Jason Derulo & Jeremih Reach New ‘Hot 100’ Highs

Published: Thursday 11th Sep 2014 by David


Their struggle to sell albums may be real, but it would seem very little can stop Jason Derulo and Jeremih from rockin’ and rollin’ on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’!

How the pair are causing quite the scene on the US singles chart?

Good news after the jump…

Proving that R&B’s time on the tally is anything but over is ‘Mih’s ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’ which ditches #17 to make friends with #13, rising #4 spots in the last week.

Six spots beneath him lies Bobby Shmurda’s ‘Hot Boy’, which spends its first week in the Top 20 at #19 as Iggy Azalea‘s ‘Black Widow‘ crosses the 1 million mark following her appearance on ‘Ellen’ this week.

Elsewhere, Derulo’s ‘Trumpets’ creeps 8 spots to #58, doing so 15 weeks after its release date and as 7,261 units moved by Beyonce’s self-titled new album brought its US sales total to 2,062,614.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mark111 September 11, 2014

    True singles artist, but hey, it’s a singles age. With all the hype the pest made about the Flawless remix, why is it just at 87 on the hot 100 a month later? #P

    • Dana Derulo September 11, 2014

      Jason makes more on singles than some of these flops make on albums so BOOM.

      • Mark111 September 11, 2014

        I agree, but it still makes him a singles artist. So does Pit Bull and FloRida, hell and the rest of the BB top 49, lol. Like I said, singles IS the market now. That or touring.

      • stievyuae September 11, 2014

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    • booboo bye September 11, 2014

      Not you talking about A “singles artist” when you stan for…. Aw forget it what’s the use.

    • philly September 11, 2014

      becuase it wasn’t even put out on itunes or for sale anywhere ://

  2. booboo bye September 11, 2014

    Yay! but, who are they?

    • Jason Slayruleux September 11, 2014

      ….said the doctor to your mom when asked to identify her baby daddies.

      • booboo bye September 11, 2014

        LOL! What?

      • Oscar Pistrorius Shot Me September 11, 2014


      • Jason Slayruleux September 11, 2014

        I’m sorry @booboo i meant to say this to mark111 im such a dumbfvck sometimes can you please forgive me? I’m so ghetto and a hoodrat.

      • Jason Slayruleux September 11, 2014

        Ignore that b**** who just said sorry, I am the real Jason Slayruleux and she is the motherfucking imposter.

      • Jason Slayruleux September 11, 2014

        Noooooooooooo i reallt am sorry …….see i didn’t take my meds

  3. Sisqo is King September 11, 2014

    wack!! you these two R&B??? Don’t tell em is a sampled track.

    • Sisqo is King September 11, 2014


    • EazyBREEZY September 11, 2014

      Still pressed Sisqo hasn’t had a hit since Clinton was in office?

      • Jason Slayruleux September 11, 2014

        Actually Bush you at least you tired.

      • Sisqo is King September 11, 2014

        Sisqo never released music dumb ass.And tell your fav Sisqo wants his style back.

      • EazyBREEZY September 11, 2014

        Oops. And how long ago was that b****?

    • Sisqo is King September 11, 2014

      why is your fav stealing Sisqo’s image s***??

      • EazyBREEZY September 11, 2014

        Why hasn’t Sisqo had a hit since Wrong Song.

      • Sisqo is King September 11, 2014

        Because he didn’t have to rely on beating his girlfriend’s ass to stay relevant.

      • BrunoMartian September 11, 2014

        But surely beating his girlfriend would have HURT not helped his career. Just accept that Sisqo is a flop so we can all go about our business. Hmmkay?

    • Sisqo is King September 11, 2014

      Not if it was Rihanna!! b**** mind your damn business

      • BrunoMartian September 11, 2014

        Watch your tone with me. S***.

      • Sisqo is King September 11, 2014

        Than stop getting into s*** that doesn’t have anything to do with you.

  4. Jason Slayruleux September 11, 2014

    My b**** is so ready i would ride both their sacks dry…..

    • Jason Slayruleux September 11, 2014

      What kind of weak b**** copies somebody’s name.

      • Jason Slayruleux September 11, 2014

        I didn’t take my meds this morning im talking to myself now.

      • Jason Slayruleux September 11, 2014

        Not quite b****, you stole my name. Don’t make email TGJ and get them to block your ass for impersonating me.

    • Jason Slayruleux September 11, 2014

      My mom is the one with the multiple baby daddies im such a failure at life.

  5. Mariana Alsina September 11, 2014

    “Sisqo never released music.”

    The self shade is authentic.

    • Sisqo is King September 11, 2014

      My fav has more talent in his right wrist than your fav. Where is the shade in that??

      • Mariana Alsina September 11, 2014

        August is just as good of a singer is Sisno is if not better and let’s not even go there with impact because nobody knows any other Sisno songs besides Thong Song which was how many years ago.

    • Sisqo is King September 11, 2014

      But August whoever didn’t have any impact in the music industry at least Thong Song is known and Imcomplete was #1. He is not a better Singer than Sisqo..Sisqo can do one hand flips while singing at the same time,, on key…..I have yet to see another Singer accomplish this.

      • Mariana Alsina September 11, 2014

        “Hand flips while singing at the same time….I have yet to see another singer accomplish this.”

        What kind of Guiness World Book of Records reach.

      • Mariana Alsina September 11, 2014

        Poor thing has to use acrobatic receipts to defend her fave. Look here b****, the only acrobats August has to do is on the charts where he slays regularly so have a seat (or two) boo boo.

    • Sisqo is King September 11, 2014

      I also used Thong Song and Incomplete as receipts too.Has your fav topped those?? August is not more known than Sisqo hon.I should you the video because you tried to make it seem that I was lying.

  6. Jason Slayruleux1 September 11, 2014

    Here ye Here ye! From this point forth I will be called Jason Slayruleux 1 because this Ariana Grande looking copycat cow stole my original name. If you see anybody with a different avi but with the same know in your hearts that that is the impersonator.

    • KatyKadet September 11, 2014

      Got it sis.

      • Jason Slayruleux1 September 11, 2014

        S***** kitty stan needs to sit thanks!!!

    • Jason Slayruleux1 September 11, 2014

      No i have one than one email so it might still be me.

      • BeyBeyKing September 11, 2014

        Clearly not my dear, just give it up.

      • Jason Slayruleux1 September 11, 2014

        Worry about Yawnonce’s interchangeable wigs collection you flop b****. and tell her to get off her knees thanks hun.

  7. truthtea September 11, 2014

    Well damn, you’d think the “impact” Beybonic has made, that she would’ve sold more than 2 million in the US with her latest.

    • ConfessionsofaGoodKisser September 11, 2014

      Ironic that your name is truth tea considering how many times you’ve been tea bagged.

    • OVODrizzy September 11, 2014

      Tell your mom to give me my f****** money. Oh sorry wrong number.

  8. EnRanc September 11, 2014

    F*** that “it’s a singles age” b*******. Pacifistic attitudes like that are the reason why everything about music is in the shitter these days. It’s not cool to be just a “singles artist” who can score multiple top 20/top 10 hits, but struggle to sell 500k copies of the album they’re cut from. That’s like getting decent grades on random assignments, but failing tests/midterms/finals. If most of the kids in your son or daughters class failed, are you going to be less upset when your kid does too? No. As far as I’m concerned, artists like Derulo and Jeremih should be in danger of losing their deals if they can’t sell a decent amount of albums; single success be damned.

    • Keyshia Hilson (PrettyGirlRocker) September 11, 2014

      Truth upon truth.

  9. Jason Slayruleux1 September 11, 2014

    Can somebody ask the face JasonSlayruleux to comment in their comment box so we can see what their avi looks like. Bet you find it won’t look like mine.

    • Sisqo is King September 11, 2014

      I thought it was Niki Minaj.

  10. BCinKS September 11, 2014

    The problem is that singles keep an artist relevant right now. Once the fad changes, nobody cares. Albums keep an artist in the game longer and they can tour on solid albums forever. Nobody will be trying to go to a Jason Derulo concert in 5 years to hear him “sing” Wiggle.

    • Slayrulo September 11, 2014

      Shut up ugly f**

  11. There once was a pimp and his h**…. September 11, 2014

    All I got from this was struggle, struggle, and more struggle. Granted they may do well when it comes to their singles; the quality of their albums and their sales are still ridiculously low.
    #Just no

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