Drama: Scene From Scrapped Danity Kane Reality Show Surfaces

Published: Monday 18th Aug 2014 by Sam

And the plot thickens.

The story of Danity Kane‘s demise continues to grate the group’s legion of loyal fans – especially following confirmation that their hotly anticipated third album likely won’t be seeing the light of day.

Still, the aftermath of the drama is generating fresh twists and turns each week.

Today brings with it footage from the pilot of the ladies now-scrapped E! reality show – the timing of which is incredibly interesting.

See what we mean below…


As titillating as that was to watch, one has to wonder why it’s hitting the net now…with this particular scene.

Like, it’s almost fruitless to continue dissecting who’s at fault, when the reality is that there is a fan-base that have been left hanging once again. To a degree that’s blame all the ladies will have to shoulder moving forward – clearly some more so than others.

Your thoughts?

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  1. NT August 18, 2014

    I love the girls but the first clip SPEAKS volumes as to what
    Shannon and Aubrey said …. Very interesting.

    • cealamxcb August 18, 2014

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    • the voice August 18, 2014

      but I thought they said this was a fake fight? Confused

  2. RihannaNavy777 August 18, 2014


  3. KING RIH August 18, 2014

    Goldenheart was great but Dawn………………. it aint sell enough for you to be making ya solo work your priority.

    • Molly August 18, 2014

      Her solo music is better than Dks music

      • j. August 18, 2014

        that’s a damn lie.

    • credits August 18, 2014

      ‘A tell tale heart’ her mixtape, was waaayyy better.

  4. Molly August 18, 2014

    Mess…. Dawn doesn’t need them to be great.

    • JoJo August 18, 2014

      Great and Successful are two different things though.

      She’s giving Me Nicole Scherzinningseringers.

      • CherylSoldierr August 18, 2014

        Or jojo

      • that’s miss Sophia to you August 18, 2014

        Get TF outta here with that don’t come for her you two press b******

    • LB August 18, 2014

      I agree, Dawn is fantastic, Danity Kane is a downgrade for her.

      Now Playing: Return of the queen

    • LB August 18, 2014

      What are your fav songs on Goldenheart?

      I like,
      – In the hearts tonight
      – Return of the queen
      – Goliath
      – Riot
      Northern lights <3333
      Frequency <3333
      warfaire <33333
      Pretty much every song on the album LOL. It is to me like Emeli Sande – Our version of events, in the sense that I can listen to it from start to finish.

      • LB (Shanene > Wanda) August 18, 2014

        I loved the artistic direction too.

  5. CherylSoldierr August 18, 2014

    Defending trash? #iggystans

  6. LB August 18, 2014

    When has Danity whatever ever popped though? Dawn, you don’t need this group. Just keep slaying us with some Goldenheart type slayage. Please concentrate on Blackheart now, my coins are ready.

    • Cupid August 18, 2014

      Danity Kane getting back together was the BEST buzz this girl has had since Danity Kane. CLEARLY from this scene alone she pretty much screwed everyone over for a solo project that going to wind up nowhere like her last efforts.

  7. nancy grace slays August 18, 2014

    I knew it!!! I knew they were recording
    A reality show!

    This comeback was really about to slay but
    They just had to fukk it up!!!

    • Cupid August 18, 2014

      Dawn had to mess it up obviously

  8. CherylSoldierr August 18, 2014

    Wait, so y’all are stanning for someone who’s sold 9k total? Oh no.

    • Julian August 18, 2014

      You know, for some people it’s about the quality of the music, not how many basic b****** buy the next generic pop trash song. But I wouldn’t expect a Cheryl Cole stan to understand that, so never mind.

      • Carlitos August 18, 2014

        I’m sorry honey, but this isn’t a garage band where selling 9k is acceptable. This is the music industry. If she’s trying to make connections, obviously it wasn’t working out for her too well before.

  9. yasssssssssss B**** August 18, 2014

    smh of course dawn is at the root of it

  10. cocobutta August 18, 2014

    Guess E! Saw that mess a mile off also & took the high road….

    Funny how it’s blame Dawn scenes like she wasn’t the most musically relevant one out of ALL of them since 1st disbandment!!!
    Do they not think Dawn would have the best connections considering she maintained he stay in the industry, even independently??


    Meanwhile Dawn will still make music and the others…..
    Anyways DK let me down so non of them getting my coins, but i’ll watch Dawns BOMBS video and imagine what could have been with ALL of them together.

  11. LB (Shanene > Wanda) August 18, 2014


    Dawn is ACE though, her music is awesome. Just give Goldenheart a chance and you’ll notice that she doesn’t need DK; in fact DK is holding her back.

    Even though Dawn is getting the blame, she was about to release her second solo independent project, meaning she has industry connections. Plus her music is better.

    The other girls will disappear but Dawn will still be making music. Dawn is here for the music, label or not.

  12. DeseThotCantClockMeNowadays August 18, 2014

    smh Dawn in the wrong.
    Destiny’s Child should even be used in the same sentence as. Danity Kane but I need to point something out. Beyonce was the lead in DC, and in their 3 year hiatus she achieved Diamond status globally on Dangerously in love, 2 number singles, 6 top singles, 2 number box office movies, etc… but when came to reuniting with Destiny’s Child she put all of that aside to make their album a success.
    No one can tell me, as talented as Dawn is, that her solo EP’s are a priority, considering the fact that none of singles have charted on ANY billboard chart, and all her work is independently released.
    It’s funny that at the Making the Band 4 reunion, Dawn singled out Aubrey for doing things outside of DK, and now the tables have turned.

    • Dossome August 18, 2014

      First of all,there’s no such thing as Diamond Status globally.Secondly,let’s not compare this to DC.Beyonce’s committment to DC was/is almost incomparable.If Kelly was the one in Bey’s place,i know she’d never share the spotlight.Once you enjoy solo success,it’s almost impossible to go back to your band/group and still give your all (ask Diana Ross,R.Kelly and Justin Timberlake,or even MJ to some extent).The likes of Bey,Fergie and Gwen Stefani are very few

      • DeseThotsCantClockMeNowadays August 18, 2014

        @dossome LOL I can compare it to what I want. Destiny’s Child were one of the biggest female groups, and yet when it came to going back to the group every member was fully committed. I would understand if Dawn actually enjoyed some solo success but she only charted when she was with Diddy, and years after her EPS and 10 singles fail to make traction. Its not incomparable, they are in the same music industry, and none of the DK members have managed to make global success. Why are you bringing up lead singers going back to groups, last I checked Dawn wasn’t the lead singer – the whole concept of the first two DK albums was that each girl was supposed to have equal singing parts, so Dawn has NEVER been lead, and may have stronger vocals but she is still equal.

        – Bey sold 11mil globally, maybe its not ‘diamond’ or whatever but i’m SURE you got my fukkking point ;).

        – all of these thots pretending pour out love for Dawn shudda been the same ones sparing their coins to make her HAPPEN, where in the hell was all this support when Diddy dropped Dawn. or when she released multiple albums, mixtapes, EPS and singles and none of these vocal so-called-stans bothered to buy it. Even when she released her album for free downloads, y’all couldn’t be asked to push it past 1 million. So lets NOT, cos I still have all of the receipts boo.

      • Fine Ass Lou August 18, 2014

        Destiny’s Child got back together for Destiny Fulfilled because they still owed the label more albums. That’s the only reason Beyonce ‘committed’ to it. Just like Bday, they threw that album together in 2weeks. If they weren’t still under contract with Columbia, that album would have never happened. Beyonce didn’t have a choice.

  13. Dossome August 18, 2014

    Ugh,can you stop posting about these girls already

  14. that’s miss Sophia to you August 18, 2014


  15. MISHKA August 18, 2014

    Danity Kane is the youngest version of En Vogue. Beautiful, s*** and equally talented girls who can’t get it together and probably never will. Plus one member is a talented vocalist and fan favourite who goes by the name of Dawn.

    Dawn gurl, it’s about time you stand on your feet by your dang self. Don’t end up like the old Dawn, jumping from one group to another until you end up at 50 without any stellar achievement in music. You better hustle your way to solo stardom like Kelly Rowland did. And just like Kelly, don’t go overbroad with plastic surgery.

  16. Dustin August 18, 2014

    There is obviously more to the story than just two 30 second clips but you can’t tell me Dawn isn’t a shady b**** after this.

  17. Jars August 18, 2014

    I’m ready for Dawn’s solo project. As far as DK, they are over. Leaking heavy edited footages to make Dawn look bad still won’t make Aubrey and Shannon sucessful. Dawn is where it’s at. for the solo music and they can give her publicity for that if they want. Aubrey and Shannon have nothing to offer.

  18. Y’all know August 19, 2014

    Really Danity Kane is a “Downgrade” for Dawn? Let’s get this straight. And I have nothing against Dawn. I love her music BUT who was she BEFORE Danity Kane besides a dancer for the Hornets. Don’t worry I’ll wait……………….yeah that’s what I thought. The only person I knew of when Danity Kane was in the makin was Shannon. That’s because she was on a show called FAME where she came in second place. Anyways, without the Danity Kane NO ONE would know who any of these woman were. They all had to fight to stay in the completion. After making it they all had to struggle with making they’re first album. Even Dawn had problems with her vocals in the beginning. You can tell me who is better in the group or whatever because at the end of the day no one knew who these girls were UNTIL DANITY KANE. Point blank. .

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