‘The Official Charts’ Releases List Of Highest Selling Christina Aguilera Singles Of All Time

Published: Sunday 12th Oct 2014 by David


15 years ago this week, Christina Aguilera‘s smash hit single ‘Genie in a Bottle‘ flung itself to the top of the UK’s ‘Official Charts’, paving a way for a career that’s served more highs than it has lows since then.

So, in honour of the single’s British chart run, the ‘Charts’ have released a list of the singer’s highest selling jams in the market, revealing that while she hasn’t always been well received in the US, Christina has never had any trouble winning the support of the British general public.

Facts and figures below…

Click here for The Official Top 20 Biggest Selling Christina Aguilera Singles

Your thoughts?

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  1. LB October 12, 2014

    14 FIGHTER 3 2003

    Are the only songs I can say I really like, but ultimate death at Xtina’s somewhat forgettable catalog of music, like really the only reason I know a lot of those songs is because I’m a true music fan who gives constructive brutally honest criticism, otherwise I doubt the casual listener remembers a lot of these.

    • Umm October 12, 2014

      Nobody cares babes, you live in the Ebola capitol of the world. Buh bye!

      • LB October 12, 2014

        So Ebola is supposed to be funny now?

      • entlorszha October 12, 2014

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    • Beysus October 12, 2014

      BYE B****!!

    • Ummm October 12, 2014

      Again. Nobody cares babes. At the end of the day the high horse you try to sit on, on this blog, is literally the horse you ride in your village for transportation. Honey we live in modern society #WeRideCarsNotPonys

      • LB October 12, 2014

        You care, which is why you’re seething in my reply box

      • Ummm October 12, 2014

        Again honey… We ride in cars where I’m from, not ponies. We stan for our own, you stan for us.. See the difference.

      • LB October 12, 2014

        Honey, YOU CANNOT AFFORD A PONY, so stop talking about matters you know nothing about.

      • ontherun October 12, 2014

        @ummm you sound stupid and ignorant as f***

    • Ummm October 12, 2014

      We stan for our own…. You stan for US… We wouldn’t, will not and won’t ever stan for someone over there… See the difference?

      • LB October 12, 2014

        And where is the logic in that? You told me to feed my pony knowing you cannot afford one, how “smart” of you

      • Ummm October 12, 2014

        The kii is what is so costly for you, over in the 3rd world…. Is minced meat over here in America honey.. Step your puszy up miss thing. #WeStanForUs #YouStanForUs #NobodyStansForYou

    • Everyone’s A Critic October 13, 2014

      @Ummm LOOOOOOOOOOOOL the drag is REAL. You’ve just made my morning, I’m done!
      LB.. You’ve been needing a drag like this for some time now. You should just start again with a new user… No one likes you here and now you’ll be known as the one who got SERIOUSLY dragged by @Ummm

  2. Metzo October 12, 2014

    Oh. All I know is Somebody got dragged like crazy on that Beyonce post. Lmaoo. The Hive been clocking biitches left and right lately.
    #DontFuckWithTheHive #TheseRiHoeFansAintLoyal #UnderCoverStans

    • 7 October 12, 2014


  3. Mark111 October 12, 2014

    Hahahaha, her highest seller isn’t even her single? Hahahaha.
    Her first album was really good at the time. But let’s be real, Britney Spears stardom routed CA career. You could tell that RCA was trying to take her the Dion/ early Mariah route until the teen pop super era came to. Man I hated that era, nothing but boybands and teen pop girls that no one took serious, but were ALL over Disney and Nick channels. At these All That showed some teen r&b stars tho (TLC, Aaliyah, Usher, Mya and others).

    • Umm October 12, 2014

      But Rihanns is basically the same. Some whos not a great singer, doesn’t write, contributes next-to-nothing musically and makes generic “fad” music that’s not true to their “artistry”… The only difference is Britney, Xtina and the rest could dance, they could deliver live and to some extent had artistry. Riri has none. She’s literally a puppet

      • Mark111 October 12, 2014

        That’s all your opinion. Numbers shows that Rihanna’s top selling songs are We Found Love and Umbrella. Last time I checked, CA isn’t a writer, that’s why she road Linda Perry nuts for songs that was written for Pink. Sorry your has been fave we’re killed by some other has been named Gags.

    • Ummm October 12, 2014

      Christina can’t write but in her prime she could most definitely SING her face off. Can Riri ??? Flat… Lifeless… Christina’s not a dancer but she did have good choreography and move very well in certain videos, and in the movies burlesque/ moulin rouge… Can Riri??? Stiff… Lifeless.. Christina contributed HEAVILY to her music in comparison to Riri who is handed songs and offers nothing but popularity for the writers, producers etc. Big difference and it’s not an opinion it is a fact.. Sorry

      • Rci October 12, 2014

        Finally rihanna is being mentioned on these posts… its usually beyonce being compared to everyone. rihanna is a massive success too

    • Ummm October 12, 2014

      And christina is not in my top 50favs.. She sings outside of her range, is sloppy and cliche. Sorry… I just keep it real. I’m sorry your fav is only good at being popular and not at singing, which is the core description of her job

  4. Beysus October 12, 2014

    Beautiful and Candyman 🙂

    But yea most of this is like the early 2000’s…. This girl is DONEEE…

    • Ebola capitol October 12, 2014

      Did they just release this in your slum?

  5. Mark111 October 12, 2014

    Scans the top 40 on BB Hot 100 and top 200 albums. . . Error, name not found.

  6. LB October 12, 2014


    You might have to check the Billboard Bubbling Under charts

  7. LB October 12, 2014

    “Umm Replied:
    October 12th, 2014 at 3:09 pm
    But Rihanns is basically the same. Some whos not a great singer, doesn’t write, contributes next-to-nothing musically and makes generic “fad” music that’s not true to their “artistry”… The only difference is Britney, Xtina and the rest could dance, they could deliver live and to some extent had artistry. Riri has none. She’s literally a puppet

    So which song has Beyonce written that wasn’t already written and recorded before she heard it?

    • Ummm October 12, 2014

      Not talking about beyonce…. Who said anything about beyonce? But since you want to bring up beyonce…. Can she sing live? Stellar… Can she dance? If course… Can she perform… Undeniably. All things rihanna cannot. And she may not write lyrics but her arrangements are impeccable. Rihanna’s adc,123 harmonies are the most basic of basic. Sorry babes.

      • LB October 12, 2014

        My question was, can she write a song that was not already recorded and written before she heard it?

      • LB October 12, 2014

        “And she may not write lyrics but her arrangements are impeccable

        SCREAMING!!!!! What arrangements? She just changes a word and baam, written by Beyonce

    • Ummm October 12, 2014

      The only thing you should be screaming at is your horse which is underperforming. Ne-Yo already stated that he didn’t care that beyonce said she wrote “irreplaceable” because the way he wrote it and the way she translated it was a 360 degree turn around. But you wouldn’t understand that because your fav has been doing the same “singin 101” basic harmonies since her first album. She was even outsung by a MAN who didn’t speak english on the European idol…. Lmfao. Sorry. If we wanna talk popularity, ok Riri has merit… But pure organic talent Riri isn’t even at a Miley Cyrus levels hun…. No shade

      • LB October 12, 2014

        Is that why she excluded him from the credits of irreplaceable until he clocked her that she slipped it into the re-release?

        Gurl sit down, Beyonce has never and will never pen a song by herself, those vocal arrangements are delusion of the highest order when after she records the song, it sounds exactly the same as it did before it reached her.

        So you can keep seething about Rihanna, the fact is Rihanna’s singing 101 basic vocals can take a Ballad to the top ten whilst Beyonce’s stolen melodies can’t even escape the Billboard Bubbling Under charts

    • Ummm October 12, 2014

      But again this isn’t about beyonce. You brought her up as is shes my fav…. She is not. So your point is what, to bring up the very women you claim to dislike but CONSTANTLY dedicate hours of your life to and COUNTLESS amounts of coins to.? I’m confused. Would you like to go back and forth with me about beyonce??? Or you wanna stay on topic? Lemme know babes. And please feed your horse

      • LB October 12, 2014

        I like how you talk about horses like you can afford one, a horse is an expensive animal that you obviously cannot afford. I mean you cannot afford to buy your favs CDs, which might explain why she is flopping.

    • XXX October 12, 2014

      BEEP BEEP BEEEEEP! What do you say again in the previous post.

    • Ummm October 12, 2014

      So u wanna keep talking about beyonce or nah?

    • ontherun October 12, 2014

      @lb do you even understand what vocal arrangements are. Seeing as you’re a rihanna fan I assume the whole concept of anything to doi with vocals is alien to you

      • Kisses October 12, 2014


  8. Alauna Jackson October 12, 2014

    How come Xtina has sold more albums than Rihanna- Robyn- 13 #1’s-Fenty? Lmaoo. Basic much? N mind you both have 7 albums.

    • Alain October 12, 2014

      Girl please. Those #1’s are nothing but generic forgettable crap. Nsothing strong enough to push an album or make ppl drawn to the album. Basicanna

    • Mark111 October 12, 2014

      Because her career started in music golden age in the early 2000s. You want to talk generic? When most of CA and Britney albums sales came from Disney audience and albums were attached to Barbies, tooth paste and happy meals. Where are they now? Gone before the 10 year mark. That’s what you call a has been.

  9. LB October 12, 2014

    The real question is how can you call your fav an album seller when she has sold LESS ALBUMS than Britney, Christina, Alicia Keys, Pink???

    • Mimi Carey October 12, 2014

      I like beyonce but f*** her fans are so dumb lol she was never and will never be an album seller 11M for someone who was huge in 2003 when Usher went Diamond? F*** outta here

    • Ummm October 12, 2014

      I have a similar question. I wanna know when your horse gets sick, how do you get around? Do you borrow your neighbors elephant or just walk in you “air Jerusalem” berkinstalk sandals?

      • LB October 12, 2014

        I just keep the predators and bandits away with Beyonce’s horrible music, works wonders.

      • Mimi Carey October 12, 2014

        If your trying to shade you failed mariah remains unbothered with her 500M

    • ontherun October 12, 2014

      Mariah needs to get bothered: theres a whole list of things wrong in her life- weight, marriage ,vocals, relevance pol loke you saying she should be unbothered is exactly why shes become a fat irrelevant b****

    • Rci October 12, 2014

      i guess destiny’s child albums don’t count… i guess paul mcartney isn’t an album seller either. i guess diana ross is a flop too…

  10. Mimi Carey October 12, 2014

    It’s a shame her career died so quickly she had everything going for her …and I honestly don’t see her making a comeback she just doesn’t have it anymore AND death at her selling more albums than a certain somebody who is the supposed album seller of this generation

    • LB October 12, 2014

      Fun fact:

      Other artist sells 3 million: FLOP

      A certain someone sells 3 million: Impressive, album seller, QUEEN


      • Mimi Carey October 12, 2014

        seriously tho very very delusional I feel sorry for beyonce she deserves better fans glad she pays their ass dust

      • Mimi Carey October 12, 2014

        That’s just an excuse your girls use because you are insecure y’all know who the real album sellers are beyonce would never ever top Taylor Bruno or even Pink

      • sasa October 12, 2014

        Eminem , Katy Perry , Lana del Rey, JT …

      • Beysus October 12, 2014

        LANA??? Please…

      • sasa October 12, 2014

        Lana’s first álbum sold pretty well.Bruno Mars , Daft Punk , Pink ,One DIrection …and the best selling álbum this year is Frozen by far so…

      • Beysus October 12, 2014

        Well they ain’t getting the same critical acclaim or success from a sold out stadium tour…

    • ontherun October 12, 2014

      Not lans talking about excuses when they cling to the times when mooriah wasn’t a fat b**** to excuse her current flopation

      • ontherun October 12, 2014


  11. Mimi Carey October 12, 2014

    Xtina should cater to Adele’s demographic and ease up on over singing I’m rooting for her

  12. Alain October 12, 2014

    @LB. All of the people you mentioned have more albums than Bey. The real Q is, despite have way more #1 singles than all of them you listed, why can’t Rihanna outsell neither of them?

    13 #1 songs in your domestic market (U.S) 10Milluon albums sold.
    While Alicia Keys has less than half #1’s than Rih and sold 18Million albums with 6 albums only. Rihanna is basic, if you ask me. Although she is still successful. Not gonna take that from her.

    Album> Single.

  13. LB October 12, 2014

    I’m sorry, I’ve never claimed Rihanna as an album seller, I’ve always stated she is a consistent seller.

    I stated those people to show just how basic Bey’s album sales are in comparison to real album sellers due to the fact that her stans call her an album seller, when she is not.

  14. LB October 12, 2014

    This is too much, you tell someone “go feed your pony” forgetting you cannot afford a pony.

    It’s like saying, “go fill up the tank in your brand new BMW” is that a drag?

    You need to come correct babe.

  15. Suicide Blonde October 12, 2014

    ‘The Voice Within’ is beautiful, i loved that song, i remember that everyone was crazy about her, she looked like a doll, especially in the video for ‘I Turn to You’, dreamy 😀

  16. XXX October 12, 2014

    Ohhhh look. Its still typing furiously about Beyonce and the Hive. Has it not learned yet?

  17. Valerie October 12, 2014

    Every time this bxtch LB posts he always ends up making it about Beyonce. Is that TGJ paying you to do that or something? The obsession is too suspicious. The constant trolling for someone you continue to buy music for album after album is so weird. If you are not being paid, Im screaming.

      • Valerie October 12, 2014

        Bwahaha why would I be mad? Its my fan base constantly making seethe harder than Rihanna after she was dragged by a peasant on Twitter.

    • Mimi Carey October 12, 2014

      I really think they are kii. He/she is here to keep the stan wars going. Why do yall feed into him? He was just dragging Mariah a few months ago now he’s her #1 fan. Phony f**.

      • LB October 12, 2014

        Yes, I used to drag her until I got my hands on The elusive Chanteuse, and I love it. I’ve stated this COUNTLESS TIMES!!!

  18. Slay_Hive October 12, 2014

    Oh ok……..

  19. CherylSoldier October 12, 2014

    Ugh told you all. The f** is still here, posting in every post about beyonce, 9 hours later. It’s obsessed.

  20. Valerie October 12, 2014

    Another 100 comments of you writing about nothing but BEYONCE AND THE HIVE. Screaming!

      • Valerie October 12, 2014

        Oh you’re still bothered about the Hive.

      • LB October 12, 2014

        Says the person that has only replied to my comments, funny you didn’t post about the story at hand, oh wait, you were busy obsessing over me…continue,

      • Valerie October 12, 2014

        Why do I reply? Because they are about MY FAVE AND THE HIVE as per usual.

      • LB October 12, 2014

        I didn’t ask why you reply and frankly I don’t care, I just pointed it out.

      • Valerie October 12, 2014

        You didn’t need to ask. It shows the only obsession perpetuating here is you with Beyonce, hence why the Hive replies (key word)

      • LB October 12, 2014

        You posted your opinion like I care, funny, you’re still talking like I care

      • Valerie October 12, 2014

        And you’re still replying to me, so by YOUR logic, clearly you care.

  21. Mimi Carey October 12, 2014

    Wow most of these songs are very forgettable. I don’t remember most of them. Christina is a true has been.

    • J.E October 13, 2014

      Forgetable that most of the reality singing competitions. Most of her songs are being sang.

  22. LB October 12, 2014


    That’s exactly what I said, A lot of Christina’s songs are very forgettable. Unlike Britney, I don’t think she can go on tour on her catalog alone, hell not even Vegas.

    I think she is just famous for being Christina, and not her music which is unfortunate considering her talent. She is by true definition, a has been who got taken out by a generic clown, who ironically also got taken out by an even more generic clown.

    Funny how KARMA WORKS

  23. Slay_Hive October 12, 2014

    Chile who spends several hours stressing over someone that claim to dislike. Rihanna is the b****’s fave but LooseBitch’s comments are always about Bey. *Why is that?* *In my Bey voice*

  24. Lolz October 12, 2014

    Christina has some great songs. She is definitely one of the most overlooked pop stars of her generation.

  25. Mimi Carey October 12, 2014

    Can anyone of the hive explain why selling 3M is considered being an album seller for bey but a flop for everyone else? No shade

      • Mimi Carey October 12, 2014

        @beysus no other major act besides beyonce has released since late 2013 and 2014 just wait till taylor Bruno pink and adele come back

      • Tasha October 12, 2014

        Keep clinging to other artists. All three of them are popper than pop. No one, I repeat no one is selling music like Beyonce. She is the only one who can sell R&B on a commercial level. Sad but true.

    • Slay_Hive October 12, 2014

      What other black R&B/POP artist is pulling in those numbers today?

      • Mimi Carey October 12, 2014

        Why does it have to be about race? Beyonce is much more successful than alot of white acts I’m not trying to discredit her but she is not a huge seller she is a only a touring artist

      • Slay_Hive October 12, 2014

        It has everything to do with race, What other black artist besides Bey is selling 3+ Million contemporary R&B albums??

        Majority of those white acts sell more. Adele is a perfect example, There are plenty of black singers that sing soul music but don’t sell. Taylor Swift is another example.

        Bey is sellin R&B albums. Rihanna sells but she sticks to top 40 generic singles. She wouldn’t sell half as much as Bey if she recorded a strictly R&B album

      • Slay_Hive October 12, 2014

        And death @ her only being a touring artist. Her music sells as well, even when she doesn’t have a hit. Instead of following the pack of other pop girls, and ditching Red One, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, etc, Only looking for top 40 success, she chose to stick to her roots and she is the ONLY arist selling big with R&B.

      • Mimi Carey October 12, 2014

        @slay_hive she is the only artist that sells r&b yes but your missing the point here y’all talk as if she sells more than everyone when we know that isn’t the case and a big single wont help your sales this isn’t the 90s anymore just look @ iggy and pharell they had huge hits this year and nothing can’t even go gold…same with blurred lines it was the best selling song of 2013 yet the album flopped hard

      • Slay_Hive October 12, 2014

        Whoever said Bey sells more than everyone? Beyonce stays in her lane! 4 was platinum without a hit. Beyonce is double Platinum with DIL’s peak at #2. DIL was not as big of a hit as SL and CIL, but people still purchase her albums, because Bey chooses Quality over Quantity. Not to mention she’s the only one selling R&B and trying to keep the genre alive , without selling out! Bey’s sales are great with today’s standards. Like I said could Rihanna sell an R&B album WW? Be is the only one, You can’t do nothing but respect her.

    • Mimi Carey October 12, 2014

      Stop using my name f** troll!!!!

  26. Revolution October 12, 2014

    Christina is much better than overrated asss Britney. Britney is a puppet who burst on the scene because of the teen bubblegum pop craze. Without that she would be nothing, hence why once they grew up her career went in a downward spiral. Christina has talent.

    • Alex October 12, 2014

      Nobody cares. BOMT sold +30M while CA sold 15M and was local as F***. FLOP SINCE HER FIRST ALBUM. Brit can tour, Xtincta can. Myah Jean sold more than Bloatus. People know Britney is sweet and humble that’s why they love her. They also know Xtincta is a b**** who’s shaded everyone in the industry that’s why they hate her. F*** off Shitina stan.

  27. LB October 12, 2014

    Oh please, compare Circus tour to Bionic tour, Britney is famous because old Britney used to slay the stage, that’s why people loved Britney, she used to turn the stage up.


    • Revolution October 12, 2014

      All smoke and mirrors. Sadly people are fooled by it. Christina has and still is a better RAW performer.

      • Revolution October 12, 2014


      • LB October 12, 2014

        Christina was an amazing singer pre-vocal damage, Britney was the far better performer, the white Janet Jackson at the time, before the meltdown.

        On the stage Britney > Christina, BY FAR

        On the mic Christina > Britney

        Overall careers Britney > Christina

  28. Nikko October 12, 2014

    So sad her music career is over I don’t understand why she had such an amazing voice… But agree Christina will always be remember for the Britney vs Xtina era that’s it sad but true….

  29. LB October 12, 2014


    Yes that is unfortunate that she’ll be known more for Britney vs Christina than her music, but Christina did the most, she didn’t really establish an identity. One minute she is Britney 2.0, next she is Christinaiqua, next Christina Blues, next Christinagaga, like who are you besides a good singer?

    This performance established her as the voice of this generation IMO, no one can match up to this

    • Lolz October 12, 2014

      -Island Girl
      -Good girl gone bad
      -Ghetto Goth Girl
      -Ronald McDonald Girl
      -Ratchet Vulgar Girl
      -Psuedo Urban Girl

      The irony… Except there’s no good singer part. I wonder what’s next?

      • Beysus October 12, 2014


      • Lolz October 12, 2014

        Lmao. That’s already been the foundation of all the above.

      • Beysus October 12, 2014

        Yea… I mean she’s already got the big ass forehead…

      • Jessica October 13, 2014

        The first one should be island girl/Beyonce tribute act.

  30. Lydia October 12, 2014

    Oh my. The top song though…

  31. whut October 12, 2014

    True talent never dies. Christina is a true talent. She always will have a chance to come back. Britney was a gimmick, which is why her career crashed so hard and is truly over with no chance for resurrection. That’s what you call a has-been.

    • Alex October 12, 2014

      Xtinctas career is dead since 2006 hun. Can’t tour. Britney can. Can’t sell 1M off an album, Britney can. The gp hates her cuz she’s a b****. The gp loves Britney cuz she’s HUMBLE and SWEET. Stay mad and deluded.

  32. Lindsay Lohan October 13, 2014

    Career- and image-wise, Ariana Grande is very reminiscent of Christina Aguilera.

  33. Maria October 13, 2014

    Why is everyone rabbiting on about Beyoncé, Rihanna and Britney this post is about christina aguilera. So annoying not everything has to be Stan war for christ sakes. I personally love her music very diverse and beautifully written. Her voice is incredible and one of the best out there an of the lasy twenty years. #LOVE

  34. Everyone’s A Critic October 13, 2014

    DEATH @LB getting DRAGGED.. This thread is HILLARIOUS. @Ummm You’ve just become the critics fav commentator.. I fux with you from now on.

  35. PopLegends October 15, 2014

    Funny fact! 3 record labels rejected Britney of a record deal back in the day including the one Christina was signed to because young female solo artists were over and no one wanted another tiffany or debbie gibson. It was all about the pop bands like the Spice Girls BSB and NSYNC they said…. Jive signed her and she released BOMT then one by one the three labels who rejected her have their own young blonde starlet come out with a pop song. I give you Christina with Genie Mandy Moore with Candy and Jessica Simpson with whatever her irrelevant song was. Christina has spoken many times about how she was under the thumb of the label for that first record so to me that’s the proof that they all tried to have their own Britney size success. My point is those labels rejected Britney then they all went out and found a similar looking girl once she became hugely successful so they could try and emulate her success. Christina was already signed to RCA before Britney was signed to Jive BUT they did not know which road to take her in terms of style and sound. Funny isn’t it Britney gets called a puppet and such when her first video was completely HER vision yet it’s those others who followed her are the ones who were the puppets as they got to release their stuff in the beginning because of her and how successful she was. It was even more obvious later when Xtina did a complete uturn with her second album stripped and Mandy moore’s style after her first album was totally different.

    This is not a Christina bashing post btw it’s a defending Britney post as I read some of the comments bashing her.

    Oh and Stripped will forever be Xtina’s best album. Gonna go pop ma pu$$ay to that right now.

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