Rihanna Trademarks Surname Before Cosmetics & Lingerie Line Launch

Published: Saturday 9th Aug 2014 by David


Perhaps following in the footsteps of musician turned mogul Jessica Simpson is Rihanna, the Pop megastar reportedly plotting the launch of a venture set to rock fashion to its core.

Details on her bold new move below…

With a career that’s seen her partner with MAC cosmetics and River Island in recent months, the ‘No Love Allowed‘ singer has reportedly trademarked her surname, Fenty, as to use it brand her very own fashion and cosmetics empire.

Unbeknownst to her fans at the time, June saw Rihanna use her company Roraj Trade LLC to trademark her surname for a number of fashion and beauty related lines. These, being:

Fenty Apparel

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Clothing

Fenty Cosmetics

Fenty Face

Fenty Intimates

Fenty Lingerie

Fenty Makeup

Fenty Nails

Fenty Swim

Fenty Swimwear


Fenty Corp



Rhi Rhi

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  1. Sarah August 9, 2014

    so now she is copying britney by launching a lingerie line i see u rihanna

    • Juju August 9, 2014

      Go chill boo boo, because 3 years back Riri was doing the Lingerie and Jeans line Okay? And we have countless lingerie lines out there endorsed/”created” by celebrities.

    • omsomxcbxcb August 9, 2014

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  2. Beysus August 9, 2014

    Well it ain’t no “Dereon”…

    *sips tea*

    • Jose August 9, 2014

      Who still sells that garbage? The line flopped

      • Beysus August 9, 2014

        Not as much as Unaflopagetic…

        *sips tea*

    • Jose August 9, 2014

      Beyonce still hasn’t outsold Unapologetic lol, the album Beyonce sold most of it’s albums in the first month then everyone stopped caring lol, it was a album based on hype

      • Beysus August 9, 2014

        B**** please, do your research…

        *sips tea*

    • Patrice August 9, 2014

      Dereon? Boo that don’t even exist .minus music no one is checking for bey.she has no influence outside her music boo

      • XXX August 10, 2014

        She dont need to boo . True musicians dont need fashion boo.

    • Kandi August 10, 2014

      Actually babe, dereon ain’t what it use to be either… And plus, beyonce didn’t OWN, her mother did…..m

  3. Beysus August 9, 2014

    Well it ain’t no DEREON…

    *sips tea*

    • Grande August 9, 2014

      Of course it isn’t. Rihanna’s stuff actually exists. *sips tea*

      • Beysus August 9, 2014

        Too bad her talent doesn’t….

        *SIPS TEA*

  4. Kisses Down Low August 9, 2014

    LOL she tried it cos she knows her name sounds like FENDI

    • TheYoncèTroll August 9, 2014

      How are Kelly’s labels meetings doing?

    • Jose August 9, 2014

      You’re always one of the first in a Rihanna post but I never see you commenting on a Kelly post, you love Rih more than the Navy lol

      • Kisses Down Low August 9, 2014

        Why are you stalking me?

  5. TheYoncèTroll August 9, 2014

    It ain’t Ralph though. Lol. Jp. I wish her luck, but she probably won’t need it since she is known for her fashion. Congrats.

    • Patrice August 9, 2014

      I am so impressed that you don’t sound bitter or downgrading because u r a bey fan .thumbs up

  6. lets be real August 9, 2014

    This could be massively lucrative! A huge part of her appeal is fashion.and while her fashion series was a major flop,this could reach great heights.

  7. MELANIE August 9, 2014


  8. sashay August 9, 2014

    smart move.

  9. RECORD SALES > ALBUMS August 9, 2014

    cha ching bish

  10. Blue August 9, 2014

    If she is smart and goes more the Posh way (creditable line of product with her full involvement) rather than celebrity endorsement route then this could well go beyond even her lifetime

  11. Blue August 9, 2014

    first move should be to bring her four perfume under this, build on from the river island and armani deals and get that fashion line up and dont limit it just to rihannawear

  12. former rihanna stan August 9, 2014

    This is normal. She knows her days in music are over. I don’t seen any of these things being successful. My cuz lives in the UK and she has never seen a UK girl wear the river island line. But, at least she is thinking big. She knows she cannot sing for ever.

    • mekaela August 9, 2014

      Oh shut up river island was a mess
      I’m sure rih learn her lesson
      And will come bigger unlike
      Ghetto dereon

  13. former rihanna stan August 9, 2014


    RITA ORA CANCELED HER appearance at teen choice award cos her KILLER P**** HAS CALVIN HARRIS B*** HURT. THAT DAMM FOOL WONT LEVEL HER PERFORM IWNLYD. ANOTHER HATER, SCARED OF THE THREAT of RITA ORA. Would not be shocked if Rihanna forced him to do this., cos she is scared of RITA ORA ATTACK

    • former rihanna stan August 9, 2014

      the good thing about this…..is it makes RITA MORE INFAMOUS AND AS MONROE SAID, THAT is a good thing. HER P**** MUST TASTE OF diamonds, cos look how he is sprung.

      RITA, JUST PERFOM THE NEW SINGLE AND KEEP MOVING, THEY know too are coming and they are getting scared cos U CAN SING AND THE OTHER CANNOT

  14. former rihanna stan August 9, 2014

    RITA ORA IS SUCH A THREAT, SHE brings out the worst in people. 1ST RIHANNA is jealous as hell and steals her swag and pays HER BFF TO HANG WITH HER, NOW CALVIN HARRIS, TOOK THE SONGS AND WONT LET HER PERFORM ON THE AWARDS.

  15. former rihanna stan August 9, 2014



  16. former rihanna stan August 9, 2014

    23 June 2013

    Rita Ora has applied for a lucrative trademark patent.

    The singer’s legal team recently filed a second application aimed mainly at pharmaceutical products including hair removal cream and hair pieces.

    In November last year, Rita also applied to brand everything from cotton wool and watercolour paint to umbrellas and talcum powder, while she is also keen to expand to male products like tie clips and briefcases.

    An insider told The Sun on Sunday: “She has applied for a trademark on everything under the sun.

    “The stuff she could put her name on would be enough to fill an entire Rita Ora shop.”

  17. RihannaIsMadonna August 9, 2014

    Singer/not she is influential in ways u obnoxious could ever admit she will be like Modonna, Material Girl has went this far people were skeptical back then & they will be right now so go on but that won’t stop the FENTY evolution cuz I see this going far like her name, fashion choices, songs & stunts she pulled in her time like previous stars of the yesteryears. Rihanna came to win

    • Clue August 9, 2014

      Material Girl is still going strong ,but I wonder how much coins Madonna is really making from it? hmmmm… A lot of famous people have clothing lines too. It could be a bad investment in the long run. Selling out limited clothing and cosmetics online and in stores does not mean you have the selling power to keep your own real business going. This is not an endorsement, this is Rihanna’s money on the line.

  18. Clue August 9, 2014

    Real investments are better and endorsements too. you get paid upfront and you have no worries whether it flopped or not. Everybody has a clothing line, lingerie line and cosmetic line the market is saturated. Unless you are going to big as L’oreal and VS it is not worth it. Dr. Dre sold headphones and he made a killing, be original.

  19. LB August 9, 2014

    Well I for one am happy for her, she is big in fashion and it seems to be her second passion after music.

    The thing about Rihanna is her body is so hot she can make anything she wears look fantastic. And the thing is women see this and they want to look like her, dress like her and rock it like her.

    This is a bold but great move Rihanna. Good luck.

  20. Rihboy August 9, 2014

    Yassss. Come thru. Dereon has and will never.

  21. Fran August 9, 2014

    Lol this will flop

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