‘Me & U’: Ryan Leslie Reveals How Much He Earned From Cassie Debut

Published: Thursday 11th Sep 2014 by David


Responsible for her introduction to the game back in 2006, Ryan Leslie‘s short-lived run at the top with Cassie may seem to have spawned nothing more than a hit in the single ‘Me & U’ and modelling career for the stage-shy singer.

Fortunately for the pair, looks are often deceiving- doing very little to tell a story that’s been anything but short-lived for the producer, who has revealed just how much he has earned from the aforementioned ‘Me’ and its parent album, ‘Cassie.’

A ‘Hot 97’ exclusive below…

Facts and figures at the 1.30 mark!

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  1. Antonio September 11, 2014

    600k spins x $4 = $2.4 mil off spins from Me & U
    650k x $10 = $6.5 mil off the album as a whole
    Total = $8.9 off one moderately succesful album
    Hmmm, so that begs the question: so much does artists like Rihanna who doesn’t write, really make after the royalities are split between the writers and producers on multiplatinum albums and singles, versus someone like Ciara, who does write and produce her own music, but doesn’t sell… I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s around the same, but an artist like Rihanna who has 7 figure endosrements and sees profits from touring versus Ciara who doesn’t. The industry really amazes me sometimes lol

    • Lana Del Bae September 11, 2014

      Such a good point, they probably have around the same money because Rihanna catches up with her through modelling etc.

    • sleazy September 11, 2014

      These “flops” as ppl call them be getting paid!!!!! While the haters on blogs hating it amazing

      • Keyshia Hilson (PrettyGirlRocker) September 11, 2014

        Doesn’t change the fact that they’re flops,if you sign to a label it’s your job to sell as many albums as possible.

    • FAF September 11, 2014

      ^but ciara first album sold 5mil ww
      Second did close to 2mil us

      That’s outselling 3 of her albums plus royalties

      And body party went gold

      And two of her singles sold over a milli ww this era “livin it up” sold over 1mil in Asia

      That’s why she’ll always be good

      Same thing as dc4 girls

      Writing = money

      • FAF September 11, 2014

        Screaming @ ur name being keyshia hilson

        Wen their singles don’t even get certifications no shade tho to ms cole

      • Keyshia Hilson (PrettyGirlRocker) September 11, 2014

        Pretty Girl Rock didn’t go double platinum?

      • FAF September 11, 2014

        Idk tbh .. Did it ?

      • KeriMeHome September 11, 2014

        It did. Feel stupid?

      • FAF September 11, 2014

        is that her only platinum single?

      • Keepitkute September 11, 2014

        Knocks you down went double platinum and turning me on went gold. In a perfect world went gold and fantasy ride belly flopped the same year. Keyshia has three platinum albums one gold and one 400k with no hits. When will cici?

      • Keepitkute September 11, 2014

        Btw where are receipts that goodies sold 5m ww? That’s such a damn lie lol

  2. Teyana Ciara Fenty September 11, 2014

    He is still using that no talent’s name for relevance? How sad.

  3. Maria September 11, 2014

    The fact that Ciara could potentially earn more from publishing than Rihanna is mind blowing.

    • FAF September 11, 2014

      How ?? Ciara writes rihanna doesn’t

      No shade all facts

      • BrandNuStar September 11, 2014

        But simple maths would tell you that 5% of 1 million is bigger than 50% of half a million. Even if Ciara writes all of her own songs, Rihanna would make more from her songs EVEN if she had a smaller percentage because her songs get played more.

      • FAF September 11, 2014

        But u aren’t factoring in if she has a 360!deal they could put her money back into her brand

        Case and point she had 11 mil in 09 she had 3 #1 singles and gggb and aglm were successful

        Mots was gold and she had like 5 top tens

        That should show u roc nation takes a cut out of her check

      • MRMinaj September 11, 2014

        5% of 1 million is $50,000. 50% of half a million is $250,000, so 50% of half a million is more.

      • BrandNuStar September 11, 2014

        You get my point. 50% of nothing is still nothing. Rihanna would make more from a smaller percentage from one her own songs than Ciara would make from a bigger percentage from one of her songs because Rihanna gets played all around the world.

      • FAF September 11, 2014

        Lol right and she produces and exec produces all her albums ! ^

      • FAF September 11, 2014

        @mrminaj k!!!!

      • Keepitkute September 11, 2014

        And? Rih exec produced RR, TTT and UN.

    • JuJu September 11, 2014

      Rihanna actually is the executive producer of her albums since GGGB, with Rated R it was her and LA Reid, the reliably estimated figures on forbes are net of any other person’s share from the music projects including the label and management, they get their shares before Rihanna is paid. Now even though tax has not been accounted for, Rihanna far exceeds Ciara with her 50 million dollars average per year adding to her 120 million networth will Ciara has 16 million networth, everyone clued in the industry knows that DefJam offers the highest rate of royalties to its artists and with Roc Nation (any label really) the rate is higher when they supply management. Based on this information, it is clear that at no point in time has Ciara been able to match up to Rihanna financially. The truth is with labels, the less money you make, the smaller the cut of profits you get.

  4. CommanderKelly September 11, 2014

    He’s laughing all the way to the bank while most of our faves stress out tryna stay famous only to earn pittance from percentages.

  5. CATFISH CAREY September 11, 2014


  6. HistoRih September 11, 2014

    Now we know why Beyonce steals publishing as much she does.

    • FAF September 11, 2014

      But even if u steal u have to settle with the writers so that they’re happy and don’t file suit

      That’s why u never hear from bc jean for writing IIWAB

    • XoMoDe September 11, 2014

      Beats being a field s**** by day and street walker by night with absolutely no say over anything except her Twitter account, like that talentless, croaking deformed head alien you idolize.

    • NickiBeenBad September 11, 2014

      She doesn’t steal publishing but she bullies writers into giving it to her. Just as bad.

      • MsLadySoul September 11, 2014

        I doubt she “steals” or “bullies,” because if she did no one would work with her. You can’t steal a published song, and if – for arguments sake – Beyonce is able to coax a songwriter into selling her the rights to a song they wrote, then that’s on them. Nothing illegal or nefarious about it. It’s called business. Don’t like her practices, then don’t work with her.

      • ConfessionsofaGoodKisser September 11, 2014

        That’s like saying there’s nothing wrong with taking somebody’s car if they offer it to you or say yes if you ask for it. Heard of something called morals or principle?

      • MsLadySoul September 11, 2014

        Um?! If someone legitimately offers you their car and you take it, then what’s immoral or unprincipled about the exchange? Have you never offered someone something that was yours, and if you have and they accepted it, did you consider them lacking in morals because of it?

  7. Realest September 11, 2014

    He was doing drake WAY before drake…

    • OVOBarbie September 11, 2014

      Then Drake beat him at his own game.

      • Death September 11, 2014

        Drake also makes a better powder bottom them him too.

  8. sleazy September 11, 2014

    Wow the music industry works differently that’s why I never believe these websites showing the networth of a celeb

    • VisionOfMimi September 11, 2014

      GUUUUUUURL! It’s so true.

      • FAF September 11, 2014

        Exactly they don’t know what’s in an artist a account. They assume from endorsements etc

  9. AmbeRussell September 11, 2014

    Reading things like this always makes me wonder what in the world was Clive Davis doing with Whitney. Like she should have recorded a Christmas album in 89 or something, during a down yr, and he should have given her a pen n paper n wrote some songs along side done writer. I don’t think every singer is a writer, but every person has a story to tell n should use their voice to say it. And I feel Whitney never had that oppurnity to do so bc she was so guarded and presented as THE VOCALIST, not as an artist. Had she really wrote in her prime instead of cover dolly p, she would not of had all this drama with finances and rumors about who paid for her burial etc.
    just a thought.

    • FAF September 11, 2014

      So true whit could’ve cowritten even if she didn’t like to write

      • WeAreLambily September 11, 2014

        Clive didn’t really care about her which is why this never happened. If he wanted the best for her he would have had her cowriting every single she released so she would have her own money.

    • XoMoDe September 11, 2014

      Clive doesn’t care for independent-minded female artists who do for themselves. That’s why he and Kelly Clarkson clashed the way they did. He’s from that school of dolling female singers up in expensive gowns, having them look glamorous at the mic while belting out the songs that high caliber male songwriter/producers came up with for them to sing. He said in an interview that Whitney saw that Madonna and Janet were writing and producing their music and asked if she should be doing that too, and he basically dissuaded her and convinced her that all she needed to do was sing. That he’d handle all the other heavy lifting. And that’s the reason why she was on the verge on bankruptcy when she died. Her net worth was only about $5 million; while Madonna, Mariah, Celine and even Janet have hundreds of millions in the bank. It’s because they have publishing and production credits (and/or endorsement and touring deals.) Whitney had virtually none of that.

      • letmeexplain September 11, 2014

        First of all Whitney wasn’t even signed directly to Arista. She was signed to her own company Nippy Inc. which signed her to Arista in a production deal. If Whitney didn’t write songs bcuz Whitney didn’t want to. She sat down with Clive & picked the songs she wanted to sing after her first album, hence the title Co-producer or Executive producer which garner mechanical rights from each album sold. The last deal she signed was for one hundred million in advance which was the highest received by a female after Janet’s 80 million with Virgin. If it’s true she didn’t have much left, which I doubt, it’s bcuz she spent it.

  10. LB September 11, 2014

    Rihanna goes on world tours though, SK Ciara can keep her body party royalties.

    • BeySting September 11, 2014

      That’s what i’m saying. Ciara is a boss for being a writer but Rihanna makes more because she’s bigger.

      • Cupid September 11, 2014

        Ciara co writes. Not the same as writing a whole song…. Can’t remember the last time she actually wrote a whole song by herself…… But to be honest, I’m sure she still hasn’t spent The money from “Goodies”. She played a part in most of the songs.

      • Keepitkute September 11, 2014

        Lol right Rih has hella writing credits on her albums too foh

  11. AmbeRussell September 11, 2014

    But this is how u can sell 10 million albums in the us alone and still file for bankruptcy, ESPCIALLY if you are a female singer. It cost more to make up a female star (hair, nails, make up, red carpet outfits) than it is for a make, unless he is into expensive jewelry that their income can’t afford but keeping a female glam me up cost more than a suit or tshirt n jeans outfit

  12. LB September 11, 2014

    Rihanna has got INTERNATIONAL hits, so her share doesn’t only come from US radio, plus she had BILLIONs of views on YouTube, she gets a share from that. Rihanna is also the most streamed female artist on those streaming websites like Spotify, she gets a share from that. Plus those $1.29 sales on iTunes you shade, she sells INTERNATIONALLY, with WORLD WIDE MAJOR HITS and gets a share of that, plus her album sales (she is big in Europe, €>$, £>$) and gets a share, she goes on tour and has endorsements, especially in fashion, plus her own products like perfumes by Rihanna.
    Home girl is coined up,

    • Essa September 11, 2014

      Roc Nation is taking the bulk of Rihanna’s earnings. They basically own her and everything she does. Homegirl gets paid last and least.

      • LB September 11, 2014

        Educate yourself in what management does. ROC Nation is taking a cut on deals they negotiate for her, usually 20% is the industry standard.

      • Essa September 11, 2014

        Roc Nation is now Rihanna’s record label, in addition to her management firm. For all intents and purposes, they’re now in every corner of her career, so you believe that they collect more than just 20% of what she makes.

      • LB September 11, 2014

        But ROC Nation had no claim on Rihanna’s previous 7 projects save for the deals they negotiated for her. Secondly, Rihanna is not a new artist, ROC Nation therefore had to offer Rihanna an attractive package that would make her sign with them. It’s called leverage, educate yourself.

      • Cupid September 11, 2014

        Riiiight! I’m sure Rih will be making a lot more with Roc nation. My only worry is if they’ll promote her as much as her last label.

  13. credits September 11, 2014

    If you do not write and produce your own songs, the artist mainly earns money from touring and endorsements.

    As for Ryan leslie, he is a brilliant producer, a musical genius of sorts. Cassie is weak as a vocalist and we all know that, but that album was well produced and Ryan leslie’s productions managed to outshine the fact that she really couldn’t sing so his magnificent beats and her lack of a voice really complimented each other. That was his muse, like timbo to aaliyah and darkchild to brandy. I’m not surprised he earned so much from that one album. Maybe she needs ryan in her life again because that seriously delayed sophomore album still hasn’t come out yet.

  14. Stephy. September 11, 2014

    I wonder how much money Mariah Carey made from Music Box & Daydream sales? Both, of those albums were sold on an average of 7-10$’s back then. Daydream sold 16,000,000+ LP’s by 1996 & Music Box sold 20,000,000+ LP’s by 1994…

    I would love to see Mimi’s ROYALTY checks…

    • LB September 11, 2014

      The real question is how much does Beyonce REALLY make? I mean for you to open your legs at award shows and force writers to give up a portion of their publishing, nor forgetting the hypocritical endorsement deals (like endorsing Pepsi whilst “fighting” childhood obesity, no morals from that woman), probably no more or less than the other pop girls, but that’s non of my business.

      • AmbeRussell September 11, 2014

        She can do both deals bc ppl are allowed to eat whatever they want in moderation. She didnt say drink a gallon of Pepsi a day.
        As far as the writers go, what morals do they have to give someone their song just so they can have a hit and collect some money w/o the world knowing they write it? Don’t look at just beyonce in the wrong if ppl are willing to give her credit for changing she to he when the song writer is willing to do so

      • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) September 11, 2014

        So u honestly think dis other pop girls can stand next to Bey in terms of cash??????? I really hope u don’t………

    • GRUMP September 11, 2014

      Just imagine how much she makes every single year from AIWFCIY and MC. OMG THIS B****.

    • Dossome September 11, 2014

      She made £1m in royalties (airplay and sales) from just AIWFCIY in the UK alone last year…Do the math from there

  15. Tyler September 11, 2014

    Damn you have to know how to play the game in order to really get paid. No wonder why Beyonce’s such a f****** BOSS.

    • LB September 11, 2014

      Don’t you think she acts a little desperate for someobe who supposedly makes a lot of money?

      • Yazmine September 11, 2014


      • JuJu September 11, 2014

        NO! she does what she wants honey. Beyoncé manages her self with her Parkwood company, the publishing is dones as a collaboration between Columbia and Parkwood. She is the Executive Producer of her material meaning that she handles the finance and logistics of her album… Columbia just gets a meeting to approve the music for publishing once she is done. She is in control of her brand, more of her team reports to her and less of it reports to her label, so she actually gets a HUGE cut of profits. That’s why her assets alone can be measured to be above half a million.

  16. Stephy. September 11, 2014

    Also, who is Cassie??? She is stunning in that picture but I don’t know ha.

  17. blue September 11, 2014

    its common knowledge that artists rarely make money off their album sales and that the real money is in touring. Read an article a few years ago about rihanna asking something like 50k (i maybe wrong it was like 2-3 years ago) just to show up every night for her tour dates plus a percentage of ticket sales over a certain percentage. And you take madonna and her mechandise sales at tour venues…touring is where the money is.

    • blue September 11, 2014

      actually the article claimed that she made 400k per night and took home 80% of ticket sales past 570k. This was for the loud tour

    • JuJu September 11, 2014

      True most money is made from tours. She actually made waaaaayyyyy much more than 50k, she would take close to half a million on average before arriving.

      • JuJu September 11, 2014

        This was before she went on a bigger tour (DWT)

  18. blue September 11, 2014

    i Dont know why yall are worried about rihanna… Logic would dictate that she must have re negotiated her deal sometime after gggb or rated r there was even articles on it. Same thing gaga did after the fame just before she released the fame monster. Also she has co-writen on like 6 of her 7 albums and has been named executive producer since loud i think…she is making money from her music maybe just not her hit singles.

    • LB September 11, 2014

      She’s been executive producer (Aka Project Manager) on all her albums starting with GGGB.

    • JuJu September 11, 2014

      Since GGGB, she has been managing her productions. Only Rated R she ExecProduced with LA REid. The Executive Producer always gets the highest individual cut on aggregate earnings of the album.

  19. blue September 11, 2014

    whitney probably got paid to record an album plus a cut of sales past a certain amount of copies sold.

  20. Dossome September 11, 2014

    I read somewhere Dolly Parton takes 40% for every sale of IWALY and 20% for every sale of THE BODYGUARD 😮

  21. Dossome September 11, 2014

    Plus she sells 200k-300k albums annually in back catalogue in US ALONE…AIWFCIY sells an average of 250k downloads in US every year.Then add airplay,streaming and endorsements…They still call her a flop,lol

    • Dossome September 11, 2014


  22. CherylSoldier September 11, 2014

    Gaga, katy and taylor make more than rihanna tho.

    • Dossome September 11, 2014

      They do…RIH makes approximately 8% of every download of a $1 track..Imagine how much she makes from the usually discounted tracks

      • blue September 11, 2014

        and you would know because you have access to her contract? Alot more goes into it than just who sang what and who wrote what… Rihanna’s name sales those singles i wouldnt be surprised if she gets a cut on sales over 2mil for each single. Writers also negotiate for their songs to get released as singles probably giving up a certain percentage of their cut just to get their names out there.

  23. Selenator September 11, 2014

    I’m not sure why anyones shocked. Most artist admit that the money comes from touring and endorsements. That’s why alot of pop stars use to not write and were ok with it. Even if they did, there is usually 4 other cowriters, plus one or two producers, plus an engineer, etc. By time the check from the album is split they aren’t left with much. That’s why they go one massive tours and ink all these endorsements. Even when you write and produce, you still have to pay the team behind you and every pop star has a massive team. Back then, it made more sense to have a team of pros write your hits and guarantee you stardom so you can make money off your name and be a brand. Perfect example is Britney. Most pop stars today write and produce like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga because people don’t buy music anymore, especially if it doesn’t seem “authentic”. Its better to cowrite now and get some royalties if you flop and can’t tour then to pay pros to write for you and risk flopping. I read Rihanna had this issue for her first two albums. Since she didn’t have credits and they weren’t major successes, she couldn’t land deals or tours and make money for herself. Eventually her team got it right and now she has deals for days and can sell out stadiums and top Forbes. It makes more sense for someone like Ciara to co-write because her music isn’t guaranteed to sell and she needs to royalties to support herself.

  24. LB September 11, 2014

    Artists also get close to 100% on merchandise, which is why Nicki Minaj pushes more of merchandise than she does album sales.

  25. Rosie September 11, 2014

    Dead. That’s why I laugh every time y’all use sites like Celebrity Net Worth for receipts.

    • CherylSoldier September 11, 2014

      What’s Lana’s net worth?

      • Rosie September 11, 2014

        That site had it as $500K for like THREE YEARS, then finally changed it to 8.5 million this year, although other sites say $11-12 million. She probably earns a lot more money for songwriting than endorsements, since she’s not the celebrity who wants her face everywhere lol.

      • CherylSoldier September 11, 2014

        Doesn’t she write all of her songs? Plus she tours a lot? She should be worth a lot.

      • Rosie September 11, 2014

        Yeah, but she definitely doesn’t do as much endorsements anymore, which is where the pop girls get most of their money from. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s worth ~$25-30M something now aince she gets more songwriting money than a lot of people.

      • CherylSoldier September 12, 2014

        Girl I haven’t heard ‘chavryl’ from you for awhile. She’s so posh now.

    • LB September 11, 2014

      I agree with you on that one Rosie

  26. blue September 11, 2014

    even the forbes list is all speculation and estimations. Mainly its based on what they think a celeb’s (in the case of music artists ) had generated they estimate out all the typical expenses and loses and viola! You have stans bragging about their faves fantasy pocket size.

  27. career ender September 11, 2014

    Rih has NEVER!!!! topped forbes though, but other bigger A-list artists have

  28. career ender September 11, 2014

    ^^^^^^ was for @selenator

  29. Keepitkute September 11, 2014

    Rihanna also gets paid $100k+ just to sit front row at fashion shows.

    • career ender September 11, 2014

      cos she’s the only artist on earth who sits at front row right?

      her impact

      • Keepitkute September 11, 2014

        Did I say that? Girl bye.

      • career ender September 11, 2014

        no piglet, you where fvckkinn hallucinating

  30. career ender September 11, 2014

    all I know is that Queen Mariah Carey >>>>>> every artist when it comes to royalties

    • Mark111 September 11, 2014

      Hell, All I Want For Christmas ALONE!!!!

  31. Fran September 11, 2014

    Its pretty obvious which celebs are the top dogs at making money. And which ones are the amateurs. You can tell by their work ethic.

    • career ender September 11, 2014


  32. Fran September 11, 2014

    And also, you don’t get far in the devils game playing fair. Music industry is ruthless.

  33. How Many Drinks September 11, 2014

    They only want to dismiss Forbes because it constantly shows their fave up. It may not be 100% accurate but its an estimation and they don’t just pluck the stats from thin air. For someone like Rihanna to be consistently low says something considering her status. And I’m not surprised, did her fans forget she went broke and then tried to blame her old finance manager. The girl hasn’t got a clue. $Beyoncé, $Gaga and $Taylor>>>>>

  34. LB September 11, 2014

    People that are broke don’t shop around for a $17 million dollar penthouse suite

  35. Mark111 September 11, 2014

    lol @ these haters thinking their accountants now. It’s all depends on your contract. Rihanna more than likely was in a 360 in 04 when she signed. Ciara may not had been, BUT she was dropped and signed with Epic. Don’t tell me she walked in that office with a recent album selling 37K barking orders. She’s most def in a 360 and that’s the only reason she’s still signed. #BangBangBang

    Rihanna just left Def Jam and now on Roc Nation, with all of her accomplishments, I KNOW she got a good deal, because what label doesn’t want an international superstar that can sell singles, albums, tour seats and products??? Plus, we all know from Beyonce, if Rih’s name is on those songs, then she’s getting a check as well. Ciara can’t even sell me a 99 cent cheeseburger, so she’s not bringing anything but a gold single to her label (now add in Sorry, U Got Me Good and I’m Out video and promo that brought NOTHING back to the table.)

    • Overdose September 11, 2014

      Lol @ you trying to sound smart and you don’t even know your ‘theirs’ from your ‘they’re’

      • Mark111 September 11, 2014

        Hey I made a mistake, just like Ciara made one by having a baby by Future. #4thFlop #4thBabyMama

  36. Dustyn September 11, 2014

    Rihanna was only releasing albums back to back and touring consistently to recoup funds lost from 2005-2009. She also wanted to get out of her 7 album Def Jam contract deal. Rihanna is reportedly worth well over $120m. To the people bragging on Gaga’s d***; she admittedly spent most of her money on her tour sets. That’s not a bad thing, but her latest era (albums, singles AND tour) flopped hard. She lost a lot of money.

  37. Career Ender September 11, 2014

    this ‘vma leg opening’ line using hoee likes sub-commenting other commentors. you’d swear he thinks he’s the Lo’ of tgj
    *kermit tea*

  38. Overdose September 11, 2014

    Kiii kiiii kiiii. I thought the Navi didn’t care about all this? Kiiii.

  39. Rosie September 11, 2014

    Anyways, surprised anyone isn’t dragging Ariana with all the hate she’s getting lately. My Jailbait already left the top 15 on HDD. Even Lana was still top 10 in her third week.

    • CherylSoldier September 12, 2014

      That mess of a promo tour in Australia tho. The kii is that she couldn’t out chart Hilary duff even with all that promo.

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