Nick Cannon Confirms Mariah Carey Separation


TV personality Nick Cannon has confirmed that he has separated from his superstar wife Mariah Carey today, announcing the news following weeks of speculation surrounding the status of their relationship.

Details on their split below…

‘The Huffington Post‘ shares:

Cannon confirmed to Yahoo’s The Insider host Chris Spencer that he and Carey are currently living apart.

“There is trouble in paradise. We have been living in separate houses for a few months,” The “America’s Got Talent” host said.

The 33-year-old did, however, quash the rumor that the problems in his marriage are due to infidelity.

The couple, who has been married since 2008, have 3-year-old twins together, Monroe and Moroccan.

“My main focus is my kids,” Cannon told The Insider.

Rumors began to swirl this week after The New York Post’s Page Six reported Carey and Cannon are “living separately.” The report also included that Carey has allegedly suspected him of cheating and has hired security to keep watch on him during club appearances.

The pair’s parting marks the latest split Carey has made from a man in her life in recent weeks, cutting ties with former manager Jermaine Dupri following the release of her latest album, ‘Me.I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse.’ 

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  1. VisionofMimi August 22, 2014

    So sad.

    • nalacnamxb August 22, 2014

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  2. Tennis court August 22, 2014

    Who? What couple? BYE!

  3. tits mcgee August 22, 2014

    A separation does not necessarily mean a divorce.
    On the other hand sometimes things just run there
    course.. In any case best wishes to Nick and the
    legendary M.

  4. Leela August 22, 2014

    Sad!! But as along as the kids are happy that’s all the matters! They may work it out, they may not just got to hope they do what’s best in the end. I do hope for no divorce though, they are a lovely couple!!

  5. #Dismissed August 22, 2014

    He ain’t gonna be sh!t without her tho. But good luck on your marriage.

  6. Lindsay Lohan August 22, 2014

    Definitely a sad state of affair for Mariah and Nick right now. I wish the kids the best in this situation.

  7. Stephy. August 22, 2014

    Great News! Now, she needs to focus on her VOICE! She needs to spend the next year training her voice & body back into the best shape possible. Also, she needs a MAN her AGE! At-least, 45-50 years old. Nick was just for fun & games. He is too corny & a push over. She probably walked all over him. Good luck Mimi!

    • pon_de August 22, 2014

      I agree. She needs someone older and more sophisticated to balance her out. I think she fell for him because their inner child connected and he didn’t judge her silliness. I’d guess she was ready for next phase of life/parenting and enjoying success but the insecurity of marrying above his station started getting to Nick and he pulled away, still trying to make his own success. Just my guess from outside looking in.

    • Dossome August 22, 2014

      What do you mean “Great News”?the guy has been her husband for 6yrs and is the father of her kids.Both of them are obviously going through a rough time so celebrating this is pretty selfish

  8. Proud-Arianator August 22, 2014

    I wonder what Nick is gonna do with that big ass Mariah tattoo
    Just hope it doesn’t affect their kids in the long run

  9. Mike August 22, 2014

    wow, so all positive comments of support for Mariah and Nick that were here last night have been deleted SMH, the hate on this poor women from this site is real! SMH

  10. Dossome August 22, 2014

    Whichever way this goes,i wish and hope they’ll be civil and mature about it.The kids should be the priority here

    • Stephy. August 22, 2014

      This song is just a masterpiece. Ugh, gives me chills.

      • Katy Cat August 22, 2014

        Hey Stephy do you think Nick Cannon has a huge snake?

  11. Memiors of an old fat s*** August 22, 2014

    Nick got tired of the old windbag

  12. RoyalKev August 22, 2014

    So sad! I always liked them as a couple. One thing I noticed (especially in the beginning) is how happy they both looked together, like they were truly best friends. Maybe they’ll use this time apart to remember that, it’s really the foundation of a relationship. I hope they don’t give up on each other.

  13. Everyone’s A Critic August 22, 2014

    He’s the better looking one in the couple. Just thought it was the appropriate time to point that out. They looked more like mother and son. They’ll both find other people regardless. It’s Hollywood. No couple lasts there

    • OMG Logic!!! August 22, 2014

      In what bizarro world do you live in? Nick Cannon is average at best, especially in the celebrity world, and Mariah could have gotten a more attractive man if looks were all she cared about (see Madonna).

      • Everyone’s A Critic August 22, 2014

        I live in my world you bag of shiz! If Nick is average than Mariah is what???? Don’t know why I got dislikes. Clearly no one sees what I see.

    • DIGGER BEY August 22, 2014

      On the attractive side….Nick >>>>> Mariah. All of Nick’s exes got Mariah in the face and definitely body.

  14. OMG Logic!!! August 22, 2014

    They clearly both prioritize their children, so I’m sure they’ll be civil about things.

  15. jane August 22, 2014

    never liked Nick cannon at all..

    ever since they’re having relationship Mariah didn’t make any hit song or no.1 single.

    after touch my body they got married. after that all.. singles flop flop flop..

    U better work b**** mimi..

  16. Late August 22, 2014

    Although I would never wish ill on others’ relationships, there are positives to the situation:

    a) Nick can go back to being loveable again. He became such a caricature of himself, and he was essentially known as Mariah Carey’s husband, even though he’s an entrepreneur in his own right. If they go their separate ways, he’ll be able to stand on his own 2 feet and show everyone why they loved him in the first place

    b) Mariah’s career might go back into overdrive. Maybe what she needs is to go the old-school Mary J Blige route and have an album filled with songs illustrating pain, sadness and sorrow. We already know she writes great songs when she’s in love, but maybe this might be the situation she needs to propel her career back up to what it once was

    c) They will be linked together by the experience of trying hard to become parents, and finally having a boy and a girl

  17. bilt2lst August 22, 2014

    I do hope that they reconcile, but what I find interesting, is that with the announcement of this news, her album “Me. I am Mariah” takes on a whole new meaning when I listen to it now. There’s a lot of heartbreak on this album, and if the reports are true in that she has felt very abandoned in the marriage because Nick works so much, then songs like “Faded”, “Cry”, “Camouflage”, “You Don’t Know What To Do” and “Thirsty” are more like Mariah’s “Confessions”. I actually like the album better, because I feel like it is more “real” that I did when I first listened to it. She always said in interviews leading up to the release that this CD was going to represent where she is since 2011, after having kids and marrying Nick. If that is the case, again, there is a lot of heartache here relationship speaking. Even the song “Make it Look Good” appears joyful upon first listen because of the melody, but the lyrics are once again about a not-so-healthy relationship. Interesting, is all I am sayin!

  18. Timmeh August 22, 2014

    After all those b******* vow renewals and happily ever after selfies they kept rubbing in the public’s face, this was bound to happen. Surprise they lasted this long. Kudos. I feel bad for Nick, now what’s he gonna do with that huge tattoo on his back? Next up, Mr & Mrs Kardashian

  19. Mark111 (Kermit Cannon and Piggy Carey is OVER) August 22, 2014

    That’s what happens when you’re a bitter B*****.

  20. char August 22, 2014

    “You used to be Mister all about me
    Now you’re just thirsty for celebrity
    Best thing that happened to your ass was me
    Pull down them Tom Fords, and act like you see
    You thirsty for a dream
    Leaving me drowning”

    I always thought this song was about Nick. I feel really bad for Mariah and the kids. She even said so herself that he was barely there during the pregnancy. Such a sad story. I wish them the best.

    • DIGGER BEY August 22, 2014

      But Nick been a celebrity and I’m pretty sure has lived his dreams.

  21. DIGGER BEY August 22, 2014

    I bet the NY Post glad they nail this one right, because they was sure wrong about THE QUEEN’S marriage. I liked them as a couple, its kinda sad seeing them depart. Now Mariah has served him with a gag order. She’s such a Diva!

    • Mark111 (Kermit Cannon and Piggy Carey is OVER) August 22, 2014

      “I bet the NY Post glad they nail this one right, because they was sure wrong about THE QUEEN’S marriage.”

      Are you sure? Cause so far the media has been right about everyone (minus Will and Jada and Bey and Jay aren’t on their level.)

  22. JOHNVIDAL August 22, 2014

    Wow I didn´t expect this at all. They´s ve been 6 years together and seemed so happy from the very start. And even in the last couple of years they kept being so festive and went through rough times together (Nick´s illness) and the kids and everything. I´m surprised. If this is true, it looks like they were still happy but tehre was an infidelity on his part. Mariah may be thinking what to do.
    At least, it seems there´s nothing to worry about Mariah´s Asian tour, since it´s been confirmed recently and this separation happened months ago (or so they say). Mariah is being strong. I hope so.

  23. char August 23, 2014

    That was a d***** bag move for nick cannon to do. I would be hella pissed off if my significant other did that to me naming the celebrities that I slept with. I probably would have divorced him too over that. It just shows how immature how he really is. I still hope for the best of them but nick looks like a d***** bag right now.

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