Snoop Dogg Continues “Feud” With Iggy Azalea / Claims Nicki Minaj Is “The Only Relevant Female Rapper”

Published: Wednesday 15th Oct 2014 by David


Hip Hop icon Snoop Dogg has been slammed for his continued targeting of ‘Murda Bizness‘ rapper Iggy Azalea this evening, taking to ‘Instagram’ to mock and berate her for responding to a remark he made about her earlier this week.

What any of this has to do with “ghost writers” and Nicki Minaj?

Surprising moves by the D.O.G.G. below…

As reported here, Dogg caught Azalea’s fans by surprise when he posted this image  online, taking aim at the ‘D.R.U.G.S‘ lyricist’s appearance.

How she responded? By asking him why he had decided to take aim at her in public while showing her love and support in private.

Then, after moving on the what seemed to be a short-lived mess on social media, Ms. Iggy was blind sighted by a fresh attack launched her way by ‘Tha Doggfather‘, who attacked her supposed use of ghost writers and inability to truly compete with her ‘UMG’ sister Nicki Minaj.


In response to this, Iggy explained (from the bottom up):


It’s unfortunate than act supposedly as esteemed as Snoop is engaging in something so…beneath him.

For, while some have cited a number of racially charged remarks Iggy has made in the past as the root of his problem with her, one has to wonder where such vitriol was to be found from Snoop when it emerged Justin Bieber was accused of doing the same.

Unfortunately for the ‘Fancy‘ rapper, mistakes made in the past have given a number of Hip Hop heads reason to believe they can “get at her”, get away with it, and get back at her when she dares to defend herself.

Here’s hoping the messages published today mark the ending of an attack that’s gone on for far too long.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Islandboi242 October 15, 2014

    “POST AWAY ABOUT THIS B****” Wow IGGY you didn’t have to call Nicki a B**** she wasn’t the photographer or snoop.She did nothing to you but this is how beef is started. Iggy getting to messy!

    • Mark111 October 15, 2014

      “post away about this “b****”” She was talking about herself. As in post away about me.

    • MomzWallace October 15, 2014

      Idiot! Learn how to read context. She was referring to herself! Again, you’re an idiot!

    • FAF October 15, 2014

      Iggy needs to put it in her LYRICS !

      She’s writing sooo much and all snoop is doing is attracting attention

    • Jack Pope October 17, 2014

      Why doesn’t Snoop call out Kellee Maize??? She’s so fake that she’s trying to be like Lady Gaga and Kesha! If you don’t believe me check out this video >>>>> she call’s herself the best female rapper by spamming people to get views. Read the comments…

  2. Mark111 October 15, 2014

    lol, she messed with the wrong one. She should’ve just post one of the 1000’s snoop dog memes, but no, she had to take it personal. I think she got too used to the pop world and forgot “where she came from”, hip hop don’t give a F about your feelings, lol.

    • K October 15, 2014

      Mark111 i notice Nicki bin avoiding this chick,because she notice that iggy people label and some of her fans and iggy is trying to start a beef with Nicki for free pub. and because of that nicki bin on some other other stuff,and they bin trying so hard to get Nicki involve in the f-ckry. alot of people notice how desperately they are trying to beef with nicki, i really hope Nicki don’t bite. because they are going to play the victime like what they are doing here to make Nicki look bad like she is jealous and some other sh!t.

      • Mark111 October 15, 2014

        Oh I see it. They’re trying to AND make it seem like Uggly isn’t into it and minding her bizz. BUT, this is karma for Nicki the way she did other female rappers in the past.

  3. KingMalik4QueenMariana October 15, 2014

    Would feel sorry for her but then I remembered that thing she said about Native Americans, and with the way my DNA is set up…

  4. KimmyBlanco October 15, 2014

    Karma for all the things she did to get on top.

    • QueenTeresa>>>>KathyFakeile October 15, 2014

      Ironically most of them where done with her being on the bottom. #IfYouKnowWaddaMean

      • Legarde October 15, 2014

        Ironically you ended up sounding lame when trying to be funny and witty.

    • Sam October 15, 2014

      not at you talking as if lil kim didn’t have to suck d*** to get where she is.

  5. Kyliephrodite October 15, 2014

    I’m supposed to feel sorry for a girl who said aboriginals don’t live to live in houses and would rather live under the stars? Really? I’ll save my pity for someone who matters.

  6. NickiBeenBad October 15, 2014

    Nice try David but Justin apologized for what he said. Has Iggy?

    • Mark111 October 15, 2014

      Yea, AFTER him and his team used every excuse in the book. It went from “He’s from Canada and they don’t know much about Black history (even tho that get America TV) to he said it with no racial intent. Until the 2nd video came out “One less lonely N, if I kill you, I’ll join the KKK.” And THEN she apologized and reposted bible quotes. #Fake

  7. NICKI IS QUEEN October 15, 2014

    Snoop knows what he’s talking about! Read that b**** YASS!

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 15, 2014

      U stank biitch

  8. TrustATry234 October 15, 2014

    This was sweet of TGJ and all but isn’t she the same one who made fun of black men being arrested outside KFC?

    • Ariana’sGrand October 15, 2014

      It was Popeyes.

      • NICKI IS QUEEN October 15, 2014


  9. NICKI IS QUEEN October 15, 2014

    Where is truth and lil Kim is a goat? Karma is a b**** am I right?

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 15, 2014

      Biitch suck my ass!! This is sad of Snoop. Making fun of nicki like that by calling her the queen of pop…kii!!

      • TRUTH SERUM October 15, 2014

        @truth this is sad… I hate to agree with you ass. Lol. Snoop is an OG, when did Twitter beefing with wack female rappers become a part of the game.

  10. Normani’sHarmony October 15, 2014

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! She cheated her way to the top with payola deals and lying about writing songs other people wrote for her and she thought she could get away with it. When she says sorry for all the hurtful things she said about African Americans, lesbians, gays, Native Americans and Mexicans people will begin let go of the past. Until then she better accept that this isn’t gonna stop because the industry doesn’t like her.

    • NICKI IS QUEEN October 15, 2014

      Preach it!

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 15, 2014

        Eat me

    • BeyRihLiyah October 15, 2014

      you forgot Asians she made racist comments about them as well

    • TRUTH SERUM October 15, 2014

      Looove your screen name. Normani slays!!!

  11. Lemonade (Cos Aubrey’s So Thirsty) October 15, 2014

    1. Saying Nicki is the best isn’t really shade to Iggy because it’s just a fact.
    2. Snoop is too old to bullying this poor little innocent girl for things she said years ago.

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 15, 2014

      Sayn u need to bathe is a fact biitch

    • October 15, 2014

      Lemonade i thub you up for 1 and almost thumb you down for 2
      but i realized that 2 got to be sarcasm because that chick sure as hell an’t innocent.

  12. Gabby Gabi October 15, 2014

    I was too busy ripping up my house and sleeping under the stars to see all of this.

  13. Eloviano October 15, 2014

    What do you get when you take the whitest Australian that on earth and combine that with All Purpose flour and mix it together with a 1/2 cup of cream and a 1/2 cup of the snap movement and then a dash of Paris Hilton purposelessness and sprinkle some Soulja Boy lack of talent flakes and a scoop of Kim Kardashian artificial @ss injection formula and give it a mangled country accent and stir it in a big bowl and dump that shitt on a cookie sheet and bake it at 350 degree’s for 2 hour’s and take it out and let it borrow the f**** outta Gwen Stefani’s biggest hit to make what 14 year old future strippers gonna eventually turn it into the #1 song in the country? You get the worst thing to happen to rap since Lil Wayne started signing his own artists aka #Piggy Basiczalea and no shade to YMCMB btw.

    • Eloviano October 15, 2014

      ^Thot^ And Snoop knows the whole tea chile.

    • ~The Arcade~ October 15, 2014

      girl……… no comment lol

  14. MNDA2014 October 15, 2014

    Such a nice girl but nobody takes her seriously because she doesn’t take herself seriously. I for one still have my doubts about her story because it seems pretty fishy to me.

  15. blue October 15, 2014

    never been a fan of iggy though i like her rap voice and like her lines on fancy and that ariana song… But now im gonna be rooting for this chick to make it and make it big… Its ridiculous how this american thing they can just attack her and keep putting her down. Nicki’s is no less a joke than hers so i dont see what they bragging about.

  16. blue October 15, 2014

    so what if she has ghost writers, lyricist need to eat too, so what if she did some questionable things to get on top, who hasnt? Just shows she wanted it more, so what if Nicki is a better rapper, is the a rule that only one female rap artist can be on top for some period of time? And she doesnt seem racist at all so i dont buy that.

    • NICKI IS QUEEN October 15, 2014

      She doesn’t seem like a racist? Dafuq? Ok. And it’s imperative that rappers write their lyrics otherwise their considered a fraud

      • blue October 15, 2014

        actually its not imperative they write their own songs its just that they are taken as frauds if they dont but really does it matter? I rather a rapper releases a great song written by someone else that i like rather than some s***** inspired piece of crap about how they had it tough, or some unoriginal-out of ideas-song about their fake ass. And plenty of rap artist rap about s*** they fav never done so what does that make them? Even snoop while married with kids talking about his a dedicated father and loyal husband while rapping about getting with soo many women… Whose the fraud? Nicki is all about she is sexual but has anyone actually seen her with a woman who wasnt just a friend?

  17. Arua October 15, 2014

    It’s considered “going in” or “shade” when other celebs do it. But when someone says something about Iggy, it’s “bullying”…

  18. BeyRihLiyah October 15, 2014

    iggy is a punk ass racist bitcccccch this is hiphop and in hiphop rappers diss and clown on each other daily she needs to quit while she’s ahead

  19. BeyRihLiyah October 15, 2014

    iggy is a punk ass racist bitcccccch this is hiphop and in hiphop rappers diss and clown on each other daily she needs to quit while she’s ahead !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Navy Nick October 15, 2014

    Snoop is really going too far: this is ridiculous

  21. Nurse October 15, 2014

    She’s so dramatic and is now playing the victim, she should have just posted a meme about snoop and left it at that.

  22. #TeamTinashe Stan “Aquarius” In Stores October 15, 2014

    This is all unnecessary I don’t get why Snoop Dogg (A Legendary Rapper) is doing this. Doesn’t make sense….. but the white checks meme was funny tho lmao.

    But what wasn’t funny is that I heard he posted a photo of a gun on instagram insinuating something.

  23. Katy’s Kitty October 15, 2014

    Why is the media letting her get a pass for all that mess she talked on twitter about Asians,Blacks,Aborigines,and lesbians? if Kanye West would have said the things the media would be having a field day.

  24. Lil kim (The Queen of push backs and pay pal honey) October 15, 2014

    This is giving me T.I vs Azealia Banks teas.

  25. Bad girl October 15, 2014

    Iggy is the biggest joke so far this decade, she’s not about any of that life she’s rapping about. Rick Ross 2.0 tbh

  26. OMG Logic!!! October 15, 2014

    Snoop is just a desperate old man trying to gain any attention that he can from relevant artists. By the way, Onika is relevant? That’s news to me. She resorted to showing off that cellulite blimp of hers to try and get a #1 and was blocked by another white girl rapper singing about butts LMAO. Onika is not going to happen.

    • Sam October 15, 2014

      she already happened you r*****.

  27. X October 15, 2014

    snoop whatever is an OLD QUEEN

  28. Musika October 15, 2014

    Snoop Ugly sucks. Hasn’t got a hit since Drop It Like Its Hot. He clearly misses being on top. Iggy is beauty and Snoop Ugly is the beast.

  29. The real.xoxo October 15, 2014

    That’s a b**** move from Snoop.
    Not a fan of Iggy at all, but Snoop is acting like a twitter stan.
    You can’t deny Iggy’s relevance.

  30. truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 15, 2014

    Snoop actn like a queen honey. This is even too sad for ME.

    • TRUTH SERUM October 15, 2014

      When @truth is the voice of reason, you know it’s a mess . Your fave is still a has been though. You and fullofmyjizzle can twirl on that. Kii

      • Wheresmyjizzle October 15, 2014

        Truth S****… Cute…. I see that you in here rubbing your stanly BLUE WAFFLE on errbody!!!!!

    • Wheresmyjizzle October 15, 2014

      Read honey!!! Lmao

  31. itchiya October 15, 2014

    The hiphop awards was gudd last night the best cipher was papoose and remy remy back.

  32. Fancy BISH October 15, 2014

    Everybody in the music industry knows Snoop Dogg gets his raps written by numerous guys! Snoop even said it himself…that’s why Doggystyle is a classic and his other albums are not……..;) LAWD, he about to be exposed! The Deathrow camp helped write Doggystyle! Everybody in the music industry knows it….his second album was DRY…why? Cause he didn’t have the proper “assistance.” Snoop is a legend, his flow is original, he can freestyle and he’s written for Dr. Dre and others too…BUT….he also needs help to keep his raps tight….its been downhill since Doggystyle as far as album quality and HE KNOWS IT…sorry boo boo 😉

  33. Realest October 15, 2014

    Snoop is i his 40’s playing around on Instagram, making fun of people like he’s 15. I mean as an older man posting disrespectful jokes that mock a young womens appearance, what did you expect her to do? Was she supposed to just laugh that you saying she looks like some weird looking albino? Or stick up for herself? And oh beause she stood up for herself she’s some type of b**** and this and that. Put your daughter in your shoes and some other ragedy ass nihga in yours- you wouldn’t be happy bruh.. Think like a real man.

    • Brian310 October 15, 2014

      It’s become apparent that making fun or dissing Iggy is a thing to do which she mentions by saying he acts nice in her face but mocking her publicly.

  34. TRUTH SERUM October 15, 2014

    Snoop, just stop already!!!! Everyone knows that she is a culture vulture. But attacking a female on Twitter is really suspect. First the perm, then the nails, and to top it off Twitter beefing… Jay or Nas would neva.

    • Wheresmyjizzle October 15, 2014

      I agree except the “culture vulture” part. I believe that would better suit one of your faves.

  35. eric October 15, 2014

    While we’re bringing up insensitive comments that Iggy may or may not have made, let’s take a look at the statements Nicki is making in her songs and videos. How exactly is Nicki showing respect for blacks or just men and women in general? Women should be mad that Nicki plays to stereotypes and perpetuates the idea that women are merely objects of sexual gratification.

    • gem October 15, 2014

      Let not bring up lyrics hun it could get real messy for iggy with some of the things she has said

    • Sam October 15, 2014

      y’all want people to hate nicki, it’s sad.

  36. Liam October 15, 2014

    I’m not a fan of either…but snoop dogg is being really immature with this! i’m disappointed if she got on the same level some of you would drag her to hell…the girl took the high road and ya’ll still drag her smh…some of ya’ll petty

  37. gem October 15, 2014

    Iggy is gross and im glad someone anit scared to call her out on her b*******

  38. sashay October 15, 2014

    Another one of Sam/David faves being dragged. You do know how to pick em. Anyhow isn’t rap at it’s core/origin supposed to be a form of self expression..if you are’nt writing your own lyrics that what the f*** are you doing rapping. She’s basically making a joke out of that genre of music. That’s why she’s not getting any respect..leave that s*** for pop music.

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