Timbaland Visits ‘The Breakfast Club’ / Talks Aaliyah Biopic & Hypes New Female Rapper Tink

Published: Wednesday 19th Nov 2014 by Sam

The much-slammed Aaliyah biopic may have had Timbaland in a foul mood over the weekend, but the hitmaker was in great spirits during a stop at The Breakfast Club today.

Naturally, hosts Charlamagne, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy quizzed Timbo on the Lifetime movie and his viral response. Yet, it was the interesting turn that the interview took which has many buzzing. tink-timbaland-thatgrapejuice

The producer used the vast majority of the sit-down to gush about new rapper, Tink.

Aged just 19, the femcee is the latest name signed to Tim’s Mosley Music Group in partnership with L.A. Reid‘s Epic Records. What’s more, the lyricist has received co-signs from the likes of Jay Z and Rick Ross.

Armed with more than just words, the music maestro previewed material from the newbie’s debut album, which he says houses some of his best work since Aaliyah’s ‘One In A Million’.

Peep the must-see interview below…

With such lofty levels of hype, it’ll be intriguing to see if Tink can live up to it once her project is officially rolled out.

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  1. nope November 19, 2014

    He’s been doing too much. Yes you knew her or whatever, but who made you spokesperson for Aaliyah’s estate? He always has something to say whenever there is an Aaliyah anything. Calm down. You produced half of her second album and a few songs from her third.

    • Mark111 November 19, 2014

      Well I do agree that people need to stop acting like him and Missy owned Aaliyah. But I think they will always protect her because how close they were, plus they owe her their careers. I seen an interview with Dame and he was just as protective, yet quite. Her family and friends really loved her, so…

    • Julian November 19, 2014

      If one of your closest friends died and people were disrespecting them, wouldn’t you defend them too? I totally get where Timbo is coming from, that movie was an abomination.

  2. pat November 19, 2014

    I’ve liked tink for a while….

    • KingVon November 19, 2014

      I only recently heard of Tink through a friend of mine and I love her song “Treat Me Like Somebody.” I was unaware she was a rapper as well though.

  3. DASTARKIDD November 19, 2014


  4. Rihanna #1 fan t November 19, 2014

    I agree with everything he said about Aaliyah now all the other stuff about tink thats where he lost me?!

  5. Bey-Minaj November 19, 2014

    So basically Tink is a Lauryn Hill Part2? No thanks. I hope she has her own style. here for more female rappers doominating the scene. Let Nicki get herself some healthy lyrical competition instead of this Australian shame.

    • I love to get ‘2 On’ November 19, 2014

      I see no lies sis.

    • Toohotfortv November 19, 2014

      Shut up… if you had actually heard any of tinks music, you would know she doesn’t sound anything like lauryn.

  6. #TeamTinashe Stan November 19, 2014

    LMAO at Airhead Shipp dm’ing Timbo!!!!
    Anyways I think this Tink girl is dope she brings back such a great 90’s early 2000’s feel with her voice. She reminds me of Amil sometimes but less annoying. Great lyrical content as well but I honestly HATE when producers, record labels OVERHYPE talent, it just sets up the artists for failure like example Memphis Bleek.

  7. DanYiel Teflon November 19, 2014

    *Sits in Corner eating Popcorn*

  8. Mischief Bella November 19, 2014

    I completely understand where Timbaland is coming from with his comments about the Aaliyah movie. I know if I were put in the same situation I would have something to say about my deceased friends’ biopic too especially if it was done as distastefully as Aaliyah’s was.

    As far as Tink goes… I love her. She’s incredibly talented. I’ve been hearing about her for years but just started really listening to her within the past year. I’m glad my city is finally getting a female artist to represent.

  9. Musika November 19, 2014

    He should get back with Gwen, Nelly & Fergie like he did many years ago. They were ruling the charts after he worked with them.

  10. Credits November 20, 2014

    So time put his best work on that tink girl? I’m waiting for that keri Hilson album….

  11. Carlos November 21, 2014

    The Aaliyah movie was absolute BS, the girl who played her can’t sing, can’t dance, didn’t even wear her hair over her eye and just couldn’t live up to what we were all expecting. As for Tink I recently heard her on Kendall Jenners Instagram through a video she posted, I been a fan ever since, she’s got such a pretty voice, I really like her song “treat me like somebody” I didn’t know she could rap too though, I think her and Timbo will make amazing music together!

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