Watch: Lady GaGa & Tony Bennett Perform On BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

Published: Sunday 19th Oct 2014 by Sam

A global success, Lady GaGa and Tony Bennett‘s new duet album ‘Cheek To Cheek’ largely enjoys such status thanks to its solid performance in both the US and UK. Released last month, the Jazz LP topped the Billboard 200 tally and landed inside the top 10 of the Official UK Album Chart.

Giving the project an added push in the British region (while in town for her ‘ARTPOP’ tour), GaGa took to the stage on BBC1’s smash hit ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ with Bennett to perform the ironically titled ‘I Won’t Dance’.

Check out their showing below…

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  1. LB October 19, 2014

    She is a very good singer, I think her biggest mistake was not working with RedOne who gave her a unique sound on The Fame/Fame Monster.

    Alas, very good singer.

    • Michelle October 19, 2014

      She’s a much better singer than RIHJECT.

    • Dem Lessors October 20, 2014

      Yes DJ Shadow White along with her pretentious lyrics f***** up her career. Judas is the only bad song Red One made with her.

      • casowzert October 20, 2014

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  2. Michelle October 19, 2014

    Gaga is a true icon, unlike Rih,Katy,Taylor, and Bey.

  3. Beysus October 19, 2014

    Does anyone even watch Strictly??? *sips tea*

    • Umm October 19, 2014

      Not in the US.. But you wouldn’t know that DESPITE your constant obsession with us and our EVERYTHING!

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        Shut up b****… BYE!!!

      • Umm October 19, 2014

        Sips tea…. BYE…. Beyonce.. Sis… Kii.. You are so obsessed with us!

      • Kisses October 19, 2014

        Lmao! Why are you so obsessed with Beysus?

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        BYE!!!! They’re stalking me!!!

      • Umm October 19, 2014

        Beysus I want to know why you’re not stanning for Annie Lenox, Calvin Harris or your favorite bagpipe slinging, kilt wearing band? Why you going so hard for us. We will NEVER go hard for you

      • Umm October 19, 2014

        @kisses I had a similar question; why is it every time a kelly album comes out you get a big bill or “money is tight” so you download her album illegally instead of helping her get the decent numbers she deserves?

      • Umm October 19, 2014

        Bey likes but she doesn’t stan… She stans for her own… You stan for us. Your family would be ashamed

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        “Us”???? Who is “Us”???? B**** I stan for Bey, not the whole of America!!!! BYE B****!!!! Wtf my family???? LMFAO

      • Kisses October 19, 2014

        Since when did I say I stan for Kelly? You must have me confused with Kisses for Kelly. Nice try though.

    • Umm October 19, 2014

      You use our lingo…. With that THICK, undesirable Scottish accent u use our lingo. Your fav is from our country… Majority of ur iTunes is filled with OUR countries musicians. And you make our pop culture yours, when in reality, it’s not.. Ours, ours, ourrrrrrrs!

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        BYE B****!!!! Since when did you decide what I listen too??? Racist f***…

      • Umm October 19, 2014

        Your race isn’t where youre from. I don’t know if you’re black, white, asian etc. I do know that your country is weak tho and that’s the kii of all Kii

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        Weak???? No Hun… BYE!!

  4. Amy October 19, 2014

    Lol! The downgrade.

    • Dem Lessors October 20, 2014

      That’s what her whole career consists of, imitation.

  5. Rosie October 19, 2014

    Tony Bennett is milking this for all its worth, isn’t he?
    Can’t wait for her to ditch that dated EDM sound for “real music” (even though not even a year ago she was continuously having Twitter meltdowns because no one was here for her so-called “artpop”). It will definitely be interesting.

  6. @Matt_Phoenixx October 19, 2014

    When will lana

  7. NOLIES October 19, 2014

    No comment… (Gaga is at an all time low)

  8. Mark111 October 19, 2014

    When music fans payed G.U.Y dust. Lol

  9. MMuse October 19, 2014

    SOOOOO yeah GAGA. the only pop girl who could “attempt” to step out
    of her genre & do An ” O K” job ☺️☺️

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