K.Michelle Addresses Elle Varner Beef On ‘Hot 97’: “She Stole From Me.”

Published: Tuesday 19th Aug 2014 by David


Former friends Elle Varner and K.Michelle have seen their currently volatile relationship thrown into the light today, after the latter took to ‘Hot 97’ to accuse Varner of stealing from her.

Hitting the outlet to promote her hotly anticipated TV musical, Michelle bared all when asked why she and Varner (with whom she shared a management team with) were no longer pals, revealing that the performer intentionally copied and released a cut she knew she had intended to release herself with the full backing of their managers.

How things took a turn for the worst?

Her story below…

 On Elle, Michelle claims:

You guys be looking at people on TV and you guys get a perspective of people cos you see them and they might not go off on Twitter. You don’t get to see the behind the scenes. In that situation (the feud), management was like “she’s worse than you”, but because I speak out on something I’m wrong. I had a record and it was my favourite record and it was ‘Ride Out’ on my album and I wasn’t allowed to put out that record cos management said the record was “too big.”

When asked what she thought her managers meant by that, she explained:

I’m supposed to be the little black girl singing about heartbreak and being down and out. I’m not supposed to grow or be me. They place you in a lane and they want you to stay there and I refused so I had this record and it was “too big” and it would have to be worked in every radio format. So in that situation, I remember I played that record for Elle and the next thing I knew she jumped and said “this is a great record.” She went through a breakup afterwards and was searching for identity and she was hanging around me and then one day she plays me a record and says “you like the record?” and I say “that’s my record.”

Going onto claim that Varner sought out that the same producers to recreate her signature sound, Michelle explains that she informed all the parties involved in handling the song that she did not want the ‘I Don’t Care’ singer to release the number as it sounded identical to her own.

I go to my management and express the concern and they promise that it’d be handled but she’s the princess even though I’m the only one over there making any money. They told me they didn’t like the record and that it wouldn’t even be coming out. The next thing I know she’s singing it.

What happened next?

Hit the 13 minute mark below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. smh August 19, 2014

    I believe her.

    • walgexcb August 19, 2014

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  2. StarXavi August 19, 2014

    It’s a shady business, indeed. But I love Elle Varner and her voice sings circles around K.Michelle and that’s just real.

  3. KingofKings August 19, 2014

    This is the music business… You have to do what you have to do to make it. She should know that, if they were real friends she wouldn’t even be mad. K.Michelle needs to clean up her image if she ever wants to be major like Mary J or similar artist. She too street… Look at Kisha Cole career,.

    • JazThatBoi August 19, 2014

      Umm she SHOULD be mad because they were friends. Friends don’t do that to each other (regardless of this being the music business). Thats something a random person would do so i don’t get your point on that. And K Michelle been out about a year. She’s growing. When Mary first came out she was def hood. As she grew, she matured into the Mary we know now. So expecting K Michelle to change drastically in a year to the point where she is labeled as “cleaning up her image” is a bit unrealistic. But i will say if you can’t see how she has changed thus far since that first episode of LHH, you’re blind. I can def tell she’s trying. Its a journey tho.

  4. FutureCIARA August 19, 2014

    This ho3 stay beefing with somebody to stay relevant!
    Elle Varner >>>> K. Muppet

  5. MisdamenorFan August 19, 2014

    I hate K’s attitude but I really believe she has a good heart and she’s being truthful.

  6. Dev August 19, 2014

    Im confused – Ride Out ended up on the album, so if it was so great people will buy none the less and she can still preform. Didn’t Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce get given the same backing track by Ryan Tedder?
    Make it work for you and move on.
    Ride Out isn’t that great a song either. K.Michelle needs to stop all this pettiness, it’s too high school as are these radio shows that seem to entertain this.

    • Mark111 August 19, 2014

      Right? Producers does this all the time. Trust and Believe and Love & War is the best example. Kelly and Beyonce like you said is another one. But like they said, she’s always beefing with someone.

      • FAF August 19, 2014

        the songs are different she’s saying they sound similar it’s more like Beyonce And Kelly than keyshia and Tamar bc those songs are EXACTLY THE SAME BEAT

        Anyway I hate when ppl say “____ is copying me” it just sounds bitter.. The biggest icons are copied, that should motivate k to reinvent herself

    • JazThatBoi August 19, 2014

      I don’t think she always beefing with somebody. The thing is I think she is just vocal about whatever she’s going through. If she never said anything we would have not known anything. She did tweet or do some social media shade party. I like that about her, real talk. How do we know Tamar and Keyshia didn’t have some beef over the similar sound of their records. There’s a lot we see, but even more we don’t see. Don’t be so quick to label her a hater cuz she reveals more of the things we don’t see. Sounds like some legit emotions…let her have the moment cause I don’t believe she’s harboring hate. Its like “Coo. I see how it is…lesson learned”.

      • JazThatBoi August 19, 2014

        I meant to say “she didn’t tweet or do some social media shade party”

  7. wow August 19, 2014

    I believe her. She has no reason to lie about it. Plus that would make sense why she left MKB Entertainment and went to Atom Factory.

  8. TRUTH SERUM August 19, 2014

    K. Michelle, if you want to be treated with respect then stop acting like a rat. You’re talented and educated, please put it to use. I seriously doubt if Elle stole “her”song”. Its common for management companies touse same producers and writers. Furthermore, why would you air it on social media. Right… Elle was getting some major shine. Jealousy is a mother.

  9. Molly August 19, 2014

    Not a fan of neither.

    • TRUTH SERUM August 19, 2014

      Sort of like no one likes you… I can see how you can relate.

      • Stephy. August 19, 2014


      • FutureCiara August 19, 2014

        …… Kii x2

  10. Essa August 19, 2014

    Sam, you have WAY too much sh*t loaded on this blog to the point of it making the site load very slow, sluggishly or crashing my PC.

  11. Stephy. August 19, 2014

    ZAAAAMN! She straight went IN on Elle Varner’s fake ass. Lmao, Elle always came off as one of those stuck up fake light skin bitxhes. But, she can sing tho. K. Michelle is tacky tho…

    • XoMoDe August 19, 2014

      I guess fake recognizes fake. Posting under your “Stephy” alias this time I see. Now was that intentional or did you f_ck around and accidentally post under it when you were aiming to front like another one of the multiple personalities in your head?

      • Stephy. August 19, 2014

        Chile… Why, yall gotta be coming for me 24/7?

  12. JER August 19, 2014

    I honestly don’t know who any of these R&B hos are. Nobody is checking for R&B divas anymore. Their day has come and gone bye

    • Stephy. August 19, 2014

      True, R&B is soooo 2004/1990s… Its all about POP /WHITE music nowadays…

  13. K.Rebelle August 19, 2014

    Maybe you should learn to read before you read.
    Elle clearly heard K’s song and asked for the producers to copy it because their manager probably thought Elle would sound better on it. This is a big problem because K makes more money for the manager than Elle does, so why would they shortchange K JUST to help Elle pop using the money K makes for them.

    • XoMoDe August 19, 2014

      Having the same team is obviously creating a conflict of interest. One of them needs to hire new representation.

  14. @dirtypeaches August 19, 2014

    K. Michelle is being way too dramatic. The producers are Pop & Oak and Elle has been working with them way before K. Michelle had her current record deal and started working on her album. She needs to grab a seat.

  15. cruz August 19, 2014

    Being “real” and being “hood” are 2 different things. This chick is hood. Regardless talent is talent, Elle Varner has more talent.

  16. Danny b August 19, 2014

    It’s not like Ride Out was even released as a single or not released bc of Ell
    Varner?? That’s like Beyonce getting mad at Kim for doing that ratchet version of Flawless. Like, just be bigger than that cuz it’s really not hurting much. You’re just being too damn sensitive.

  17. MariahIsMusic1 August 19, 2014

    K. Michelle is a ghetto mess

  18. Antonio August 19, 2014

    Can somebody kust please beat the ratchet h** ass again… K. Michelle boo boo… You are ugly, your body is lop sided, you cannot sing thst well and your music is ghetto trash… Stop thinking anyone stole from you or wants to be you. Selling a few local theathres does not make you anhot artist

  19. Brian310 August 19, 2014

    This was something that didn’t really need to be addressed she should have just let it go and continue making her money.

  20. girlboo August 20, 2014

    im sorry but someone is always stealing from this Keyshia Cole clown clone… Elle Varner does not even sound like K. Michelle.. K. Michelle has a very annoying voice. Elle is dope and sings about other things besides being ghetto and heart broken.

  21. MISHKA August 20, 2014

    Whatever girl, Elle Varner is still bae.

  22. Kimberly August 20, 2014

    Ah ha! It all makes sense now. Thank you for that insight

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