Danity Kane Now A Duo? Aubrey & Shannon Shoot New Video

Published: Wednesday 19th Nov 2014 by Sam

Danity Kane‘s demise played out oh so publicly. However, new snaps have many wondering whether the remnants of the group are preparing to re-emerge as a duo.

Details below…

Within the last hour, Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex have taken to Instagram to share shots of themselves on a video set together.

The ladies have remained mum on specifics, yet O’Day did offer droplets of tea. She wrote on one pic:

best shoot w my best friend @shannon_bex!  to our iconic team @evilyn_mua @castillo_13 @jajajaredthomas @ali_stylist

And on another…

the dream is never done. @shannon_bex

Since the split of DK3 in August (following a violent studio brawl which saw member Dawn Richard punch O’Day in the head), Richard has pushed on with her solo project ‘Blackheart’.

By the looks of things, Aubrey and Shannon are cooking up something too. We just hope it’s not under the “Danity Kane” name. For too many reasons that would be a mucky mess.

Anyway, peep more pics below…



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    • You tried November 19, 2014

      These two FRAUDS are about to make a fool of themselves! They are bout to SHOW HOW MUCH THE OTHER GIRLS DID PLAY A HUGE PART IN THE GROUP!

      Shannon girl stop being bossed around by TIRED ass Aubrey!

      This should b very NONE PROFITING ! Lmaoooo

      • You tried November 19, 2014


        I second that! DAWN is clearly somewhere laughing her ass off! She help these girls with a two minute come back now they are soooo Confident that they think they could do it on they’re on FAIL! One question ??? WHO IS THE SINGER IN THE GROUP !??????? CRICKETS


      • yasssssssssss B**** November 19, 2014


  1. Islandboi242 November 19, 2014


  2. nancy grace slays November 19, 2014

    Aubreys such a fame w h o r e!!! Since when did her and shannon b become besties???? Well i mean her solo project did fail…sooooooo

  3. nancy grace slays November 19, 2014

    Dawns somewhere laughing her a s s off!!!!

    • Cupid November 19, 2014

      And planning her next flop album

      • Taylor November 19, 2014

        You must not know about Dawn. The huge downside for Aubrey and Shan. Fans is they will not last. 99.9% sure of it. Dawn as a solo is here to stay whether she flops or not. She has that over them since she had doing her thing for years and actually has a following. She will get the last laugh.

    • Scott November 19, 2014

      Yeah, lipsyncing bootleg covers of Rihanna and Bey… It’s funny to me that Dawn got zero backlash for her violence… So I guess it’s only a problem when a man hits a woman, but women against women is ok? I’m glad these two are following through with a project. They can make it happen.

      • You tried November 19, 2014


        Dead at you saying Dawn needed backlash for whooping a B****es a** !! No one was going to take up for this Plastic Fraud!

    • ST November 20, 2014

      Dawn can sing but she has no star quality like rihanna or beyonce she has something missing! A duo group would work Its new dress hand an open lane in the music business it’s a smart business move good luck to dawn tho hard to be her age and make it they all needed each other not one has been able to become huge on their own not even dawn aubrey oday has every quality a star needs to have she just has it the full package while you hate they are getting paid applaud them for living out their dreams most don’t !

      • Kate November 20, 2014

        Aubrey is trash. Which star quality does she have? If she had star quality do you think she would try to make a comeback with dk or using Shannon to have a post dk career. She is flop. She tried to be a famous for no reason bimbo and did not make it. Lemonade flopped. No one is checking for hoeday or danity kane

  4. JOHNVIDAL November 19, 2014

    Who are they? That plastic surgery in those faces… omg

    • Liam November 19, 2014

      well shannon is naturally cute….i think that comment was for aubrey

      • Credits November 20, 2014

        Both their faces look effed up in that photo. Shame, because Shannon is a pretty girl.

  5. musicMatters101 November 19, 2014

    I’m more interested in hearing and seeing this TBH than Dawn’s wannabe alternative R&B music. I think tho Duo’s are hard to work. I think worse case scenario they should have found a few other members and formed a new group if they want to be a group. Then again with ALL they have been through I can see why they would want to keep it just DK girls. Well, where is D. Woods at, she should be free by now! No longer doing Kandi’s play… I hope she isn’t still LOL! JK, I kid, I kid.

  6. nene November 19, 2014


  7. DanYiel Teflon November 19, 2014

    I’m sorry Dawns voice will me misses & so won’t my funds!! I’ll pass on a Duets Album? Bye FELECIA!!

  8. Drinkmybussyjuice November 19, 2014

    You know. I don’t mind this. After dwoods dawn was my least fave. Andrea was always my fave, but why should they stop living their dream. Its easy to hate ob someone continuing to live their dream, but how many of u bums are living yours.

  9. MRB November 19, 2014

    Now its just comedy at this point!

  10. SMH November 19, 2014

    Well, good luck to you girls lol.

  11. mcking November 19, 2014

    I’m so ready for this their voices go well together and I’m so gonna support their music between two evils was awesome by aubs….I’m out by shan was so good they’ll be a power house y’all r used to dawn leading you’ve heard roulette and secret lover these two killed it

  12. TheElusiveLamb November 19, 2014

    First off they need to leave surgery alone because it’s starting to show and secondly I hope the same thing. I used to LOVE Danity Kane, but now I see they are not able to be together so if I can leave it alone, then they too need to follow suit. Doesn’t that first pic scream Beyoncé Single Ladies??

  13. cocobutta November 19, 2014

    Like all things created in that group lets remember who came up with name DANITY KANE!!

    They can dance though. Maybe doing dancing gigs for Will.I.Am lol.

    • Tasha November 19, 2014

      They’re more marketable. White hot chicks with blonde hair… Think of Kesha, Britney Spears, Aly & AJ, etc. they have the image and the skills to be BIG.

      • Chilli November 19, 2014

        My point in a n** shell.

        Perplexed and sad at the realness.

  14. Tasha November 19, 2014

    This could be dope!! They could be the modern urban version of Ally and AJ or the female version of Macklemore group. But this isn’t a video shoot its a photo shoot. Also, they had a deal with a label when Dawn hit her and left the group, so they’re still in it and under contract.

    • yasssssssssss B**** November 19, 2014

      how do you know they had a deal ? this is the first time i’m hearing anything like that.

  15. Shadeed Rice November 19, 2014

    That’d be hilarious, if for whatever reason Aubrey & Shannon fell out. We would know who the REAL problem in that group was then. Not that we already don’t know. Her delusional fans swear her Pamela Anderson one-note hittin ass was the leader of the group. Look at her track record, she was besties w/ Aundrea, then they grew apart bc she changed w/ her first taste of fame. Besties w/ D. Woods, then shaded her the moment she didn’t wanna return. Besties w/ Dawn, but never got over the first breakup so she does shady s***. I mean, am I the only one who notices the pattern…

    • yasssssssssss B**** November 19, 2014

      maybe diddy was right !

      • Taylor November 19, 2014

        No thank you I will stick with Dawn. What she is doing is not an experiment or a one off. Dawn might give us another album by December. That’s why I f$&*with her. She goes hard.

        Who knows though? They could be a sucess. Shannon look wise and vocal wise has been shitting on ms Aubrey this era. And it will show even more now they are a duo. Will Aubrey gigantic ego be able to take? Good luck Shan.

    • IWISHABITCHWOULD November 19, 2014

      No you are not! Aubrey always has been the problem child of the group! Great observations!

  16. yasssssssssss B**** November 19, 2014

    you can keep this,i’m good !

  17. Taylor November 19, 2014

    Ppl hating. I am Dawn fan, but who is to say they wont slay. For Shan sake at least. It will be just two girls half naked singing and dancing to a generic song but it might work. For Shannon sake again.

    • Chilli November 19, 2014

      Shannon is down for the pound. I can’t support that.

      Ask yourself why Shannon and Drea weren’t tight throughout this reunion? They were the real BFFs, even after the 1st split but Drea was closer to Dawn during this reunion?!

      That is fishy to me.

  18. Liam November 19, 2014

    shannon seems to be more a team player than just being obsessed with being “a star” and she is just naturally a nice girl from what the others in the group says about her ….as for aubrey well no comment!

    • DK brings out the crazys November 19, 2014

      Hence why she kept her.


  19. Framing November 19, 2014

    Why do I feel like this is what Aubrey wanted all along?

    They’ll be really successful as it suits their white & gay fans down to a T
    White & mainstream pop – tick
    mainstream look – tick
    pop sound – tick
    minimal talent and fame hungry – tick tick tick

    A huge part of the fanbase had no interest in the other two girls….take that how you may. Audrea got a pass coz she was cute and had that voice.

  20. Framing November 19, 2014

    This will be interesting.

    Wondering why they rushing videos and recording sessions….15/01/15 release date planned by any chance?? Aubrey is the pettiest petty that ever pettied

    Shannon, b**** you gone get yours! You better let Aubrey have what every she want, Heave help her if people realize Shannon is the only talent left?! …..after all Aubrey had to do to take down Dawn? She is not about to have that.

    • Liam November 19, 2014

      lol i’m crying but you do have a point…cause i notice on the DK3 album Shannon was impressing me with her vocals on those songs and Tell Me>>>>>>>>….she has what it takes to make it solo and she has a personality that people like

  21. DK brings out the crazys November 19, 2014

    Wait Aubrey was one half of:
    Danity Kane
    Ebony and Ivory

    There is one common denominator in these failed relationships but the aubtrage are too blinded by the plastic.

  22. ENOUGH ONIKA November 19, 2014

    Not supporting this…still like Shannon but damn Shannon, I thought u got a backbone this time around….guess not

  23. Indie November 19, 2014

    I 100% support them, the DK3 album was not lead by Dawn all 3 of them slaaaayed this summer, killing all of there live performances and it was all 3 of them who smashed it, i love these too and they lead on my favourite song on the album, Roulette so I’m here for them, i love strong people who keep it moving, Travis Garland has been writing with them and i think its gonna be sick!!

  24. Dana November 19, 2014

    It is like in High School when girls would have less “attractive” or less popular girlfriends for a reason.

  25. Musika November 19, 2014

    Maybe Fimbres could rejoin them when she’s less busy?

  26. MOIZME November 20, 2014

    THEY lost their minds. AND WHYYYYYYY for the love of God did Shannon let Aubrey do her make up or agree to match and marry….. Shannon was Gorgeous as is she didn’t need to look plastic like Aubrey has obviously turned into. And Again i hate to repeat it but i was pretty down when Aundrea left. Aubrey and Shannon should of straightened up then an got her to stay and we might still have DK4… but NOOOOOOO Aubs was probably super jelly of Aundrea’s vocals and of her getting all of the powerful/ stand out parts as Aundrea and Dawn did in the past. AND CAN SOMEONE TELL ME IF SHANNON IS STILL MARRIED or is she out on the streets with Aubs?

  27. mcking November 23, 2014

    I hope aubrey doesn’t get punched by shannon also so she cn release the album alone Looooooool

  28. Benny December 12, 2014

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  29. Audrey July 10, 2016

    Abury is one dirty C***!

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