Finally: Rihanna Previews Material From New Album

Published: Tuesday 25th Nov 2014 by Sam

After more than a year of push-backs, Rihanna is finally making moves with her eighth studio album.

The chronically delayed set has been the subject of much speculation in recent months, with some reports suggesting that the project was in disarray while others have hinted at a surprise roll-out.

While the answers are yet to manifest, the 26-year-old took to Instagram moments ago to preview a new song.

Check it out below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 25, 2014


    • DEL BEY November 25, 2014

      stan for talent? what talent does rhi possess may I ask?

      • You tried November 25, 2014

        @DELBEY PREACH!!! I told this clown the same thing

      • You tried November 25, 2014

        When all is said and done RIHANNA Is POPULAR and her music does sells! No matter if it’s GARBAGE or not! But she isn’t respected or PAID like her SUPPPSEDLY Rivals*COUGHS*QUEENBEY!


      • You tried November 25, 2014

        The reason why I say COMPARE THEIR INCOME because that’s the bigger PICTURE! ITS LIKE COMPARING A “SUPERVISOR” to the CEO of the COMPANY! THE CEO is getting a huge SALARY PAY plus cuts from the supervisor and the team when making commission! U get it! JAY IS PIMPING RIH AND HIS WIFE BEY GETS THE CUT

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 25, 2014

        Oh honey… *tilts head*

  2. Garçon November 25, 2014

    Let the slayage begin!!! RIHPEAT!!!

    • rosy November 26, 2014

      I see rih have the bey hating hives press dry p**** b****** coming on here comparing incomes

      • @HBIC_MamaPope November 26, 2014

        Bittch don’t nobody need to compare incomes when Beyonce is getting 5+% of everything Rihanna earns (her husband own Rihanna’s rights on Roc Nation) – Now Wheres Barbara Walters?!?

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) November 26, 2014

        Hbic…’where is Barbra Walters?’….biitch that was the slay of life…and its HARD to slay rosy

      • fatusankoh November 27, 2014

        You the areone that is hating the only reasion you haters are supporting Rehoo is the hate you all have for bey not to do well thank god you haters are not God bey is here to stay her talente and hard work the love she have for her work will take her all the way no matter what you hater say or do

  3. Jay November 25, 2014

    It will snatch your fave wigs!!!

  4. Cockinessisking November 25, 2014


  5. Kitteneyez November 25, 2014

    Yes Lawd that beat is EVERYTHING





  6. thruth hurts November 25, 2014

    7/11 tease

  7. Sherry November 25, 2014

    Y’all are QUICK! Sounds hot very Drake-ish. It’s probably the track he did!!

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      They’re undercover fans.

  8. BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

    it sounds like a club banger I cant wait until #R8

  9. Beysus November 25, 2014

    Giving me Beyonce – Ghost/ 7/11 vibes…. We’ll see how the album plays out… She’ll probably do a Beyonce with the sound and/or release… Tryna get that critical acclaim…

    • SMH November 25, 2014

      The delusion. But unlike beyonce, Riri’s singles are actually gonna chart.

      • Beysus November 25, 2014

        The delusion… But unlike Rih, Bey’s albums are actually gonna go double platinum and break iTunes…

      • King B November 25, 2014

        BUT 7/11 is about to slay the charts honey have you not been on itune lately?

      • Unbiased November 25, 2014

        Sit Down, Drunk In Love an urban song went number 2 on the Hot 100. Worry about getting your girl at 2x platinum album. Keep it cute.

      • fatusankoh November 27, 2014

        Yes when you sleeping with every one in the industries it will go fingure

  10. T. R. C. November 25, 2014

    She never pushed her album back. You’re such a liar Sam.

    • King B November 25, 2014

      she did tho she was supposed to come out last november then Slayoncé dropped then even you guys the navy were talking about march but after “can’t remember to buy you” and the fact that beyonce basically took over 2014 she delayed it again you mean to tell me all those reports were false? Delusion

      • Cupid November 25, 2014

        LIES. Rihanna has never given an release date and never once mentioned a release for last november. And stop making it seem like Beyonce is competition, She hasn’t been a threat to Rihanna for quite sometime. Then when on earth did “Beyonce” go 2x plat??? the lies!!!

      • RihHive November 26, 2014

        If Rihanna was to release in Nov and Bey dropped her surprise in Dec, how the hell did that push Rihanna’s album back? Are you stupid or dumb?

  11. Unbiased November 25, 2014

    Sounds very Drake, I’m sure it will be an urban bop. Everything on the radio sounds the same these days. I’m really waiting on Adele to change the landscape.

  12. Nicki Is Queen November 25, 2014

    I can’t wait for The PinkPrint and R8

  13. nene November 25, 2014

    I cant just wait,

  14. Mark111 November 25, 2014

    “After more than a year of push-backs, Rihanna is finally making moves with her eighth studio album.” But Sam was the one posting everyday on the hour about this album. You’re real trash Sam, lol. I’m ready, expect the unexpected. #R8

    • King B November 25, 2014

      you are the Ebola of this blog

      • Mark111 November 25, 2014

        You stan for a t*****. When are women consider kings? #DealWithItOnYourOwnTime

    • #TeamTinashe Stan November 25, 2014


  15. mike November 25, 2014



  16. DanYiel Teflon November 25, 2014

    I’m sorry I never get into her sound that Goatish sound has annoyed me since “Pon De Replay” a Fan of hers I am NOT!!

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      And you’re here because?

      • King B November 25, 2014

        his internet his computer he can go where the f*** he want

      • Mark111 November 25, 2014

        Very true and you can also use those same tools to mind YOUR business. Don’t you have a ghetto 7/11 dance to learn?

      • King B November 25, 2014

        oh I already did like the Thousands of people that watch the video and bought that “Ghetto anthem” enough to make it top 10

      • Mark111 November 25, 2014

        Top 10 what? 106 N Park? Again, you water bugs jump, rave and shake your smelly asses for a week and it’ll still flop. Just like Flawless Remix. Just like CiaraTition. Worry about tuking that front tail of yours before you try to step to me. Ok KING B, Mr.B Sir B or whatever you want to call your gender confused self.

      • caribbean native November 25, 2014

        Yet you choose to comment when u can go on youtube and view kittens of something…..admit it….you’re herd for ha!

  17. Me I Am Robyn The Industry P**** November 25, 2014

    Is this what she was cooking in the studio all the time??? I’ll need to hear the full song, cause this snippet is disappointing.

    • Cupid November 25, 2014

      Bey’s Re-Release was disappointing…. VERY!

  18. Swertnothings78 November 25, 2014

    Love love love it.

  19. Rihboy November 25, 2014

    Must be the one drake produced !!! Omggggggg im dying over here!!!!!

    • BEYONSLAY November 25, 2014

      LOL dying over mediocrity… sad….

  20. TheTruth November 25, 2014

    Finally? You better stan TGJ!!

  21. KING13 November 25, 2014

    “After more than a year of push backs”….the album was never suppose to come out next year. STOP REACHING TO TRY AND SHADE RIH WHEN YOU WERE ONE OF THE FIRST BLOGS THIRSTY ENOUGH TO POST THIS SNIPPET.

  22. Beysus November 25, 2014

    She waits 2 years to give the nazi some new Beyonce/Pour It Up style songs??? I mean wtf??? At least Beyonce changes every era… Rejects from Tinashes album much???

    • Rihboy November 25, 2014

      dont be mad because once r8 drops beyonce will be forgotten and the two flop songs added to it.

    • The Wig Snatcher November 25, 2014

      At least you are aware Pour It Up came before Beyawnce’s ratchetry. And I thank you…

      • BiracialButterfly November 25, 2014

        LOL girl please, Beyonce has been making “ratchet” music way before Rihanna.

  23. Queenbritney November 25, 2014

    I feel like this heffa is going to leave me edgeless when R8 drops. Sounds like 7/11 a bit. I love that my girls are showcasing their ratchet sides. Now all I need is the new Britney era. Let me go in this kitchen and start twerking and cooking. Happy Thanksgiving yall!!!

  24. now what… blogger? November 25, 2014

    you like it or not @sam? you catch rihanna faster then beyonce herself. the fakery is real. 😀

    • The Wig Snatcher November 25, 2014

      Amen. Sam is so pressed about Rihanna but blogs about her daily.

  25. BEYONSLAY November 25, 2014

    sounds mediocre at best

  26. Trellbeylike November 25, 2014

    Ok this snippet definitely has me interested! I wanna hear the lyrics! Come on rih!!!!!!!

  27. Rihboy November 25, 2014

    But the kii is bey still hasn’t had a number 1 single. Moreover the hive is very delusional if they think 7/flops or flip off will chart and or last at number 1. Boop. Shaking in yall boots rih-hashing tired shade.

    • BEYONSLAY November 25, 2014

      rih will struggle for plat

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2014


      • Mark111 November 25, 2014

        Yea I heard that for each of 6 plat albums.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2014

        @mark no one said she WONT go plat, but she will struggle with every fiber in her bring to get there…

      • The Wig Snatcher November 25, 2014

        As did Beyonce struggle to buy AMA’s D*** Clark award but sat her disrespectful ass at home because Taylor Swifr was the first to get it, despite winning two R&B categories.

      • Mark111 November 25, 2014

        Every 10 songs are added as a unit sale now. R8 will go 2x plat by the its next 12 months of release.

    • King B November 25, 2014

      so you saying7/11 wont chart? beside it being top 10 on itunes and having 25million view and countig and besedie it already charting on airwaves sis your the delusional one

      • Mark111 November 25, 2014

        Ha! iTunes?! One music store of the thousands! Go to bed.

      • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

        Mark is so f*cking stupid lol. Itunes accounts for over 70% of digital sales. It’s the only one that matters.

      • Rihboy November 25, 2014

        How do you chart on the airwaves? Stupid. 7/11 sucks and so does ring off. 7/11 will have buzz for a few days but r8 will done that. Moreover can you imagine her performing 7/11 live. It will be so funny to see. Her little moment is coming to an end.

      • quetta November 25, 2014

        They’re playing 7/11 right now lol

    • DEL BEY November 25, 2014

      and rihanna will never receive critical acclaim from the industry or her peers #poordat

      • Mark111 November 25, 2014

        And Bey and Deldo will never top the Hot 100 this decade.

      • blue November 25, 2014

        already has it boo, go to sleep

  28. Lily November 25, 2014

    Push Backs? We never got the released date for #R8 or even a single let alone pushing the date back. Nicki is the Push Back in here. Oops I forgot TGJ~ Sam is always seething. The meltdown on twitter is on another planet. C’mon Beysh*t take it easy it’s just a snippet. Bey already offload enough for you ppl. Let’s Rihjoice and enjoy this snippet #RihannaNavy. The thumbs down is just…

  29. The Wig Snatcher November 25, 2014

    Sam’s obsession with Beyonce and hatred towards Rihanna. He’s like the gay version of Sandra Rose.

    • TheElusiveLamb November 25, 2014

      Sandra Rose is gay! She got abused and became enraged and started blogging. She’s OBSESSED with Beyoncé. She wants to like and be Queen B so bad.

  30. ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2014

    Sounds RIHtarded….

    • Lily November 26, 2014

      Says an Onika fan the Grammyless trash.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) November 26, 2014

        You too are an idiot. “Enough Onika” doesn’t mean “fan” dumbass…

  31. Sandra Rose November 25, 2014

    I love how my niece Sam spends lots of his valuable time and blog space to trash a singer whom he feels like is overrated and untalented but promotes her anyways. #R8

  32. Really? November 25, 2014

    Tall reaching for the 7/11 comparison

  33. ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2014

    Another repetitive song with basic lyrics someone wrote for her…

    • Rihboy November 25, 2014

      your mad and ranting. Not cute

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2014

        What do I have to be mad about? Lol, the sh*t sounds awful. That’s your fav not mine. Go seethe somwhere away from me…

  34. Umm November 25, 2014

    SOUNDS LIKE DRAKE!!!!!!!!! Drake,Drake,Drake.

  35. Mark111 November 25, 2014

    Hey Rih Haters, ya think you’re bitter now? Oh just wait, R8 will be HUGE. New rules hookers, #1 selling digital artsit, #1 social media artist, she already sell albums, now we’ll see those high selling singles get added to her album sales. Oh you all are about to be bitter, sour, pissed, lol.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2014

      And how will any of that benefit your pocket book though? Find rest and reason in your life..

      • Mark111 November 25, 2014

        Said the person that is always in Nicki’s fake ass like a full time job.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2014

        Youre clearly a delusional ho cause I’m barely on here conversing with broke bum b*tches like yourself. Unlike you, I have a job…better yet a CAREER (aka must have a degree and paid salary)

  36. DEL BEY November 25, 2014

    Hmmmm classic ratchet rhi, looks like she tryna outratchet bey

    • P**** popper November 25, 2014

      What’s ratchet about this snippet? Pour it up is ratchet (vulgar, explicit) this is not

  37. Diana Ross November 25, 2014

    Rihanna’s and Beyonce’s music have been mediocre since 2011. When you have the crown and wear it faithfully as the Queen of Originality, I’d figure Beysus and Rihsus would not have jumped on the Miley Cyrus bandwagon and make a lame for themselves still.

    • Tyler November 25, 2014

      She better hope that this is a SMASH because if it isn’t, her album sales will take a hit…no pun intended

    • Kevon November 27, 2014

      I definitely have to disagree with you on Rihanna and Beyonce making mediocre music since 2011. While has made a few ratchet songs in between from then to now! However Diamonds and Stay were both beautiful songs!I think Stay is the best selling single of this decade!The song itself holds a lot of records!

  38. ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2014

    Rihanna better thank the Gods they added streaming to album sales cause u know these broke bum b**** navy homosexuals don’t buy sh*t over $1.29…

    • DEL BEY November 25, 2014


    • Human November 25, 2014

      LOL No lies detected!

    • Molly November 25, 2014


      • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

        but nobody is buying Ciara and iggy FLOP albums/singles that’s the real joke tho

    • Cupid November 25, 2014

      This coming from a nicki fan?…… Lmao that’s funny

    • Cupid November 25, 2014

      Onika’s fans barely buy 1.29 singles….

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) November 26, 2014

        And your just an idiot with comprehension issues. “Enough Onika” isn’t the screen name of a fan….

  39. Tyler November 25, 2014

    7/11 much? Mmmmkkkaaaayyy.
    We’ll let the whole body of work speak for itself. Shall we?

  40. ~The Aracde~ November 25, 2014

    Oh no my ears! Why did I actually think she was gonna do something DIFFERENT this era. Welp! And no to that Drake inspired flow… its not working. sorry not sorry!

  41. #TeamTinashe Stan November 25, 2014

    I’m so interested to hear this NEW Rihanna album! The insta clip doesn’t give me satisfaction but it definitely gives me a hint that this album will be more “Urban and less pop.” Hopefully… I can’t wait to see and hear the new material!!!! 😀

    • ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2014

      Of course you gotta keep it cute with who you stand for and those numbers……chile..

      • #TeamTinashe Stan November 25, 2014

        But yet you’re still interested in talking about her even after seeing “those numbers.” And please you don’t know who I stan for but thanks for replying 😉

        I am so flattered:

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2014

        Is this post full of RIHtards tonight? Lol I don’t know who you Stan for but your screen name is TeamTanashe Stan… Huh I can not..

      • #TeamTinashe Stan November 25, 2014

        Well since you “can not” then it’s best for you to just hop off my mentions. 🙂

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2014

        The one intelligent thing you posted yet. Like beyonce, why speak to lessors?

  42. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    Just wondering where the navy that said that rihanna always sets trends are now? I can hear this on any urban music station today.

    • Molly November 25, 2014

      Agreed another generic urban song.

    • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

      worry about only flopping

    • DEL BEY November 25, 2014

      worry about cheryl’s decline girl

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      20K is talking? We haven’t even heard the whole song or even know if it’s a single or even on the album. But we know for sure that Only Flopping won’t be on any chart next week. #OhWell

    • Britney Stan November 25, 2014

      You really should be more concerned with Cheryl instead of Rihanna. Rihanna has an amazing career Cheryl on the other hand can’t outshine Jessie j or Rita!

    • Rita is KWEEN November 25, 2014


      • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

        Rita’s new single is called testosterone. Sit the f*ck down hahahahahahah

    • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

      Death, I got 5 navy stans seething! I listen to my girls album daily. It’s a great body of work! But I still see absolutely no defense to those navy stans who were shading beyonce, claiming that rihanna was a trend setter. She releases this. now what? Lmao!!!!!

  43. Slay_Hive November 25, 2014

    Chile Let the floppage begin lmao

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      Like Xo, Pretty Flops, Flawless ReFlop, Flopping 7/11 and FallOff?

      • Applause November 25, 2014

        Fun Fact:

        Did you know Xo,Pretty hurts and Flawless didn’t outpeak Ciara flop single Im out.

      • Beysus November 25, 2014

        No like the critically acclaimed x2 platinum album…

      • Tyler November 25, 2014

        I would drag you if you or T***** Gaga had any edges left #ArtFlop

      • Slay_Hive November 25, 2014

        But those album sells tho. Beyonce’s career is dependent upon “singles” lol We’ll see how this does 😀

      • Applause November 25, 2014

        You needa drag your ass to the clinic and get an s** check.

      • tyler November 25, 2014

        You first, booty goon

  44. Human November 25, 2014

    Weak, and damn, her voice is tragic.

  45. mingxxx November 25, 2014

    #1 hit…get em lil biiiiitch, Rihanna love you

  46. Molly November 25, 2014

    Um no.. smh everyone wants to be a rapper now lol

  47. Tyler November 25, 2014

    Of course it’s the album is going to be more urban and less pop. She worked with DJ Mustard this era…just like everybody else

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      Well ya know who Beyonce will work with on her next album then, since she always grab people that worked with Rihanna fist all the time.

      • Beysus November 25, 2014

        Yea sure cause Beyonces worked with Calvin, Guetta, Mikky Ekko, Future, Nicky Romero and Chase & Status hasn’t she??? *sips tea*

      • Mark111 November 25, 2014

        Nope, just Dream, Drake, Nicki, Sia, JT and Timberland. Did I just name the whole self title album? Poor dat.

      • Mark111 November 25, 2014

        Oh and Neyo. Have a bad now now…

      • Tyler November 25, 2014

        I highly doubt it considering the fact that DJ Mustard is HOT right now and Beyonce didn’t work with him this round.
        I’m not surprised that Rihanna followed suit this era.

  48. Tyler November 25, 2014

    Of course the album is going to be more urban and less pop. She worked with DJ Mustard this era…just like everybody else

  49. Slay_Hive November 25, 2014

    LOL I knew this fake trend hopping goat was gonna try rapping. She is a mess. Bey got ha SHOOK!!

      • Slay_Hive November 25, 2014

        Chile please just admit that Rih is a trend hopper lmao

      • Mark111 November 25, 2014

        Two years before? This IS Rihanna’s trend. Sit.

    • Slay_Hive November 25, 2014

      LOL Rihanna’s urban singles struggle. Her “trend” is whatever is trending at the moment. hush

      • Cupid November 26, 2014

        Since when did Rihanna’s urban singles start struggling? Love song topped Urban radio without even being released, and sold more than most Urban songs that year….. Pour it up was the top Urban song that year prior to the video. And I guess “What’s My Name” struggled…. I mean “You Da One” went plat….. Must we go on? Not even Bey’s urban singles do as well as Rih’s

  50. Molly November 25, 2014

    Rih needs to release a pop song for her 1st single be yourself and dont hop on trends like Usher and Jlo

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      I agree because trands don’t last like, I mean, look at your princess of crunk N b. #BeNiceMark

  51. Tyler November 25, 2014

    Musically she’s never really been a trendsetter, trend hopper maybe. But trendsetter??? Never that

  52. Applause November 25, 2014

    Ok Rihanna and her fake persona comes out again lol

  53. RICHIE_RICH November 25, 2014

    Sounds ok …. No shade very Drakeish with hints of Bey

  54. Rita is KWEEN November 25, 2014

    This THOT can’t be with DRAKE, so now she wants to SOUND like HIM?

    • Cupid November 26, 2014

      ….. But Drake can make a million songs about how he misses her… Please!

  55. BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

    molly is so scary that hooker ducked and dodged the iggy post because this whorrre didn’t want to face the dragging that took place but now this dumb hoeeee wants to roll up ina rih post talking shitttttt

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      lol, she/he stans for flops.

      • Molly November 25, 2014

        Ima female .

        Also i was busy and had no time to deal with people’s ignorance in that post

  56. De November 25, 2014

    Rihanna you have been missed hurry up and release aaaaaa can’t wait!!!

  57. Molly November 25, 2014

    Not surprised Mark and Beyrihliyah are seething over my comments. But tbh did i lie?

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      Did you buy a copy of UnCertified, cause no one else did. #11K

      • Molly November 25, 2014

        No I didn’t but I sure did buy Heavy Crown, Beg for it, & Iggy szn.. not really into re releases.

    • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

      Girl they’re in every single post tho!!!

      • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

        why are you here b****** go import only flopping

        only flopping 2014

        Chart (2014)


        Belgian Albums (Ultratop Flanders)198

        Irish Albums (IRMA)9

        Scottish Albums (OCC)8

        UK Albums (OCC)7

      • Molly November 25, 2014

        Right smh they’re so mad over us smh.

    • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

      your scary point blank period you wasn’t talking shittt in that iggy post all you did in that post was to try to make excuses for iggy and then people dragged you but now in the rih post you get bold smh

  58. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    Why is mark in everyone’s mentions today? The bottom is having a meltdown! I’m screaming!!!

  59. BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

    your scary point blank period you wasn’t talking shittt in that iggy post all you did in that post was to try to mae excuses for iggy and then people dragged you but now in the rih post you get bold smh

  60. Bey Advocate November 25, 2014

    What is this? Ring the alarm Pt 2???

  61. Molly November 25, 2014

    @Beyrihliyah i dont need to explain to you goodbye.

    • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

      don’t get bold now if you wasn’t bold in the iggy post especially when rihanna has outsold both iggy and ciara

      • Molly November 25, 2014

        No ones playing bold tho??? Im stating my opinion and you’re acting like a pressedT b**** over it!

  62. P**** popper November 25, 2014

    Rihanna started making gutta music in 09. Does G4L ring a bell? She got ratchet in 2011. Ratchet is nasty, vulgar, classless and very explicit. People get urban/hood & ratchet mixed up all the time

  63. Slay_Hive November 25, 2014

    Where is LB and his constructive criticism. I’d love to see what he has to say about the “original” “trend-setting” new music

  64. The Great Lacefronce. November 25, 2014

    haha, Queen Rih never set a release date so how has it been pushed back, The Flea HIVE pressed because Yawnnnces tired album is DONE and the Queen has returned , let’s rejoice!!!! YAWNCE has been trying to be like the Bad Gyal this entire era 🙂 🙂

  65. How Many Drinks November 25, 2014

    The floppage is coming. This is hella predictable.

    • tyler November 25, 2014

      Why am I getting a feeling that this era is going to be disappointing as hell? Like wack ass talk that talk status????

  66. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    What is a beyrihliyah? Lmao. No avi seething b****. Always in ppls mentions when no one knows it or cares what it’s ghetto a$$ thinks lol

    • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

      what the fucccck is a Cheryl your her only stan one octave gets dragged by everyone in all of her post’s

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      Pour It Up 2012 > Miley BS, Beyonce’s flopping singles 2013.

  67. How Many Drinks November 25, 2014

    NAWT the Navy talking about how Rih sets trends when she all she does is bandwagon urban sounds. And this sounds like some left over drake shittt. Boring and mediocre at best.

  68. Skyfall November 25, 2014

    Sounds good, but imma need another ”Diamonds” type single

    • Molly November 25, 2014

      Thats what im saying

    • Skyfall (Hive Member) November 25, 2014

      I still see you’re a delusional little b****!!! This sounds like every other basic urban song in the radio

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      I am waiting for Urban Pop Rihanna. These will just be urban singles on urban radio. I’m waiting for the international hits. Something the Pest know NOTHING about, but thwn again, she can’t get a hit period. Same with that Ciara/Uglly stan and Cole Sore thing up there.

  69. Slay_Hive November 25, 2014

    How is Beyonce trying to be like a fake s*** who has no real genuine persona and bites off of everyone’s swag. kii STOP!

  70. How Many Drinks November 25, 2014

    How does she expect to sell this alongside a childrens soundtack lmao. Bish is confused as usual. All the s*** talking the Navy were doing. I fell Karma already. Ha presence.

  71. Slay_Hive November 25, 2014

    Hun everyone knows Rihanna is a trend hopper that’s no secret. Remeber 4. Beyonce does the opposite and is still relevant and can still SELL! *blows kisses*

  72. BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

    only human

    Chart (2014)


    Belgian Albums (Ultratop Flanders)[198]

    Irish Albums (IRMA)[9]

    Scottish Albums (OCC)[8]

    UK Albums (OCC)[7]
    hahaha flopping one octave BIIIITCH

  73. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    And it’s still in my mentions LOL

  74. Skyfall November 25, 2014

    Not this crazy b**** coming out if the woods tryna stalk me again.

    • Skyfall (Hive Member) November 25, 2014

      You are NOBODY B****. I’m just putting in your place and making sure you know Rihanba is King Beys lessor

      • Molly November 25, 2014

        Lmfao!!!!!!!!!! Leave my boo skyfall alone

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 25, 2014

      Fatdele stop. You are trying to lose weight just to be like her tho.

  75. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 25, 2014

    Somebody please get the “B**** Be Gone” aerosol spray. The trannyHives be talking s***.

  76. Human November 25, 2014

    LOL omg, this Mark character is having a POWER BOTTOM melt down lol.

  77. BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

    why is a chery stan here? her one stan needs to realize their one octave biitch is a declining flop only human probably want even see silver

  78. Overdose November 25, 2014


    • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

      just like ciara’s imaginary career

  79. Skyfall November 25, 2014

    Rihanna will slay, and now that streams count for sales her album will slay more than it usually do (considering she sales 3 million albums annually but pressed hos steadily call her albums flops)

    • Skyfall (Hive Member) November 25, 2014

      N1Curr b****. Rihanna has multiple #1s but can barely go plat and sells 3milion. Bey does the same with no hits.

    • Human November 25, 2014

      How’s AdelElephant coming along?

  80. Molly November 25, 2014

    @Cheryl ignore that hood rat

    @EnoughOnika hey doll

    • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

      so I see you two flops biiitches are cool again

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) November 25, 2014

      Hey @Molly. You know the last time we spoke you tried to come for me hun…lol. I

  81. tyler November 25, 2014

    For a stan base whose fave had released ZERO new material not too along, the Navy sure was talking a good game. So I hope their gyal can back up all of the s*** talking that they were doing.

  82. Molly November 25, 2014

    Damn Beyrihliyah you’re so OBSESSED with hating on Ciara. I was starting to like you but you’re seriously trash.

    • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

      I don’t hate her

    • tyler November 25, 2014

      I dont hate Ciara either….I just hate you lol

      • Molly November 25, 2014

        But why? Even tho we fight a lot I don’t hate any of y’all tbh.

      • tyler November 25, 2014

        Because I think you’re a level five hater lol. And for no good reason considering the fact, that you stan for Ciara.

      • Molly November 25, 2014

        Hater? Yet I can always give her credit even tho I don’t really consider myself a big fan of hers.

      • tyler November 25, 2014

        Girl by, you stay coming for Beyonce’s vocals, chart positions, and albums. When she effortlessly slays Ciara in every department. And being that that is infact the case, what is your purpose? You have no merit or deed.

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      God Smoggly, you’re such a freaking thot. WE DON’T KNOW YOU!

  83. Stephy Tha Lambily November 25, 2014

    The Best Selling Digital Artist Of All Time! Come Through Rih Rih! Hey @Sherry

  84. tyler November 25, 2014

    Has she mastered her craft yet??? Has she even improved vocally????

  85. tyler November 25, 2014

    Rihanna is arguably the most SINGLES reliant and dependent artist of this generation.
    Better hope her first song is good.

  86. Molly November 25, 2014

    Hope y’all have a great Thanksgiving tho. 🙂

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      Eat sh!t.

      • Molly November 25, 2014

        God bless the hate in your heart.

    • tyler November 25, 2014


  87. Mark111 November 25, 2014

    I got the pest, z squad and that5 one Cole Sore stan mad, my work here is done. #R8 #2015

    • Human November 25, 2014

      LOL, but girl, you’re the one having the melt down..are you ok lol.

  88. Molly November 25, 2014

    I love my haters!

  89. Love Life November 25, 2014

    Oh god. I hope its not like a rehash of Unapologetic. That album was pure incoherent trash. Like she doesn’t know what/who she wants to be. She needs to bring Rated R type quality back into her music if she wants to be a somewhat respected artist. Because clearly talent is not going to get her there. Shes almost 30 now. Most of her albums are a mess of singles thrown together. I don’t why I was expecting something much different from her. But i’ll give her a chance.

    • tyler November 25, 2014

      She has yet to put together a solid body of work. Even though GGGB and Loud came close to that idea.

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare November 25, 2014

      I want the quality of Rated R too! She can’t be afraid. She just needs to give it to us. A complete album.

  90. LB November 25, 2014

    LMAO is Cheryl Lessor OK? Not that wig flying off faster than only human is Usain Bolting down the album charts.
    That was an epic consistent dragging lmao

  91. Kyle November 25, 2014

    The struggle to gain more instagram followers

  92. quetta November 25, 2014

    They’re playing like every song off of Beyonce on the radio right now.

  93. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare November 25, 2014

    Fenty, Imma need you to come thru on this album!

    Don’t rush it. Delete this song. Give me the classic that I know is in you.

  94. FutureCIARA November 25, 2014

    Ive heard this before Tz

  95. TRUTH SERUM November 25, 2014

    Hmm, I hope she doesn’t t do all urban songs, she’s better at pop. Is LB And Mark111 the same person?

    • the tea. November 25, 2014

      No. @LB is in fact @Beyrihliyah and @Tyler. @Mark111 is @Brian310.

      • tyler November 25, 2014


  96. Bria November 25, 2014

    The hive the hive the hive trying to pin the truth about beyonce..fake, trend hopper , on rihanna, hey navy let’s nit let the Shitthive ruin our era they had theirs they should be satisfied not seething that rihanna dropped more real ess in 10 sec than beyonces entire fluffy garbage album with all those videos no one outside of the Shitthive care about, be gone and leave us to enjoy our fave

  97. LB November 25, 2014

    But what is so real about Beyonce? She cannot even keep her instagram pics real, there’s nothing real, genuine or authentic about that woman

  98. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    Lmao what drag? Hahah not when mark replied to everyone’s comment.

  99. Bria November 25, 2014

    Beyonce is soooo shook and fake, everyone talking about rihanna and her girls having fun, here come copycat, simulate it in a video like she simulates that she is some I don’t know, all I see is a fake insecure no substance person, one thing I love about rih is that she wears her natural hair to key events she is proud of who she is, I really wish beyonce and her illiterate minions could be put on mute

  100. tyler November 25, 2014

    I find it sad that Rihanna has to change her identity every year and use singles as the main tool to sell her albums :/

    • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

      Girl there’s no identity change. Like I said, I heard this on urban radio 3 months ago LOL

      • tyler November 25, 2014

        You know good and damn well that she has to change the color of her lace front and buy a whole new wardrobe every era, just to stay afloat lol

  101. tyler November 25, 2014

    According to the Navy, Beyonce is restricted from having fun and hanging out with her girlfriends.
    Rihanna is the first entertainer to do so on camera, and that sort of activity is only exclusive to her.

  102. LB November 25, 2014

    Only difference is when Rihanna re-invents herself, she is still Rihanna.

    BeyDobe on the other hand, she is Shakira, J.Low, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson…oh and Ciara.

    The woman has got mental issues.

  103. LB November 25, 2014

    Oh I thought you were going to announce something actually worth reading, like Beyonce finally got a song to the top of the charts in 6 years instead of struggling up and down the Billboard Under.

  104. tyler November 25, 2014

    Rihanna literally went from being called the Bajan Beyonce at the start of her career, to Fefe Dobson, and from Fefe Dobson to Grace Jones…now all of this Thug Life s*** that she’s been doing, as of late, is really starting to give me Tupac vibes.
    I cant with that woman

  105. LB November 25, 2014

    Cheryl Lessor hear a Rihanna song on the radio, thank God no one can say the same about FLOPeryl

  106. LB November 25, 2014

    And BeyDobe went from being J.Lo to Amerie, to Shakira, to J.Lo again to [insert female artist here] to Rihanna

  107. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    She wouldn’t have had two number ones this era if she wasn’t played on the radio hahahahahaha. What a stupid desperate attempt. And death at it continuing its obsession with me and my fave.

  108. LB November 25, 2014

    Two number ones and the best you can do is 20K LMAO what struggle FLOP is this?

  109. Mark111 November 25, 2014

    Can someone tell me the 2nd WEAK sales of Only 20k?

  110. Rico November 25, 2014

    It’s going to slay! Facts are facts Rihanna is billboard queen.. I’m not a fan but definitely not a hater. She is a single artist. She always comes with something catchy and hot. I hope ciara drops now that will definitely be great promo and let all these ladies shine. Beyoncé open the door with her surprise album and year out slayage. It’s rih rih turn to get a little shine. I think if ciara drops she’ll do way better this go round !! Bring it on ladies I’m loving the r&b game now

  111. LB November 25, 2014

    @Mark111, we need to find her relevance first, she was getting outsold by Barbra Streisand last week, and her album came out like 10 weeks ago LMAO

  112. LB November 25, 2014

    And I caught that 2nd “WEAK” shade LMAO

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014


  113. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    Oooop the two f*** still obsessed with me and my fave hahahah. You should act like your fave and be obsessed w cheryl, not pressed <3

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      Answer the question w****! #Only20K

      • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

        I don’t respond to hypocrites LOL

  114. Mark111 November 25, 2014

    The Pest should had enjoyed their lil year instead of worrying about Rihanna or bringing her name up. Ya think we gonna think of BeyDobe? We’re pasted that.

  115. LB November 25, 2014

    Honey, like FLOPeryl’s career, that was some 2 YEARS ago.

    You can bring up all the Rihanna videos you want, won’t change the fact that your fav is a has been.

  116. ASHANTI FANSITE November 25, 2014

    Who gives fukkkk about Hoeyonce???

  117. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    A has been w a recent number one record. We’re chillin boo. Meanwhile you’re faces jessie and leona are selling 20k TOTAL. Do you see why it’s a self drag? LOL

  118. LB November 25, 2014

    A recent number one record and can’t even open with a #1 album after being seated in front of 8 million viewers every week, LMAO

  119. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    Death. Repeating the same things over and over. Only stupid people do that. Self dragging also. I’m dead.

  120. LB November 25, 2014

    Don’t worry FLOPeryl, I mean Rita Ora’s lessor, the bottom is crowded, we’re giving you one more week before we forget about you

  121. FutureCIARA November 25, 2014

    Yall doin tew muh fukkin much

  122. LB November 25, 2014

    To bad Rita’s lessor Cheryl will never RIHpeat her debut album sales, has been struggles

  123. Stephy Tha Lambily November 25, 2014

    LovelyBird! Stephy loves YOU!

  124. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    Mkay babe, well I know Cheryl’s been on your mind for 6+ months now. Hell, she’s the number 1 thing in your search engine. Don’t forget to take out the chamber pot tonight after you finish getting off from cheryl and bey. Bye babe!

  125. tyler November 25, 2014

    Rihanna’s singles success definitely outweighs her albums success. So hopefully this song smacks.

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      Well Beyonce don’t even have singles success, so…

      • Naomi November 26, 2014

        The lies^

  126. LB November 25, 2014

    Love you too Stephy

  127. LB November 25, 2014

    And yet FLOPeryl’s album will only chart for what, 3 weeks?

  128. Stephy Tha Lambily November 25, 2014

    CherylSoldierr Vs Lovebird = Entertaining

    • tyler November 25, 2014

      forreal lol

    • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

      She’s obsessed with me and I didn’t even really comment on the snippet lol. That’s how you KNOW it’s pressed.

  129. LB November 25, 2014

    Answer me this Cheryl Lessor, has Tweedy won the marathon yet of fastest album to run down the bottom of charts yet?

    I heard she trained hard for that epic race, I mean those one octave sessions girl, your girl worked her as$ off to flop so bad.

    • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

      Jessie is already off the charts Hun. Another self drag LOL

      • LB November 25, 2014

        Jessie J had an international hit, where is FLOPeryl’s?

      • Molly November 25, 2014

        Lets see those first week album sales of Rihanna’s album then lets talk

      • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

        Girl that makes it even more embarrassing!!! I’m screaming at that self drag! Jessie’s desperate asss had two consecutive 10k debuts!!

      • LB November 25, 2014

        Weren’t you the b**** who said your fav is doing well, only for her to flip and flop

  130. tyler November 25, 2014

    There are artists who can sell millions of albums and hopefully have a top ten/twenty. While some can have an 11 week number one and scan very little in their first week and overall compared to their single sales.

    People would rather invest in the album artists collection of songs rather than one song…unfortunately, not as many people like to purchase Rihanna’s albums

  131. LB November 25, 2014

    “People would rather invest in the album artists collection of songs rather than one song”

    I guess this explains what happened to 4, horrible music. Can’t chart a song, Can’t chart an album….strip on Bey, work that pole ma

  132. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    Dedicating more comments to me than its fave. IM SCREAMING!!! Go off lovebottom!!!

  133. Tea honey November 25, 2014

    I knew this album was going to be more urban …oh well but I am here for it rihanna always slays idk why the hive are so bitter I thought rih was a non factor? the hypocrisy @ me when bey can outsell real album sellers

  134. Mark111 November 25, 2014

    Cole Sore: “My album sold well right?”
    Guy in the room that payed for and hour for her: B**** you FLOPPED!

    • LB November 25, 2014


  135. LB November 25, 2014

    And FLOPeryl is dedicating her time to get off those charts. I’M SCREAMING!!!! Once X factor is over, so is Cheryl’s little remaining relevance, THANK GOD

  136. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    Yaaaas keep dedicating comments to my fave in your faves post!

  137. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    Lol and I didn’t realize how f*ckig stupid mark is. She can’t put together a sentence and she’s calling beyonce dumb?! I’m screaming!!!!!!!!!

    • Molly November 25, 2014

      what a stupid name for a female lol

  138. LB November 25, 2014

    Girl, you’ve posted more comments here about me than the number of albums your fav has sold this week.

  139. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    LOL now it’s using my drags when it sees its self dragging.

  140. Mark111 November 25, 2014

    lol, the Cole Sore stan is lost. Weeks ago she had to ask for the Hive to save her. Where they at? Help your lil friend, you fellow bee needs ya.

    “CherylSoldier says: 10/21/14

    I’ve never heard rihanna kill a ballad. Where’s the hive? You really tried it LMAO”

    • Molly November 25, 2014

      Damn Cheryl got you b!tches in ya feelings.

      • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

        Searching back MONTHS for a “drag” that doesn’t even make sense LOL. In their faves post!

  141. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    Lmao desperate f***. Where did I call for help? Hahahahaha. Keep searching for me baby.

  142. tyler November 25, 2014

    TTT sold a little more than 3million copies world wide and had the biggest hit of her career WFL sold over 9million copies. You do the math.
    Let’s do the same with UNA, she had Diamonds and Stay plus The Monster yet it’s stuck at 3,5 million. We could compare it to Beyoncé’s lates effort or 1Ds and you would see the difference. There is a reason the why RihSinglesArtist has stuck around for so long.

    • tyler November 25, 2014

      *why RihSinglesArtist

    • candace November 26, 2014

      TTT sold 4.5 millions WW (refer to mediatraffic)

  143. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    Screaming!!!!! Posting the same links now. Thanks for posting my faves number 1, currently on the top 25 most played on your M**!

    • tyler November 25, 2014

      ooohhh kill em

  144. Mark111 November 25, 2014

    Oh Molly, you poor stupid little thot. You think Ciara is gonna have good numbers on her next flop? Meanwhile your other fave 11K. Love that you were MIA in that post. lol

  145. #TeamTinashe Stan November 25, 2014

    @Cherylsoldierr why is it that the other day me and you were cool and recently I asked you on the Beyonce post “how is the Cheryl album” you were all defensive and heated???

    • Mark111 November 25, 2014

      Because flop… that’s why. I mean, look at the Molly, she was cool until Ciara flopped (again) and then she was bitter at Rihanna’s success.

    • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

      Because it looked like shade.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan November 25, 2014

        I am literally tired and tired of telling you all the time that I DO NOT recognize your fave. I’m in America so the only time I had heard about her is when she got booted off from “Xfactor USA.” And I told you that and you and I remained cool but once you saw the #BeyHive stans TRY come after me you tagged along.
        I really don’t get it! And you were just telling me to listen to Sherls new album as well….

      • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

        Girl what? I don’t even acknowledge you. Idgaf if you don’t know cheryl, she’s still selling more than tinashe. Look her up if you care b**** and stop being so b*** hurt. Damn.

    • tyler November 25, 2014

      ewwww wtf is a tinashe??? lol

      • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

        Did I even mention it? Lol

      • tyler November 25, 2014

        So, I’ve come to the conclusion that Tinashe is just a synonym for FLOP lmao

    • #TeamTinashe Stan November 25, 2014

      @CherylsHole the funny thing is that I never cared lmao, YOU on the other hand was trying to make me care. And thanks for the invite on trying to make me listen to your stranded UK fave’s (who’s Visa stays getting denied) album. I didn’t listen to it, TGJ prevented me from losing my eardrum! But thanks though 😉

      HASHTAG: #YourFaveRemainsStranded 😀

      • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

        She was in LA last week sis LOL. And she’s still selling more in the UK than tinashe is ww. That’s the self drag. Another love bottom tbh. Bye sis.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan November 25, 2014

        Your one octave fave crossed the boarder?? ………………… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
        Is she booking herself for an ESL class in the states or auditioning for America’s Idol?

        I’M DONE!
        HASHTAG: #BYE #RemainStranded!

      • CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

        Huh? It’s trying to drag people for their English when it uses the wrong border? I’m screaming! Tuna is clocking herself. #17k

      • #TeamTinashe Stan November 26, 2014

        The fact that you’re pointing out a typo error I made just gives me all the complete satisfaction that you can’t say anything back other than holding that “L.” Lol 😀

      • CherylSoldierr November 26, 2014

        Are you stupid? Your “drag” was based off of learning English when you can’t even spell the drag you’re trying to use. Death. Go sit down. #17k

  146. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    Again with the horrendous grammar and sentence structure^. Am I the only one who’s screaming that he tries beyonce and the hive while he has a 5th grade botswanan education?

    • BeyRihLiyah November 26, 2014

      shut the fuckkkk you whack biiiitch and worry about one octave’s latest flop album going silver (if it can do that)

  147. DEL BEY November 25, 2014

    props to the cheryl holding it down for her fav, y’all are ruthless

  148. metzo November 25, 2014

    *Sreams* She sounds like a goat here. I’m not hating just telling it like it. Giving me 7/11 Drake teas. Nothing new

  149. TheElusiveLamb November 26, 2014

    I am interested in the album. This is great for a single (radio friendly & trendy) but I need an album that is well worth my wait. I’m hoping more Cold Case Love, Stay, Diamonds, and even a bit of Pon De Replay are all infused. I’m very excited to hear now. Also, Rihanna isn’t a trend hopper, because she’s been doing EDM inspired tracks since S.O.S., urban since 2008, and rachet since 2011/2012. She stays ahead of the trend much like Madonna in her prime.

  150. LOPE November 26, 2014


  151. Taylor November 26, 2014

    She sounds awful, and so does this track.

  152. BeyMaraj November 26, 2014

    Loool Chryl stan is draggin these h*** single handedly.

  153. S****** Blonde November 26, 2014

    I sense fear in this post, the hits are coming 😀

  154. JuJu November 26, 2014

    Not another DJ mustard on the beat! we sick of it now…

  155. Special Delivery November 26, 2014

    Sounds basic

  156. Kiyonce’ November 26, 2014

    Yaas I love Urban Rih !! Can’t wait for the album she worked with DJ Mustard so I know the album will be FIRE ! Beyoncé definetly needs to work with him for Album 6! I love Rih but yall gone stop down playing Beyoncé sales who cares about s number 1 single she double platniem in the US alone and DIL went #2 on the Hot 100 & its s urban song & 7/11 is getting serious buzz and it’s going to sit high on the charts next week I love them both just chill & everyone support their music

  157. sledgedly November 26, 2014

    Behive is gettin more and more annoying every day . Are you checking some other i tunes or the official ones cause today beyonce is nowhere near the top , neither is she on spotify etc etc . She is probably competing in the singles section this time with the re:release , not album section deal with it . She can never score number 1 and she desperate despit paying dozens of money to the media and awards to praise her . She is too pressed from both Taylor who came out of the blue and also Rihanna aiming for some single success . I am tired of reading articles praising beyonce it’s so fake whenever I check the comment section everyone seems tired of her ish .

  158. Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan November 26, 2014

    The commentary here was delightfully entertaining.

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