Gladys Knight On Biopic: “I Want Kelly Rowland To Play Me”

Published: Tuesday 9th Sep 2014 by David

Soul legend Gladys Knight has revealed that she would like to see R&B diva Kelly Rowland portray her in a biopic, revealing that she feels the star would be her first pick if tasked with casting an actress for the role.

How she did so?

Find out below…


If Rowland is to play Knight it would mark one of many acting gigs for the entertainer, who scored her first lead role in a movie in 2004’s ‘The Seat Filler.

Your thoughts?

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  1. christinastherealtalent September 9, 2014

    Bad idea! A legend like Kelly portraying another legend is too distracting! Unknowns should be casted.

    • Carmen September 9, 2014

      Since when was Kelly a legend tho

      • thetruth September 9, 2014


        U may not like it but she is a legend. She will always be being that she was apart of 1 of the biggest girl groups of our time… they were the last girl group to be hugely successful. Kelly has made her mark in her own unique way. She doesn’t have to be a big album seller to make her mark in the industry… for a legend such as Gladys Knight to want Kelly to play her is super huge.

      • Carmen September 9, 2014

        Destinys Child is a legendary act. Kelly Rowland as an act is not.

      • thetruth September 9, 2014

        It is definitely possible… she is still very young. She has many years ahead of her to prove herself and to become a legend. Being in DC automatically made her an icon with or without the group and her many years of being in the music industry can give her legendary status. She definitely hasn’t hit her prime yet like Bey but I see it more than ever now; her time is coming soon.

    • Really gurl? September 9, 2014

      These TGJ commenters are giving legendary statuses out like welfare. Not everyone deserves legendary status, especially Kelly, Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child. Their time is coming. Right now, they are definitely icons.

      • Special Delivery September 9, 2014

        Beyonce and Destinys Child are in a different category to Kelly Rowland. What makes her iconic/legendary? Destinys Child. Destinys Child as collective will be legendary. Beyonce solo will be a legend. Kelly Rowland will be respected for being part of DC. That is it.

      • DIGGER BEY September 9, 2014

        Haters please Sit Down! The popular three of The Supremes are considered legends. When Martha and The Vandellas were inducted in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame……they saw all ladies iconic. DC being one of the biggest and broke grounds where other girl groups didn’t, make all Iconic. Especially THE QUEEN & Kelly!!

  2. Beysus September 9, 2014


    • elaroyssa September 9, 2014


  3. Islandboi242 September 9, 2014


  4. Nah September 9, 2014

    No sis. Kelly is gonna play Donna Summer. Get Jennifer Hudson or someone else.

    • thetruth September 9, 2014

      @ Nah says

      She can play both roles. Kelly is Gladys top choice. I think Gladys will be a bit more challenging for her though… I think Donna Summer will be natural for her.

    • Really gurl? September 9, 2014

      I see it for both legends.

  5. DD September 9, 2014

    I would be down for this, though I’ve always thought the obvious choice for a diva for Kelly Rowland to play would be Donna Summers given their similar looks.

  6. BAMMMMM September 9, 2014


  7. B4REAL02 September 9, 2014


  8. lets be real September 9, 2014

    Kelly. would be great! but also i would love to see Kelly play DONNA SUMMERS

  9. K September 9, 2014

    the legend have spoken.

  10. Ms fine September 9, 2014

    I think that is a good idea.. Kelly really is a good choice.. People hating already.. First of all kelly can do both Donna Summers an Ms Gladys.. These movies will really put Kelly on.. And for Ms Gladys to pick her herself then it’s something she see in her, y’all don’t have to see it but she do and that’s all that matters. Get that role kelly boo and keep on going like you do

  11. Anne September 9, 2014

    Personally I don’t see why someone would pick a singer as a first choice as opposed to a seasoned actress who can lip sync. Tina Turner had the right idea and that’s why she’s had the best portrayed thus far. There is absolutely no way Kelly can for Gladys’ vocals so in this case it makes even less sense to pick her in my opinion.

    • BeautifulDisaster89 September 9, 2014

      eh i partly disagree with that lol yes angela bassett did fantastic as tina turner BUT look at Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles he’s a singer and did a fantastic job of playing him. And I think that vocally Kelly Rowland is capable of singing Glady’s Knight songs but I think she has to get out of her comfort zone.

      • Tyler September 9, 2014

        Jamie fox has experience in acting tho..,he even had his own show. Not a good comparison.

      • BeautifulDisaster89 September 9, 2014

        @Tyler yea I had to think about that for a minute but eh.. close enough lol

  12. Aaron September 9, 2014

    Kelly is a really good choice

  13. Aaron September 9, 2014

    If Gladys choose kelly then it’s something she see in kelly.. She said that they are a lot alike. You people don’t hand around then so she would no who is good to play her

  14. MIA September 9, 2014

    This movie would put kelly on the map..

    • MIA September 9, 2014

      Yessss kelly is a good choice.. And she still can do Donna Summers also.. Everybody else do more then 1 movie.. This is your chance kelly.. Kelly also said she is getting ready for a big movie but not going to say what it is yet so that would be good for her

  15. ReD head September 9, 2014

    Kelly will do good hands down

  16. 90210 September 9, 2014

    Yesssss please kelly do it..

  17. BeyHive September 9, 2014

    Kelly will become a legend as a solo act , So Don’t hate on her because now some of the older legends are starring to see Kelly as the next Big Thing Let it be know that the BeyHive has said it first Kelly is about to become the next hot entertainer.

  18. RowlandStone September 9, 2014

    Hahaha I Told y’all She was Gonna bump like this Lmao , Y’all. Can stay mad because She’s Wining New line with TwSteel (Yes a Baby line is coming after that ) she’s doing a make up line plus she has another big movie coming up and her Album she’s Working on Its Clear Kelly isn’t letting her Baby Prince Stop her from making the Coins Honey. Who knows she may be doing a Documentary.And this Bigger& Better Tour She’s putting together I Can’t take it all She’s Really doing it

  19. DIGGER BEY September 9, 2014

    Yesssssssss!!! I think Kelly could’ve played Whitney too. I don’t Kelly would pick to many singer biopics. I would luv to see this one and The Donna Summers is a must! I see you Miss Kelly!!! #ITS YOUR TIME

  20. Nicki Slays September 9, 2014

    Yes Finally people are seeing Ms Kelly for what she is and that’s a Great Singer/Entertainer/Actress I Love Kelly’s Music also Omg Her Song Put your Name on it is my s*** Good job kelly your music really helped me get back to my self after I have a really bad Break up. Can’t wait for the new album Honey, I think Kelly and Nick should do a Song together now too it’s only right nick likes Kelly.

  21. DIGGER BEY September 9, 2014

    And I must say, 80% of the time when legendary acts are combing thru this generation, Kelly name always come up. The yester year Icons know who’s the Icons of this generation. Whether its because of DC or solo, she’s Iconic! All those groups that were big when DC first debuted, none are relevant now. Nobody but JT. #LONGEVITY

    • Lady Gaga Monsters September 9, 2014

      So true I’m happy for her she really is making her way up the music Pole Kelly is a great Singer and dancer I loved her in the seat filler so I know she can act her ass off. Omg is it me or I’m I the only one who still listen to still in love with my Ex by Kelly I love that song. Can’t wait for the album Kelly and you line with TwSteel is amazing and you I like the Caress body wash

      • DIGGER BEY September 9, 2014

        OMG!! I love that song!! That’s one of her staple songs!

  22. UGH September 9, 2014

    As a moderate fan of Kelly, I can honest and say I can see that, but anyone else who has seen Kelly’s “Grown Woman” cover and Kelly’s petite body type KNOWS she should play Donna Summers or even Diana Ross. Kelly would be perfect as those ladies, but whatever Gladys wants, she gets. #Icon

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