That Grape Juice: End of Year Awards 2014 – Winners!

Published: Wednesday 31st Dec 2014 by Rashad

With over 100,000 votes cast, the time has finally arrived for the winners of the That Grape Juice End of Year Awards 2014 to be announced!

The last week may have seen category winners change almost hourly, however, upon the penultimate cut-off point, the final list brought with it many last minute surprises.

Check out the full list of winners below. Prepare yourselves for what awaits…and sound off!

best collab next to blow best female best male best live performer underrated artist Underrated Album
You Tried It Award Social Media Battle BEST TV Show Best Club Banger BEST UK ACT Best Youtube Channel Most anticipated comeback 2015 most shocking moment tgj awards Most active fanbase-thatgrapejuice 2014

single of the year
album of the year
Recession Special
video of the year

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  1. Molly December 31, 2014


    • You tried December 31, 2014

      That “KELLY ROWLAND UNDERRATED AWARDS ” cracks me TF up everytime lol I don’t think TGJ knows that’s shading Ms Rowland because how can a person that’s all around the world on everyone’s song and big stars like Lil Wayne and hyped Big Sean is on ur record and u be labeled UNDERRATED! Oh and Beyonce welcomes U on stage at SUPERBOWL HALFTIME and u still be Underrated???? Hun that clearly shows u may be OVERRATED BECAUSE ” YOU” aren’t living up to all the hype that is being hyped around u lol

      • Paulo December 31, 2014

        I KNOW! that’s the Rowldawgs for you – everytime they try to big up K-Ro it’s just sidetrack shade.

  2. Molly December 31, 2014

    The beyhive and barbz put in work LOOOL

  3. Hot Tottie December 31, 2014

    Bhahahahahah hahahahhaha lmfao I can’t. Rihdiculous

  4. truthtea December 31, 2014

    Damn! This site and the Beyhive certainly made it a full time job without the pay to back their fave!

    • You tried December 31, 2014

      @Truthtea UR name explains UR ignorance ! You want to be down HUH?? U have always been left out and always wanted to fit in??? Lmao TRU TEA is u don’t have a damn clue! Let ur fav who ever they are album go double platinum in less than a month and hop ur happy go lucky ass back on TGJ and comment! Then just maybe u can come for the HIVE but I’m sure we will have yet another list for ur sorry a** Fav to do ! Lol

  5. ok December 31, 2014

    lmao not Nicki and Beyonce slaying all aspect of this awards…..we gonna celebrate or Na?

  6. Beysus December 31, 2014

    Wooo!!! Beyonce and Azealia!!!

    • Molly December 31, 2014

      Lol the only thing Azealia will win .

      • Beysus December 31, 2014

        While the only thing Ciara will win is welfare…

  7. Dem Lessors December 31, 2014

    There’s more Barbs here than the Navy, that’s a shock to me. I feel tho for Chavyl Fartnandez Voldemortsini for 2nd to last on best UK act. She never wins any awards…like ever. Happy New Year everyone!

  8. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 31, 2014

    The fleas and the baboonz were working overtime for this nonsense. Like this would impact their faves in anyway. LMFAO!!!!!!! They soooo tried. Congrats to their faves tho. I can’t believe people took this seriously. Lol… And I hope TGJ doesn’t delete this comment.


    • Dem Lessors December 31, 2014

      Bxtch you hate on every damn artist. Somebody ain’t hitting it right, that’s why you’re mad or nah? All I know is there’s a lot of hypocrisy going on with you’re hashtags. #JustSaying #UrTheDefinitionOfDumbassBitch #UOnHereAllTheTimeSayingPeopleHaveNoLIfeButUrAlwaysHereToTellThem

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 31, 2014

        Hate is such a powerful word. I don’t say anything negative about Jhene, Sam Smith, CB, Rihanna, Tinashe and many more.


        As for your fave, she gets dragged by everybody. Where is S****** by the way? What’s the status of her last album? Don’t even bother bringing up her Diamond album like you always do and fail in the process. And keep them hashtags cute or stay outta my reply box.



      • Dem Lessors December 31, 2014

        Just because someone isn’t your fave, you don’t need to drag them to get attention. Don’t worry though hxe I don’t need to bring up the diamond albums because Britney has loads more accolades that I can write essays about. But you know what is tired bringing up Britney Jean sales when it’s first week sales shxts on most of your faves. You need to stfu or get your sorry axs of this site if you don’t want me in your reply box.

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 31, 2014

        Lol. Look who’s talking. The irony and clichés are on fleek. Your replies don’t bother me one bit. Have a sit with the rest of the commentators that have came from me and failed miserably. If you have a problem with me, contact the TGJ people, if not, shutup and enjoy the show.





  9. Iconic Cici December 31, 2014

    These winners are so predictable I knew the beyhive and barbz had no lifes but damn.

    • Pat January 1, 2015


  10. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 31, 2014

    Not struggle/11 winning the MJ music video “award.” WTF people??? Y’all voted for that cheap-looking Justine Beaver’s song-with-Nicki-copy of a video??? *SMDH*

    The staged elevator fight was good tho. Elevator gate was the ‘WTF moment of the year.’ Lets all pray that T********* gets another no.1 hit while she’s still alive.

    • Pat January 1, 2015


  11. JOHNVIDAL December 31, 2014


  12. Jamie December 31, 2014

    Only come here for the real news. S*** like this is a joke to me.

    • Mark111 December 31, 2014

      Same and the comment section.

  13. Al December 31, 2014

    This f****** site just licks too much ass. 7/11 for best video it was fukin made with blu ivys iphone.
    The Flop print for best album and Tinesha best new artist haha! This site has gone down hill this year, pop ups on the mobile sight and too much on the over exposure of Beyonce. RIP thatgrapejuice

  14. Mika December 31, 2014

    The Beyonce overload is way to much

  15. AmbeRussell December 31, 2014

    If only they could show out and vote at the real award shows… I’m sorry but ain’t nobody checking for a banks INTIL. Her interview. Half of her votes were for attack on iggy n the ppl on this site hate her. 7/11 video was fun for the moment but wasnt VOTY. And flawless being song if the year…REALLY. But great voting guy

  16. Trellbeylike December 31, 2014

    Yall really take these blog awards seriously I see lol….I dnt even vote for Bey when it comes to real awards and s*** lol. Dont get me wrong, I care for her achievements and awards and I do hope she wish all of them, but I dont like her for her trophies. I love her for her talent and work ethic. Congrats Bey on another Amazing year! Happy New Years to all!

  17. african music lover December 31, 2014

    did they say over 100,000 votes???? so people really took this seriously….congratz to the winners,i mean that is the right thing to say right?

  18. DanYiel Teflon December 31, 2014

    LOL people are Messy ALL DAY!!

  19. S****** Blonde December 31, 2014

    LMAO. Happy New Year everybody!

  20. We Found Rihanna December 31, 2014

    For this not to be a serious award people are sure in their feelings leaving comments. Funny 🙂

  21. Paulo December 31, 2014

    haaaaaaaaaaaaa @ Queen B doing nothing and still winning half these awards. I know I voted.

    I’m yet to listen to Pinkprint so Idk about that one. Props to Nicki tho I’m a fan

    ……… @ people still giving CB the time of the day. what’s so entertaining about him showing once again that he has zero respect for women? I wish Tamar would’ve kept going INNN on his ass.

  22. BeeDub December 31, 2014

    I’m here for Janet’s win and also to point out how TGJ f***** up by not including D’Angelo in any of the categories.

  23. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! December 31, 2014

    Swift’s 1989 also leads the Top Album Sales chart for a seventh frame, selling 326,000 copies (down 2 percent).

    1989 is selling like no album has in the past 10 years. It has sold more than 200,000 copies in each of its first nine weeks on sale — a feat not managed since the spring of 2004. Usher’s Confessions was the last album to sell as consistent, moving more than 200,000 in each of its first nine frames (ending with the sales week of May 23, 2004)..

    • JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2015

      Nobody can understand it. From Micheal, Whitney, Mariah, U2, Prince, Celine and more 10, 20 and 30years ago to Taylor Swift as the album sales slayers? What´s wrong with people? LOL Thank God for Adele I guess 🙂

  24. kingbeybitch December 31, 2014

    100,00 votes were casted hunty not only the hive and Barbz were voting for this s***. I could care less about these irrelevant awards

  25. Terny December 31, 2014

    Messy blog, messy drag queen admin, loser flea hive. Lord I can’t!…

  26. HOWYOULIKEIT December 31, 2014

    Congrats Beyonce for winning all those awards

  27. TheElusiveLamb December 31, 2014

    Why are people mad that Beyoncé won?? Anyway, happy new year!

  28. Akeem December 31, 2014

    100,000 voted? Why yall fooling??? Lmao

  29. Rihanna #1 fan t December 31, 2014


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