Danity Kane: Dawn Richard Breaks Silence On Break-Up

Published: Friday 8th Aug 2014 by Sam

With the music world mourning the loss of Danity Kane again, attention for many is turning to the cause of their latest break-up.

Members Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex have offered their explanation; however, moments ago Dawn Richard (who formed the focus of their open letter), broke her silence.

Her words below…

Richard’s reaction to the drama was rolled out via Twitter and TMZ.

The latter reports:

Danity Kane‘s last straw was an ambush … 2 girls against the third.

Sources connected with the group tell TMZ … Dawn Richard went nuclear when she found out Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex were meeting behind her back … recording tracks without her and discussing business matters involving the group.

We’re told the cover was blown Monday … when Dawn showed up to the studio and interrupted a private session with Shannon and Aubrey. That’s what set things off and caused the fight, that ended with Dawn punching Aubrey.

Dawn tells us the stories about her being a brute are “exaggerated lies and false accusations.”

While on Twitter, after retweeting the article above, the singer interestingly revealed that she had still been conversing with her now ex-bandmates about proceeding with the releasing completed album when the story hit:

She would go on to add sombrely…

Whichever way it’s diced or sliced, this is all sorts of sad. To think the album was done and three videos were set to be shot. Again, tragic.

Hopefully, by some force of nature, the ladies at least release the album for the fans. At this point, it almost feels owed. Logistically, as an independent act, it wouldn’t be (that) difficult either. 

Your thoughts?

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  1. Islandboi242 August 8, 2014

    Neither of you b****** getting my money if you release solo music! I’m done with all three of you for being grown woman but acting like children!

    • yasssssssssss B**** August 8, 2014

      dead go off !

    • shade on sight August 8, 2014

      Who cares h** your a nobody.

      • FireFlyyy August 8, 2014

        @shadeOnSight LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • omsomxcbxcb August 9, 2014

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  2. NT August 8, 2014

    Her mentions on twitter are in SHAMBLES after the other ladies released their letter, I will say some defense is better then none but Dawn was wrong for violence.

  3. Scoop August 8, 2014

    F**k Dawn. (Drops mic)

    • shade on sight August 8, 2014

      F** you too cumm guzzling m***** slu+

    • MerciMonsieur August 9, 2014

      @ Scoop – Oh dear…F*** Dawn? Then the failed group has NO NAME as she crafted it ON HER OWN! Aundrea brought V O C E, so that’s her contribution. Shannon (while an incredible beauty)was a place-filler.
      But the ‘human-bobblehead’ that is Aubrey is the real culprit-

      IN NO WAY DO I CONDONE VIOLENCE- but Dawn’s the O N L Y member tht had critically successful solo projects and prolly will after this…We all know tht Aubrey’s ass cannot sing. (as pointed out by the person fom HOT97)
      So why exactly was she sneaking around w/Shannon? Dawn could’ve been upset tht the first break-up was cuz bble-head and DWoods were ‘feelin a certain way’ forming cliques. . .she’s def. unstable mentally. Dawn prolly said (that’s of course #CONJECTURE and #SPECULATION

  4. cocobutta August 8, 2014

    See they all got their cover stories set to excuse the lack of funding behind the project which strained their relationship.

    Who were they signed 2 for them to release an album in the 1st place?
    Labels sniffed the mess a mile off cus clearly live they were slaying.

    Who was paying for those videos?

    I got questions and not the right answers.
    Think this story the easy way out for them as 2much stress

  5. FXCK_DAWN August 8, 2014

    Don’t say no damn nothin bout being provoked. Way to be a stereotype!!! Like why did you have to hit her?! F*** you Dawn GROW UP!

    • shade on sight August 8, 2014

      Go set yourself on fire

    • girlboo August 8, 2014

      well as much as i feel dawn should not have gotten violent, i understand why she would be furious being in a GROUP and not involved in all meetings and recording sessions because the other 2 members kept it from her, as an artist that would have been a slap to the face, and i am sure that regardless if she would have hit her or not, the group would have been done on her part, so she decided to deck the b*tch which, again, was wrong, but still i understand completely… and maybe Aubrey deserved to get decked lol

  6. Supreme August 8, 2014

    They can at least still release the album for the fans, even if its a mixtape or somethig. We’ve waited so long and have been by their supporting them throughout this whole process, so if we don’t get the new music that’s honestly not fair. I hope they can work something out for the fans

  7. former rihanna stan August 8, 2014

    Even if that was true, you do not GO IN THE STUDIO AND BEAT HER UP. WHAT if the white blonde stood her group like Zimmerman? Then what? She could have shot her dead. What if she is now charged and jailed for assault? AS BLACK WOMEN, then what?

    What you, is you arrange to have a meeting with ALL lawyers, and u lay out, one legal terms that, due to the contract, they cannot take private meeting without you. OR; U make a choice to leave the group..OR; you have a heart to heart and try and work through the problems,,,OR; you LOOK into your soul ask yourself if you are really hard to deal with and get help.

    Black women need to learn how to live in white woman dominated society. If they cannot…..move to Africa.

  8. former rihanna stan August 8, 2014

    THE WHITE GIRL can stand her ground on this one., She was in the studio THAT SHE BOOKED AND THE black woman invaded and beat her up, That is trespassing and assault which means SHE CAN STAND HER GROUD OR EVEN SUE HER

    • playtime August 8, 2014

      B1TCH your attention seeking is as extra and fraudulent as Aubrey O’days face child!

      “Ooooh these haters got a sour head look up on their face. Lemonade Lemonade

      • former rihanna stan August 8, 2014

        That kind of ghetto response is why blacks get trotted the way they do in the isa and Europe. ASIANS know how to play the game; black do not. You think popping off at me is gonna change the fact the she beat someone up?

        U think anyone in the music industry will work with a person who is violent?

  9. I SAID WHAT I SAID August 8, 2014

    What did I do as a DK fan since day 1 to deserve this kind of left-field mess on this quiet Friday evening? These girls are acting like CHILDREN. To have the hype that they had when announcing their reunion (worldwide twitter trend), to the positive reaction of “Lemonade” (positive reviews almost everywhere on the internet), to the anticipation of their unreleased tracks (“All in a days work”, “Rhythm of love”)…… they literally let their last opportunity slip through their fingers all because of disagreements & miscommunication. Sound familiar? The same reason they disbanded the first time (minus Diddy). I don’t understand how during their tour Dawn & Aubrey were besties/sisters instagramming pictures of each other every single day, to this???? Just one big disappointing MESS

  10. RoyalKev August 8, 2014

    Ugh! Maybe this is all hype! Either way I can’t lie, I’ll buy an album from a group that called it quits! Just Drop it DK!

  11. Mark111 August 8, 2014

    But everyone laughed at D Woods tho. Apparently she knew better.

    • LB August 9, 2014


  12. VH1access Blog August 8, 2014

    This is coming off like it’s publicity stunt to me. What happened to that realty show?

  13. taqueria arandas August 8, 2014

    Aubrey stay clique’n up inside the group….
    Dawn stay feelin’ ostracized

    They never fixed that from jump not suprising…

    I was checkin for DAWN & DAWN alone before the reunion, same after

  14. former rihanna stan August 8, 2014

    I just heard that they were going to film the new video next week. POOR DAWN she could not control her anger and temper. HER OWN ISSUES CAUSED HER TO LASH OUT, NOW….SHE LOSED OUT

  15. Frankie August 8, 2014

    Massive fan here but…

    Who cares anymore? Dawn will finish Blackeart. Aubrey and Shannon can go back to whatever. If they can’t work together as a group now can you imagine how big their egos would be if they get a bit of success? I honestly can wish success on people that can not keep their sh*t together without it. IMO, This is their fate

    • Frankie August 8, 2014

      *can’t* wish….

  16. Frankie August 8, 2014

    Why is Aubrey and shannon using DK twitter to post their statement? This is not Danity Kane, this is Shannon and Aubrey, so they should use their personal twitter accounts. You what? I glad they broke up! Theses b*tches do not deserve anything.

  17. Eclectech August 8, 2014

    Just proves that women can’t get along. I can’t think of one girl group that hasn’t broken up or changed personnel.

  18. Lebo(CaribbeanGuy) August 8, 2014

    Me and D Woods having a glass of lemonade, lemonade .. LOL

    Only female group still going strong is Destiny’S Child. They are strategically reuniting by jumping on each others music.. DC34eva ..

    • Lover14 August 8, 2014

      Maybe you forgot your STRONG DC3 Used to be DC4 –

      • Danny b August 8, 2014

        DK went from 5 to none to 4 to 3 to NOTHING. DC went from 4 to 4 to 3 to still being friends and being successful collectively and individually. So here’s your Go Sit The F*** Down Award.

  19. CrazyOfLoveDrunk August 8, 2014

    I think from all this is miscommunication. I think it also goes on the steam of not having a manager in place to communicate effectively to the members. I understand Dawn point of view of being ambushed. You are having all these business meeting and not consulting me about the decision you maybe making. From her tweets she was dealing with family issues. Than I look at Shannon and Aubrey doing it in the best interest of the group. Management will play a big part in a group breaking up. Honestly I would had suggest them hire Matthew Knowles to be their manager. You wanted to take your career to the next level he would had been perfect. He has already managed one of the best selling female groups of all time. Honestly they need to sit down and really discuss at hand. Let each party share the thoughts without interruption. Better ask Destiny’s Child on how they were so successful as a girl group…

  20. Sylver August 8, 2014

    We cannot only blame Dawn since we don’t know the entire story… or the the entirely true story. So I am blaming all three of them, even Shannon. Since I’ve wasted my time with this, I expect an album ASAP.

  21. Rihboy August 8, 2014

    Dawns solo efforts are way better than the group efforts. I have her last to lps goldenheart and armor on. They are really good bodies of work. She is a low key brandy to me. I think working alone suits her. I think after lemonade flopped she came to her senses.

  22. Rihboy August 8, 2014

    Dawns solo efforts are way better than the group efforts. I have her last to lps goldenheart and armor on. They are really good bodies of work. She is a low key brandy to me. I think working alone suits her. I think after lemonade flopped she came to her senses

    • Brian310 August 8, 2014

      But her and that producer are no longer working together and according to him they never will.

  23. Rihboy August 8, 2014

    Im pretty sure she can utilize someone else. I wont be shocked if roc nation dont snatch her up.

    • Joy August 8, 2014

      Dawn is talentd and I was warming to her music just before she joined with the girls again, but now with a reputation of beating people up I do not see Roc Nation signing her.

      She was doing much better than the others where music is concerned so why did she rejoined the group?

    • mercimonsieur August 10, 2014

      Is she no longer under contract with Bad Boy? I knew that she wrote a couple songs for DK, but she also was hired as a writer for the label in general…whatever the case she will def rise again while The Human Bobblehead aka A. O’day will drift back in obscurity. . .

  24. Joy August 8, 2014

    I’m done with them, like Aundrea and Dwoods coming back won’t make me support them again. Never again. Fifth Harmony and Little Mix are younger girls, but act better than these 30 something grown women. As long there is respect and communication, you don’t have to be friends to work together. I’m sure they were funding these studio sessions too, so all this money wasted for nothing, not even money can make them act right. Dawn and Aubrey are deluded. I picture those two at each others throat thinking they are the Beyonce of the group LOL. Aundrea bounce so quick when she realized what was going to happen.

    They need to say what was really going on. They would not be recording and having meetings behind each other backs if everything was ok. I think Dawn’s father sick so she spend a lot of time in NewOrleans but they are recording in LA.

    • DK brings out the crazys August 9, 2014

      Funny that Aubrey actually tweeted something months ago, about realizing you are the Beyonce of your group.

  25. dd August 8, 2014

    Clearly a stunt for love and hiphop. And reality shows. Hype fuel female group sales TLC. DC Supremes envogue swv. Come on
    there making up

  26. whoiam August 8, 2014

    Someone already said this Destiny’s Child fans stop bringing up them as some sort of shining light of girl groups. Same thing happened to DC as DK, Y’all seem to forget about Latavia, Letoya & Farrah who was all once in Destiny Child. After many changes we ended up with DC3. If I was advising DK I would tell them to release the album, it probably sell more now than it would without this strife. Their probably would not need to be in the same room if it is already finish, just sign a legal agreement, release it & move on

    • Joy August 8, 2014

      True but DC did not have any drama surrounding them before they blew up, problems came after their success. DK does not have one 1% of that success yet they are always fighting. I thought a group who is trying to make comeback would be more united than this.

      • ListenUp August 10, 2014

        I don’t think you can say they don’t have 1% of that success…their two cd’s actually did pretty good.

  27. LB August 9, 2014

    Well I for one hope Dawn gets snatched up, I have her “goldenheart” album and it is amazing.

  28. jaiyah August 9, 2014

    I feel like Dawn took a step backwards. I thought she accomplished more by her self than with DK. Last year they announced their return and now almost a year later still no single and video. When Dawn was an independent artist, she had 3 or 4 songs out with videos and performing across the country. Dawn just do your thing.

  29. Real August 9, 2014

    Dawn is a selfish self centred b****! She had planned to be on another reality show without the girls but got kicked off abd the day the story broke she immediately deleted the group from her twitter and started promoting her Blackheart project with no care in the world for all the plans and hard work that these girls have done for a year. She has pretty much stated that she decided not to continue cos the story was allegedly “leaked”, however why would the girls leak that there had been a “fight” when it was no fight she assaulted Aubrey! It sounds like they have spent the week praying she would come back and apoligise for abusing another women but instead she has walked out cos the public have found out that she is a grade A b****! Clearly Shannon and Aubs were not having meetings that effected Dawns status in the group otherwise they would be continuing without her right now, but they are devastated! It seems as though the girls passion for the group was far greater than hera and they were more commuted which is why they were having vital meetings whilst she was off trying to get her own career together! Did you know the other girl in Dirty Money hated her too and she fell out with her producer who was doing her solo stuff which is why it was delayed! It’s over for her, if she has any sense, apoligise to those girls for being do heartless and make this right, otherwise NO ONE in the industry would step near her again!

  30. Chill August 9, 2014

    I think there is a bit of truth in both sides but the main truth is Aubrey has hated Dawn since the break up and has never let up an opportunity to shade the s*** out of Dawn.

    Another note: Anyone that followed the reunion and the girls igs notice the lack of Aundrea and Shannon friendship? Those girls were BFs yet a rarely saw any closeness from them. In fact Its was Aubrey tweeting the Dawbrey pic all the way up until 2/3 weeks ago.

    There is a lot wrong with this picture, and a whole lot wrong with Aubrey & Dawn. Those two are wreak of everything that is wrong and poisonous about the music industry.

  31. DK brings out the crazys August 9, 2014

    Twitter is a ki right now, you got everyone who every hated Dawn poppin up to tell her entire business.

    Thanks to DWoods Ghubs we now know where all that “Dawn witchcraft” twitter rumor came from, them old hags won’t rest until they send Dawn back to N.O and wipe her from the face of the industry. It’s almost as if they really threaten by her entire existence…..it’s weird asfuc to me.

    I pray for all of them lost souls. Dawn & Aubrey included.

  32. Framing August 9, 2014

    We all know this album was going to flop. Dawn was getting ready to drop the album and press on with Blackheart and they were over having to fake it.

    This is an easy way to save face from a flop reunion album, whilst coming out of it better than your arch enemy. This way everyone can go back to their respective corners but Aubrey can guarantee that she takes all them gay fans from Dawns future musical endeavors.

  33. MISHKA August 9, 2014

    Good God, I can’t with those beeetches!

    At the end of the day, I’ll just say this: one girl caught my attention when I was watching “Making The Band” and I stood by her ever since and that’s Dawn. Point.Blank.Period.

    Dawn, I root for your a$$ gurl! Always had, always will.

    You deserve a solo career. So use that feisty attitude for the charts.

  34. Grande August 9, 2014

    Are people surprised? Their “comeback” was so fake and forced. D. woods and aundrea are somewhere laughing.

  35. Mcking August 29, 2014

    I think it’s a publicity stunt, if there was beef we could have seen it long time ago during the tour, why would thy go this far anyway what if Aundrea was never pregnant she was trying to get back in shape while the girls kept going, this whole thing just makes sense

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