Must See: Adrienne Bailon Reveals Why She Hasn’t Launched A Solo Career

Published: Thursday 29th Jan 2015 by Sam

After successful stints in both 3LW and The Cheetah Girls, Adrienne Bailon‘s career has enjoyed ample longevity – a trait her spot on the panel of talk-show ‘The Real’ is further proving.

However, one thing thing that continues to elude the star is the launch of her solo career.

As an outlet who’ve followed her narrative, we’ve long been waiting for her emergence as a singular force – something which has yet to materialize years after she signed a deal with Def Jam.

All confusion was cleared this week, though, during an emotional episode of The Real.

With tears in her eyes, Bailon bared her reasons, which may surprise some. Watch below…


Powerful, sad, and very thought-provoking – hopefully for Adrienne too.

Granted her points really spoke to the reality of the music industry, Tamera and Tamar’s words made a whole lot of sense. A life of “what if’s” isn’t rewarding.

In any case, we’re rooting for Adrienne; she’s always felt like the next generation J.Lo waiting to happen. She sings, she dances, she acts, has both Urban and Pop appeal, and is uber poised.

Girl, make that album.

Your thoughts?

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  1. RatedR January 29, 2015

    I’ve been wondering when they was going to ask her, as she almost never sings on the show. I hope she realized that everyone wanted to be her in the Cheetah Girls & 3LW because of her voice. I hope she at least gives an EP

    • Lake Erie January 29, 2015


  2. DanYiel Teflon January 29, 2015

    TBH the Darker toned girl had the more rounder sound & I liked her voice the best….She should have made a Solo Album & Adriene should have tried also not saying I would have purchased it though….carry on folks…

    • Lake Erie January 29, 2015

      I think they all should of stayed together. They could of been right behind DC in my opinion. They could of maybe taken a break and did some solo stuff and then created a couple more albums together like DC did. It’s sad how they didn’t work out because they really had it all.

    • TRUTH SERUM January 29, 2015

      Naturi naughton has been on her acting grind. Check her out on Power. She sings on the show. I miss those R&B days.

  3. Sherry January 29, 2015

    The whole nude pics leak ruined her career and not to mention the endless amount of dirt Naturi threw on her and Kielys name. I like Adrienne and I hope she pursues her dreams. She’s so beautiful #BoricuaPower

  4. Lake Erie January 29, 2015

    Yea, I think she should just do it. Why not? Tamar and Tamara is right. You gotta love music first and f*** the naysayers. Just do it Adrienne! She no doubt has a gift. Very beautiful voice.

  5. Oh God January 29, 2015

    TGJ yall are such hypocrites! Yall constantly critique artist & call them “flops” if they don’t sell a certain amount. Yall are the root of her fears so how can you post this as if you agree with what she’s saying? Back in the day nobody knew/cared about the cheeta accept for the artist. The fans only cared about the music, how it made them feel & not if it reached number one. If yall gonna post stuff like this yall need to stop throwing the word “flop” around so loosely. Sales does not equal talent!

    • Oh God January 29, 2015

      *charts, not cheeta

    • Teflon Boy January 29, 2015

      Exactly! This blog and many others rarely talk about the quality of music offered, it is almost always focused on who has ‘slayed’ from purely a commercial standpoint.., even if the music itself sounds like baked garbage.

    • Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) January 29, 2015

      This is the best comment I’ve ever read on this site.

    • Meteorite January 29, 2015


  6. Mark111 January 29, 2015

    Some people aren’t just solo material. 3LW was at a great place, TLC was on their last albun, DC was on break and the others weren’t even out yet. They should had focused on 3lw than Cheetah Girls. No one took that group serious, even Raven backed out. Plus her and the other girl couldn’t get along with members. The Nat girl and Raven both had issues with them. Plus again, just like with Christina Mule, they marketed her as a mixed or black girl vs a latina. But it’s good thatTamar gave her advice ccause weall know she was a flop when music sold the MOST.

  7. TheElusiveLamb January 29, 2015

    This is so sad. I think this happens to everyone regardless of us knowing it or not. They all must get scared and lose confidence at one time or another bc of all the stuff that comes with the music. She would have to deal with stans, critics, sales, record label, and etc. I hope she does record a few songs just to get out there. No matter what happens, you can’t let anyone stop you from living your dreams

  8. MusicMatters201 January 29, 2015

    I agree she should have released and went for it, with the right producers she has the look that would or I should say COULD sell. Sucks too because 5 years ago she was at her prime age for the Industry. Now at 31 you still come off as late or old to many.

    That said, I need for The Real to do an episode and invite back Naturi (her replacement Jessica) and Keiley and discuss why and what happened really behind closed doors with 3LW. A time for discussion, forgiving, and truth spilling! An insight to a girl group. I am interested.

    • AmbeRussell January 29, 2015

      They wanted naturi to be the hood girl of the group and and they had a fight at a KFC according to mtv news.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig formerly ‘HBIC_MamaPope’ January 29, 2015

        smh gurl I remember that mess on TRL… Kiely-I-Need-To-Get-My-Teeth-Fixed-Williams was always the source of all the drama, apparently she threw the mashed potatoes and wings at Naturi’s hair piece – Not even Biscuits, but mashed potatoes, smh Naturi took it like a champ cos I wudda came foh dat assss.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig formerly ‘HBIC_MamaPope’ January 29, 2015

      I don’t see that happening. anyways I heard Adrienne and Naturi have reconciled which is good because they were the only real singers. 3LW was like Destiny’s Child if Michelle (equivalent = Kiely) had sang Leads and Kelly (equivalent = Naturi) got a KFC bucket thrown at her hair piece. The main problem with 3LW was management, the group started with chipmunk/kiely’s mama who used to manage Jodeci and Joe i think. Anyways Kiely got the ‘beyonce’ treatment even though she was always on Michelle’s level if not lower, which became a problem in the second album era when management (all of chipmunks relatives) began criticising Naturi’s image asking her to look more gangsta and play up to the bad girl image they were going for with the album – which she did not want to do. They eventually began talking about replacing her with an understudy and this led to the infamous kfc-12chickenpieces-combo-in-da-weave incident.

  9. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig formerly ‘HBIC_MamaPope’ January 29, 2015

    Reverend Tamera is giving me all kinds of life – her words speak volumes *waits for organ player to co-ordinate with my comment*

  10. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig formerly ‘HBIC_MamaPope’ January 29, 2015

    Don’t agree with Tamar tho, she spent years envying Toni’s success and wanted only the materialistic things that came with it

    I don’t think it’s a matter of Adrienne not wanting it for genuine reasons like Tamar is implying – I think it’s the fact that being in a group makes it a lot easier to be supported. Adrienne has always been the strongest vocalist in all her groups, but she’s never been on her own so I do think it’s a genuine case of stage fright which will hopefully improve over time.

    • AmbeRussell February 5, 2015

      Some ppl very well can only survive in a group and are made for a group (ie backstreet boys, jc of nsync, Nicole of pcd, danity Kane). U can have the star power, talent and skills for a solo artist, but that doesn’t mean u are built for the solo career. U might just want to be in a group bc u love harmonizing, and blending voices etc

  11. SippingmyTea January 30, 2015

    Love Adrienne , But not everybody can be Beyonce boo.. But I still lovee you tho .. Hopefully it works out in your favor… Here are some words of encouragement tho. Beyonce didn’t become Beyonce in a day.. It took hard work and dedication and that’s why she’s Queen Bey!

  12. KeKe February 2, 2015


  13. FutureCIARA February 3, 2015

    Aww shes a cute girl

  14. prAnsLGrlc February 9, 2015

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