Did You Miss It?: Lupe Fiasco Comes To Defense of Iggy Azalea

Published: Saturday 20th Dec 2014 by Rashad


Just when you thought “everybody hates Iggy” one has popped up to aid the embattled ‘Bounce’ beauty.

While nemesis Azealia Banks was winning hearts and earning supporters with a passionate Hot 97 interview that saw her slam the Auusie rapstress, Q-Tip joined the attack and took to Twitter to lend Azalea an unsolicited hip hop history lesson and black culture lecture.

Despite a growing list of detractors to boot, Azalea has now found a surprising and unlikely defender in the form of rapper Lupe Fiasco.  No stranger to lending unpopular or oft-controversial opinions, see below his thoughts on the ‘Fancy’ hitmaker’s position in hip hop after being quizzed by a follower:


From bottom to top:

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lupe on iggy 2.5 lupe on iggy3 lupe on iggy1

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sarah December 20, 2014

    It’s nice to see someone not following the crowd

    • You tried December 21, 2014

      It’s so many people in hip hop that are black that hasn’t lived the ” CULTURE” drake from Toronto and came from a TV Series on MTV driving to work in his mama ” ACURA” but the n***a speak about start from the BOTTOM! Come on now hip hop comes from different corners of the earth! It’s a force not just a movemt and IGGY to me is a threat to these guys who aren’t booking JOBS! And to Female MCs that thought they had the game to them selves!! Just saying

    • December 21, 2014

      ofcourse he is going to,is anyone surprised about this, this dude always tries to p*** people off.

  2. Uknowdakid December 20, 2014

    He spoke the truth

  3. Capt’n Save a ho December 21, 2014

    Here come this shoe shining c***

  4. Truth December 21, 2014

    Wack. Lupe just enjoys being a contrarian for the sake of annoyance, especially when it’s not necessary. Anyone who can’t see that Iggy is nothing but a modern day version of Vanilla Ice and has about as much place in the world of Hip Hop as 1D trying to beatbox with muppets on Sesame Street needs to be sold 2 packs of magic beats. That line about validation from the European standard was so offensively off the mark that he deserves to be punched for it. This is why he was quickly displaced first by B.O.B (of all people), then later by acts like Kendrick and J. Cole.

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 21, 2014

      Exactly. He exudes Charles Barkley teas.

      This is precisely why K. Dot and J. Cole took the helm. Not the brightest dude and they helped to expose him.

      He just keeps getting worse and worse.

      • the voice December 21, 2014

        YAAAS! Im so glad Kendrick and J Cole are on top. Drake is also pro black….
        he just doesnt make that type of music b/c he focuses on relationship issues.
        Go look at Drake’s monologue at the Espy Awards.
        Im so glad these are the three biggest rappers right now along with Em..

        EM is more pro black than Lupe too….. Poor Lupe… Cant pay anyone to buy his music lol

      • D December 21, 2014

        Pro black?

        Why not just be pro people?

        Pro equality?

        Not “pro black”…

        If someone were to say “pro white” it’s deemed as racism, but “pro black” is not. Racism happens all across the board..

        And if we are really talking about race, where are the Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American rappers & pop stars?

        Majority of music goes..



        Middle Eastern
        Etc etc

        Hip-Hop may have started in one culture, but it has expanded to all types of nations and cultures. That’s what happens when something becomes popular!

        White people aren’t allowed to be pop rappers? But black people can?

        So does that mean…
        White people can be country stars but black people can’t?

        Come on people. Is this really a situation?

        Someone has success, let them be… The testimony of true talent is staying ability, only time will tell if she or anyone else, is a flash in the pan or have true staying power in this industry…

        But for now, she’s winning. Whether you like it or not she’s winning… And with all these people talking about her just makes her EVEN MORE relevant.

        I mean, come on… I’m an artist as well and take my craft seriously but I stay focused on me versus hating on someone who is where you want to be… People make it for different reasons, that’s just how the world works. You think Nicki would be making it if she wasn’t pretty w a nice ass? Don’t pick and choose who you want to rip apart… Bc she writes her rhymes and is hardcore then she gets a pass and Iggy doesn’t? The scrutiny this chick got for not only being a woman but also being white and wanting to rap DID NOT stop her hustle and won’t stop her now.

        Ps… I’m not even some big Iggy fan, I just hate ignorance ugh!

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 21, 2014

      No, Lupe doesn’t bandwagon like everyone else cause he has his own opinion. Said that black people hate to see other blacks be who they are and speak their own truth. Thank God I didn’t grow up near any hoods…

      • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 21, 2014

        Black people have never been a monolithic people. That myth is perpetuated by white people. Lupe has the right to render his opinion, as he always does. And people also have the right to discuss why his opinions have become less relevant and less informed.

        And this has to do with “hoods” how? I mean, you are the queen of the non sequitur (look it up) so I shouldn’t be surprised that you would throw nonsense into places they don’t belong.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 21, 2014

        LOL!! Try to use words you just googled to present an image of intelligence on TGJ is quite humorous and desperate. Please put your University class ranking and GPA in a screen shot so we can further validate your intellect lol! My comment on not growing up near any hoods has a lot to do with it because so many are brainwashed to be victims, to be prejudice, and to believe in ignorance (such as yourself) in those communities. I’ve always viewed myself as an equal and my lifestyle, career and education is reflection of that mindset as well as my successful parents.

      • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 21, 2014

        Here’s the thing, this is not about the show of “intelligence.” You constantly attempt to paint black people with a dangerous broad stroke that, frankly, makes you look extremely unintelligent.

        This point has nothing to do with race or class. I travel in a very multicultural environment and frankly, your comments would be ridiculed by my associates who are people of all colors from all walks of life.

        The way that you engage people reads straight from segments of Fox News.

        I don’t approach people or ideas in the way that you do. You and I can could possibly have a smarter conversion about Iggy but you are dead set on not hearing any opposing opinions about her questionable behavior. Instead, you throw out tired terms like “ghetto” that are supposed to signify something important. Sadly, it only reinforces your limitations.

        Love Iggy all you want. I don’t care.

        I, on the other hand, will continue to talk about her problematic representation. And I will do this without resorting to outmoded, prejudiced, classist, and unproductive forms of attack (calling things “ghetto” for example).

        Good luck. Stan away.

  5. tiisetso queen December 21, 2014

    hey y’all i really hate IGGY and i wish all the worst

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 21, 2014

      At least your being straight forward unlike these bandwagon commenters on TGJ and twitter, trying use black history they JUST googled as a reason for their bullish*t…

  6. Wendy December 21, 2014

    Nobody is hating Iggy cos she’s white and does hip-hop.. But she needs to know and live the hip-hop culture before calling herself a rapper. There is more to hip-hop that having a big booty and rhyming some words..This should go out to all of the rappers not just to iggy though

    • OMG Logic!!! December 21, 2014

      No. She doesn’t. Did anyone B**** when Kanye started using symphonies despite not having gone to music school or being a European composer? Black people need to admit that they are 10x more racist than any Ferguson police officer.

      • Toohotfortv December 21, 2014

        You are really missing every point. So, let me throw it in your face. The issue that most have is not the fact that she is white, it revolves around the question of her authenticity as well as perpetuation of unhealthy stereotypes. I don’t think kanye using live orchestration equates to the same thing. Please explain how it does.

      • Pat December 21, 2014

        @Omg, I agree, black people are racist as hell, but love to play the victim!

  7. metzo December 21, 2014

    I’m not here for Iggy’s ignorant and “racist” tweets a while back, but let the girl be!
    Does everybody hate her because of her previous racist comments or because of the fact that she’s a WHITE “Rapper” winning?

    And I agree with Lupe when he said art has been borrowed and imitated for many years.

    Iggy is just starting off and has a lot to learn as far as rapping skills. Y’all are sleeping on her but you will be shocked when years (or even months) from now when she masters the art of rapping and ameliorate her skills.

    Rihanna started off with some dope ass hits but couldn’t sing for shyt, and even I can acknowledge her vocal improvements over the years.
    The same thing can happen for Iggy if she works really hard to get where she is supposed to be musically.
    (Anyway that’s just my outtake on the whole thing and Isc if nobody agrees with it). Night

  8. Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 21, 2014

    I never in a million years thought that Lupe Fiasco could actually become a useless artist but he is, in fact, useless.

    It’s a shame.

    Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor (2006)
    Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool (2007)

    Both so good. *sigh*

    He has become the poster child for people who should read more.

    • D December 21, 2014


      Just because his opinion isn’t the same as yours??

      Oh wow…

      And what makes you so useful?

  9. DanYiel Teflon December 21, 2014


  10. Wtf December 21, 2014

    It just shows you how racist black peoples are AB & Q tip are racist Sloange is just a bitter jelous racist child who will never be Beyoncé and can’t deal with it and SHITTIE MANJA is bitter because her albums have never been hip hop and she can’t deal with it when people call it what it is and that’s pop. BUT all of them artist and some other black people pulling the race card when things aren’t going there way. And YES there are racist Black people too! It’s NOT just a “White Thing”. White people do not hold a monopoly on racism. All races have good, bad, rich, poor, kind, cruel, loving, hateful, selfless and selfish people in this world—God makes all kind of people. It’s not right no matter who’s doing it! If you want or feel like discriminating, discriminate against STUPIDITY and EVIL! That comes in every shape, size, religion, sexuality, gender and COLOR!

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 21, 2014

      A B is a racist? Solange is racist? Q-Tip is racist? Really? Yeah, you clearly don’t know what racism is.

      Your “we are the wold moment” is so cute. You want to talk to “people” in general. You want to make sure all of the blame is going around? How American of you.

      Question: What has Iggy done wrong then? Tell us. Or is she the innocent white girl that her blind stans paint her as? Because the only fault I see in your post is about what black people have done to dear, poor, pitiful, Iggy. So, do tell us, what has sweet Iggy done wrong?

      • OMG Logic!!! December 21, 2014

        You mean Azelia “I hate White girls” Banks isn’t racist? If Iggy so much as breathed those words in public, you can bet she’d be publicly crucified, but because AB is black, it can’t possibly be racist (because as you alluded to, it’s impossible for Black people to be racist LOL).

      • WTF December 21, 2014

        #Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ How wrong are you in so many ways first of I am not American so your still wrong with the sh*t you chat. The only thing Iggy has done wrong is beat your favs to the chart been successful, happy, Rich and pretty and that kills evil stupid people like you. I have a question for you to when have you ever heard Iggy say anything racist out of her own MOUTH not twitter on on the internet but have prove that she said anything racist I dont think you can answer this because she hasnt.

  11. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 21, 2014

    Finally a RATIONAL black person who can see pass the “trend” to drag iggy and has a reasonable response. I swear, 90% of the black people complaining are just bandwagoning as usual….

  12. quetta December 21, 2014

    I feel for Iggy. This chick has damn near the entire black community against her.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 21, 2014

      No, she’s has the entire ignorant community against her..

  13. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 21, 2014

    Let’s see how black people would feel if white people treated Darius Rucker (black country artist) like this…

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 21, 2014

      So you don’t remember when Darius Rucker was told to “leave country music to white folk” in 2013? Yes, that happened.

      A couple of more things:

      1) Charley Pride (a black man) starting singing country music in 1958.

      2) Country music is derived from the blues.


      Will you stop it already. GO READ A BOOK!

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 21, 2014

        I need to read a book?? HA!! You’re continuously try to validate your ignorance with the wrong other people did to black people, so you can feel there’s some rationality to being a prejudice bandwagon bafoon. Someone telling Darius Rucker to leave country vs a WHOLE COMMUNITY ganging against Iggy has no comparison to me. There’s ignorance in every community but for some reason, blacks feels there’s justification for theirs. SIGH, get out the ghetto and experience life for yourself instead of bandwagoning on twitter and having MSNBC shape your view of the world.

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 21, 2014

      Wait, so “A WHOLE COMMUNITY” is ganging up against iggy? Uh, no. That’s actually impossible. I need you to think a little harder than that.

      Iggy is receiving criticism, as every artist receives criticism. She is nothing special. Just like Beyonce, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Ciara, and Nicki receive criticism, Iggy is receiving criticism.

      This will do nothing to stop her career. She will continue to be average, banal, hackneyed, and uninteresting but she will survive.

      Stop trying to make black people out to be the bad guys in this situation. Iggy has made conscious decisions that are alarming and people are calling her out on her s***. You call yourself a s**** master. You get checked. What is your problem?

      Finally, your use of the term “ghetto” is quite problematic. You should probably look into that.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 21, 2014

        Huh…it’s funny you think your paragraphs portray some type of intellectual reasoning behind your bullish*t mindset, but it clearly doesn’t. It’s evident to me you’re another black with a victimized way of thinking and also has a hard time seeing your own ignorance. I didn’t grow up viewing the world like you (thank God), my mind isn’t oppressed like yours and I honestly don’t feel like wasting my time on your foolery. I tried understanding your view but it’s too flawed and hypocritical. Continue to rant but I’m scrolling past it..

  14. Mark111 December 21, 2014

    1, lupe has an album out or coming out. He’s doojg this for press. 2) this week been a mess, all of this cat fights ON the week of PinkFlop. 3) NO ONE sales will increase from this, so let it be.

    • sleazy December 21, 2014

      how dare you call TPP a flop when those numbers are rihanna usual numbers 2 numbers 1s that h** cant top the hot 200

      • OMG Logic!!! December 21, 2014

        They’re flop numbers because Onika had like a million singles and features and did more promo than a Presidential nominee.

      • LB December 21, 2014

        Nicki’s promo this year has been the biggest I have seen in years. I fathom to say, even bigger than Gaga’s.

  15. sleazy December 21, 2014

    ibget what people are saying Iggy is getting all this labels and gugs yet her album barely sold gold!!! please look at a black artist who go gold they irrelevant you will see them on wendy williams etc never big shoes her skin plays a big part in her career cus it was def not rapping

  16. Musika December 21, 2014

    Kudos to him! Him, Kanye, Eminem & Nelly are one of my fav rappers. What Azealia did was totally uncalled for..and the fact that those Anons are asking Iggy to apologize for something that she did NOT start is unfair. That’s bullying.

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 21, 2014

      Awwww, the poor victim Iggy. The one who has never publicly promoted on twitter prejudice, racism, and white supremacy a day in her life.

      Booooooooo hooooooooooo

      Castigate the fraud.

      • OMG Logic!!! December 21, 2014

        So when White people make a joke using race it’s an act of pure evil, but when Black people mock White people every single day, it’s completely acceptable and something they should just swallow because their ancestors 160 years ago weren’t slaves?

      • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 21, 2014

        @OMG Logic, what does “Black people mock[ing] White people every single day” (according to you) have to do with institutional power?

        How does “Black people mock[ing] White people every single day” (according to you) really affect the everyday lives of white people in the United States of America?

  17. Queen Adele’s husband December 21, 2014

    I guess the Barbs love this since their fav is flopping hard!!!. They were all bragging about Nicky’s previous sales and how her album will do major sales. Now that she is flopping they are making excuses

  18. Stefan December 21, 2014

    This drama will only make Iggy bigger! A bunch of big scary black men attacking a harmless white girl …. LMAO …..why are people not outraged about talentless hacks like Bobby Smurda, Young Thug, cash Out, Rae Stremmard and the countless other ratchet rappers? Why isn’t Q Tip giving then hip hop 101? Foh

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 21, 2014

      Have Bobby Smurda, Young Thug, cash Out, Rae Stremmard been deemed the second coming in hip hop? Have any of them been crowned the best that hip hop has to offer?

      I’ll wait.

  19. Realest December 21, 2014

    Lupe Fiasco answered the logical, sensible way…

  20. FutureCIARA December 21, 2014

    He is just looking for relevance placing himself in this current hot topic.
    Have a seat.

    • Bey-Minaj December 21, 2014

      But where is Ciara’s relevance?

      • Pat December 21, 2014


      • Brian310 December 22, 2014


  21. BubblePopElectric December 21, 2014

    These Iggy apologists disgust me. How is it that you all can give Iggy a pass for using her platform that’s been built off of the blood, sweat and tears of black struggle to spread white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchy yet refer to Azealia Banks as an “Angry Black Woman” and a “bully” for calling her out on not recognizing and copping up to both the white privilege & cultural appropriation that has been integral to her success? F.O.H! For those of you who don’t think that the color of Iggy’s skin has played a huge role in her meteoric rise… Explain then, how is it that Iggy, who has sold less records and has less hits than the many black artists she horribly emulates, is afforded life-altering opportunities such as performing at mainstream Awards Shows and receiving major category Grammy nods that indisputeably more authentic, more skilled, and more successful acts of color are not? Ex. J. Cole + Miguel [both of whom have plenty of hit records, better record sales than Iggy and amazing LP’s] are constantly overlooked during Awards Season. Ex. #2 Hell even Flo Rida + Jason Derulo [both of whom have either sold more or have about the same record sales as Iggy, but way more Billboard #1’s than her and arguably just as horrible as a discography] are too, both often shut out from receiving similar opportunities. Honey, even Stevie Wonder can see that something isn’t quite right about this picture.

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 21, 2014

      Educate THEM!!!!!!!

      • BubblePopElectric December 21, 2014

        @Mary Mary Why You Buggin: They don’t understand that this is bigger than petty Stan Wars & chart positions… They, like the mainstream media are too busy cropping out the injustice of it all to get the bigger picture. Smfh!

    • LTM December 21, 2014

      Which black artists are you speaking of? J. Cole and Miguel did not have hits as big as Fancy or even Black Widow. Neither did Jason Derulo. You’re all so blinded by these white privilege claims that you see past basic logic. Flo Rida has performed at several award shows when he had massive hits. Katy Perry dominated the charts but didn’t book the VMAs until 2013. The only black artist who had a bigger hit than Iggy was Pharrell with Happy which, last I checked, got him equal recognition. Neither Flo Rida nor Jason Derulo have The New Classics sales, nor have they ever. The Grammys and other awards have been giving out nominations based on popularity for years. Not to mention both artist are a dime a dozen. How many female rappers are on the radio today? For one to have a massive hit like Iggy of course they will acknowledge her.

      • Boo Hoo December 21, 2014

        Tell it how it is 🙂

  22. LTM December 21, 2014

    Glad to see not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and can see through the “Iggy Scapegoat” agenda. What perplexes me the most is how everyone who is anti-Iggy proclaim she is a flop and will be gone within a year but get so emotional and bothered by her presences. I’m confused as to how the industry is trying to replace black artist with Iggy and her being a flop at the same time. How is she replacing people and flopping? Which is it? To add to the hypocrisy, the main ringleader of this mess Miss Azealia Banks is openly racist herself. Old tweets of her own are surfacing about racist remarks against Jews, Whites, Asians, and Hispanics (Bet you won’t see TGJ and others post on those like they did Iggy’s ignorant tweets). I’m glad artist and fans alike are raising their voices against the injustices of the industry but the approach is entirely wrong. Like Lupe said, Iggy is not the first to embrace a culture created by blacks and she won’t be the last. The issue is the industry. No one was calling out Miley or Justin Bieber for their use of urban culture. Stop using Iggy as the scapegoat and address the real issue which are the labels and industry as a whole.

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 21, 2014

      Except people DID call out Miley and Justin Bieber. There are several think pieces written about them.

  23. LB December 21, 2014

    Not to discard what has been said about culture misappropriation but Igor, though I hate to say it, has got a place in hip hop.

    She, like Missy Elliot, is one of the rare artists in the genre to cross over between hip hop and Pop. Unfortunately for Igor, unlike Missy Elliot has had a rough transition in the sense that the more pop she becomes, the less hip hop she becomes.

  24. LB December 21, 2014

    This is totally different from Missy Elliot who still kept her authenticity in both the Hip Hop and Pop genres. But then again, how did Missy Elliot do it?

    For starters, Missy Elliot wrote, rapped, sang and producer ALL HER MATERIAL, that alone kept her authentic to the hip hop genre as it is a requirement in the genre that you have artistic control over all your material. Lil Kim is the only artist to get away with this.

    Secondly, Missy Elliot has the talent to talk that talk and walk that walk, her skills speak for herself, this is different from Igor who has had material written for her. Though some of the material is material I enjoy like beg for it, and change your life, I feel Igor should admit that T.I writes most of her material, though that will take away from her authenticity, which is already in question.

  25. Boo Hoo December 21, 2014

    GOD made the ebola v**** to kill evil people like you! Yeah I said it deal with it!

  26. LB December 21, 2014

    Now just because Missy Elliot is a perfect example of a hip hop/Pop artist is not taking away from Igor place in hip hop as a genre, Igor does have a place, and that is not in question. Igor’s art, or lack of it is not in question, her authenticity is.

    Igor’s music is not in question, she makes good pop songs, Def Jam is good at picking pop songs, look at Sisqo. If Igor flopped tomorrow, Fancy would still be remembered 10 years from now just like Thong Song is still remembered today, so her music nor her place in the genre is not in question, it is culture misappropriation that is in question and Igor just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  27. LB December 21, 2014

    That is not to say Igor is talented, she is not, her material is written and picked for her, but she is a pop artist and that comes with the territory.

    Coming to Nicki Minaj, why has it been difficult for her to crossover between pop and Hip Hop, that is because when Nicki Minaj goes pop, she goes all out pop and when she goes hip hop, she goes all out hip hop, that is confusing because she then becomes a polarizing act.

    Nicki Minaj needs to find that middle ground, like Missy Elliot did, that makes her both an authentic hip hop artist and a feel good pop artist, she has been unable to do this and that has been her downfall because whilst she tries to appease one side of her fanbase, she alienates the other side of her fanbase, and that will forever be her downfall.

    Superbass was that middle ground and she has been unable to find that middle ground since turn me on and the horrible pop song starships. Hopefully Nicki realizes this like Azealia Banks has.

  28. LB December 21, 2014

    Azealia Banks is one amazingly talented artist that has found that middle ground. Her talent and art is incredible and if she played her cards right, she could go down in history as one of the most incredible female MCs since Lauryn Hill. Unfortunately for her, her bad attitude turns people off from her amazing music and artwork. She is an artist and is an incredible one at it, she should focus on that and keep her strong opinions to herself.

    Anyway I have fallen off the tangent and written a novel of my current thoughts but to summarize.

    1. Igor, though I hate to say it, does have a spot in hip hop, she is the perfect crossover act between hip hop/pop

    2. Igor’s place in hip hop is not in question but rather culture misappropriation is in question. Something Igor is not familiar with seeing that she is from Australia. Also a discussion I feel should have happened before Mzz Beiber and Molly Cyrus should have hit platinum, oh and before Nick Jonas released his album (oh but he has muscles, he looks hot now and that means thirsty black insecure girls will overlook the culture misappropriation)

    3. Hip Hop is in progress, and as much as I hate to admit it, Igor is a necessary fuckery to progress the genre. Only Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, Common, Nas and Kendrick Lamar authenticated hip hop to be more than gangsta rap and flossing.

    4. Maybe we should criticize Igor in a new light, one that fosters progress rather than regresses it. But I guess it is easier to give Molly a slap on the wrist since you were getting those royalties from her than Igor.

    Rant over. LOL.

    • LTM December 21, 2014

      I agree with everything you said especially the Miley and Justin part. But I disagree with Iggy’s place in hip-hop being something negative. As a female rapper who can rap about more than how great she or her s*x game is, I think she is something positive we don’t see often. She shares traits with Missy in that sense that neither are messy for the sake of attention and humble while their music is less sexually driven and more about painting an image and telling a story. Talent is subjective to the listener but I personally thing Iggy has a standing somewhere in the middle when it comes to the scale of female rap talent. Just my 2 cents

  29. LTM December 21, 2014

    Anti-Iggy bandwagoners seem to suffer from memory loss. Did we forget how huge Fancy was and how it came out of seemingly nowhere? These attempts to blame Iggy’s recent praise on skin color are pathetic. When has the years break out star ever not been hyped to the moon and back? Weren’t people trying to replace Gaga in her prime with Ke$ha after Tik Tok? Didn’t Billboard and others label her a pop Princess by the end of the year? Didn’t Goyte get praise and Grammy nominations after his massive hit? Foster the People before him? Carly Rae Jespen after him? It happens every year. If Fancy never happened, they’d be pushing Meghan Trainor even harder. The fact that Iggy makes hip-hop music and is a woman means the push will be even greater. The media branded Nicki the new Queen before her album even dropped lmao.

    • LB December 21, 2014

      You, my dear, make a lot of sense. This is a good point.

    • rvs89 December 21, 2014


  30. Theo December 21, 2014

    Lupe speaks real truth! There are so many white rappers that no one has said a word to. Because Iggy is from Australia that makes her less hip hop than say Drake? Who is from Canada and has never lived the street life. Music comes to people however they feel in any form. No One is going after adele for singing Soul R&B or Sam Smith or Teena Mari when she was with Rick James or anyone. Let the girl have her talent and let her live. Poeple are such followers and do not like to thing on their own. People are going in on Iggy like they know whats in her heart. That little bratty Azelia Banks child that comes for every person in the industry yall agree with though? She just mad her album failed. I do not think Iggy is here to take over black culture. I think she is here to put out music like everyone else. Folks are really mad for NO REASON. But haters are only making her more famous. Cut the Bull and leave the girl alone she hasn’t done a thing to no one but give yall a few #1 records yall singing despite hating her.

  31. Theo December 21, 2014

    Also if we coming after Iggy make sure yall go after Justin Timberlake Miley Cyrus Eminem ETC!!! I would love to hear azealia banks and all these other folks coming for Iggy to come for Eminem. I’ll wait

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 21, 2014

      BLACK women were in love justin timberlake, even bieber. They are just jealous of iggy.

  32. LB December 21, 2014


    You’ve been on point most of the night but I disagree with Mzz Jessica Derulo. Jessica had bigger hits than Igor, not in the US but GLOBAL hits. Talk Dirty was a hit both in the US and international markets than Fancy was and Wiggle Wiggle (seriously Jessica??? The fuckery) was also a bigger hit in International markets than Black Widow was.

    Yes Jessica will never see the New Classic Sales but that has not stopped him from going on a world wide tour with nothing but his payola #1s, just my two cents.

  33. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 21, 2014

    Igloo’s notoriety is because she’s white. The new flop and her EP flopped and it got mixed to negative reviews. So why the fuuck is she on Television and at ceremonious events with the likes of Taylor Swift who can back up all the praise she’s getting.

  34. Kitty Puurrzz December 21, 2014

    We as black people gotta stop blaming everyone for our downfall. AB is just using this excuse to justify her careeer being a FLOP. True, the industry caters more to whites, but that’s NOT Iggys fault. Iggy has grinded Her ass off & are reaping the benefits & AB(someone who is actually talented) is starting to wonder “why isn’t that me”..? It’s simple. Because of her horrible attitude & the things SHES said. She brought this on her own.

  35. yawn December 21, 2014

    I like Iggy’s beats. authenticity doesn’t matter to the music buying public except I guess to those people who might be jealous that a white person is making it lol. I don’t care who wrote the rhymes, I just like the music period. it sure was surprising to find out its an Australian wHite chick! and just that fact causing all this racist discussion, how sad. when it should be flattering that a poor white girl from the australian outback loved hiphop so much that she took a plane to Miami at 16 to make a go of it. took her 8 years, she’s worked hard for it, so more power to her.

  36. rvs89 December 21, 2014

    For me Lupe is right. Its OK for a. Lack woman to come into the game and become white for fans but when its thus way its crucified Ctfu

  37. whut December 21, 2014

    Forbes magazine created this mess. Nobody had a problem with this Iggy girl until they wrote that ridiculous article about her “running hip hop” when she had finally got a hit on the charts.

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ December 21, 2014

      Yep, you’re right. Once someone deems you the top of an art form, people are going to look at your, like it nor not, to see if it adds up. In Iggy’s case, it simply does not and will not ever add up.

  38. MISHKA December 21, 2014

    Why is Iggy getting more criticism than Macklemore or Meghan Trainor?

    1. She’s a white woman
    2. She’s a white woman who satisfies pop culture standards: tall, pretty and curvy.

    I thought the “Igloo Australia” joke was funny, Iggy and Azaelia are nemesis so the beef makes sense here but Q-Tip and the others need to fall back, she’s just a confused white girl from Brisbane who fell in love with “can i kick it” and other hip hop references when she was a little girl.

    The heart wants what it wants, so y’all give her a break.

  39. Tony loves them all December 21, 2014

    No offense, but lupe is a C***. He’s defended and stated his ridiculous opinion on so many things that he probably knows little about. HE just really likes attention and to be the one who goes against the flow even if it makes him look incredible stupid.

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