Iggy Azalea Interviews Jennifer Lopez For MTV’s ‘House of Style’

Published: Saturday 23rd Aug 2014 by David


The Pop force that is Iggy Azalea continues to extend her reach towards the general public’s wallets with MTV’s ‘House of Style’, a series revived by the network which sees the rapper play host.

Its latest guest? ‘Booty’ belle Jennifer Lopez, who caught up with the fashion-forward Iggy to discuss music, fashion and…erm…booty.

Watch her work below…

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  1. Beysus August 23, 2014

    A nobody interviewing an even bigger nobody that flopped harder than The Elusive Chanteuse… *sips tea*

    • Jamie August 23, 2014

      B**** why does Rita ora have two songs on the hot 100 with no album out While Beyonce has none on the hot 100 right now

      • Beysus August 23, 2014

        UM… BEYONCE sold 3.36 mill WW in 6 months… *sips tea*

      • Jamie August 23, 2014

        Lol all that sold yet her singles can’t even chart past top 20 🙁

      • Beysus August 23, 2014

        UM… Because she doesn’t care about singles…. That was the point of the album b****!!! Everyone can have a big generic single but nobody makes bodies of work no more!!! And she just finished a successful stadium tour and will slay your fave tomorrow…

      • Dem Lessors August 23, 2014


    • I-G-G-Y August 23, 2014

      Worry about Beyoncé graduating high school and actually singing live. Beyoncé can barely tap 3.5 million WW 5 albums in, imagine her at album number 9. #FLOP #Overrated

      • Beysus August 23, 2014

        UM… There was no promotion, at all, got rave reviews (unlike Iggys mixed reviewed flop!), is tipped to win big at the Grammys, and didn’t need a big single with a Gwen Stefani impersonator!!! So sit dooowwwn!!!

      • I-G-G-Y August 23, 2014

        LOL at your dumb ass thinking I stan for that flop.
        And there was no DIRECT promo, but she was still on the boat tour of her flop career and etc. She overexposed herself and bought a few copies. You delusional f**** kill me. You still can’t deny that the ugly b**** will have worst numbers than JLO, Mariah, Iggy, and etc when she gets to her next two albums. 4 flopped and it was only her fourth album. Stop being so DELUSIONAL & SHADY f***! Madonna sold over 2 mil with her 12th album, Mariah sold over 3 mil with her 12th album, Whitney sold over 3 mil 30 years later from her debut, Celine sold over 3 mil with her 12th album, and the list goes on. This b**** does two tours, 17 videos, & etc., and JUST cracks over 3 mil? #FLOP

      • Molly August 23, 2014

        Death at Beyonce doing R**** #s

      • Beysus August 23, 2014

        Floppin yet she’s still getting commercial and critical acclaim and performing at sold out shows??? HAAA!!! B**** stop talking that bull and take a seeeaaat!!!!

      • Beysus August 23, 2014

        And BY The F****** Way, 4 was about the music, the feeling and was a classic body of work with songs she can still perform at 60 years old!!! It wasn’t full of generic crap like EDM that was out at the time. Bey could easily have made another We Found Love and it would top the charts everywhere…

  2. I-G-G-Y August 23, 2014

    They look really really pretty here

  3. Jamie August 23, 2014

    Two of the prettiest women in music.

  4. Suicide Blonde August 23, 2014

    Jennifer Lopez is just fascinating.

  5. Cupid August 23, 2014

    Have y’all got the snippet of Drake’s views from the 6? …

  6. jlove August 23, 2014

    2 beautiful woman

  7. CICI LOVER August 23, 2014


  8. Royalkev August 23, 2014

    Fun interview! Jenny’s always been very fashionable! She has an incredible sense of style.

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