Ariana Grande Wakes Up Australia With Performances On ‘Sunrise’

Published: Tuesday 9th Sep 2014 by Sam

Embracing her global status, Ariana Grande is currently grinding on the promotional trail for her new album ‘My Everything’ in Australia.

The set, which rocketed to the top spot Down Under, was preceded by singles ‘Problem’ and ‘Break Free’ – both of which she performed on morning show ‘Sunrise’ earlier today.

Watch the budding diva in action after the jump…

Solid Ariana showings. That said, we’d be all for her reeling things in on the choreography front and let the spectacle happen around her; she should ultimately be falling into the moves here and there. Her voice is everything, as such we think it best that nothing distracts from that. Just our two cents.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rima September 9, 2014

    She’s so over exposed lol her flop album couldn’t even outsell boring ass Ultra Violence.

    • You’re Stupid Go The F*** Away September 9, 2014

      You dumbass. It’s incredible how dumb you are. Her first and second album both debuted at number one. And her second album is still running strong at number one.

  2. Boy September 9, 2014

    SHE IS IS RUDE. + Madonna and Houston my A>S>S. F>U>C>K>I>N>G MIMI understudy.

  3. Tisha September 9, 2014

    Lord those same tired over the knee boots, this chile KNOWS she looks like she’s 12 and is doing everything to hide the fact.

    Btw, David another one of your faves reputation is starting to proceed her. The Australia press had some tea to spill.

  4. HOTSTUFF September 9, 2014


    • Honeymoon Avenue September 9, 2014

      Lmao @ you seething!! Seethe away b*tch, seethe away! Ariana remains unbothered.

  5. HonestLamb September 9, 2014

    The gay man in me likes ariana but the lamb in me can not help but hear the Mariah influence in the way she sings. Sam, I think they make her dance so that can be what she does different from Mariah, because if that young lady stood still, it would be all Mariah, f&ck that India influence BS. Really get into break free vocals and just tell me that’s not mariah Carey’s vocal style.

  6. HOTSTUFF September 9, 2014

    and what was solid about this Sam ? We all know Big Sean has a big D but lord have mercy u don’t need to kiss her ass like that, u already got the interview for your blog boo

    • Honeymoon Avenue September 9, 2014

      A Rihanna fan coming for another artist’s performance? A self drag.

  7. HonestLamb September 9, 2014

    I’m not hating but her fans are being fooled. The more I hear problems, live, I hear a mariah carey song and that’s not bad because we all know MC makes quality music, but Ariana Grande is a vocal copy cat of Mariah Carey and I don’t mind it but i see what she is doing.

    • LB September 9, 2014

      OH GOD who is that hunk in your avi? LAWD HAVE MERCY

    • Honeymoon Avenue September 9, 2014

      Problem sounds nothing like any Mariah song, I swear Lambs reach like this because they’re bored. No one compares Ariana to Mariah anymore besides Lambs. For some strange reason they keep it alive even though they claim they hate the comparisons. Please get off that and move on, same with this copycat vocals bs. You can’t copy someone’s voice. I can try to copy Whitney Houston’s voice all I want and it won’t happen. It all depends on what God gives you. Mariah wasn’t the first with that type of range, she won’t be the last. Deal with it. And no, she didn’t invent that style of singing either.

      • Honest lamb September 9, 2014

        Go ahead honey, here, you let it out in the book. #inyourfeelings

      • Honeymoon Avenue September 9, 2014

        Can’t clock anything I said, cute comeback though. 10 sentences is hardly a book though.

  8. LB September 9, 2014

    LOL she’s such a little diva, I love it.

    I liked the problem performance, it had energy. The break free one, well she can keep that one.

    Overall, I am seeing a lot of growth, breathlessness, and vocal damage. If she continues to play her cards right, she’ll have a bright future, and possible one that consists of auto-tune.

  9. CM September 9, 2014

    Ariana did great live this time around, her next single Be My Baby is going to have urban crossover appeal for sure! Hopefully Love Me Harder feat. the weekend and One Last Time are singles at some point. She can defiantly re release My Everything, i see this album having success just like Good Girl Gone Bad imo.

  10. Hails September 9, 2014

    She’s so awkward. What’s with the no eye contact when they were interviewing her. She seems so superficial!!!

  11. Hails September 9, 2014

    And she knows she listened to Mariah Carey growing up.

  12. BeautifulDisaster89 September 9, 2014

    I really want to like her music but she just lacks originality IMO. Her sense of style, her stage presence,and she has a big voice but I can never understand what she’s saying lol I like that Bang Bang song though that’s about it.. lol

  13. Honeymoon Avenue September 9, 2014

    Lambs are still fixated with Ariana I see. Sigh, just let it go already. Stop stalking Ariana’s every move and dissecting them to make sort of a reach comparison to her and Mariah. Copying her voice and singing style, really??? Let it go! Ariana delivered a solid performance but I kinda agree with TGJ. I prefer her standing performances that showcase her vocals rather then extra dancing to distract people from it. Dancing makes her like every other diva/teen pop star anyways. She stood out by being the only one of her “contemporaries” who can earn a standing ovation from for belting out an R&B flavored song.

    • Honest lamb September 9, 2014

      You are delusional if you don’t hear the similarity in the vocal arrangements.

      • Honeymoon Avenue September 9, 2014

        You’re delusional to think Mariah was the first to use that style and even more delusional to think she’d be the last.

  14. Honest lamb September 9, 2014

    First, mariah has a signature style of singing. Please name one artist before Mariah Carey that had that style of singing? I’ll wait… You forget Mariah is known for shaping a generation of vocalist, that means she has a signature sound. Second, in my last response, I said let it out in the book. I was not calling your paragraph a book, I was referencing to the movie “Mean Girls”…. That’s all

  15. Honest lamb September 9, 2014

    Dear New Generation:
    When an artist develops a signature sound that shows originality. They tend to make music/vocals sound a certain way. This is why we hear people say “that song sounds like a _____ song” . Examples of artist who have a signature sound: Michael Jackson, James Brown, Madonna, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Sade, Prince, The Beatles, Timberland & Missy Elliot. So, in conclusion, don’t be mad when someone you Stan for has the sound of an artist that came before them.

  16. There once was a pimp and his h**…. September 9, 2014

    This is cute but she still has a lot of work to do. She needs to find her comfort range and stick to it because I can easily hear/see all that effort she makes just to hit those upper belts. Your vocals should sound like a piece of cake NOT like all my life I had to fight. She also needs to work on her persona because she came across rude/fake in this interview. She was only partially paying attention to the interviewers and barely looked at them when she was speaking most of the time. Lastly, I caught that Mariah shade. Lately, every time an interviewer ask Ariana about her main influences she always seems to “forget” to mention Mariah. I get that every artist usually has several people that influences them but you can’t seriously expect me to believe that an artist would forget to mention someone who clearly still heavily influences their work. Mariah’s influence is more evident in Ariana’s music/vocals than Madonna, Whitney, or India.Arie. I suspect she must still be mad because of that comment Mariah made about her along time ago.

  17. corey brown September 10, 2014

    Sam, throw in your A&R towel. Just bc her clear influence is Mariah doesn’t mean she has to limit herself to just being a vocalist. Although Mariah has influence her vocal style…Beyonce changed they game when she inspired artist to wanna fuse being a vocalist not just a singer, and a dancer to be an all around entertainer. Clearly with constant practice arianna can be a vocalist and dancer. If she doesn’t get caught up she can be the second of this kind. Beyonce was the first and now labels are on the hunt for the next artist who can be placed among Whitney and Mariah as a vocal beast and among MJ, James b., and Beyonce as stage blazer. Let her to for it. I think she can if she works hard. I just watched Bey’s baby boy VMA performance and her dancing at the end was funny but you can even see then bey was determine to become better. Arianna has that zeal put that fire out.

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