Yikes! Iggy Azalea’s ‘Reclassified’ To Sell 11,000 Units

Published: Tuesday 25th Nov 2014 by David


She’s the outspoken Rap sensation behind one of the year’s biggest singles.

We’re talking about Iggy Azalea of course, touching down on US soil with her debut album ‘The New Classic’ with the help of the aforementioned smash ‘Fancy‘ back in April, and its follow-up ‘Reclassified’ this November.

However, it would seem not even a #1 single and smash hits with Rita Ora, Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande were enough to convince the general public to her support her latest body of work this week, as it’s set to tank something vicious!

How vicious? 11,000 units, set to be sold by the release by the time next week’s ‘Billboard 200‘ chart is published, despite the benefit of the several Black Friday promotions its November release date armed it with.

‘Hits Daily Double’ reports:

SHADYXV (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) 140-150k sales; 155-165k sales + streams
BeyoncéPlatinum Edition (More) EP (Columbia) 60-65k sales, 80-90k sales + streams*
Rick Ross (Def Jam) 60-65k sales, 65-70k sales + streams
Selena Gomez (Hollywood) 15-18k sales, 30-35k sales + streams
Iggy Azalea (Grand Hustle/Def Jam) 11-13k sales, 25-30k sales + streams**
Pitbull (Mr. 305/RCA) 20-25k sales, 28-32k sales + streams
David Guetta (Parlophone) 20-25k sales, 27-30k sales + streams

Your thoughts?

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  1. Islandboi242 November 25, 2014


  2. metzo November 25, 2014

    Lord have mercy :(((((((((((

    • You tried November 25, 2014

      All these Rihanna fans should Hush cause if she re release anything she would end up selling 5k lmao

      • You tried November 25, 2014

        If that HUNTY!

        Get mad

      • SMH November 25, 2014

        Really? Then explain why her re-release of Good Girl Gone Bad sold 1.8 MILLION.

  3. TRUTH SERUM November 25, 2014

    Well…. *blank stare*

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) November 25, 2014

      Nicki will do less hun

      • Nicki is queen!!! November 25, 2014

        Pls even you don’t believe that, Piggys a one hit wonder for real… LOL

      • TRUTH SERUM November 25, 2014

        Poor baby, you just gravitate towards flops.

      • F*** YO MOM December 4, 2014

        You joking? The Re-Up sold 36K outselling even Katy’s Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. You can suck my ass betch

  4. Beystan November 25, 2014

    What a shame..Single’s Artist at best. Now that her Singles are flopping too what is she going Cling to?

    • Cupid November 25, 2014

      It’s just a re-release… Lol the new songs are really dope. I like how she always try something new.

  5. BaddieBey November 25, 2014

    You see what happens when you cheat. You lose! She did all that payola and it got her hit singles but she’s not as popular as her singles which is why her albums keep flopping.
    The shame!

    • Kev Kev November 25, 2014

      How can someone afford Payola, when they can’t even sell albums????

      • AzeaiaBankable November 25, 2014

        Please don’t be naive. Clear Channel THEMSELVES admitted that they had her on their On the Verge program where they’re OBLIGED to play her songs 150 times a week.
        They bought the play at the start of the era because they needed Fancy to slay for it not be a total floppage. If you don’t believe me google Iggy on the verge and see for yourself.

  6. TNC November 25, 2014

    It’s a re-release…i don’t see the big deal tbh. If this were an ALBUM, I could see the problem. And omg I’m so shocked @ Selena’s sales…the industry is clearly coming to an end. For albums that’s is.

    • Queenonika November 25, 2014

      LIES Nikki rerelease sold over 100k first week try again. She just a damn flop

      • maurice November 25, 2014

        lmao. Nicki’s re-up did 30k, not 100k+

        I dont have a particular interest for iggy, but it’s a re-up release, it doesn’t get stocked in all supermarkets, just like nicki’s.

    • xyz November 25, 2014

      Selena is just a best of. So it’s Not that horrible

    • FAF November 25, 2014

      its a rerelease which was f****** stupid anyway if ur s*** not even gold why would u rerelease? thats a waste of label money

      i better not see an iggy stan in a nicki post from now on

      and on another topic who heard that trash ass rihanna single? 😆 Kii

      she still doing trap music in 2015 🙁 poor trendHanna

  7. metzo November 25, 2014

    Who are we kidding tho. Re-releases don’t sell much anyway. But damn 😐 11k

    • Queenonika November 25, 2014

      Your kidding. Beyonce even did 60k with rerelease that’s more then iggy album first week sale when it first came out.

      • maurice November 25, 2014

        you are comparing Iggy who is relatively new on the Billboard top 10 to Beyonce who has had a career for almost two decades.

        Felicia, go snort up Ciara’s cocaine some more

      • SMH November 25, 2014

        16 years is not 2 decades. Beyonce stans are just as dumb as she is.

      • sleazy November 26, 2014

        no freakn way you have probably 1 of the biggest hits out this year with a follow up single that did well to and so much hype and your fans are saying you destroyed Nicki minaj yet you pull 11k? goodbye

      • Toohotfortv November 26, 2014

        He said almost 2 decades, which 16 years is… Imbecile.

  8. IT’S OVER PIGGY November 25, 2014


    • ace November 25, 2014

      She still holds da title beat by any female 7 wks fancy.she beat em and drake twice out performed nicki and nicki album will flop she wasn’t even nominated iggy took her spot

      • Queenonika November 25, 2014

        Dumb ass you clearly no nothing. She wasn’t nomanated because that show is for people with albums out. ON TOP of that iggy one bc voting was on Twitter em nor drake run there twitter so sit down muppet

      • Nicki is queen!!! November 25, 2014

        Iggy bought the awards by bribing fans to win an iPad LMFAOOOO how sad? Nicki wasn’t nominated because as we’re all aware… 12.15

      • nicko November 25, 2014

        Outperformed Nic ? R u sure we live in the same world ? Umm first of all, Nics won 4 AMAs AND Nickis sold more singles n albuls than iggy so how did she “outperform” her ? :-/ did u forget Nic is the most charted/highest charting female rapper of all time ? All iggy has is fancy, black widow, problem (all features that had radio deals). Nic had more gold/plat/multi plat records than any female rapper in history 😀 n Anaconda is the highest charting SOLO hit by a rapper this yr.

  9. Really? November 25, 2014

    My thoughts? Well it seems in order to get a article written in depth one must flop or be Beyonce. When a person is successful it seems to be less to write about. Things that make you go “really?”
    Anyway her music is not that great so I’m not surprised.

  10. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 25, 2014

    Her whiteness will her Grammy, even though she aint a critical success or doing good in the numbers’ game.

    #TakeThatToTheBank #JesusTakeTheWheel

    • nicko November 25, 2014

      I dont think she’ll win a grammy. Em will win grammys this yr, as usual. But not iggy, shes white but shes still a rapper n there were much better songs than fancy, problem or bw that were released this yr.

  11. NickiBeenBad November 25, 2014

    Notice how the only time she can slay is with singles and radio play. Lesson to be learned here boys and girls, if you cheat the system you cheat yourself.

  12. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 25, 2014

    Who dat who dat? I-G-G-BYE!!!!

  13. #TeamTinashe Stan November 25, 2014

    Sales today are terrible… smh!
    But I will say as I did in the Tinashe first week sales post thst sales don’t determine the longevity of the artist nor does it damage a new artists reputation to gain. 😀

    • KelisIsHere2014 November 25, 2014

      It must suck to know that you’re faves music is bigger than she is.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan November 25, 2014

        @KelisIsHere2003 no hun #TeamTinashe is never mad! I personally am elated that I have people like you that are so invested to talk about QueenTee! Keep it going I love it 😉

    • TRUTH SERUM November 25, 2014

      The only difference is that lil Ti Ti has some talent. That Aussie girl, not so much.

      • TRUTH SERUM November 25, 2014

        And then where you gone hide????

    • Queenonika November 25, 2014

      Sales horrible ?? Taylor sold over 1 mill bey sold over 800k that how mainstream just like them. Excuses will get you no where in life.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan November 25, 2014

        Ok so you’re talking about well established artists but fail to disclose your own fave(Nicki) not selling gold nor platinum first week? Are you delusional? Lol. And again wasn’t I talking about “new artists?”
        HASHTAG: #LEAVE lmaoo 🙂

      • MisdamenorFan November 25, 2014

        You better pray to GAWD Nicki does 100K+ her first week. I am going to drag you by your eyelashes across the fckn galaxy if she doesn’t.

      • BeyMaraj November 26, 2014

        Y’all leave Nic outta this, she has nothing to do with flops. #15.12

      • MisdamenorFan November 26, 2014

        You must have fallen and bumped your fckn head! Pizz n Lotion was a flop across the galaxy.

  14. Lana Del Bae November 25, 2014

    “It’s only a rerelease.” Nobody records new music and promotes it and expects it to flop. She WANTED it to slay which is why she put it out this week (Black Friday) and has been performing Beg For It everywhere.
    She really thought payola could buy her some fans but all it bought her was radio play. To think she sold the same amount as Azealia.


  15. IT’S OVER PIGGY November 25, 2014


  16. JanetXone November 25, 2014

    All the radio play in the world but not a fan base to be found.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) November 25, 2014


  17. TRUTH SERUM November 25, 2014

    It’s a re-release with 8 new songs…. I’m just saying, I could be wrong. **coughs**

    • BeyBeySting November 25, 2014

      So she spent all that money on studio time, performances, hair, makeup, coverart just for it to flop? I think not. She wanted it to do well but it didn’t because the gp don’t care about her, they care about her singles more.

    • Queenonika November 25, 2014

      Hello?!!! Lol right new songs all sound the same and bad reviews lmao.. Queen of FLOP

  18. CHRIS November 25, 2014

    Her musics trash anyway

  19. IT’S OVER PIGGY November 25, 2014


  20. Mark111 November 25, 2014

    Hahahaha, mind you it’s Black Friday week, the week people claim that Rihanna clings on for sales. How come non of these flops up there killing it? Maybe Nicki pushing back was a great move, because even that album will only do 120K the most and would’ve been #2, lol.

    Uggly been EVERYWHERE, tho Beg For A Hit is on the radio, it’s too late. She tried so hard to beef with Nicki and now Em. I didn’t even know that Em was dropping an album, so now even that so called beef looks fake for sales and FAILED. I am impressed that Beyonce is about to do another 100K tho.

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 25, 2014

      It’s a re-release tho!!!!!!!! but i agree IGGY’S sales are terrible. plus she had 8 new songs…..BUT DAMN AT BEY ABOUT TO DO ANOTHER 100K FIRST WEEK, WITH JUST TWO NEW SONGS..#SLAYBITCH

    • SMH November 25, 2014

      Beyonce is doing 60-65K SALES, the rest is streaming. That’s neither impressive or “slaying”, it’s FLOP sales compared to all the overexposure and ass kissing she gets.

  21. the voice November 25, 2014

    8 new songs and only 11,000. LMAO

    If ony Def Jam spent as many promo dollars and booked Jhen Aiko on as many shows as Iggy. They would have at least a gold CD.
    IGGY hasn’t even gone gold yet.
    She may by the end of 2014 after her label spent all that money for promo and radio spins. CHILE.

    Nobody is buying this phony MC or her ATL accent except TI. Bye Iggy…….

    your 15 minutes is up

  22. Ariana’sGrand November 25, 2014

    “She doesn’t care, it’s only a a re-release.” So she paid her writers, producers, engineers in bananas?

  23. nicko November 25, 2014

    Poor dat:( no solo hit, 2 flop albums + she begged her fans to vote for her so she could win 2 AMAs :-/ shes thirsty af so I know shes disappointed rn.

  24. nicko November 25, 2014

    And btw its not a re release, its a brand new EP. I remember when ppl dragged Nic when TRU, an actual re release sold 36k first week with less promo.

  25. MATÍAS November 25, 2014

    She is a flop, she only got 2 top 10 singles because she pays to radio stations for her songs get played, her debut album NOT EVEN is GOLD in 7 months, what a bad idea re-release a flop album!

  26. VANNY November 25, 2014

    Wait but her fans keep saying she the new queen and that she is the best and all that BULL!! where are her fans now???? And please don’t give me that “it’s a re-release” b******* because it had 5 brand new songs in it !!.. Numbers don’t lie!!!! Iggy is trash!!

  27. Mila Slay November 25, 2014

    Def Jam has so much egg on its face right now. They spent all that money on Iggy even though they had no guarantee she could make it back but still treat Jhene (who can actually sell) like she’s an indie artist.
    TNC’s and Reclassified first week sales don’t even match K.Michelle’s first week numbers for RS or Jhene’s for Souled Out. Totes hilaire.

  28. nicko November 25, 2014

    11k < sales + streams :O. Poor girl.

  29. Mark111 November 25, 2014

    BTW, she only sold 35K in Australia, even her home land aren’t falling for it. lol

    • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

      right lmaoooo this b****** is a joke even her own country isn’t fuckkkking with her flop ass

    • Bey-Minaj November 25, 2014

      Watch TPP sell more in Australia

    • LolaLavender November 26, 2014

      Probably because they’re trying to figure out where she got that fake ass rap accent. She sound like she grew up in the south

  30. FantasiaSlayrino November 25, 2014

    So all that promo was in vain. We dragged MO for nothing.

  31. BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

    hahahahahah fuccck that ugly untalented flop biiiitch iggy is one hit wonder FLOP

  32. NickJonas (King of R&B) November 25, 2014

    The R&B girls sell more than her but don’t get a fraction of the budget she does. Time for these labels to rethink their strategies methinks.

    • the voice November 26, 2014

      PREACH. What is so sad is that it is black male music execs making the decision to invest in her instead of RNB female artists or REAL MCs.

  33. The Pinkprint November 25, 2014

    BUT WAIT, I thought Nicki pushed back her album back for this according to the Iggy stans. What kind of EMBARRASSMENT! OMG!

    • Bey-Minaj November 25, 2014

      Lol. I mean Iggy fans really believed that?? I feel so sorry for them. Sorry not sorry. And this is the person who won at the AMAs. Drake and Eminem would neva.

  34. It’sME November 25, 2014

    Look at Slayoncé creeping through

    • SMH November 25, 2014

      With 65K sales? LMAO

  35. Bey-Minaj November 25, 2014

    Lemme take a moment to recreate Nicki’s most infamous tweet when Kim went ham on the paypal charts. Iggly, this one’s for you.

    Bwaahhhhahhahahahahahahahahhahahhhaaahhhhhaaahahahahahahahhhaha!!!!!!!!!! *lifeless* *leaves on stretcher* *cant go on*

  36. OnikaSaidJump November 25, 2014

    Is it still #IggySzn.

    • Bey-Minaj November 25, 2014

      Ded. Just like her sales. Bwahahahahahahahaha….

    • I’m Booked November 25, 2014

      This Made Me Really Lmao!

  37. Slaylor November 25, 2014

    Woww, I really thought Bey was not gonna do more than 50k considering (1) how sales are down (2) it’s only 2 new songs and most of those remixes already leaked online months ago. Kudos to her! Pretty impressive.

    Btw, Taylor is going back to #1 for another week next week!!!

  38. The Pinkprint November 25, 2014

    So even with streams added to her total she would still sell less than the Re-Up. #OUCH

  39. Mo November 25, 2014

    Damn Bey, selling more with a re-release than some with a whole new album….
    I see you

  40. The Pinkprint November 25, 2014

    These WACK h*** could get hot for ONE summer. After that the QUEEN will STILL REIGN HERE – Nicki Minaj

  41. Beysus November 25, 2014

    HAHAHAHAHA GIRL BYE!!! *sips tea*

  42. BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

    where are them ugggly stans who were coming for onika when she decided to push back her album until December?

  43. Yoncé November 25, 2014

    Hmmmmm she needs to bring it whit the next album or just Hang It !!!

    Beyonce will debut in the top 3 I see

  44. QueenAriana4Lyfe November 25, 2014

    Talking about that s*** but never been able to back it up. WHERE ARE YOUR FANS SIS?

  45. Beysus November 25, 2014

    Go Bey!!!

  46. TheEmanacipationofDannica November 25, 2014

    The scary thing is that she’s tried everything to make herself pop off. Her singles are dope, her payola game is on point, her videos are amazeballs and she’s a nice girl but people can tell she’s not authentic.
    Poor DefJam, you should have used common sense and invested that money in Jhene.

  47. Queenonika November 25, 2014

    Lmfao Nikki would never!!!!!!!!!!! That h** done cooked and shitted on.

  48. Realest November 25, 2014

    I’m not surprised. It’s a rerelease and currently she doesn’t have a hit.. other new, fresh releases like Jessie J didn’t sell much better so it reflects the state of music and it’s sales TODAY in 2014

    • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

      shut the fuccck up with the excuses she had a hit the first go around and she still FLOPPED and her original album is still not GOLD

    • Queenonika November 25, 2014

      Beyonce rerelease doing 60k so why not surprised. How she a flop payola helped now she done

    • Realest November 25, 2014

      @BeyRiLiyah: I usually don’t address ignorant children who are the product of horrible parenting and welfare but check your lipstick before you come speak to me baby girl otherwise be seen not heard like the rest of these kids..


  49. BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

    here come the iggy stans and their excuses in 5 4 3 2 1……

  50. ArianaBrokeFree223 November 25, 2014

    If only radio deals could buy fans.

  51. Umm November 25, 2014

    Iggy Azalea/the New Classic=52,000
    Iggy Azalea/Reclassification rerelease=25-30,000
    Beyonce/Beyonce(self titled)= almost 1mllion
    Beyonce rerelease= 60-80k
    Beyonce’s drop is much bigger percentage wise, especially with the DVD’s, the 17 videos released to stream along with her new songs. Yall actin like she’s like all the way at the bottom of the charts

    • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

      you must have didn’t read iggy is doing 11,000 🙂 not 25-30,000 you should re read the article

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 25, 2014


      • SMH November 25, 2014

        Learn how to read, dear. beyonce is only going to sell 60-65K, the rest is STREAMING. you beyonce stans really do see only what you want to see and not what is.

    • Bey-Minaj November 25, 2014

      Ummm honey, those sales for Bey are for the EP digital sales only. Plus we only got 2 new songs. Iggly had like 6. I can’t believe this chick beat Em and Drake, what a joke.

  52. HistoRih November 25, 2014

    Damn. Not even her pet kangaroo could make her sales jump.

  53. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare November 25, 2014

    Wait………….. isn’t she the new “Queen of Rap” !?

    How can this be?

    Azealia pulled these numbers with no promo and no record label! An album better than anything Iggy will EVER be able to produce, btw


  54. ASipOfBrandy November 25, 2014

    See what happens when you spend money on radio but not on artist development. #EasyComeEasyGo

    • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

      Right maybe brandy’s team should spend money on radio considering her last hit was full moon

      • ASipOfBrandy November 25, 2014

        Erm..yeah they should.

  55. Sherry November 25, 2014

    It’s a re release in 2014. Didn’t Icki’s re release sell like 30k two years ago? I don’t even have Iggys album but I like her better than Icki. :lol;

    • Nicki is queen!!! November 25, 2014

      It’s not a re-release as The New Crisis isn’t featured on Regurgitated, it’s more of an EP/Album in actuality. Look @ Bey’s sales, a re-release will sell if the person has talent or produces a good product. Piggy has neither. Bringing up The Re-Up only makes Piggy look worse, TRU was less readily available to purchase, much less promo but easily done more. It’s Black Friday season and people STILL aren’t dropping a couple dollars? That’s how you know you’re a certified singles artist! Two uncertified albums, what a shame. Your post said it all, you don’t even buy Piggy’s music, you just unreasonably hate Nic

      • Sherry November 25, 2014

        I don’t hate anyone. It takes too much energy to hate. I just think Icki is weak, fake, phony and played. You’d be a fool to think she’s gonna sell big on 12/15 with the trash she’s been releasing.

    • Nicki is queen!!! November 25, 2014

      Wow, you’re really gonna talk about Nicki being fake in a convo about Iggy? Piggy is THE most fake & phony person in the industry nothing about Piggys rap persona is authentic which is why Hip-Hop doesn’t and will never respect her. You always get to Nicki articles before actual fans calling her Icki and generally being pressed and bitter so if that’s not a hater, I don’t know what is. Nicki’s ‘trash’ sold more than Piggys album so there you have it. We all know Nicki will do well, she’s NICKI FCKING MINAJ! 12.15.14 xo

    • Bey-Minaj November 25, 2014

      Oh that heavy 11k crown! LMAOOOO. Plays 7/11 while I await TPP slayage.

  56. Nicki is queen!!! November 25, 2014

    You can buy Payola, you can buy awards but you can’t buy a fanbase cuz these sales are pitiful. How are you gonna make an EP/album, cuz it’s NOT a re-release, well not intended to be but you recycle your flop singles & singles that are tired now? You are putting out the same SH!T again that NO ONE liked the first time. People are buying the new songs and leaving the rest that they already own. The promo it’s had + sales = no fanbase. The New Crisis & Regurgitated will NEVER see the light of day to RIAA!

  57. me November 25, 2014

    didnt azaelia sell more first week ?

    • Nicki is queen!!! November 25, 2014

      Exactly, Payola is no substitute to actual talent which is why she & Nicki will always do better in the long run.

    • the voice November 26, 2014

      Oh that’s right. A. Banks sold more as an independent artist.

  58. CATFISH CAREY November 25, 2014


  59. CommanderKaty November 25, 2014

    She should have used that payola money to buy some fans.

  60. Taylor swift number 1 fan!! November 25, 2014

    TAYLOR SWIFT- 212,839 -31%
    Taylor sells another 212,839 in her 4th week

    • CATFISH CAREY November 25, 2014


      • Taylor swift number 1 fan!! November 25, 2014

        Yes one direction has knocked taylor off number one for now, with sales of 400,000. Hope Taylor can reclaim the top spot next week:)

  61. Beysus November 25, 2014

    BWET sold 11,165 in 4 days… *sips tea* *plays JFK*

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare November 25, 2014

      Exactly! With no promo or even a record label! LOL!

      Iggy has no fans. She has casual listeners.

      Glad you’re loving Broke With Expensive Taste too–brilliant album! 😀

      • Beysus November 25, 2014

        Best album released in 2014 by far!!! Then the Beyonce “More” EP!!!

  62. CATFISH CAREY November 25, 2014


    • Nicki is queen!!! November 25, 2014

      It’s probably sold more than this tripe with no video & just two performances

  63. QueenofTheNavi November 25, 2014

    Does Clear Channel offer refunds, cos the way these sales are set up…

  64. ParisianBarb (Onika Is The Queen) November 25, 2014

    Au revoir Felicia.

  65. Keyshia Del Rey November 25, 2014

    This just proves that people actually f*** with Nicki’s music.

  66. JOHNVIDAL November 25, 2014

    I still can´t get over the fact that they added streams to the Bilboard 200 🙁
    Apart from that: the industry is dissapearing, this is ending, 90% of albums sell under 30k copies first week. Now even Maria Carey´s last album looks like a success with its 60k copies sold first week, despite being her lowest selling album ever (normal when you´re in your 14th album and the promo was a mess but still).

  67. Molly November 25, 2014

    Its just a re release! Everyone knows re releases don’t sell.

    • Beysus November 25, 2014

      And everyone knows CiError doesn’t sell…

    • KDreamer November 25, 2014

      So she performed at SNL and the AMAs for nothing? Come on sis. ANYTHING can sell well if people like it enough.

    • Nicki is queen!!! November 25, 2014

      Well I’m sure you didn’t share the same thought process about The Re-Up, you just can’t excuse these sales

    • BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

      molly stop with the excuses your girl is a one hit wonder flop her original album isn’t even gold yet and her rerelease is a big flop and rereleases do sell look a bey’s rerelease her’s is selling

    • TRUTH SERUM November 25, 2014

      Can you really call that a re-release with all those new songs? She tried to be slick with it but the GP ain’t having it.

  68. BowDownToNeNe November 25, 2014

    I thought she said she was the new Queen.

  69. Lana Del Slay November 25, 2014

    Actually this isn’t a re release because the sales don’t go towards The New Classic. This is Iggy’s second album but they’re not calling it that even though it is.

    • Nicki is queen!!! November 25, 2014

      *clap clap* Thank you, I’m glad someone else understands, it’s NOT a re-release

  70. HausMuthaAdele November 25, 2014

    Talent & a fan base >>>>> marketing & payola.

  71. QueenJanine (Ms.ButcherIfYou’reNasty) November 25, 2014

    Can someone explain how she got the budget she did in the first place? All that money has gone right down the drain.

    • tits mcgee November 25, 2014

      Oi!! Janine! What are you playing at??!!
      *In my Pat Butcher voice*

      Lol. I love eastenders!! Even though we are like 8yrs behind, on PBS, in America..


  72. Katycat November 25, 2014

    hahaha #stopbeyonce2014 all those basics h*** were out there sunday night losing their breath trying to perform while pettyonce was sitting home watching RHOA yet she outsell them effortlessly with BEYONCE the Petty edition that can also be found in full on vevo and spotify screaming

  73. thruth hurts November 25, 2014

    C’mon now Beyonce just has 2 new song and few weeks ago when she announced the platinium edition Beyhive member were saying they won’t buy that s*** that b**** is not even promoting and is being Petty as f*** how come she gonna sell 50k + unit

  74. BadGyalAri November 25, 2014

    Why are you calling it a re release when it has a different name, EIGHT new songs and sales that don’t even go towards the album you say it’s helping. It’s an entirely new album which nobody cares about.

  75. Mark111 November 25, 2014

    Rerelease don’t sell. Tell that to Confessions Sp, The Emancipation of Mimi Ultimate Edition, Good Girl Gone Bad Reloaded, Fame Monster, Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, and all of Beyonce’s rereleases. The whole point of a rerelease is to reissue an album that was 1) Sold out of print. 2) To extend an already successful album/era with 2 more singles. There was no point of this when the first issue isn’t even selling.

  76. BeyRihLiyah November 25, 2014

    the career of the female version of vanilla ice is Officially OVER just like future and Ciara’s relationship

  77. Unbiased November 25, 2014

    Azealia did these numbers in 4 days with no label or promo, and most importantly a far superior album.

  78. feefee November 25, 2014

    Well congrats to Bey on her re-release sales and on Iggy’s re-release, well I’m gonna put like this, Azealia Banks sold almost the same amount as Iggy with no promo on an independent label and Iggy was like every where doing the most. Like a commenter just posted that some r&b albums have been selling pretty good on its first week and the artists are getting less promos. Yep I agree, it’s time to re-strategize this situation.

  79. girlbye November 25, 2014

    Eminem just slays every time his album is good though.

  80. TheElusiveLamb November 25, 2014

    Reading that was so sad. All of that money wasted. As least she looks cute on the cover.

  81. CherylSoldierr November 25, 2014

    Stupid a$$ mark, Australians don’t buy rap. The us is the only real market for rap. So this is especially embarrassing for her.

  82. Kitty Puurrzz November 25, 2014

    everyone who has commented on this is so STUPID. I just read through the comments & it’s so sad. If you knew ANYTHING about music, you will know Re-Releases hardly ever do well. 2nd.. She only had 4 new songs(not 8) & she has been promoting the SINGLE “Beg for it” NOT the album. You guys want this girl to fail so bad & she’s actually winning. & as far as the payola comments, like do you guys even know how payola works. Yall sound so ignorant…

  83. DanYiel Teflon November 25, 2014

    I’m an Iggy Azaela fan so I get it & I’m not mad!!

  84. Shaniqua November 25, 2014

    hahahahahaa flop harder than Lady caca artflop I cant!!!! this is the definition of REAL FLOP haahahahahhaahhahahhaa

  85. Tru Voice November 25, 2014

    Damn!!! No one is buying Iggy’s rap career for the long term But I’m sure she’s still getting money, for now. She better enjoy it while it last. hope she paid off the doctor for that new body with the money from those singles. Whitney’s Live CD/DVD that had performances everyone had seen/heard sold more and she isn’t even here to promote it. RIP Nippy.

    • the voice November 26, 2014

      She better get pregnant by that basketball player cuz her career will not last 2 albums.

      BTW, when is her friend Rita gonna release an album in the US? 2019

  86. Beysus November 25, 2014

    I knew she’d be irrelevant soon…

  87. LTM November 25, 2014

    TGJ’s agenda against Iggy is pathetic. Even more so seeing all these fake accounts coming out of the woodworks with copy-and-paste comments and cheesy screen names. Honestly, can you be more obvious?
    1. Reclassified is a considered a rerelease and will count towards The New Classic’s sales, regardless of what illogical logic you try to use to claim otherwise.
    2. Rereleases never do well in sales. The Reup sold 37k, The Complete Confection sold 33k and those were rereleases from well established acts on their second albums. Iggy is still new, her rerelease was pointless.
    3. Reclassified has only 5 new songs, Heavy Crown, Beg For It, Trouble, We In this B*tch, and Iggy SZN. The same commenters(really commenter using multiple accounts) who claim to have the tea on payola with no receipts can’t even tell the right contents in the album. How reliable they are!
    4. Like all rereleases, they are sold in limited physical quantities. Releasing on Black Friday week means nothing when iTunes doesn’t have Black Friday deals. Even so, Black Friday hasn’t happened yet, there is really no way to predict how many people would buy it even if alot of physical copies were made.
    5. No sh!t she promoted the rerelease, who wouldn’t? There would be no point in a rerelease if she didn’t promote. The AMAs, SNL and one late night show doesn’t constitute alot of promo as some of you claim. Beg For It is currently in the top 20, idk how its flopping
    6. The New Classic has past 400k and it hasn’t been out for a year yet. That is good for a hip-hop album as most don’t pass 350k these days. It will definitely be gold within a year of its release date. And please save the hit single excuse, #1s=/= album sales and they haven’t for years now.
    7. Bringing up Azealia is a self drag if a rerelease sells the same as her original album.

    • Bey-Minaj November 25, 2014

      All these excuses. STFU!

    • queenonika November 25, 2014


      • LTM November 26, 2014

        Lol!! Sweetheart, it doesn’t matter how many times you pound away at your keyboard in all caps under different screen names, it doesn’t change the fact that everyone with merit considers Reclassified as a rerelease/reissue. Literally no one but deluded and pressed Barbz like you consider it her second album. And please do explain how you came up with 8 new songs when there is clearly on 5! Lmao, I know your IQ has to be exceptionally low to enjoy Nicki’s music but are you that stupid to the point where you can’t conduct a proper Wiki search comparing the deluxe version of The New Classic to Reclassified? Barbz continue to amaze me with their stupidity with every visit to TGJ.

    • JT November 25, 2014

      1. A re-release has ALL the tracks from the Original album plus more, so no it’s not a re-release, it’s an EP
      2. The Re-Up sold 37K, which is more than reclassified so your point on that was unnecessary
      3. TNC was trash and there was NOTHING Hip-Hop on it, but F*** Love & Black Widow were good
      4. Most people downloaded Reclassified illegally because they try and like Iggy but it’s probably gathering dust in their iTunes
      5. The only decent new song on there is Iggy SZN (even tho Iggy SZN has well and truly ended)
      6. No ones gonna waste their time and effort buying Reclassified on Black Friday when there’s more important things to buy
      7. Azealia’s INDEPENDENT album with no record deal or label shows talent and diversity, and is worth ALOT more than Iggy’s mess of an album, especially when she had payola behind her

      Let’s just hope her 2nd/3rd or whatever album it’s classed as has better songs and sells more…

      • LTM November 26, 2014

        I didn’t bring up The Reup’s sales to compare to the Reclassified, you missed the point entirely. Your entire response is based off YOUR opinion and I don’t argue opinions. Sorry sweetheart, but in the eyes of the people who matter, it is considered a reissue and the original album is considered a hip-hop album. Their classifications>>>>a random salty hater on the internet. Deal with it.

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare November 25, 2014

      Im sorry but if you have THAT kind of institutional backing, you should be able to do more than 11K on your re-release.

      The fact of the matter is Iggy is a singles artist. That, in of itself, is not a bad thing. But what you don’t get to do is be anointed the second coming in hip hop (as her fans did) when a) you’re a pop artist b) your demographic is skewed towards a non hip-hop audience c) your debut album is complete and utter garbage

      Now, say what you will about A B but she will ALWAYS be better than Iggy. Iggy will NEVER produce an album better than “Broke With Expensive Taste.” You wanna know why? She.does.not.have.it.in,her.

      But nice list of excuses though.

      *bumps Ice Princess*

    • GEEZUS November 26, 2014

      Uhm, Billboard said weeks ago that they are NOT counting Reclassified sales to The New Tragic because all the songs from The New Tragic is not on Reforgotten.

      • JT November 26, 2014

        Someone with sense, tell em again!!!

    • Nicki is queen!!! November 26, 2014

      Your whole post is BS, Regurgitated isn’t actually a re-release, it’s an EP/album no matter how much you and others say otherwise. These sales WILL NOT COUNT towards TNC as these songs aren’t featured on Regurgitated, look it up. TRU is an ACTUAL re-release and sold pretty well considering there was much less promo & less available to purchase and actual re-releases don’t sell the best. There’s no excuse, Fancy was ‘song of the summer’ to a lot of people, Payola aided of course, so there’s no excuse for these awful sales of this and TNC! She may be new but she’s not a nobody, she’s everywhere and still flops. Actually Azealia is a perfect example of talent > marketing. She had no promo, no label backing/marketing machine, it’s all her and sold more than Piggy. Payola/Good marketing is no substitute for actual talent, this is why Piggy won’t prosper. Clearly I dislike her, but I am looking at this objectively, she’s a certified singles artist.

  88. FutureCIARA November 25, 2014

    I AM HOLLERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. queenonika November 25, 2014


  90. JM November 25, 2014

    this album is seriously free falling on itunes. already at 26 and it hasn’t even been 2 full days

  91. tits mcgee November 25, 2014

    The best, true example of a singles artist, in years!!

    Millions of records sold, yet, not even a gold album in sight!

    Cute little ditties, tho! 🙂

  92. musicMatters101 November 26, 2014

    Oh I forgot re-releases always sell great amounts. They’re in the same category as Greatest Hits albums.

    But whatever. Only 5-10% of artists nowadays are major album sellers. Fall back TGJ

    • Nicki is queen!!! November 26, 2014

      It’s not a re-release, you’d have to actually re-release your existing album with new songs, which she didn’t. What she did do, however, was re-release three flop singles, one that’s played out, that Beg Sh!t and some new songs. That unfortunately doesn’t count as a re-release.

  93. ced November 26, 2014

    All this hate lol, this b**** is clearly making hits and getting PAID big time this year. Can’t wait for her new album next year. I mean… 2 million worldwide for “black widow” 7 million for “fancy”… Her latest “heavy Crown” goes hard.

    • nicko November 26, 2014

      She isnt getting a lotta money, as a matter of fact she didnt appear on forbes cash kings list this year. N stop bragging about fancy n bw, two FEATURES that got radio deals :-/ n that she performed everywhere. Fancy hasnt actually sold 7M WW. Piggy is done, her albums AND singles r flopping now. Easy come easy go.

  94. Larry Holl November 26, 2014

    F*** I wasted my money
    I’m definitely a Nicki fan again lol
    I should have never left
    That album was terrible
    #tpp 12.15.14

  95. GEEZUS November 26, 2014

    The Blood bath this mammal will get come 12.16

  96. LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. November 26, 2014

    I can’t wait for the Pink Slip numbers in December. That will be a real kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

    • BeyMaraj November 26, 2014

      Atleast Nicki is releasing her album, when will Fish Cumm release anything beyond a mixtape? Since you can’t cling to Uggly no more who will you cling to?.

    • Bey-Minaj November 26, 2014

      You underestimate the Queen of Rap too much. Almost every artist goes thru that sophomore slump. But with this 3rd album the Barbz gone show u who the real QUEEN is. Go buy regurgitated so it can go gold.

    • Nicki is queen!!! November 26, 2014

      Aww it’s cute that you have to worry about my fave cuz you know you can’t excuse these sales and Ling Ling ain’t hitting billboard again so the only person you can talk about is the Queen! That’s sweet. I’m sure you’ve already got it marked on your calendar but here it is again, enjoy 12.15.14 xo

    • nicko November 26, 2014

      All of Nic’s albums went #1 and are platinum. PF sold 3.8M WW; PFRR sold 1.6M WW and every single from those albums slayed commercially :).

  97. Bey-Minaj November 26, 2014

    Lol where is the bandwagonist Truth?? I wanna drag ‘IT’. So this is your queen of hip hop? Bwahahahahaha

    • Nicki is queen!!! November 26, 2014

      LOL Yes, I was ready for it to come with the usual stank p**** ho, biitch and other gibberish it writes.

  98. Florida Evans November 26, 2014

    Well, damn.

    Yall grabbed Iggy by her weave ponytail and drug her through the pits of hell and back! LMAO!

    The Barbs are going to be merciless on 12.15.

    • Bey-Minaj November 27, 2014

      12.15 is the day we show all dem lessors who the Queen really is.

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