Watch: Akon Believes Beyonce & Jay Z’s Marriage Is A “Business” Arrangement

Published: Tuesday 5th Aug 2014 by Rashad

From its early 2000s beginnings, power couple Jay Z and Beyonce‘s relationship has been surrounded by rumors.  Over a decade later, despite no tangible signs of tear as they continue to conquer the road with the top-selling ‘On the Run’ tour, gossip has run amok about the ‘Drunk In Love’ duo’s marital state of affairs.

The most recent opinion lent comes from rapper/producer Akon who seemed ever ready to share his thoughts when approached by TMZ in Washington, DC.

Unaware or unconcerned about the potential backlash en route to his social media handles, the ‘Locked Up’ hitmaker was quite candid with his analysis of Carter relationship – even comparing it to a “business” or “corporate” arrangement.

Do you agree with his assessment?  Hear it all below and tell us what you think:

Thanks to TMZ!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rihyeezy August 5, 2014


    • earonellyb August 5, 2014

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  2. Iconic Cici August 5, 2014

    Well it is…. billion dollars on the elevator proves it that b**** married him for the $$$$…. Yes liv can already clocked Beyonce on being a horrible wife .

    • Rihyeezy August 5, 2014

      I rather it be that than being 2 FLOPS In Love

      • Iconic Cici August 5, 2014

        Atleast they’re in love where’s Rihoes man?

    • beystan August 5, 2014

      But she signed prenup soooo nooo she didn’t

    • RICHIE_RICH August 5, 2014

      Who knows , as a fan I felt that way in the beginning . Now I think they truly love each other. Beyonce mos def didn’t marry for the money. She’s worth 450mm

  3. islandBoi242 August 5, 2014

    I agree! Like there marriage is so fake to me! Weither your a fan or not it’s seems to staged for me.

    • Bey Advocate August 5, 2014

      it only seems staged because they’re not putting their business out here like most people, i think its important to keep a relationship lowkey…put too much out there, people try to bring you down…like now for instance

  4. Beysus August 5, 2014

    HELL NO!!!

    *waits for the Hive to attack*

    • Iconic Cici August 5, 2014

      The hive should get an education first.

      • Beysus August 5, 2014

        Um… most of us do…

  5. Diamond Princess August 5, 2014

    He must be suicidal b/c whether true or not his ass is toast! First talking wreckless about Lady Gaga and her success now this, dude is really bold. It’s the elephant in the room but no one talks about it. He knows better

    • teee August 5, 2014

      He is doing this to get noticed but nothing can revive what’s left of this joke’s carrer

  6. Ashgino August 5, 2014

    You can’t stage a baby…even if it was arranged, they have found love and we all know beyonce ain’t that great of a actress nor is Jay to pull off staging

  7. She be Keyshia August 5, 2014

    He’s still alive?

  8. Musiclover August 5, 2014

    But akon has 5 wives tho he should talk and I still don’t see how its business

  9. Naomi August 5, 2014

    Death! So a huge money making couple has to be about ‘business’. Typical black people tearing eachother down.

  10. CATFISH CAREY August 5, 2014


  11. Blue August 5, 2014

    There has always been this corporate essence about everything beyonce related…but who are we to judge for love or money a marriage is a marriage and they seem to be handling theirs well.

  12. RICHIE_RICH August 5, 2014

    Who knows , as a fan I felt that way in the beginning . Now I think they truly love each other. Beyonce mos def didn’t marry for the money. She’s worth 450mm

  13. Metzo August 5, 2014

    Lol even a 3 year old could see right through these two’s love. It’s soo obvious. It’s all in Beyonce’s eyes. She LOVES that man! And Beyonce fans know, because we see more than their music videos together.
    Just watch some personal footage of her I am… world tour. “I miss my husband” . “I can’t wait to make love to my husband” and she was tearing up. Those are basic things that you look at and instantly see that her feelings for Jay are Genuine. You don’t need a psychic.
    Plus, there is no way she married him for money or power because:
    1. Beyonce has a bigger name than Jay
    2. Bey was already raining money when she married him

    • fatusankoh August 5, 2014

      Metro you are so right bey love jay and she is one man woman this why when I hard about spilting I was sad for her because she not the type that go around as for that black akion with 50wifes don’t know what he is talking about may be want to make a record he better go back to africa

  14. Molly August 5, 2014

    Jay z = Power

    We all know if he was broke or even on the level of big sean she wouldn’t have gave him the time or day.

    • Carmen August 5, 2014

      How do you know?

    • teee August 5, 2014

      Where is future? The 2 month old baby hasn’t been carried by his father. Wow just pathetic.

  15. Blue August 5, 2014

    She wasnt even worth half that when they got together and there is that pre-nup that says she gets paid to stay married to him and give him a child…lol she must have been like ‘pay-day!’ when she learned she was pregnant with Blue…lol jk

  16. Carmen August 5, 2014

    You can’t fake what they do. Especially their early videos and interviews on TRL and stuff. The sexual attraction is undeniable. Yes they know they make money and ARE a brand that they have built over the years but thats clearly not why they got together.

  17. Dana August 5, 2014

    Yeslivcan…. Please tell me why your on here commenting
    On Jay Z and Beyonce leave them alone your truly sad

  18. Skyfall August 5, 2014

    When did Beyonce become worth $450 million. I thought she was at $350 where did the extra 100m come from.

    • RICHIE_RICH August 5, 2014

      J 560 bey 450 solo 5

    • teee August 5, 2014

      Madam do some research b4 posting foolish comment. She is worth 450m & rumour has it for each show of onthe run tour(independent of ticket sales) she gets 4m meaning by the end before the total gross she would have made 84m. Let’s not forget she has other businesses.

  19. Teacher(Sam in my avi) August 5, 2014

    Everybody been knowin that!

    • KatyCat August 5, 2014

      Sam looks cute




      • tits mcgee August 5, 2014

        +1. I think he’s handsome.

    • tits mcgee August 5, 2014

      Lol. You are so messy! Is that really Sam?
      Sam I love the diva hand to cheek pose! 🙂

    • LB (35Keryl Tweedy) August 5, 2014

      Uncalled for, stop being a mess. I think he (Sam) looks fine.

    • Molly August 5, 2014

      Lmao that’s Sam?

  20. Skyfall August 5, 2014

    They got married and stayed because the love each other obviously, yeah they decided to make what they do a family business but at the end of the day if they really married each other for publicity they wouldn’t be so private.

  21. I Stan For Myself August 5, 2014

    B*******! No one ever questions white couples. Why always question Beyonce and Jay z. We’re not used to seeing a couple as powerful as them on BOTH sides thats why. Its always one and not the other. Like Will and Jada, the power comes from Will. Ike an Tina was all about Tina. Beyonce and Jay Z are BOTH as powerful and thats never been done before in black showbiz.

    • fatusankoh August 5, 2014

      Well said I could not have saidit better than you thanks all I have to say to my fellow fans let’s continue to lovesupport our bey dont let this haters get to us we know the true

    • ~The Arcade~ August 5, 2014

      You’re absolutely right

  22. LB (35Keryl Tweedy) August 5, 2014

    But who didn’t know that marriage is as fake as Tweedy’s “live” vocals?

    Thank you captain obvious for telling us stuff we already knew.

  23. Barb B**** August 5, 2014

    Lol only haters believe this nonsense. Don’t be mad cos Bey and Jay CAN make business off what they do, dont make em fake.

  24. CATFISH CAREY August 5, 2014


    • teee August 5, 2014

      B**** who is your fav? You always hating on everyone. Ps don’t expect everyone’s marriage to be like your run away daddy. #abandoned child.

  25. fatusankoh August 5, 2014

    You black akoin go back to Africa with your lies bey could have marry any man if she want to or not marry at all but she chose jay for love every onewith common sence knows that only hatemongers like you and your fellow haters can say other wise I know you are making an album sham on you money hungry so you can feed your 100.00wifes

    • teee August 5, 2014

      Don’t mind the stupid monkey.

  26. Cameron Diaz STAN August 5, 2014

    I Think U All Are Takin’ Akon’s Words Outta Context! We All Kno The Love Of Jay & Bey Are Genuine! There’s No Denyin’ Tht, But At The Same Time, They About Business! If Things Go Left With Their Marriage, Then They Look On The Other End Tht Is Not F*****’ Up Both Of Their Money & Reputation! They Dont Want Bey To Be The Victim Nor Jay, So Of Course They Gotta Wprk Together To Make Sure They’re Both Doin’ Wht They Gotta Do So It Dont Backfire! THTS WHT HAPPENS WHEN U MIX BUAINESS WITH PLEASURE

    • Sarah August 5, 2014

      Thank YOU!! Finally someone with a sensible comment..I doubt these h0es even listened to the video..and just jumped on Akon..he never claimed that their marriage was fake..neither did he claim that they arent in love..he said their public relationship comes off as a business..not their personal relationship..and he is right..he is only speaking on what most of us already assume

  27. Dossome August 5, 2014

    Of course the two love each other…but at the same time i feel they’re Corporate Endorsed.Look at how those old ass Americans made a big deal about Bey and Jay’s vacation in Cuba to celebrate “their” anniversary.They are the ideal image of what they want an African-American marriage to be and thats what they’re pushing.Forbes and other magazines never used to rank celebrity couples based on how much money they made.The so-called Power Couple lists only started being taken seriously when the two engaged,prior to that was the now defunct HOLLYWOOD SEXIEST COUPLE which always ranked Brad Pitt and Angelina (another corporate endorsed couple) at the top.When folks like Bill O’Reilly (sp?) make a big deal about a music video or a song’s lyric,you get my point…..No?Ok,from now on take a good look at Lupita Nyong’o’s “winning streak” and you’ll the Corporate’s hand in it and expect her to marry a white A-List celebrity “soon”

    • Dossome August 5, 2014


      • teee August 5, 2014


  28. Revolution August 5, 2014

    The Carters are a brand no doubt. They built themselves up for that doesn’t mean their marriage isn’t out of love.
    If you have seen the Tour, you know they have BOTH. That Tour had so much meaning behind it.

  29. XXX August 5, 2014

    They upgrade eachother. Nothing bad about that.

  30. CrazyOfLoveDrunk August 5, 2014

    Why do we as fans care of what kind of marriage they have. Akon don’t you have like 5 wives back in your homeland? Like seriously. You mean to tell me a Husband and Wife can’t be successful business partners. If this marriage was a business arrangement why hasn’t ended like Kim Kardashian last relationships. Beyonce has her own money and Jay-Z has his own. Clearly they are not in for the business. We are so invested to seeing them break up we as fan fall into the trap of the “music business.” They have lives of their own. He may have cheated on her, but she dealt with in her own way. If you partner cheated on you would you want your momma and daddy talking about to you aunt and uncle saying how stupid you are. Everyone relationship has it on standards. Look at your own relationship.

  31. Valerie August 5, 2014

    Says the freshie with 5 wives

  32. teee August 5, 2014

    This akon man is a joke. He never really had a career & is just saying this for some relevance. Sorry tho cause the best thing that happened in his life is getting locked up which was his only lyrics when he claimed he was making music.#stupid nobody.

  33. teee August 5, 2014

    Ciara should get some sense first seeing as she married a flop with 5 baby mamas. Was she thinking she would be the one to change (b**** needs brain fast).

  34. Rih Rox August 5, 2014

    Tis true.

  35. August 6, 2014

    I don’t see what Beyonce and Jay Z are doing as any different than a husband and wife who own and run a business together. Over the years they’ve collaborated on one another’s records, building up quite the catalog and finally decided to embark on a tour and perform the records live for their fans. It makes sense. If it were all about business, I don’t think they would have brought a child into the situation. especially not Jay who would suffer financially, if he and Bey divorced and she came after that child support check.

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