‘Cheek To Cheek’: ‘Vanity Fair’ Compares Lady GaGa To Christina Aguilera

Published: Saturday 4th Oct 2014 by David


In 2010, she was accused of launching a Emily Thorne-sized assault on Christina Aguilera‘s career.

In 2013, the pair buried their supposed beef to support her critically acclaimed single ‘Do What U Want‘, and this year- one year after the release of her #1 album ‘ARTPOP‘, Lady GaGa has seen her vocal stylings compared to Aguilera‘s in a review of her latest album ‘Cheek to Cheek.’

Why ‘Vanity Fair‘ feel GaGa fans have Aguilera to thank for the singer’s big and brassy sound on the project?

Find out after the jump!

On ‘Cheek’, ‘Vanity’ shared:

Can she sing jazz-pop standards? Yes, quite well, though here and there she seems to be on uncertain footing—not unexpectedly, perhaps. On the swingier numbers, she tends to go big, brassing it up and belting out words as if she were Christina Aguilera trying to channel Shirley Bassey. At other times, her vocal approach verges on camp—a wink here, a hint of melodrama there. Not that I think she’s condescending to the material (the way David Bowie has in similar circumstances); it’s more, I imagine, that she’s finding her way into the music.

Do you agree?

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  1. Marley October 4, 2014

    I agree. There was something contrived about her vocals on that album. She did a great job though. I commend her for seeing the light and choosing quality over commercial.

    • FAF October 4, 2014

      Well the reason she did jazz was to keep herself out there while assuring a hit album with a legends fanbase so technically it’s all contrived tbh

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  2. Rima October 4, 2014

    I think both are very underrated as vocalist. IMO both have more soulful voices then Beyonce and Rihana.. Bey to me could never sell a ballad or jazz record like Gaga and Xtina can… I wanna see rihanna record a album like cheek to cheek or bey do a back to basic album they wouldn’t do it justice sorry

      • NOLIES October 4, 2014

        Trust, he didn’t hun.

      • Rima October 4, 2014

        I’m sorry Beyonce has no soul in her voice its basic and bland to me

      • Marley October 4, 2014

        And how would you know? Have you seen her live?

      • Marley October 4, 2014

        @Rima. That’s your personal opinion. Don’t say ‘she could never’ like its fact. Gagas voice is bland to me, but I give credit where due.

      • NOLIES October 4, 2014

        I have never seen Patti Labelle in person except once, but I still can hear the soul and passion in her YouTube videos EVERY TIME she sings, so sit.

      • Marley October 4, 2014

        @Nolies. Lmfao ‘I have never seen Patti Labelle in person except once’
        In other words, you HAVE lol. Bye.

    • Yeah I Said It October 4, 2014

      Why must people like you bring Beyonce and Rihanna into everything? Are they the standard of comparison or something? And then you will complain when their fans swarm every post please have seat!

    • Sass October 4, 2014

      Beyonce has sold more ballads than Gaga though, and her ballads are always being covered. So I don’t know what hell you are talking about.

      • FAF October 4, 2014

        ^what does that have to do with what he said, though?

        You’re talking about sales not vocals

      • Sass October 4, 2014

        @faf did you read the comment or not before you responded. ‘Bey could never sell a ballad’ is clearly part of his comment.

      • Faf October 4, 2014

        I think he meant figuratively “sell” as in make it believable

        Beyonce does her songs well

        However i don’t like to hear her cover songs

        That back to black remake was horrible

      • Sass October 4, 2014

        @Faf. Well its all subjective. There was no need for him to bring Beyonce and Rihanna into it in the first place.

    • XYZ October 6, 2014

      beyonce is an amazing singer, but as others here aleady said – she has no Soul or emotions in it… I really could not see Beyonce a song like “hurt” or “I’m Okay” justice. But I couldn’t see Gaga doing it either. Somehow their ballads never touch me. You don’t Need to have a big voice to transmit emotions. For example Janet or Madonna, both do not have big voices, but their ballads are amazing and very emotional

  3. 2 girls 1 cup October 4, 2014

    I have always said this and I don’t care all you haters don’t agree but gaga owes her career to christina Aguilera and gwen stefan, while I do feel christina came off as bitter and mean whe she said “she didn’t know whoe she was and she didn’t know if she was a man or a woman” that was uncalled for on Her part but with that being said Gaga is still talented she doesn’t have a christina aguilera voice but she’s good, and Christina didn’t deserved all the bashing that she for with Her “bionic” era one of the most underrated albums.

    • NOLIES October 4, 2014

      Gaga owes her career to Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Björk, Gwen Stefani, that girl that used to be her friend right before she became famous, and amazing gimmicks (in the beginning), not Xtina.

      • dotti October 4, 2014

        gaga def owes part of her success to christina. when gaga was swagger snatching, christina was one of the many.

    • AmbeRussell October 5, 2014

      When christina aguilera said she didn’t know who lady gaga was, that was fall of 2008. MOST ppl did not know who gaga was. I did, but she didnt get that. #1 from just dance until January 2009. And many ppl still thought gaga was a man or had men parts.

  4. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 4, 2014

    Gaga >>>>>>> Christina

    • NOLIES October 4, 2014

      Please don’t come back. No one wants you here.

      • Rima October 4, 2014


    • Rima October 4, 2014

      Both them vocally slay Mariah so shut up

      • NOLIES October 4, 2014

        Not really. Xtina live sounds like that Vision of Love live clip TGJ used and Gaga sings out of her range too much and rely on heavy back tracks, so it’s about even.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 4, 2014

        Funny since Mariah is a major vocal influence on both. But okay… 🙂 <3

      • XYZ October 6, 2014

        she was. no one denies that mariah has been a vocal force. but thats it. she can’t sing to save her life these days, just watch the footage from her tour start. and please don’t come with “she had a bad day” – she has a bad day since 2008. I love me some Mimi and I even bought all her records (incl. chanteuse) but I wouldn’t pay s*** to see her fail live…

    • Del Bey October 4, 2014


    • JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2014

      I agree. Gaga is a better artist. And has done an impressive job on Cheek to Cheek album.
      But Xtina has her own thing, even though she has always struggled to sing properly. I agree with the people saying that at least she has more soul than Beyonce and Rihanna.

  5. NOLIES October 4, 2014

    Lol petty. Xtina and Gaga fans have squashed the beef, and here they go rehashing it. This should be an interesting thread & comment section.

  6. Beysus October 4, 2014

    Top 5 Xtina/Gaga songs

    1. Telephone
    2. Just Dance
    3. Beautiful
    4. Poker Face
    5. The Voice Within

    • FAF October 4, 2014

      Death @ telephone being #1 just bc Beyonce is on it

      • Beysus October 4, 2014

        Um… It’s not…

  7. Slay_Hive October 4, 2014


    What ballad has GAGS sold?? kii Beyonce’s voice has no limits. She has included jazz in many of her performances. Her vocals in her platinum album 4 were great and that albumv wasn’t commercial in anyway. Bey could definitely sale a Jazz album, if she wanted to do do.

    Rihanna would struggled going way out of her comfort zone. Top 40 is what Rih is concerned with., and Gags voice is not that great to me. Christina is better and has more range.

    • Del Bey October 4, 2014


    • JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2014

      Beyonce´s voice has no limits?? LOL Ok then, why does she need to growl to show power? Why does it lack soul? In conclusion, why does it become so clear that she doesn´t have it in her to sing ballads like that when she tributed Whitney with IWALY? It´s obvious man. She´s a very good singer, especially technically, but it ends there. Xtina is a mess, especially her belting, now more than before, but before it was too. But at least her voice is way more special.

      • Slay_Hive October 4, 2014

        “She´s a very good singer, especially technically, but it ends there”

        So basically you agree that she is a vocalist? lol Beyonce’s version of IWALY was great. Her technique and control was flawless, Beyonce has one of the most unique voices of this generation.

        From the growling, to the “lack” of soul is subjective. That is her style of singing, and millions love it.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 5, 2014

        Hmm ok so you pretty much agree with me then LOL Beyonce is a very good singer, but her voice has limits and she is nowhere near Whitney Houston´s category 🙂 Have a nice day.

  8. Yeah I Said It October 4, 2014

    I don’t like either of their voices Both overstrain and harsh on the ear.

  9. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 4, 2014

    “Definitely sale a Jazz album”

    I believe you meant SELL*


    • Slay_Hive October 4, 2014

      Just as long as your corny ass got the point. Which I’m sure you did! 😉

    • Del Bey October 4, 2014

      kiiii at you returning after you said you was done here *exits

  10. Sass October 4, 2014

    Palm tree moment.

    • RICHIE_RICH October 4, 2014

      Always under one…….Yasss I live

  11. Stephon Maurice Jackson October 4, 2014

    Honestly, my only problem with X-Tina is… The overdone riffs & runs. Other than that she pretty good to me. She is definitely one of the best singers of her generation. I just never could get into her MUSIC. She is kinda like Celine Dion. GREAT voice (besides the over-singing) but weak catalog of music.

    • 2 girls 1 cup October 4, 2014

      This is the only time I seen you put something positive and not biased about xtina but I do have to disagree with her having a weak catalog she may not have as many hits but many of her song are memorable and shows her versatility as an artist none of her album sound the same and that’s something that not everyone can do whether it works or not that girl takes a lot of risk in music and some have hurt Her career but she truly is an Amazing artist you can’t take that away from her but I respect your opinion sis.

    • XYZ October 6, 2014

      the only part that is weak in her catalague is Lotus (except your Body and just a fool). everything else is great, with bionic being underrated as hell

  12. NICKI IS QUEEN October 4, 2014

    Gaga slays xtina live now

  13. BeautifulDisaster89 October 4, 2014

    I love both christina and gaga but I feel like gaga is underrated vocally. I honestly don’t care for christina aguilera’s live performances because she tends to oversing A LOT lol all i know is I still want an album from gaga that is similar to her fame/fame monster lps and christina aguilera give me some more stripped/bionic this go around. lol

  14. The Boy Toy October 4, 2014

    You can tell Gag is influenced by Xtina vocally. Just listen to DWYW. Nothing is signature or stands out about Gagas vocals, no shade.

  15. Del Bey October 4, 2014

    gaga is a has been, atleast Christina didn’t fizzle out after 4 years

  16. Suicide Blonde October 4, 2014

    Lady Gaga has been influenced vocally by almost every artist at some point in her career, there are songs in which she sounds exactly like other female singers, on the positive side is a good thing, because it shows her versatility as a singer, on the negative side, her vocals or singing style can be considered forced/unoriginal or faked. I’m pretty sure she hasn’t found neither her own singing style nor her image. I have realized that she is very dependent of the work of others, that what other people do, inspires her to do the same things, the problem is that she doesn’t add anything new or an important change to that, she does it like it is, she only puts her name to it and bring it to a new generation of teenagers who are uneducated about whatever subject/argument she is obsessed at the moment. Christina Aguilera is an amazing artist, her discography is one of the most versatile among her generation, “Back to Basics” is a work of art, both vocal and lyrically, she may have lost her commercial touch but her place in Pop Culture is more than secure.

    • 2 girls 1 cup October 4, 2014

      Yassssss! Preach it sis! I couldn’t have said it better.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2014

      Back to Basics wasn´t that great as an album. I think you are overstimating it. The oversinging was too much too (but still great and her best along her Stripped).

      • Suicide Blonde October 4, 2014

        I think is funny how you always complain about Xtina “oversinging” but praises Gaga which is the epitome of that.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 5, 2014

        Please! Nothing alike. Xtina is in another level of oversinging and sounding a mess while belting, and not now, but always, since her debut. She has many other good things though.

    • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 4, 2014

      Madonna >>> Elvis Presley.

      • Suicide Blonde October 4, 2014

        How you dare?, The King >>>>> that woman, Elvis was/is the best thing to happen to music.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 4, 2014


        Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, Little Richard (The Original F****), James Brown & Fred Astaire ALL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Elvis BLACK MAN Presley.

      • Suicide Blonde October 4, 2014

        Who are those guys?, do they have any impact in music?. The King >>>>> those guys.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 4, 2014

        Hell even Liberace >>>>> Elvis BLACK MAN Presley. Also, you know EXACTLY who those men are!!!

        James Brown had no impact in music??? I CANNOT!

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 4, 2014

        Elvis Presley was a black man in a white mans body.

        The way he walked, talked, sung, danced & carried himself was very negro-ish…

      • Suicide Blonde October 4, 2014

        Liberace, i can’t.

      • Suicide Blonde October 4, 2014

        The King was a white man with soul, white latinos have swag too, because of their culture, Elvis had soul.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 4, 2014

        Mozart & Beethoven >>>>>> Elvis Presley

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 4, 2014

        Nah,, his “soul” was different. Very negro-ish. I will continue my research on him. I’m sure he spent a few nights drowning his white magic stick inside black sweet…. chile. Also, he was raised around blacks. He was “white trash”,…. Oh yes, my research on him is very good. he has 92 GOLD records also. Mostly are OVER-SHIPPED too. Some records sales are lost also. He DID NOT sell 1 Billion records. He also, had SHADY managers that was very similar too MJ’s blood suckers.

        Madonna >>>> elvis & Mj imo

      • Suicide Blonde October 4, 2014

        You will burn in hell for that.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 4, 2014

        Hell does NOT exists boo

      • let’s be real October 5, 2014

        its funny h** y’all praise that culture thief.elvis was yesterday’s iggy azelea tbh

  17. 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa (Cheek to Cheek is #1) October 4, 2014

    Why is the ratchet H.IV+ bringing t********* up?? The t***** could NEVER sell a Jazz album and that’s why the fleas are pressed!!!… And the Xtina comparisons, they are both talented and I love both of them, but SLAYdy GODga > Xtina.

    • Jessica October 4, 2014

      Umm how do you know she could never?

    • Slay_Hive October 4, 2014

      Is gags flopping that bad, that you are so delusional to think that the Beyhive is pressed over a dated 100k selling jazz album?? kiii

      I’m sure that won’t reach platinum either. Hell, I doubt if it sees gold.. kii

    • Slay_Hive October 4, 2014

      That thing is so mad that Bey is winning this era and is trying to take his anger out on the Beyhive. Your anger and jealousy is not gonna help ARTshit reach platinum 😀 😀 😀

  18. JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2014

    I still don´t see the similarity between the two, if anything in “Do what you want” but that´s it.
    About what´s important: Cheek to Cheek is really growing on me, I´m pretty impressed. I knew Gaga could sing Jazz but just that, didn´t care for her first duet with Tony 2 or 3 years ago when he released that collabo album and didn´t care much for their first single for this one. But since I watched Gaga´s performance of Bang Bang the other day… she won me with that. It was very very good, a true singer. I might buy the album this week.

  19. Jessica October 4, 2014

    Gaga sounds like shes trying to immitate Christina.

  20. 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa (Cheek to Cheek is #1) October 4, 2014

    LOL at my impact.. One comment from me has gotten the H.IV+ fagggs pressed for the gods. And its true, T********* will NEVER sell a jazz album. GODga > T*********

    • Jessica October 4, 2014

      But you’re always defictaing your comment to the Hive. I would say they have more impact on you.

      • Jessica October 4, 2014


  21. Jessica October 4, 2014

    Lady Gagas voice is very limited. It sounds like shes trying to immitate Christina. And you’re making out this album is doing massive numbers, it sold 100k and Im sure it will be downhill from there. Shes leeching off the maturer generation to keep her name out there after the fail that was Artpop.

  22. Slay_Hive October 4, 2014

    That thing is so mad that Bey is winning this era and is trying to take his anger out on the Beyhive. Your anger and jealousy is not gonna help ARTshit reach platinum 😀 😀 😀

  23. Slay_Hive October 4, 2014

    That thing is so mad that Bey is winning this era and is trying to take his anger out on the Beyhive. Your anger and jealousy is not gonna help ARTshit reach platinum! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • Sass October 4, 2014

      The obsession is creepy. All it’s comments are about the Hive above the actual topic at hand. I cannot at the pressed obsession!

  24. 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa (Cheek to Cheek is #1) October 4, 2014

    Not at it posting the same comment twice, get off your windows 95 pc and get a smartphone. Ghetto mess

  25. RICHIE_RICH October 4, 2014

    Who is gaga? I know who Christina Aguilera is, but not Gaga. Is Gaga some type of animal or something? Under palm tree having a real cute COCKtail!!!!!!!!

  26. Mark111 October 4, 2014

    But Gaga can’t sell a jazz album nor her LAST album. Cheap Too Cheap won’t sell passed 400K. Talking as if jazz is this special genre, no one is here for thise songs that been sung 1000s of times.

  27. Revolution October 4, 2014

    I saw no lies.

  28. Revolution October 4, 2014

    Neither Christina or Gaga come across ‘soulful’ It’s not authentic. I’m sorry but when you hear real soul you know it. And it’s not Christina or Gaga. They TRY to sound soulful, that’s all it is.

    • Mark111 October 4, 2014

      It’s forced. Just imitation, throw Adele and Sam Smith big asses in there too.

      • Revolution October 4, 2014

        Exactly. Although I do love Sam Smiths voice.

  29. Eloviano October 4, 2014

    Death at that picture.

    Christina to Trashga: “Don’t worry I’ll buy Flop To Flop.”

  30. JFB October 4, 2014

    Gaga has been channelling Xtina Her ENTIRE career. Xtina starts off pop, Gaga starts off as pop. Xtina goes deeper urban mixed with edge & rock, Gaga follows right behind her. Xtina hits us with Back 2 Basics(a jazz/blues era) & Gaga does the same. It’s quite pathetic. ARTPOP was a Bionic 2.0 and EVERYONE knows it. Xtina gave Gaga the BLUEPRINT. She owes her entire existence to her. As far as VOCALLY, Gags can’t hold a match next to Xtina. AT ALL. Stop with the delusion.

  31. let’s be real October 4, 2014

    whats sad is a lot of people confuse soul with imitation soul. Christina is a great singer but she also FORCES soul into it. Gaga also forces it but people believe it .Adele? thats her real voice. amy Winehouse? real soul. Beyonce when she wants evokes soul. it’s something you just feel it cant be forced.

    • TRUTH SERUM October 4, 2014

      Preach!!! You most certainly spoke the truth!!

    • JOHNVIDAL October 5, 2014

      Yes except for the last part when you included Beyonce among the ones with soul, Xtina or even Gaga singing Jazz have more (even though I agree neither of them are that real as Amy and Adele).

      • Barb B**** October 5, 2014

        They don’t have soul singing jazz, they have immitation soul.

  32. Barb B**** October 5, 2014


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