Watch: Rita Ora Performs ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ Live For President Obama


Bob Geldof‘s Do They Know It’s Christmas found its way to Christmas in Washington 2014′ earlier this month, performed by Brit-Pop royal Rita Ora for President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle.

Introduced by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Ora delivered the cut live after featuring in the latest version of the charity single, originally released to raise money for those facing poverty in developing nations.

Press play to watch Rita in action, after the jump…


With a voice that’s just as impressive as the platform she’s built to push it, we can’t wait to hear Rita‘s US debut album, due out next year.

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  1. rita ora December 28, 2014

    She has a song called caught offside? And it is a pop folk style, with strong vocals

    She has a duet with TI

    Her next single, Testosterone, was produced by the invisible men, who produced FANCY.

    She clearly has the drive, vocals, looks and FASHION ; NOT TO mention, she has a great management team in Sarah Tennant. 2015 will be her year. I cannot wait for her movie Southpaw to come out.

    • Charlieyoncé December 28, 2014

      She slayed that performance! I’m excited to see her on FSOG too

    • truth (icki is on the radio cryn cause THEPINKSHIT Flippidy flipidy FLOP!!! December 28, 2014

      I dont mean to interupt this post but Honey all that matters in life right is the ‘kii’ of nicki not selln 200k after all and only 4500 ACROSS THE GLOBE! * steps down from soap box and twists of post…PROUD!’

  2. CATFISH CAREY December 28, 2014


  3. rita ora December 28, 2014

    RITA’S album so far

    Song pro by mark rronson
    song pro by will I am
    song pro by dj mustard
    song pro by stargate
    song pro by invisible men
    song with jay z
    song with TI
    song with vic mensa
    song with Ellie Goulding
    Song written by mackcremore
    Song pro by Prince
    Song with Dev Hines
    Song with florence and machine

    This sounds not sound like ANY rihanna rejects. Rihanna has never work with mark ronson, she doe snot have the voice to handle his artistry.

  4. rita ora December 28, 2014


    RITA said she IS DOIGN THE ALBUM HER WAY AND NOT ROC NATION’S WAY, WHO forced her to take rihanna rejected tracks. As u can see, her way, is more VOCAL driven and she is working with people, that USA don’t know yet like Dev Hynes and Vic mensa.

  5. DanYiel Teflon December 28, 2014

    She actually sounds good though…:)

  6. rita ora December 28, 2014

    e have this titles on the new album

    I Will Never Let You Down (written/produced by Calvin Harris) (First Single)
    Ain’t About to Stop (feat. Prince) (written by Prince and Rita Ora, produced by Prince and Joshua Williams) (only snippet available)
    Get a Little Closer (written by MNDR, produced by Switch & Trooko) (Live performance available + official remix)
    A Little More (written and produced by The Arcade & The Invisible Men) (only snippet available)
    Out of Love (written and produced by The Arcade & The Invisible Men) (Live performance available)
    Unfair (written by Rita Ora and Ester Dean, produced by Stargate) (Live performance available)
    Touch the Sky (written and produced by The Arcade & The Invisible Men) (Live performance available)
    Single Most Amazing (written by Prince and Rita Ora, produced by Prince and Joshua Williams) (only snippet available)
    Poison (produced by Diplo) (only snippet available)
    Disco Fever (produced by (not confirmed title, only snippet available)
    Smell Good (No info about producer or writers) (Confirmed title)
    Last Love (No info about producer or writers) (Live performance snippet available)
    Testosterone (No info about producer or writers) (Confirmed title)
    Young Dreamers (feat. Macklemore) (written by Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, T R Go, Rita Ora; produced by T R Go & Ryan Lewis) (Confirmed title)
    Champagne Kisses (feat. Prince) (written by Prince, produced by Prince and Joshua Williams) (Confirmed title)
    Grateful (from “Beyond The Lights” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (written by Diane Warren and produced by The Arcade)

    And we know that she recorded a collab with Vic Mensa for the album too

    So I wonder why she didn’t release anything of the album yet. The only track produced by Calvin in this whole list is IWNLYD

    THIS ALBUM IS GONNA BE THE ALBUM OF 2015. She is working with the best producers BUT……SHE HAS TALENT TO BACK IT UP; SHE CAN SANG.

  7. Charlieyoncé December 28, 2014


  8. rita ora December 28, 2014


    DONT U worry about TIP 40 RADIO IN THE UK AND USA.

    UK – She has been best friends with DJ NICK Grimshaw of radio 1 for nearly 5 years; as well as BFF WITH MAX from capital FM. She is good for UK airplay

    USA: She just came off the jingle ball radio tour; she also is friends with Ryan seacrest. She is good for USA TOP 40 clear channel radio. Plus….MTV TRL is coming back and she is and ELENA ORA, her sister and manager are BFF with the VICE PRESIDENT OF MTV – AND I mean REAL BFF’S; LIKE…HE hangs with RITA ON HIS DAY OFF AND KNOWS most of her family.

    THE music sounds GOOD – SHE has the KEYS TO GETTING ON RADIO; SHE WILL release the album in the USA; she does good videos and has style and gets covers of magazines;she top red carpet list and has 2 movies coming out. plus, she dating Tommy hilfiger’s son and has various endorsement deals which sold out in the USA

    SHE HAS SOLD OUT many shows in the USA since 2012 INCLUDING house of Blues and the BOX; she headlines and sells out gigs in Vegas too.


  9. rita ora December 28, 2014

    I love how RITA IS LIVING THE GOOD LIFE. She spent christmas in Miami at the mega mansion of Tommy hillfiger. She was caughtisde. at heat game and now? She is on Tommy hillfgers mega yacht in….ST BARTS

    WOW! LIVE THAT LIFE. HER SISTER is not like melissa forde, her sister is getting opportunities for herself. Elena spends time Bel Air Home. Now, she is on vacation with her Def Jam Exec BF in Belize.


  10. rita ora December 28, 2014


    start ro feature Stromae. His French speaking album was in the top best sellers of 214. That is how dope he is. He will now record in English.

  11. Queen Adele’s Husband December 28, 2014

    She sounds VERY GOOD! Why do people hate this girl? She is super talented

  12. sleazy December 28, 2014

    this why i love Rita but you know a certain stanbase gon be bitter tho

  13. Fancy BISH December 28, 2014

    Rita sings better than Rih, point blank period. 😉

  14. african music lover December 28, 2014

    I see you listened to me Sam and gave this Rita Ora fan a post about Rita,now watch him post thousands of essays about Rita,oh wait,he has already begun….. Happy for you dude

  15. Kyle December 28, 2014

    She did great Rihanna could never!

    • Fancy BISH December 28, 2014

      I see no lies 😉

  16. Casual-T December 28, 2014

    She sounded great here, and she looked absolutely stunning.

  17. Carry On December 28, 2014


  18. FutureCIARA December 28, 2014

    It’s like as they try to shove her down American throats, everything is simply handed to this girl. And it’s no shade, I respect a hustle, but with her all I see is a privileged lack luster artist. I mean this girl is snatching Presidential performances, to several mainstream movie roles, to working with some of the top producers. Then she gets pushed out on red carpets to be seen by the public eye because of her under whelming fashion, because lord knows most ppl don’t know her for her music. They are trying to force her through the Film, Music, Fashion, Performing industry all at once. And it feels a bit phony and microwaveable. Excuse me for sounding like a hater, yet in all honesty I’m actually really curious to see what 2015 will do for this girl…

    • Sherry December 28, 2014

      This!!! I agree!! It’s very WEIRD and annoying!

      • Red ‘n’ Black December 30, 2014

        If you can listen to this performance and still believe she is being handed stuff, than there is something seriously wrong with you two. Rita has had 4 number one hits in the UK which, by the way, is the second largest music market on planet earth. Rita did a great job but so did the Washington Youth Choir who also deserves a lot of respect for bringing all those voices together to form such perfect harmonies. Rita has done great and deserves everything she has and will have in the future. Jealousy can be an ugly thing especially when it’s toward someone who can perform such a classy song at such a high level. Maybe with this Rita will finally get the songs she deserves instead of those that can not stand up to her vocal talents. Happy New Year to every sane person, and to those that are not quite alright, hopefully you will get better soon.

  19. Blue Ivy Rodriguez December 28, 2014

    I can’t believe Michelle can stomach holding her hand while she is staring hard at Obama. Does her thirst for c** in her mouth have no boundaries? Honestly, how does she get these deals but Iggy who is a “megastar” by Forbes standards cannot even get this type of gig. What the hell?

    • Josie February 4, 2015

      Because she can sing. It’s not that hard to figure out if you think about it.

  20. blue December 28, 2014

    i need era to drop that album next year and let this be settled once and for all, if it flops as i suspect it will if it doesnt produce a big enough hit, then i hope she disappears never to be mentioned again.

  21. NENE December 28, 2014

    She stole Rihanna look from her ball, girl you not original bye.

  22. TheElusiveLamb December 28, 2014

    I can not hate and say she didn’t impress me with this performance, but I agree that she’s a forced star. She is literally dipping her toe in every industry pool. That’s good though, because one of those markets has to work. Anyone peep though how Michelle Obama is standing in the middle. Won’t be a Monica Lewinsky scandal anytime soon while she’s around lol.

  23. MariahIsMusic1 December 29, 2014

    Loving her Vocals. She should be getting rihanna’s success she’s way talented.

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