Must Read: Republic Maps Out Promo Plans For Ariana Grande’s ‘My Everything’

Published: Friday 22nd Aug 2014 by David



As a number of labels struggle to push their acts any further than their front door, Republic looks on as their investment in Pop princess Ariana Grande forces her out of the nest, into the world and return baring an assortment of Billboard-flavoured gifts.

Now, before the release of her second studio album ‘My Everything’, the label have shares details on the plans they’ve put in place to ensure the project wipes the floor with her competition once it drops on August 25th.

Their M.O. below…


Ariana Grande’s sophomore Republic album, My Everything, arrives in the wake of the diminutive diva’s ascent to superstardom, powered by four iTunes #1s:


“Problem” f/Iggy Azalea  2.9m
“Break Free” f/Zedd 661k
“Bang Bang” + Jessie J + Nicki Minaj                       503k
“Best Mistake” f/Big Sean. 105k



When the album streets on 8/25—the day after she gets some very big VMA looks—it will unquestionably be her second #1 bow, with forecasts in the 150-200k range.


“It’s the natural evolution of an international superstar,” proclaims Republic generalissimo Monte Lipman.

“We’re painting a picture,” says EVP Charlie Walk of the album’s multi-media rollout. “We’re layering in different looks to the consumer so they can see they’re buying into a multi-faceted body of work, combined with performance and content.”

“The last album proved Ariana’s the female voice of her generation,” asserts manager Scooter Braun. “This album was about getting out of her comfort zone and really pushing herself musically.”

My Everything includes compositions by Max MartinSavan KotechaRyan Tedder, Benny Blanco and other top writer/producers, not to mention a track written for her by One Direction’s Harry Styles. Other guests on the album include the WeekndChildish Gambino and A$AP Ferg.

Lead single “Problem” claimed the #1 spot at iTunes in some 57 territories within a half-hour or so of its release. Grande excels at using her huge social reach (she has 17.5m Twitter followers) to amp up demand.

“She’s the best at doing countdowns that push toward the day and date of a song going to her fans, iTunes and streaming services at the same time,” notes Walk. “That’s how she can go to #1 at iTunes before she has a single spin at radio.”

Just as “Problem” was hitting #1 at Pop and Rhythm radio, Republic began the drumbeat for second single “Break Free.” Meeting with MTV’s Van TofflerAmy Doyle and team, Walk recalls, they brainstormed an “ultimate moment” to unveil the song and launch the album pre-order.

The result of that session was a revival of the net’s beloved Total Request Live as the 30-minute special Total Ariana Live, which premiered “Break Free” and ended with Grande’s announcement that she’d be performing on the VMAs.

The show, which aired on 7/2 and was accompanied by a Times Square “takeover,” a building wrap and other splashy optics, earned twice the teen-female audience typically attracted in prime time. Next came her 7/4Macy’s special.

Meetings with Clear Channel—whose Bob PittmanTom PolemanRich BresslerJohn SykesJohn Iveyand Ryan Seacrest were all enthusiastic Grande boosters—yielded a unique approach to drive pre-orders.

“I said, ‘Look, I understand the exposure, but let’s not give the content away for free,’” Walk recalls. Thus came the idea to create a “golden ticket” whereby pre-orders at Grande’s site would unlock exclusive access to an hour-long iHeartRadio Theater live performance of material from the new album.

Third single “Bang Bang” placed Grande in a “Lady Marmalade”-esque trio with Jessie J and Minaj, once again soaring to #1 at iTunes when it dropped on 7/29, and barnstorming Pop radio (it’s #16 on the Mediabase Top 40 chart, while “Problem” is #8 and “Break Free” sits at #9).

Leading up to the VMAs, Team Ariana’s partnership with Beats by Dre and Target produced what Walk describes as “Super Bowl-like” commercials bookending the video launch for “Bang Bang” (a pink-themed affair laden with Beats paraphernalia, some of it Target-exclusive), which were crafted to surround her VMA performances.

With MTV’s moon-man spectacular—“the most relevant music show apart from the Grammys,” as Walk puts it—going down the night before street date, Grande will have ultimate visibility at the optimal moment.

Still, for all the work done on the campaign, Braun emphasizes, “You can’t make a superstar. People don’t understand what you have to give, the work you have to do and how strong you have to be. Ariana has that strength. That’s why it’s working.”

Avery Lipman, Charlie Walk, Ariana, Monte Lipman and Scooter Braun discuss the prospect of Varvatos go-go boots.

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  1. Touch ma body August 22, 2014

    This s*** will struggle to hit platinum

    • Dunia August 22, 2014

      U mean Gold as the last one?

      I think that’s their concern “NOT FAIL TO HIT GOLD THIS TIME”

      • Fallon August 22, 2014

        But it went gold??

    • nalacnamxb August 22, 2014

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  2. Beysus August 22, 2014

    If people stop releasing so many songs and pushing back dates before the album comes out, then the album might actually do well sales-wise… Release one single, then the album the week after while there’s still hype… That’s what used to happen…

    • Cupid August 22, 2014

      Albums in general don’t sale as much anymore no mater how prepare the artist is. Not only that people assume albums have been pushed before artist even give a release date.

  3. CherylSoldierr August 22, 2014

    I am absolutely screaming. All of this F*ckin promo, a whole spring AND summer, performances at the amas, White House, radio Disney awards, iheartradio and billboard awards, presenting at the Grammys, a brother on big brother and 150 f*cking k?! Lana del rey did 180k with absolutely NO PROMO. Death! This is a huge flop. She better hope for longevity.

    • Honeymoon Avenue August 22, 2014

      You look dumb. What does her brother on a reality show have any effect on her career? I can’t! That alone is enough to disregard your comment. But the fact that you’re using first week sales as if they are relevant in the slightest way. Jay Z’s album sold over a million in a week, Macklemore sold 78,000 copies in a week. But who’s album sold more to date? First week sales mean nothing but that’s not to say 150-200k isn’t impressive.

      • Mariah4Life August 22, 2014

        150-200k is NOT impressive. With all the hit songs and promo she’s had all summer, she should push 300k MINIMUM…yet she’s only doing marginally better than last time. Something is wrong, but oh well.

      • pff August 22, 2014

        Jay’z album sold WAY more. Macklemore’s album hasn’t even done 2 Million in total sales worldwide!Do you guys fact check before you say things? Macklemore just had hype because of his singles.Face it, your girls first week sales predictions are unimpressive!All these songs perched in the top 10,but can’t even do 300K! Even “4” with no real hit sold 310K with WAY less promo.

      • CherylSoldierr August 22, 2014

        Her brother on a reality show is giving her promo because they keep asking her about it and ‘Ariana grande’s big brother’ is brought up after literally every big brother show because it’s a very popular summer show. So it’s very relevant. Keep steaming that your fave is flopping absolutely horribly with all this promo if these numbers are true. And not the immediate backtrack. Ariana’s camp obviously cares about first week sales or there wouldn’t be all this promo before the album drops. And not you comparing it to Macklemore, AN INDEPENDENT artist. Or jayz who did 500k without his publicity stunt. Death!!!!

  4. I been a fan August 22, 2014

    Say what you want about this girl, she is slaying left and right. She is right behind Kim K and Beyonce on social media and ahead of pretty much everyone on billboard. And she has the talent to back it. She ain’t twerkin for views and lipsyncin for her life. She is slaying all of her live performances and so on. If anyone deserves the shine it’s her. This album will DELIVER!! Only chick givin VOCAL PERFORMANCES these days and shes only 21 smh

    • pff August 22, 2014

      The part about her being the only one giving vocals,is a straight up lie! Maybe if you listened to something other than pop you’d know. Beyonce slays this chick vocally but she isn’t the only female that would destroy her. Jennifer Hudson,Carrie Underwood,Fantasia,hell even Jasmine Sullivan,Marsha Ambrosius the list goes on and on.

      • I been a fan August 22, 2014

        Actually this is the only pop artist I listen to. I was definitely exaggerating when I said the only girl because yeah there are girls that can sing but Not many females leading the charts are slaying live performances. And you can skip right by me with that Beyonce mess cause she is a good performer but she doesn’t have much of a vocal range and she really hasn’t grown much since bday. All she does is grunt and roar, that’s not singing. Her performances during DIL were way better than they are now

      • pff August 22, 2014

        Miss me with all of that non-sense! Beyonce in Destiny’s Child would mop the floor with this chick vocally!There’s a reason why Beyonce has awards for her vocals and this chick doesn’t.Grunting? Ariana can’t even do that!This chick’s range is so over exaggerated it makes no sense!Have you even been to a Beyonce concert?Range is the least of her problems.Until Ariana has a gold album or awards for her vocals then we can talk,until then worry about why she has all this hype and is predicted to under perform again.

    • dfdfdf August 29, 2014

      a lot of people can sing.
      there are tons of girls with good voices
      like the x factor winners tend to have really good voices. yet where’s david archuleta?
      people need more than a good voice to make it. sing is all she can do and she has no star power, no songwriting ability, cant dance… very overrated.

  5. Proud-Arianantor Aka Mariah Carey Jr August 22, 2014

    already a first week sales protection yet the album isn’t even out yet they did the same with Kanye west’s yeezus by projection first week sales of 500K
    I’m expecting atleast 280k-300K

    • CherylSoldierr August 22, 2014

      The irony in your comment is that Kanye and Gagas predictions went down, not up. Ariana’s is not going to go up 150k. She isn’t more popular than katy perry.

      • Proud-Arianator August 22, 2014

        Exactly that was the point I was trying to emphasize about early projections especially since the album is not even out yet 🙄

      • Proud-Arianator August 22, 2014

        Those projections were made before both of their respective albums were released

  6. Proud-Arianantor Aka Mariah Carey Jr August 22, 2014


  7. LB (Shanene > Wanda) August 22, 2014

    She’ll do decent numbers, This seems like it is her year, all her songs have smashed the charts.

    She took a much more pop routine, which is different from the RnB sound Yours Truly had, the imaging is still the same though which is a bit of a disappointment. I was expecting My everything to at least have new branding, which includes a new look, but it seems to be working for her thus far.

    I will be buying the album because I’ve liked everything I’ve heard, except break free, so far. My coins are ready, come through Mzz Ariana.

  8. CT August 22, 2014

    All of those too ten “hits” and a 150k is all she will do.. she should at do 250k and this album wont sell consistently.. it will be certified gold NEXT YEAR kii

    • CT August 22, 2014


  9. Essa August 22, 2014

    Singles artist. No one believes she’s good enough to bother with her whole album.

  10. GEEZUS August 22, 2014

    “It will be certified gold next year” IM CRYING

  11. BubblePopElectric August 22, 2014

    I see it for her! Hate or loathe her, Ari has single-handedly owned the summer of 2014! Hopefully she displays an abundance of confidence/stage presence and delivers at the VMA’s this weekend, slays those first week numbers and takes her place amongst the current elites of the Pop World (Bey, Britney, GaGa, Rih, Katy, Pink, Adele, Alicia, Xtina, Taylor, Gwen, Kelly C., Miley, Fergie and Nicki).

    • Sandra August 22, 2014

      the current elites of the pop world? sorry but xtina, gwen, kelly c and fergie don’t belong there. I agree though, Ariana will take her place amongst the current elites aka bey, rih, katy, taylor, pink, adele, britney, gaga, miley.

  12. Theman August 22, 2014

    LOL THESE NUMBERS ARE FLOPTASTIC !! SHE HAS ABOUT THREE OR FOUR HUGE SINGLES, ALL OF THIS PROMO & THIS IS ALL THAT SHE COULD DO LOL.. KATY & MILEY SOLD NEARLY 300k. Beyonce sold 660k, even Gaga has debuted higher than this. Stop making excuses for her
    Low a** sales.. She needs a MULTI platinum album..

  13. CherylSoldierr August 22, 2014

    Well I guess rihanna was doing these numbers, so there’s hope

  14. JOHNVIDAL August 22, 2014

    And still, the music cooked for her is generic and bland.

    • CherylSoldierr August 22, 2014

      You literally stan for Celine who only does covers and NEVER writes a song. The self drag

      • JOHNVIDAL August 23, 2014

        But Celine conquered the world with her voice alone and they cooked for her great albums which became some of the best selling albums ever. My point is that this girl is not offering anything special.

  15. CherylSoldierr August 22, 2014

    The music is cute tho. Esp love me harder

  16. Beymi Canter August 23, 2014

    The only way she will start to see good numbers is if she gets away from the Mariah comparisons. That’s what is hurting her. Her label should have her competing with someone in her lane. If this goes on nobody is going to care about her third album.

    • Kaylie August 25, 2014

      That is very true.

  17. Kaylie August 25, 2014

    I believe that these are “normal pop numbers”. I think she’ll be given the momentum to at least push the album to platinum status. The label seems 100% behind this project. She’s gonna be touring soon. As long as the headlines keep coming in & the singles keep topping the charts, she’ll be platinum by the end of the year.

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