Album Tracklist: Iggy Azalea – ‘Reclassified’

Published: Sunday 19th Oct 2014 by Sam

Femcee Iggy Azalea is on all sorts of fire at present.

Having wracked up a bevy of Billboard and global hits, the Australian bred rapper is gearing up to give the masses fresh taste of her debut album ‘The New Classic’.

Christened ‘Reclassified’, the set is will strut into stores on November 24th via Def Jam.

Now, naturally, the expectation would be that the project would include all the tracks from its first issue with an assortment of new additions. Right?

Not in this case.

Team Azalea have interestingly opted to shave certain songs off to make room for the five new offerings.

As reported, ‘Beg For It’ will serve as the lead single from the remoulded project. But which other songs made the cut? And which new tracks are replacing them? Find out below!

‘Reclassified’ Tracklist

1. We In This Bitch 
2. Work
3. Change Your Life
5. Beg for It (ft. MO) 
5. Black Widow (ft. Rita Ora)
6. Trouble (ft. Jennifer Hudson) 
7. Don’t Need Y’all
8. Rolex
9. Iggy SZN
10. Fancy (ft. Charli XCX)
11. Heavy Crown (ft. Ellie Goulding) 
12. Bounce

Bolded Tracks = New Tracks

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mark111 October 19, 2014

    Feature City! So this is more of a repackaged than a rerelease?
    I’m lost.

  2. ASipofBrandy October 19, 2014

    More guest appearances than Christmas at Nivea’s house.
    I wonder how badly this will do first week?

    • Mark111 October 19, 2014

      Falls out of chair.

    • Lil Wayne stan October 19, 2014

      Damn lmao

    • FAF October 19, 2014

      oh my god.. Nivea tho ?!??!?

      and this is not a rerelease its basically a new album with all her old singles on it ;/

      Im confused

      is it a double disc w/ her original album?

      • FAF October 20, 2014

        ^16mil NEVER SAY NEVER @ 19 yrs old

  3. Molly October 19, 2014

    Interested to hear what that Jhud track sounds like.. I can’t wait for the re release I know it will slay lives. BTW who is No?

    • QueenoftheNavi October 19, 2014

      “I know it will slay lives.” Like The New Classic did?

    • Molly October 19, 2014

      I meant Mo* not No lol

  4. BeySting October 19, 2014

    Poor thing knows she’s nothing without featured performers.

  5. KimmyBlanco October 19, 2014

    Wait! November 24th? Lol! Nicki is going to eat her alive and i can’t even act like that’s not true.

  6. yes! Nicki will slay October 19, 2014

    I’m soooooooooo glad this flop is gonna release her non gold flop CD on same day as Eminem and Nicki.

    Nicki fanz will make sure to purchase that Pinkpprint now! LOL

    The Queen of Rap will slay this FAKE MC.


  7. Molly October 19, 2014

    Death at b!tches crying over features when they Stan for rihanna and aaliyah whose careers wouldn’t be sh!t without jay z or timberland

    • Dance4Dawn October 19, 2014

      Timbaland is a producer and Aaliyah was the singer. When people bought her songs they did it because they liked HER not the hook or even the producer but how SHE worked with what they gave her.

      We all saw what happened when Iggy tried to put out a solo song baby. #Work

    • Mark111 October 19, 2014

      Wait Tim and Aaliyah worked together on her 2nd album and Jay Z didn’t feature with Rihanna until her 3rd. Now count Ciara and Uggly’s singles with features. Wasn’t Ciara first 3 and biggest singles had features and she was a feature on others?

    • BeyRihLiyah October 19, 2014

      but what career do Ciara Have remember its been almost ten years for ci

    • Aaliyah_Rihanna October 19, 2014

      b**** all you do is talk about Aaliyah & Rihanna worry about your faves album sales instead of talking about my faves 24/7

    • Brian310 October 19, 2014

      A Ciara stan should be the last 1 to talk about features since she doesn’t have a top 10 hit that isn’t a feature.

  8. OnikaSaidJump October 19, 2014

    Does she think releasing on the same day as Nicki will start some kind of Kanye vs 50 type thing? Sweetie, Nicki actually has millions of people who IDENTIFY as Nicki Minaj fans. You have people who love your singles but don’t love you enough to buy the album it came from or even to buy tickets to a tour you KNEW you weren’t big enough to put together.

    • Umm October 19, 2014

      Millions of people DIDN’T buy her last cd though hunny. So the irony of them millions indentifying yet FORGETTING to purchase her and support her music. Must suck

      • BOOBIE October 19, 2014

        @Umm .. A lot of people still bought her last album though. It just wasn’t the huge success as her first album which is the case with a lot of artists except for Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Rihanna. Plus we all know Nicki’s second album was a MESS with a few good areas. That’s why it hasn’t sold as much as her first. PLUS Nicki had a lot of bad publicity around the time her album came out. (Stupid Hoee, her Grammys performance, deleting her Twitter, Summer Jam issue).

      • Cam October 19, 2014

        are you serious? taylors first album went platnium rihannas first album went gold. Katys first COMMERCIAL album went platnium. Iggy has yet to grace 150k sold. Goodnight!

  9. Yonce October 19, 2014

    @Kimmyblanco the shade is they’d both slaughter lil kim if she were to release an album

  10. I Am…Romeo Fierce October 19, 2014

    Iggy sis, November 24th is a mistake. This is just gonna make the Barbs more determined to support Nicki and force Universal to give her promotion over you because she makes them more money than you do. Push it back.

  11. Beysus October 19, 2014

    ANOTHER album for the 24th???? I wanna hear this Ellie collab! But this won’t sell… It won’t go Gold… FLOP!!!

    • Kii October 19, 2014

      How do u know? Who died and made u a record exec sit the f*** down u haggis eating bafoon

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        Shut up b****!!!! No album released this year has gone Platinum and The New Flop only sold like 370,000 copies so what the f*** makes you think this will???? BYE B****!!!

  12. Sam October 19, 2014

    Why would she not include goddess and f*** love ? Still it will slay. Iggy is queen. Queen of rap, queen of the world

    • Ariana’sGrand October 19, 2014

      Queen of rap but doesn’t trust herself enough to write her own raps. OK.

  13. 1MillionSoldInAMonthNika October 19, 2014

    DefJam think so they’re slick with that release date and I LOVE IT.
    You b****** will learn that Nicki isn’t a fad and has true staying power and can ACTUALLY SELL MUSIC. I know PFRR was a hot ass mess but don’t forget that even the singles she didn’t like slayed, so what do you think she’s gonna do now that she likes her own music again and has a point to prove about her relevance.

    I hope Iggy made enough from Fancy to buy her own albums, cos she’s gonna need to if she thinks she has a chance of outselling Queen Onika.

  14. Dirty Laundry October 19, 2014

    Damn the barbz are pressed

    • FantasiaSlayrino October 19, 2014

      Why would they be pressed? Nicki is more commercially viable than Iggy is .

    • BeyRihLiyah October 19, 2014

      but can Kelly get a certification? destinys child was her career and when that ran its course she was left in the dust!

  15. AnacondaInMyHellokitty October 19, 2014

    So her label are trying to take on the Queen are they? Well, they better remember who makes Universal more money, who has the bigger budget and WHO has fans all around the world who are more loyal to her than they are to their own friends and family.
    Let the games begin!

  16. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 19, 2014

    SCREAMING @ this being released on the same day as The Pink Print.

    • Iggy’sSoFancy October 19, 2014

      Screaming at Mariah’s sales.

      • Kii October 19, 2014

        Yeah keep screaming because we know iggy will never see the 200 Mill Mariah has done

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 19, 2014

        You should be screaming at how Nicki is gonna embarrass Iggy on the charts.

  17. ARTPopular October 19, 2014

    There are people in the world who think Iggy is better than Nicki?

  18. LB October 19, 2014

    So they ran out of songs to release and decided to re-release it with even more generic songs. I feel like I’ve seen this before….ah yes here you are Roman Reloaded

  19. liam October 19, 2014

    You guys always talking bout her features but realistically most rap albums usually have lots of features and someone to carry the chorus….most rappers have hit songs with features! Excluding Missy who use to sing and rap her stuff sometimes

    • BeyKing October 19, 2014

      Tell that to Azealia with 212 and Nicki with Super Bass.

      • liam October 19, 2014

        Well I love azealia and 212 was big in Europe… So was Iggy work and bounce being solo hits in the uk! I wasn’t aiming at anyone I was just stating facts bout rap in general…

      • One October 19, 2014

        @Beyking you dummy. Super Bass was a feature. Easer Dean did those chorus vocals….

  20. Mark111 October 19, 2014

    You all don’t understand marketing. Hint: 50 Cent Vs Kanye 9/11 2007. 50 was set to flop after so many push backs, Ye was never a big first week seller and on that week, 50 sold 600k (the last time he would see those numbers, first week and as a whole.) And Ye did over 900k (numbers she never seen again.) So with buzz having these two battle, the Barbs will show out = Nicki will have great numbers. Uggly has a rerelease, rereleasese don’t sell well (The Re Up, Talk Dirty, Fame Monster) the first week, with this “battle”, the Uglies will sho out. Nicki will win because it’s a new release, but this will push Uggly to gold. AND (this is important) when iggy loses, they’ll just say it was a rerelease (Fame Monster).

    • ARTPopular October 19, 2014

      Sis. Comparing 50 in 07 to Iggy of 2014 is a joke and you know why. 50 had die hard fans who had already bought millions of his albums BEFORE he went to head with Kanye. And let’s not forget that the gp believed 50 and Kanye were equally weighted as rappers at the time. Iggy has the popularity factor but the masses don’t think she’s a better rapper than Nicki or that she could take her on as competition.

      They might prefer her personality to Nicki’s but when it comes to numbers Universal are always gonna make sure Nicki takes priority because of what she did for PF AND Because she has credibility and a good sales track record.

      • LB October 19, 2014

        I agree, 50 was a beast, he went downhill though but his skills when he first started were A+, Kanye is equally a genius, he knows he is good and he is.

        So that was a battle between titans.

        Iggy on the other hand is meh, Nicki can and will slaughter her on and off the mic.

      • Mark111 October 19, 2014

        And didn’t get a word I said. Not saying they’re the same, I said when you have a VS sale week, both will sell mire than what they would’ve on different dates. That was my point, but I see you’re a cutter, paying attention isn’t your strength because you’re to concerned on GETTING attention.

  21. LB October 19, 2014


    Fifty was a mess though, wasn’t he beefing with everyone from Ja Rule to Game to [insert rapper here]?

    • Mark111 October 19, 2014

      He even called out Jay Z and Jay payed him dust. lol

  22. BeyRihLiyah October 19, 2014

    RE-FLOPIFIED #YAWN in 2015 people will be saying WHo? to this WHoreeee

  23. BeyRihLiyah October 19, 2014

    Onika is gonna slauther this sean wayans from white chicks looking bitttttch she Is done by next month #BYE-BYE Iggz

  24. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Death this won’t end well for Iggy, I predict 190-220k for Nicki, unless she releases a new single like Pills N Potions, then she may can hit 225k

    • BeyRihLiyah October 19, 2014

      lol ugly has a song with j-hud you already know this is gonna FLOP harder than all 3 of Ciara flop releases

    • NICKI ROCKS October 19, 2014

      Nicki can get over 200,000 if….

      1. YMCM waits 30 days after release date to put on Spotify. Spotify is killin CD sales.

      2. If she just does a few pre album tours dates lke RIhanna’s 777 tour…….

      She doesnt need to just do radio festivals…

      NICKI just needs to do some intimate shows for her HARDCORE fanz prior to release and she will be fine.

      • MisdamenorFan October 20, 2014

        If Nicki doesn’t go Gold by Dec 31st all of you Bratz are getting dragged by your eyelashes to all four corners of the USA. Talk so much ish about flops etc. I can’t wait to give it to you. I better not see one effing excuse either.

  25. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    And keep clinging to Fancy, when starships sold more.

    • Islandboi242 October 19, 2014

      Starships sold 6-7 million

  26. Islandboi242 October 19, 2014

    IGGY EVEN I KNOW THATS CAREER SUICIDE! Nicki will make you her son and ain’t no fuckibg will envolved! I definitely buying ThePinkPrint to silence your fans that calling you the queen with no bars n one pop hit!!!!

  27. BeyRihLiyah October 19, 2014

    Molly whack ass is seething as usual over rihanna and Aaliyah are you mad because iggy and Ciara cant even get a gold album?

    • Cam October 19, 2014


  28. Amy October 19, 2014

    She’s so ugly

    • MisdamenorFan October 20, 2014

      Where is your photo hun? I bet you some chubby ass weave wearing h oe

  29. Umm October 19, 2014

    Nickis last album DIDNT even sell a million in her local mark and only went platinum worldwide. Sorry BARBZ but no matter how much you press refresh on vevo it will not make her album sell more records of her music any more than generic trash.

    • Mark111 October 19, 2014


    • Cam October 19, 2014

      Check the stats it went platnium in the US honey

  30. Really Iggy? October 19, 2014

    Why would she release this the same day of The Pink Print? SMH & I thought this was supposed to be a re-release with all new content- this is basically The New Classic with ‘deluxe tracks’ basically.

  31. WhoCares October 19, 2014

    TUH! Who cares? Beyonce is gonna get her #1 with her re-release that day anyways…..

  32. Rosie October 19, 2014

    The Barbz are so threatened. Death at them clinging to “1 million in a month” from four years ago when they know damn well no album in 2014 has gone platinum, and on top of that Roman Reloaded barely scanned 900K after a MASSIVE sellout hit hit, tons of promo/publicity (which they loove to brag about) and 10 million more features than Iggy. Kii at them being perched in every single Iggy post yet they call everyone else “pressed”. Don’t forget the irony of them coming for features, ever.

    • BOOBIE October 19, 2014

      Why are we threatened? Please explain. And we’re ‘clinging’ to 1 million in a month because IT WAS NEVER DONE BEFORE BY A FEMALE RAPPER. So it’s something to be proud of. Now in response to your “no album in 2014 has gone platinum” comment…NO relevant big name pop artist released an album in 2014 besides LANA (her album will sell eventually as with ALL of her releases) and Ariana Grande who’s album JUST came out. What are you talking about? The reason 2014 has sucked in sales is because there haven’t been any major releases. And Nicki doesn’t have a lot of features on HER songs, she’s featured on a lot of songs. That’s the difference between her and Iggy. Do your research HO.

      • Rosie October 19, 2014

        “No major releases?” I know Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, and Luke Bryan are “major” to a bunch of homosexuals but the former is arguably THE biggest band in the world right now (they sold a million worldwide first week) and yet their album has only sold 740K in the US. And THAT is the best selling album this year other than Beyoncé. And Ari’s album is selling horribly considering all the promo, hype, and payola it had, including THREE top 10 hits before the album was even released. It’s actually selling worse than what Lana was selling at that point with no promo or hits whatsoever other than Glastonbury.
        Yes, Bratz are threatened. They were like this back in 2012 when it looked like Azealia Banks was going to blow up for a second. And they certainly weren’t like this when Iggy was still a “flop”. If running into every. single. post. about someone they supposedly “hate” and talking about her 24/7 for the past six months isn’t the definition of pressed, I don’t know what is.

      • BOOBIE October 20, 2014

        @Rosie, … Okay, Coldplay is not a pop band, they are a very successful ROCK band. And their albums had no hits (their highest charting song on the album so far peaked at #10) so it was not supported by a hit song. Ed Sheeran is NOT a major US act and Luke Bryan only appeals to one type of person. I’m a “Brat” and I STANNED for Azealia Banks until she started acting like a damn fool and a lot of Nicki fans in the UK supported Azealia Banks. And we obviously know Iggy is slaying pop music right now (except with her album….no shade) Not that I expect her to be, but she is still not on Nicki’s level and you know it. When Nicki was as early on as Iggy is in her mainstream career, she already had a #1 platinum album, 20 million+ singles (WITH RAP music not POP), sold in the US and had already established a very large fan base. So why are we threatened again? More power to Iggy, I hope she keeps it up…

      • BOOBIE October 20, 2014

        @Rosie .. Oops Nicki already had over ***30 million+ singles sold by the end of the 1st full year of her mainstream career. She slayedT.

  33. BOOBIE October 19, 2014

    CRYING @ all of the features and DRENCHED IN TEARS @ the release date! And only 5 new songs??? I actually wanted this flop album to get re-released and do decent but now that I see what she and her team is pulling (i.e. direct competition with Nicki Minaj who’s album will be released on the same day, also Eminem…) I can’t support it! And gORLLlllll I swear if Nicki Minaj’s album gets ‘mysteriously’ delayed I will laugh my ass off at Nicki and her team even though I love her. QUEEN NICKI YOU BETTER COME HARD AND SLAY THIS AUSSY HO.

  34. ace October 19, 2014

    Eminem will be number one and I’m glad.if nicki fanbase
    So huge why hasn’t she had a number one hit yet? Iggy
    Fancy hit number 1 7 weeks and she’s on everybody stuff
    And got song of the summer not anocoda and gone win
    A grammy before onika and remy gon finally put both
    Of theirs careers to a end.remy a beast and would tear
    Onika up in a freestyle rap battle.why you think
    Onika won’t take a shot a remy did you’ll see remy call herself
    They queen then said hey nicki it

    • nicki minaj October 19, 2014

      grammy doesnt follow chart successes dumba$$ eminem when his s*** is not even his album its compilation album that dont even do well ok sweet heart and nicki got her urban fans back so im sure she going to do great numbers like pink friday did you was saying sweet heart

      • MisdamenorFan October 20, 2014

        What is great numbers to you? You and I both know only major stars see over 100K first week and I honestly don’t think Nicki is going to sell like she did before. She will not have a certified album this year (paper,gold, or platinum). *FACT*

  35. KittyPuurrzz October 19, 2014

    I’m a iggy STAN but TBH idk WTF is she doing? It’s DEFINITLEY not smart to release her album the exact same day as Nicki. Then she took off all the songs I really like. This better not be the official track list. Like Iggy. Wtf? I hope it sells but I really don’t know .

    • MisdamenorFan October 21, 2014

      Three words… “Black Friday Sales”

  36. ontherun October 19, 2014

    They got rid of decent songs like walk the line which us one of the best on the album but kept trash that is “bounce” :/

    • ontherun October 19, 2014

      And wtf is she doing releasing on nicki’s day

  37. FutureCIARA October 19, 2014

    Did she really need a re-release only to add 5 featured songs??

    Chawld, I hope she not wasting her labels money, And the songs better be slayers!

  38. mthrfckngjl October 20, 2014

    I thought the whole new “re-release” album will iclude “NEW TRACKS”. Kinda expecting more of new music from her.

  39. MisdamenorFan October 21, 2014

    I think the people that are saying she is messing up by releasing the same day as Nicki fail to realize that it is also they are releasing during the week of “Black Friday” The biggest shopping day of the year. I am tipping my hat to everyone releasing music that week. Maybe they can pull off some decent numbers. No hate today.

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