New Video: Azealia Banks – ‘Heavy Metal And Reflective’

Published: Tuesday 5th Aug 2014 by Sam

Azealia Backs attempts to bounce back with new single ‘Heavy Metal And Reflective’, the video for which premiered moments ago.

The high-octane cut is the latest to be lifted from the ‘212’ led album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’, which will now be released independently after Banks was granted a release from major label Interscope.

Can the busy track help aid Azealia’s comeback? Check out the video and let us know below…

Your thoughts?

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    This was B-O-R-I-N-G as hell.
    And DAMN this girl is ugly.

    • earonellyb August 5, 2014

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  2. LB (35Keryl Tweedy) August 5, 2014



    Mzz Banks needs to be HUGE tbh, this is some new level type of ish, I guess this is the kind of new edge progressive hip hop she wanted to bring, GENIUS AT WORK

    • Molly August 5, 2014

      You’re so extra lol

      • ceer0624 August 5, 2014

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  3. Molly August 5, 2014

    Cute… too bad it won’t chart.

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY “2 On”NOW) August 5, 2014

    This song is just like “Yung Rapunxel,” they both have no substance in the song. I hate when people say that her “Yung Rapunxel” song was about fighting the system and all but don’t even pay attention to the lyrics, where she is clearly talking about cl!t, chopping n***** heads off and the same generic rap she’s been doing over and over.
    And one thing I hate is that she overhypes her songs so much but they end up coming out as a major disappointment.

    • QueenofRap August 5, 2014

      This coming from a Tinashe fan… SUBSTANCE??? Girl Bye! 2 On < Azealia's Mixtape tracks….

  5. Beautiful barb August 5, 2014

    The video put me to sleep.

  6. Del Bey August 5, 2014

    Dope, Dope, Dope, why iggy is receiving all this promo when it’s this b**** that deserves it, she needs to be picked up again

    • Rita Slays August 5, 2014

      Because Iggy’s music speaks to people. No one knows what Azealia is rapping about. Her music has no substance or depth to it.

      • LB (35Keryl Tweedy) August 5, 2014

        “who dat who dat, IGGY”

        sit down somewhere

      • Rita Slays August 5, 2014

        Name one song Azealia has with substance, depth, or meaning. Iggy has Work, Don’t Need Y’all, Rolex, Treasure Island, Walk the Line, Impossible Is Nothing, and Glory.

        Find a seat for yourself.

      • LB (35Keryl Tweedy) August 5, 2014

        GURL BYE, Iggy has got a fake South accent, kindergarten rhymes and a ghost writer.

        Sit down.

      • Rita Slays August 5, 2014

        No boo, take that seat for yourself. I insist. You can keep trying to use Fancy and ghostwriter claims without receipts from a credible source to discredit Iggy’s music but I listed you a several songs that prove otherwise. You can’t list a single Azealia song cause it doesn’t exist. LMAO! Thanks for proving my point. No talent and no label, how sad!

        BTW, some of those songs I listed were from her mix tapes and free EP. She didn’t have a label then and she didn’t receive royalties, so who was paying for this alleged ghostwriter? I’ll wait for those receipts.

      • LB (35Keryl Tweedy) August 5, 2014

        Ya, like I’ll take the opinion of a Rita Ora stan seriously when it comes to hip hop or any sort of music.

        GURL, why do you insist on standing when the fact that you stan for Rita Ora pretty much glues you to the bottom of that seat.

  7. Beysus August 5, 2014


  8. Skyfall August 5, 2014

    Azealia Banks needs to learn self control and to keep her mouth shut, because she slays. Had this been commercially released through interscope I could see this being a top 40 hit now it ain’t gone to s***.

  9. loretta123 August 5, 2014

    This is perfection.Music,video and beauty…
    Very Very Hot!

  10. Rita Slays August 5, 2014

    Lmao! Told y’all a year ago she would be out of a label deal soon. You can’t feud with the labels biggest star (Gaga) and expect for the label to support you. Not that it would matter. She tried coming for Jay Z’s #1 artist miss Rita Ora. Jay would have every hip-hop station black list her if he wanted to. She burned every chance of a career she had a year ago and now we are witnessing the final stages of her dead career play out. Sucks to Suck. Yet another basic video to another basic song with no meaning, no substance, and no depth. Someone asked why Iggy gets promo while Banks doesn’t, one of the reasons is probably cause Banks is talentless and couldn’t form a meaningful song if her life depended on it. Sucks to Suck.

    • Queen Rihyonce Fenty August 5, 2014

      Girl Rita ain’t sell 1 million of her album World Wide yet!? How is that swarthy white h** a #1 artist of anything. Those deals she has is to make her appear more noteworthy. She isn’t she got 3 songs to #1 for 1 and total records sold since 2009 is 1.5 million. Rihanna sells 10-25 million records per era. Rita is a flop.

  11. Queen Rihyonce Fenty August 5, 2014

    Wow she surprised me with this one it’s a good song. And it’s a real rap song! No singing no pop bridge or nursery rymes chorus. I like now all she needs is a giant misshapen ass and she’ll be able to call herself a Rap Queen like Queen Nicki and Queen Iggy. Then she be able to have s** with rappers for favors and help with songwriting. Females in rap are only as good as the men n rap who they get passed between.

    • Rita Slays August 5, 2014

      DEAD @ real rap song! What story did she tell here? What’s the meaning to this song? Where’s the depth to it? Where are the bars at? 2 Chainz Birthday Song has more substance to it lmao. “No talent, no label, over 20 on the streets on NY” #GetToWorkWorkWork

      • Queen Rihyonce Fenty August 5, 2014

        Girl bye u think Rita slay

      • QueenofRap August 5, 2014

        This coming from a Rita Ora fan… SUBSTANCE??? Girl Bye! Check the lyrics you fool! And she writes her own s***, she isn’t passed a demo with a prerecorded hit, or sleeping with producers for tracks! Girl Rita will never! itunes is a popularity contest, and does not determine TRUE TALENT!

  12. Indie August 5, 2014

    I thank God for this girl, this is Hip Hop, this is new s***, the type of thing Tinie Temper or Labrynth would do but from a girl who is from the states, Love the song and video, she slayed! F*** the charts, real music over sell out music any day

  13. Truth tea (take a sip) August 5, 2014

    Female rap has SLAYED this week – Bey & Nicki, Remy and now Azealia dropped a dope video.
    Get it, chocolate queen!

    • RICHIE_RICH August 5, 2014

      All T , no shade even Kim brought it this week

  14. Dustin August 5, 2014

    I’m not sure this meets the minimum requirements to be classified as a song.

    • QueenofRap August 5, 2014

      why? because it doesn’t have a pop hook or slaying on itunes? Good Bye! This song is crazy good! and she is the queen of rap!

  15. RICHIE_RICH August 5, 2014

    Dope ….she got what it takes to be a star. A. Banks choose you’re battles wisely babes. I feel she ahead of her time which is good. Question who should sign A.Banks.

    • LB (35Keryl Tweedy) August 5, 2014

      I say DefJam, Kanye gets a lot of creative freedom there, they might offer the same to Mzz Banks.

  16. AB IS DoPe August 5, 2014

    The video is imagery The video has a meaning behind it only people that are artistic would know … so people that says it WACK we get it your Zombies
    The video tells a story of Azealia being held hostage(UNIVERSAl) the white man in the first beginning Azealia breaking free (Record Contract) Bikers starting her movement Butterfly and put bull all of has a meaning Art is painting a vivid vision through person place or thing #KnowledgeIspower #AzealiaBanks #HeavyMetalandReflective!

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare August 5, 2014

      Beautiful interpretation!

  17. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare August 5, 2014

    Slé A B!!!!! Come thru!!!!

    If only she had avoided the useless beef in the past…*sigh*

    Now, in terms of Iggy, we are NOT discussing Ford, Wilhelmina, or IMG. We are talking about HIP-HOP! Iggy does not and will not belong in such a conversation.

  18. Hmmmmm August 5, 2014

    She is very vocal about others and their work but I don’t understand a word of what she raps and her flow is the same in every single song. I’ve never understood artists’ like her.

    Anyway, all the best to her.

    • QueenofRap August 5, 2014

      Go read the lyrics you bafoon. and listen to her mixtape – AB has many flows!

  19. doubline47 August 5, 2014

    She Dope! I like her. Maybe she need to show her A** to get on top

  20. shitgotreal August 5, 2014

    This b**** is the best thing that happened in female rap since forever. Iggy doesn’t have a chance against AB artistic wise.

  21. K August 5, 2014

    not bad.

  22. August 6, 2014

    It’s such a shame how much promise this young lady once had before becoming her own demise. When the stars align and she has the right production, Azealia straight smashes any record she’s on, but unfortunately she’s blacklisted herself and many a opportunities trying to break in this industry the same way 50 Cent did.

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