Kendrick Lamar Rushes To Iggy Azalea’s Defence Following “Authenticity” Criticism

Published: Friday 9th Jan 2015 by David


‘Swimming Pools’ rapper Kendrick Lamar has spoken out against those who question Iggy Azalea‘s authenticity this week, rushing to the star’s rescue following a wave of attacks launched at her by critics online.

On the self proclaimed ‘runaway slave master’, Kendrick told ‘Billboard‘:

She’s doing her thing.Let her. People have to go through trials and tribulations to get where they at. Do your thing, continue to rock it, because obviously God wants you here.

Do you agree?

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  1. Truth January 9, 2015

    It’s too late now. The Iggy backlash train has gained too much momentum to slow down now. The GP has begun turning on her.

    • truth (icki is on the radio cryn cause THEPINKSHIT Flippidy flipidy FLOP!!! January 9, 2015

      Biitch hush

  2. Beysus January 9, 2015

    But she’s crap…

    • blue January 9, 2015

      yes and your fave steals/cheats from other hardworking artists… Whose worse? Does that mean bey shouldnt be singing or give up her hustle?

      • Beysus January 9, 2015

        Um… no

    • AJ January 9, 2015

      And so is Nicki Minaj but they’re both still doing their thing so what’s your point? Talent is subjective and unfortunately a lot of today’s most popular acts are their because of clever marketing, something not attributed to the performer’s talent.

  3. Minajesty(Believe in your Queendom) January 9, 2015

    Kendrick, just…. No!!! Don’t do this to yourself. The GP loves you so much and you very talented to be caught up in this kind of crap.

  4. Lovely rose January 9, 2015

    He won’t be saying this if she wins a Grammy over him

  5. BLACKOUT TBH January 9, 2015

    Love her or hate her, people are mad at her success. People are pressed. It seems to me like she’s here to stay, at least for a while. Flops/non-factors/fads, whatever you wanna call ’em, don’t get this much attention from so many influential peers, negative or otherwise. So, in conclusion, all this fan-fuelled attempts at boycotting her career are, at best, pointless. She’s in the headlines and you’re keeping her there which only fuels the buzz that has carried her mainstream presence since “Fancy” dropped like an atomic bomb upon the GP’s collective conciousness. It is what it is. Sorry ’bout it.

    • lollipop January 9, 2015

      just no she is getting all of this flack for the racist things she as said about other culters just like paula deen

      • Nicki Say’s January 9, 2015

        Oh no that BS Eminem made a song bad mouthing black women and no one turned on him like this even when he won a grammy.
        All this hate comes from ugly bitter black women who sit at home all day trolling site like this.

  6. blue January 9, 2015

    kendrick just… No! Dont say anything that will offend people… Dont you know that those who express themself or speak their mind never make it, rather stay quiet and be agreable and likeable that is what makes a real artist

  7. ok January 9, 2015

    isnt Kendrick Lamar the cousin of nick young? do u guys expect him to be against his cousin’s woman? but he never said anything of her authencity thou!!! I’m not gonna be biased he said what I’ve said before, Iggy isn’t going anywhere and God want her here obviously!! but that doesn’t mean its always a good thing when supposedly God wants her here!!! it may be either to bless or punished her if he is putting God in the picture.. its just like someone stealing something dear to you and goes unpunished and u say obviously God want you to steal it!!! even the devil has right to control certain things!!!
    side note; I laugh when I see Kim fans taking sides with Iggy and become bitter when its not working out the way they want! example; BLACKOUT!!!

    • blue January 9, 2015

      remove God… Point is people are buying what she is selling and as long as she isnt stealing from another then what f is the problem?

      • hivehighness January 9, 2015

        She is stealing you dumb h**, she’s stealing black culture

      • Nicki Say’s January 9, 2015

        But yet Bitchyonce can steal pop music from white europen arist…
        Grow the F up

      • Stav January 9, 2015

        “white europen arist”

        LMAO. I love it when trolls get on here and prove that their IQ is running neck and neck with that of a Raid-sprayed insect. The bus that takes you to the Remedial English class that you failed twice couldn’t get any shorter. What a buffoon. You are an example of why siblings shouldn’t breed.

      • blue January 9, 2015

        if i was a black american i will be ashamed to call what hip hop is today “my culture”, the true culture of the black man was lost way before iggy, and its time for this artist to reclaim it instead of attacking some white chick for using the black man’s identity crisis to her benefit

      • blue January 9, 2015

        if i was a black american i will be ashamed to call what hip hop is today “my culture”, the true culture of the black man was lost way before iggy, and its time for these artists to reclaim it instead of attacking some white chick for using the black man’s identity crisis to her benefit

  8. Wheresmyjizzle January 9, 2015

    My oh my how Iggy has you haters PRESSED!! Seethe bîtches!!!!

    • MARLENE FAVELA January 9, 2015

      but the irony cause u are pressed over Nicki and u are dickriding Iggy like all Kim fans are doing… u were recently in a Nicki page commenting….lmaoo u can’t wait for the Iggy/Kim collab…honestly I can’t wait for the collab!!! when it won’t even bubble under hot100 that’s were the real kii is!!! jajajajajaja

    • MARLENE FAVELA January 9, 2015

      pls don’t reply me with something more embarrassing than the person u are arguing for!!! didn’t Kendrick say God?!! and what are they buying from her? pls!! get off my reply box!! isn’t she stealing black culture!!! *plays Shanghai *

    • Iggy, Queen of the pre op trannys January 9, 2015

      but aren’t you the same m*********** that’s always seething and pressed in a nicki post?

  9. CzarM January 9, 2015

    All pop stars have naysayers, all will hit a wall eventually and suffer some kind of backlash, but I’ve never seen any get one *this* soon into their career and recover from it. If your peers and the public are forming a hate posse on you midway through the promotion of your first album, then you’re in trouble. She couldn’t maintain her honeymoon period long enough for her career to become resistant to hate. This is what makes her a passing fad, destined to burn out any minute now.

  10. TheElusiveLamb January 9, 2015

    I don’t understand the Iggy hate. I don’t think she’s making fun of culture. I think she just wanted to be famous at all costs, so she signed her name in blood, and one thing led to another. I do however belive she’s nothing special as an artist, but I also believe she has the right to live and fulfill her dreams. The hatred she receives is sick imo and this is coming from someone who only knows two songs of her (and fast fowards the verses when listening to them).

  11. hmmmm January 9, 2015

    Isn’t he Nick Young’s cousin?? *scratches chin*

  12. DMWN January 9, 2015

    This makes Kendrick look like a tool. Much as people may like him, he’s not going to compel anyone to stop going in on Iggy. He should stay out of this.

  13. Kitty Puurrzz January 9, 2015

    70% of the people PRESSED over Iggy’s presence are nothing but Nicki fans. If you notice EVERYTIME Iggy has a post, instead of just paying it no mind they run to the comments before all the IGGY STANS get a hold to it. If this girl is a flop, a fiscade, a 1 hit wonder… Why are you h*** so bothered? Let her be that. What it is, is that Yall KNOW as long as Iggy is around shes a commercial THREAT to everything Nicki has brought to the table & yall are scareeeddddd… Lmfao.

    • bk bunny January 9, 2015

      I’m an azealia stan so i hate them both but at least nicki has talent

      • OMG Logic!!! January 9, 2015

        I wasn’t aware a gigantic sac of cellulite constituted as talent these days.

    • Arianator Barb January 9, 2015


  14. bk bunny January 9, 2015

    i’ll never understand how people can still defend her after that runaway s**** master line. even though T.I wrote it still she should have known better.

    • Brian310 January 9, 2015

      She didn’t meet T.I. when she did her 1st mixtape lmao…I feel embarrassed for you

  15. Iggy, Queen of the pre op trannys January 9, 2015

    Really Kindrick? come on now, don’t lose your credibility over this no talent hack

  16. ontherun January 9, 2015

    Tbh ppl have spent too much time being anti iggy when they should be attacking the white media for glorifying this mediocre rapper instead. Thats where the problem stems from.

  17. OMG Logic!!! January 9, 2015

    The black mafia destroying a poor girl’s career. God forbid if ANY black artist was chastised this way. You’d see Revered Al Sharpton crying racism all over every news channel.

    • OMG Logic!!! January 9, 2015

      *correction Reverend Al Sharpton

    • Iggy, Queen of the pre op trannys January 9, 2015

      there you go playing the race card…

  18. Molly January 9, 2015

    You guys can’t be mad at Kendrick because he isn’t a ignorant piece of sh!t like most of you.

    • yes January 9, 2015

      umm no people have a right to be mad because he’s trying to defend ignorant trash..

  19. DanYiel Teflon January 9, 2015

    Sh*t I’m like Kendrick Lamar JUST MAKE MONEY!! Funk what everyone is talking ABOUT!!

    • cus im a lady January 9, 2015

      i’m not im like f*** ignorant trash like iggy and her evil minions. integrity over money.

  20. Peace January 9, 2015

    Nothing else to say, he’s right.

  21. Sherry January 9, 2015

    Kendrick is REAL HIP HOP. He will NEVER lose his credibility or look like a fool. He makes his music and lives his life without any extra foolishness or gimmicks. I mean, he didn’t outsell 98% of his peers for nothing *sips tea while playing Money Trees*

  22. Jtrok January 9, 2015

    It’s hilarious how Iggy’s five stans try to pretend that people are just mad because she’s “winning.” WTF has she won? The b****’s album flopped and she’s talentless. Nothing to be envious of. All she is is a fake rapping version of Carly Rae Jepsen. Nobody wants to be her and none of us want our faves to be doing her horrible numbers or have her sullied reputation.

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