Hot Shots: Ne-Yo & Jazmine Sullivan Reveal Respective Album Covers

Published: Saturday 20th Dec 2014 by Rashad
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2015 is set to be kicked off with releases from two of contemporary R&B’s most prized singer/songwriters – Jazmine Sullivan and Ne-Yo.

With ‘Reality’ and ‘Non-Fiction’ respectively, the ‘You Get On My Nerves’ co-stars will get to compete on the Billboard 200 with their highly anticipated top of the year releases.  January 13th will see Jazmine Sullivan finally gift fans her long-awaited third album ‘Reality Show’ while R&B/pop crooner Ne-Yo will follow shortly after with his album ‘Non-Fiction’ on January 27th.

Both singers took to social media this week to unveil their albums’ cover artwork and accompanying tracklist.  Find it all below:

Click here to pre-order your copy of ‘Reality Show’ on iTunes now.

Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Reality Show’ Tracklist

1. ‘Dumb’ feat. Meek Mill
2. ‘Mascara’
3. ‘Brand New’
4. ‘Silver Lining’
5. ‘#HoodLove’
6. ‘Let It Burn’
7. ‘Veins’
8. ‘Forever Don’t Last’
9. ‘Stupid Girl’
10. ‘Stanley’
11. ‘Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)’
12. ‘If You Dare’



Ne-Yo’s new album boasts production from longtime collaborator Stargate and guest appearances from T.I., Juicy J, David Guetta, Schoolboy Q, Pitbull, and Jeezy.  See its track list below:


‘Non-Fiction’ Standard Tracklisting

1. “Run” (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
2. “Integrity” (feat. Charisse Mills)
3. “One More” (feat. T.I.)
4. “Who’s Taking You Home” (feat. David Guetta)
5. “Time of Our Lives” (with Pitbull)
6. “Coming With You”
7. “Good Morning”
8. “Make It Easy”
9. “Money Can’t Buy” (feat. Jeezy)
10. “Religious”
11. “She Knows” (feat. Juicy J)
12. “She Said I’m Hood Tho” (feat. Candice)
13. “Story Time”
14. “Congratulations”

‘Non-Fiction’ Deluxe Tracklisting

1. “Non-Fiction
2. “Everybody Loves/The Def of You”
3. “Run/An Island” (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
4. “Integrity” (feat. Charisse Mills)
5. “One More” (feat. T.I.)
6. “Time of Our Lives” (with Pitbull)
7. “Who’s Taking You Home”
8. “Coming With You”
9. “Let You What…” (Interlude)
10. “Take You There”
11. “Good Morning/Gon’ Ride”
12. “Make It Easy”
13. “Money Can’t Buy” (feat. Jeezy)
14. “Religious/Ratchet Wit Yo Friends”
15. “She Knows” (feat. Juicy J)
16. “She Said I’m Hood Tho” (feat. Candice)
17. “Story Time”
18. “Why”
19. “Congratulations”
20. “Come Over” (Bonus)
21. “Ballerina” (Bonus)


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  1. Drinkmybussyjuice December 20, 2014

    I just preordered jazmine’s album. One of my faves

  2. Teacher( Call ha Young Gummy) December 20, 2014

    Jazmine Sullivan f****** slays>>>>>

  3. DanYiel Teflon December 20, 2014

    I dig Jasmine Sullivan’s music also & I’m READY!!

  4. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare December 20, 2014

    “Forever Don’t Last” is such a great song.

    I am totally disinterested in Ne-Yo’s album. Those features are, minus Schoolboy Q who is dope, hilarious. No thanks.

  5. BeyRihLiyah December 20, 2014

    I like jazmines cover she’s so underrated as an artist and neyo no comment he’s lame with that same ol tired sound and style he’s been doing since 2006

  6. You Stupid December 21, 2014

    In agreement with all the prior comments… CAN’T WAIT FOR JAZMINE’S ALBUM… Nemo? Not so much…

  7. Brian310 December 22, 2014

    Her track list should consist of 15 tracks at the minimum especially since her last album was 4 years ago

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