can people start migrating to another Planet…..
    Im DONE with Earth FR!!

    • Stephy. August 24, 2014

      ASDKGADGASDgqasdfasdjfhasdf I was thinking the SAME THING ABOUT HIM & THOSE GANG affiliations!

  12. Lily August 24, 2014

    I heard the shot was not aimed at Chris Brown. Chris Brown name always is some negative sh*t either he’s involved or not. He need to stop hanging out with the Game cus he’s trouble. I hope it’s not to hype that Album cus CB will do anything to hype that sh*t.

  13. CT August 24, 2014

    Chris stay throwing gang signs.. I bet this is gang related he got to much money to be doing stupid s***.

  14. CT August 24, 2014

    Snake bites, fallinf white b******, and gunshots…. the vmas are cursed this year if I was famous I probably wouldnt show up.. this could be bad omens…they come in threes…bookmark me.

    • CT August 24, 2014


  15. bibi93 August 24, 2014


  16. Mark111 ( These Roaches Bey Mad At My Comments ) August 24, 2014

    Waiting for excuses from Team BeatMe. Is he still too young? Lol

  17. That’s ms Sophia to you August 24, 2014

    A dog gone shame

  18. Haje August 24, 2014

    It has something to do with the blood gang he used to run with

  19. BubblePopElectric August 24, 2014

    For those of us who are lacking basic reading comprehension skills this morning, it would appear that neither Chris Brown nor the people he “surrounds” himself with were involved in any way, shape or form with this shooting. The only crime he committed was performing for his fans. If anyone is having trouble grasping this fact, perhaps it’s time for you to log off of TGJ at your local library and to try obtaining a GED, instead. Here’s a program just for you:

    Best of luck!

  20. Belladonna1363 August 24, 2014

    I hope no innocent people were hurt & that they get the Guy who was shooting. As for Chris All I can say is that lots of celebs have been having Pre- VMA party’s that’s what celebs do every year yet no one else had this happen. BET type sh*t. Never Judge People on How they look only on how they act. There nothing wrong with how the Urban Artist community sounds or looks but how they act has got to stop its hurting how people feel about the music.

  21. Tisha August 24, 2014

    …what the hell…

    Chris needs to be careful what kind of people he’s letting around him, if they were really aiming for him then that’s some scary sht. I hope Suge is okay and no one is fatally injured.

    Smh, this plus the Wiz Khalifa shooting…guns are not toys.

  22. DJY August 24, 2014

    F****** b******, I’m sick and tired to read so much hate on these coments. How can you be so heartless to wish somebody’s death?! This is going too far, I just hope none of you will have to face this kind of drama because if it happens someday i’ll be the first to throw you stone. Y’all are so pathetic, I pity you.

  23. August 24, 2014

    hope no one got hurt.

  24. Yea ok August 24, 2014

    My friends laugh at me when I tell them I won’t go to any gatherings where there will be a lot of urban people for this very reason. Too many Urbana get in a room and it’s nothing but trouble. So ghetto and classless. I can bet u if beyonce or Adele were hosting this party we wouldn’t have heard abojt anyone getting Shot *sips tea*

  25. dem hip losers August 24, 2014

    why is this a chris brown post? who was shot? suge knight? game was in it? for real… rant… you should put that stupid rappers on blast for that gangsta sh*t blah. they gotta put that guns away. this is just CRAP. that helps nobody. and they can ditch their rep and street cred. that BS.

    only n*ggaz are that stupid. i’m not sorry for that N-word here.

  26. xedos August 24, 2014

    Suge Knight have 9 life. that n**** was shot 9 0r 10 years ago at Kanye VMA’s party . Chris Brown can look for a law suite

  27. Rihboy August 24, 2014

    Ohhhh darn it! Oh well. I guess this mess will help him push some units this time around. We know he is all hype until his album drops.

  28. THE VOICE August 24, 2014

    Now m gonna sit back and wait to see if the media calls this a VMA event b/c when some random person in East LA had a BET Awards HOUSE PARTY … websites like TMZ and USA Today, Washington Post, Perez Hilton and LA Times actually called it “VIOLENCE AT THE BET AWARDS”. SMH

    We will see if there is a double standard by the media… I wanna see headlines that say VIOLENCE AT THE VMAS

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