Another Surprise? iTunes Places ‘Beyonce’ Under ‘New Releases’ Section Before Star’s VMA Performance

Published: Saturday 23rd Aug 2014 by David


Is Beyonce plotting another surprise for her ever loyal ‘BeyHive’?

The above is a question members of the fan base will pose to each other today, after the digital music outlet iTunes placed her self-titled album in their ‘New Releases’ section…nine months after its release.

Details on their interesting move after the jump…

After reports claimed the star is to perform a medley of songs pulled from the project at tomorrow’s VMAs, iTunes surprised music lovers hours ago when they threw the project into their ‘New Releases’ pile.



Adding weight to talk of a medley, the outlet’s interesting placing of the project is unlikely to be a random one, likely the first part in a plan to reignite interest in the release before and after her performance at tomorrow night’s event.

Keep it locked on TGJ to find out what ‘Yonce has up her sleeve this time.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beysus August 23, 2014

    Hmm… Doubt it… I mean that soon???

    • WhenItComesToBey August 23, 2014

      Girl Grape Juice are the masters of promo, this is their way of getting us to talk about it again.

      • FAF August 23, 2014

        They just know after her performance it will spike sales so they’re putting it front &center

  2. CATFISH CAREY August 23, 2014


    • FAF August 23, 2014

      That wouldn’t really be necessary I doubt it

  3. King August 23, 2014

    That album isn’t the only one under new releases.. Usher’s “Looking 4 Myself” is also under new releases as well as Nicki’s “Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up.” I don’t think it means there’s new music, it’s just them promoting the VMA’s because every artist under the new releases with albums that have been out for months happens to also be performing or at least appearing on tomorrow night’s show.

    • Everyone’s A Critic August 23, 2014

      Clearly Sam ain’t got that sense me and you both share

      • BaddieBey August 23, 2014

        Or maybe TGJ is trying to promote the album.

      • Queen Varner August 23, 2014

        @BaddieBey Cosign.

    • mekaela August 23, 2014

      Sam loves sucking bey p**** if
      She sneezes he reports it hungry
      Ass and desperate why don’t he
      Report that bey can’t reach number
      1 with her songs not even adding
      Nicki could help that song flawless
      Bey will be just like Mariah Carey
      Worth a half a billion and a has
      Been report that u thirsty ass Sam

  4. PHIL August 23, 2014



  5. Everyone’s A Critic August 23, 2014

    No… It’s just her pushing the album. It’s called promotion. This site really tries to make a story out of anything Beyonce related. I’m a massive fan, but this is just stupid!

    • HerNameisNicole233 August 23, 2014

      How is it stupid when they themselves said it was a ploy to promote the album after the performance?

      • Everyone’s A Critic August 23, 2014

        Who are you and who have you permission to try me?

    • Proud-Arianator August 23, 2014

      I always read your comments with a british accent 🙄

      • Everyone’s A Critic August 23, 2014

        @arianator I am British, so you’re doing it right lol

    • ChakaYonce August 23, 2014

      B****** so quick to shade before reading the thread but then again Bey DOES keep those h*** pressed.

      • Everyone’s A Critic August 23, 2014

        Who’s pressed BISH! I’m part of this hive too, I’m just not expecting another surprise release because I see why the album is in that category. It’s promotion and therefore this is an irrelevant article.. Just like you. Don’t talk to me, I HAVE SPOKEN

  6. Rosie August 23, 2014

    Get that promo Charli!

  7. mya August 23, 2014

    All the performers are under New Release

  8. SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) August 23, 2014

    No shade ( *But completely shade*) i just realised dat every new article that publishes best music videos of all time, always includes single ladies in it and not any rihanna videos………. it’s safe to say none of rihanna’s videos are more iconic dan single ladies alone……. I dare someone to disagree>>>>>

    • FAF August 23, 2014

      I mean. She doesn’t really do anything groundbreaking

      But some ppl did copy Russian Roulette padded room

      That’s all I can think of but most of her other visuals are David LaChappelle copies

      • mekaela August 24, 2014

        So say a behive all you haters
        Of rih can’t stand the fact
        A girl from a small island
        Killing the game beating all
        Your fave why don’t you go
        demonstrate about hating on
        Each other success that’s the
        Real issue in black community
        Hatred and jealous top with
        Killing each other you hate to
        See a black person succeed
        And Sam loves to spread that
        Hatred too

    • That’s Ms Sophia to you August 23, 2014

      Hoee sit down this is not a beyonce vs riahnna post you basic bytch….now bye.

      • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) August 23, 2014

        I never said it was, u DUMB STUPID F***, it was just a realization I came about today while i was online……I have no f****** clue why dis SLORE is more pressed dan Rihject’s v*****……. keep seething fool..

    • Rosie August 23, 2014

      Please. Rihanna’s only remembered video is We Found Love and even THAT is debatable.

      • Rosie August 23, 2014

        I meant Umbrella. No one cares about WFL anymore.

  9. SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) August 23, 2014


  10. HappyBirthdayQueenBeyonce (Yaaaaaasss B**** U R The Queen) August 23, 2014

    Yaaaaaassss. TGJ knows what they’re doing and I love them for it! Promote the queen above everybody else! PROMOTE HA.

  11. metzo August 23, 2014

    It’s the deluxe version! Biitch I might need to stop stanning for ha. She jut doesn’t care about our heart health. This tew much. Slayage after Slayage. I can’t handle. *Screams*

  12. #TeamTinashe Stan (“Pretend” Featuring ASAP Rocky Is Out Now) August 23, 2014

    I don’t think there is another album planned.
    I’m interested to see and hear this performance of hers though!

    And I want to see Ariana Grande perform, her “My Everything” album SLAYS! Break Free, Be My Baby, Break Your Heart Right Back, My Everything and Only 1 are my faves.
    It really has this Neo-soul mixed with pop kinda vibes especially on “Only 1.” She’s definitely, certifiably, getting my coins!

    • Dem Lessors August 23, 2014

      Girl I just saw your comment from the other Nicki post. I want to like you, but you’re ALWAYS shading Britney and I ain’t having that from someone who stans for an artist who hasn’t even dropped their debut album yet. The girl even does Britney covers which got her recognises in the first place. You need to respect that!

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (“Pretend” Featuring ASAP Rocky Is Out Now) August 23, 2014

        But notice how I only criticized her (Britney) and others music and not their body or personal life though…. Y’all do it the most on here and than unfortunately people like me stoop to that level.
        And me shading Britney now? All I ever said about her is that anyone can beast a Britney song and do it better and also mentioned that her VMA’s performance with the snake was nothing special. It looked special, but was she really doing anything with the snake other walking around with it? It’s my opinion at the end of the day. You don’t see attacking/replying to each and everyone about their opinion of Tinashe that is different from mines now..

  13. Dem Lessors August 23, 2014

    Another baseless music news story! David strikes again!

    • Draggin4MrsCarter August 23, 2014

      Yes b**** and he struck for the Queen. Everybody is hyped about the album and that’s why you mad.

      • Dem Lessors August 23, 2014

        Lol, how am I mad! I like Beyoncé tho. But Britney is Queen lets just putting it out there.

      • Dem Lessors August 23, 2014


    • KissMeKelly August 23, 2014

      Oh sis. You should know David does nothing by chance by now. This s*** was obvious Bey promo.

      • Dem Lessors August 23, 2014

        Promo for site hits and all.

  14. Mark111 ( Me. I Am Divorced ) August 23, 2014

    Ut would be a smart move to drop a part 2 or a rerelease. I hate blind stans, Beyonce could wipe her ass on stage and these roaches would “yassssss” all iver the interwebs. That’s why no one takes them serious.

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) August 23, 2014

      Yet u are pressed and perched on a beyonce post Kiiiiiiiii!!!!!

    • metzo August 23, 2014

      Yess she could take a S*** on stage and we would still be like “Yasss bitchh you betta soil that floor!” Cause she’s that much of a Goddess 😀

    • DIGGER BEY August 23, 2014

      Roaches???? Roaches are a nuiances that nobody wants around and that’s u f****. And her wipes her ass cross a stage >>>>>>>>>>>> your favs performing. #STAY N UR LANE

    • metzo August 23, 2014

      anyway I really can’t wait for the deluxe version of the album. It should push the Album past 5Mill in sales if she decides to promote it.

    • RICHIE_RICH August 23, 2014

      You need some c*** in you’re life.

  15. Draggin4MrsCarter August 23, 2014

    People calling TGJ are the dumb ones. They got everyone running to itunes to check if what they are saying is true. #PromofortheQueen.

  16. Mingxx August 23, 2014

    the thief beyonce is paying itunes for the advertisment .. especially since the album only sold a bare 2million in the U.S. not 5 or 10 mill but a measly 2 million thief beyonce needs to pay itunes for more promotion

    • metzo August 23, 2014

      Lol. Another Pressedt soul.

    • IconRihRih August 23, 2014

      Truth tea everywhere.

    • DIGGER BEY August 23, 2014

      A measly 2 million that’s Embarrassing the hell out your favs kiii kii. #IDIOTIC BIITCHES

  17. DIGGER BEY August 23, 2014

    GARGANTUAN! Her performance is very ambitious- I don’t think anyone’s tried this before. Her performance is going to be a special treat for viewers and for her fans around the World. MTV said the above about THE QUEEN’S performance. She’s steadily moving closer to that “Best of All Time” title! #UNDISPUTED

  18. Stephy. August 23, 2014

    There is no one in the industry like her right now.

  19. metzo August 23, 2014

    anyway I really can’t wait for the deluxe version of the album. It should push the Album past 5Mill in sales if she decides to promote it.

    • Stephy. August 23, 2014

      The album is still not past the 4 million mark WW. That’s strange!

      • metzo August 23, 2014

        She ain’t promoting! That’s the only reason I can think of. Hopefully the BeyMA’s does something to push the sales!

    • DIGGER BEY August 23, 2014

      If she does what the floating rumors are saying, then it will definitely spike the album sales around the World! #CUTTING EDGE QUEEN

  20. DIGGER BEY August 23, 2014

    I just gotta say that @Mark F**** is seriously a bitter, pressed miserable balls bather. Just look @ his name lmfaooo.

    • Stephy. August 23, 2014

      Exactly, he is obsessed with celebs. That n***** be stalking all the artist business. Just so he can come on here to bash them. Weird. He annoying as hell too!

  21. The Great Lacefronce. August 23, 2014

    Who cares, this porno album is old news!thiefonce will pull some gimmick I’m sure

  22. Slay_Hive August 23, 2014

    The SLAAAAAY is coming! I can’t wait for Beyonce’s performance. She’s always a million steps above her peers! I’m ready to be entertained *In my
    Bey voice* #BeyMA’s YAAASSS

  23. RICHIE_RICH August 23, 2014

    Yass stan for the queen and give her free promo……..

    The haters be so pressed!!!!!!!

  24. ~The Arcade~ August 23, 2014

    OOOOH!!! I absolutely loved that remix of partition. TGJ is on point 🙂

  25. Tasha August 23, 2014

    Shes coming for wigs. Yall better be nervous about Sunday. The executive of MTV said shes planning something no one has EVER done before.

  26. GIRL BYE! August 23, 2014

    Gworllll Yaaaasss.
    KING Bey finna slay b*tches upfront.
    Girl Hi
    *Bows down to King Bey*

  27. B2B August 23, 2014

    I bet Beyonce is going to perform Blow in skates, and turn the stage into a skating rink! Soooo obvious! It’s too early for a rerelease she still has Jealous, Blow, Mine, and Haunted to say the least. But I pray that God blesses her, her family, and her career.

  28. B2B August 23, 2014

    I think she is going to perform Blow in skates and slay!! And she is not rereleasing yet; she still has Blow, Mine, Haunted(early 2015), and JEALOUS!!BOOKMARK ME

  29. LOL August 23, 2014



    • DIGGER BEY August 23, 2014

      Kii Not desperate moves lol. Not Caca thinking a Tony Bennett duet will make people start talking about her again – Desperate Moves. BEYONCE has already outsold Unaflop and the sad thing is, Unaflop had more hits lmfaooooooo. You also sound pretty mad that she’s still getting attention from a album that came out last December, that outsold Unapurchased in 3 weeks bwahahahahahaha.

  30. fatusankoh August 23, 2014

    I cant wait the one and only queen bey god I love her so much god bless protect her and her family for life long happy life ever lasting long happy married more success in all she do good luck with the show Sunday every thing go on fine and more record sale

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