Rita Ora Sounds Off On Feminism: “People Are Scared To Use That Word”

Published: Friday 2nd Jan 2015 by David


After joining Jessie J to fly the flag for British music on US soil in 2012, 2015 will see Rita Ora extend her reach to the world of cinema, doing so with the film adaptation of E. L. James ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’

Now, as she looks forward to the project’s February 13th release date, the ‘Black Widow’ singer has weighed in on feminism and the role of women in the entertainment industry.

Will you agree with what she has to say?

Find out below…

Speaking to ‘The Mirror‘, Ora shared:

I think people take the word feminist really seriously and I think people are scared to use that word. In this industry, all the heads of labels are men, but every artist has to prove themselves, regardless of their sex. I have always been very vocal about the women sticking together. Without pulling the whole female card, I think it has always been harder for females in all respects. Whenever we have an opinion it always seems to be taken out of proportion. As a woman in this industry, it has always been a bit about proving yourself.


Your thoughts??

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  1. She is right January 2, 2015

    shading Beyonce…. 🙁

    • Yulanda January 2, 2015

      Urghh can’t stand that b*tch!

      I don’t need a “modern feminism” because I don’t need silly movement to make me or people like Gaga, Beyonce or Rita to validate me.

      If I experience sexism, I will stand up for myself and move on than bitching about it just to stay relevant and making headlines. What a scam…

      • Wendy’s Truth Tea January 2, 2015

        I had the same argument with a feminist that there some thing men can do better then women and she went on how I am being brainwashed and then when I asked her if I make less hours then a men why should I get paid more she said she doubted I was a women.


        The thing is that it is a bit unclear what you’re rejecting because the women I know who identify with being a feminist wouldn’t have a problem with most of your points. For example;
        1 – most feminists would say you don’t have to lower men, but women have to be lifted to achieve equality.
        2 – that actually sounds like a feminist statement. The key part being choice.
        3 – correct. R*** is non-consensual s**. But be careful not to suggest that r*** victims regretted a choice. I’m sure you didn’t mean that.
        4 – correct. Neither am I. In an equal society women should be as safe from sexual assault/harassment as men are.
        5 – partially correct – heavy lifting, urinating outside etc. But I suspect some of the things you are thinking of are more about you not being very good at them rather than you being a woman.
        6 – correct – But there is a genuine pay gap between men and women who do the same jobs, which is unfair.
        7 – see number 2.

        Maybe Rita should address ‘I reject a narrow and minority interpretation of feminism.’

  2. Suicide Blonde January 2, 2015

    B*******, the industry is ruled by women these days, sadly, I mean is really sad.

  3. Truth Serum January 2, 2015

    Feminism is just a jewellery stars like Beyonce` wears even when it is obvious she goes on stage …almost naked and dancing like a newborn calf.


    • Rosie January 2, 2015

      I don’t think you know what the term “feminism” means.

    • metzo January 2, 2015

      Sorry to deceive you but That’s not the definition of Feminism. I suggest that you look it up on Google, you dumbass. Lmaooo

    • NENE January 2, 2015

      Girl as much as I don’t Stan for fraudyonce what you just said made no damn meaning. Happy new year though.

  4. rita ora January 2, 2015

    This is gonna be her year; you watch! Rihanna is feeling the heat. Rihanna always spends christmas in barbados, right?

    Well, Rita Ora spent xmas at the mega mansion of tommy hellfire in miami, then, they sailed to St bars for new years eve on yacht. Rihanna peeped her IG page; felt very jealous then hired yacht and ALSO WENT TO ST BARTS SOMETHING SHE HAS NEVER DONE IN 10 YEARS SHE HAS BEEN FAMOUS.

    RITA ORA’S 1ST TIME IN ST BARTS THEN RIHANNA HAS TO copy and let it be her 1st time. SHE knows she like 27 and getting older. she has not talent to sustain her in her 30’s/ . Rita is younger, blonde WITH REAL TALENT and nice attitude. Everyone in the industry loves Rita, only ex boyfriends call her names….AFTER she dumps them.

    RITA booked a show at the standard hotel in NYC and sent it with the senior VP OF MTV, who met her parents. WATCH MTV TRL SHOWER RITA WITH LOVE

    WHEN this movie comes out next month…..IT IS ON.

    • LB January 2, 2015

      There is absolutely nothing that Rita Ora has that any artist, and especially Rihanna could be jealous of.

      Essentially there is nothing to be jealous of.

      • NENE January 2, 2015

        The truth.

      • rita ora January 2, 2015

        here is absolutely nothing that Rita Ora has that any artist, and especially Rihanna could be jealous of.

        Naturally long curly hair

        White privilege

        Big boobs

        Round ass

        Educated HAPPILY MARRIED DRUG FREE parents who don’t run to the press

        A sister who Runs her affairs instead of living off her like mellisa forde

        The whole industry ready to go to jump for her

        Genuine friends who have their own money ( cara delvinge, MTV VP, Adidas marketing VPetc


        The backing of QUEEN BEYONCE

        DID I mnetion a loving stable, successful family who don’t need to run to press or hooked on drugs and drink?


      • rita ora January 2, 2015

        BEYONCE AND JLO HAVE NOT BEEN BEATEN UP AND PUMPED OR DUMPED. That is something rihanan is jealous of.

      • LB January 2, 2015

        Until Rita Ora sells out a stadium, then you can talk. Until then, you would make much more sense if you wrote your paragraphs in the language of shut the f*** up.

      • rita ora January 3, 2015

        Rita only came out 2 years ago/ Look how long it took for rihanan to achieve that. One direction murdered rihanna stadium sales in less than time. DOES that mean JT should be jealous?

        LIKe I have said. Rita has loving stable DRUG free family. No amount of stadium playing in the world WILL change that RIHANNA WILL NEVER HAVE THAT, but, my how she wishes she does.

    • Lily January 3, 2015

      What is this idiotic Rita Whora fan talking about. You have a pro with Queen Rihanna? Whhat ur fave should be talking about are those d**k she knows how to suck. We’re in 2015 & can proudly say your fave will still FLOP & keep hating. I can see the too much wrinkles on you cus Rih we keep shinning Bright like a Diamond while ur fave will rust away.

  5. Molly January 2, 2015

    She has a point.

  6. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT January 2, 2015

    Fleayoncé’s impact. I can’t disagree with this one. She soooo tried.

  7. Mimi4Eva January 2, 2015

    Agree with her. Equality should not mean that men and women must be identical in everything—it should mean treating people as individuals regardless of their gender. On these and other issues, feminist activists and commentators have tended to side with women, oppose measures to help men, and promote women-as-victims, men-as-bad-guys narratives. She is smarter than Beyonce or Rihanna.

  8. LB January 2, 2015

    But women rule the industry Mzz Ora, this generation will miss out on the days when males dominated the industry, it was far more exciting then.

    Women cannot stick together not because they haven’t attempted, but because their fans keep them from sticking together. I mean just look at the hive, they consist of mostly gay men who hate women. The only reason they love Beyonce so much is because, no shade, she moves like a drag queen on stage.

    I mean even look at your only fan on TGJ, it spews so much nonsense against women, you have t make the firs step Mzz Ora.

  9. @RealMattPhoenix January 2, 2015

    Yeh and the struggle to not pass yourself off as a bey + Rih hybrid has flopped now hasn’t it

  10. LB January 2, 2015

    Having said that, if we are to really champion equality, we are to take the good with the bad. If women are allowed to go on maternity leave, so should I. If a woman lays their hands on a man, they should be scrutinized to the same extent as men. Solange-Li was given a pass, equality?

    If Molly Xanax got heat for showing skin, so should Nick Jonas, etc. I feel the feminism equality movement is one sided.

    And I highly doubt Mzz Rita Ora even knows what feminism is.

    • Ozzy January 2, 2015

      YOU do realize carrying a child BY A WOMAN puts her from a health standpoint, in a postion to take some time off. Men don’t. Ofcourse they may request a couple days/weeks to bond. But we do have PATERNITY leave for that reason.
      In terms of abuse, I agree and disagree. Although women who lay their hands on men should face the same scrutiny, the idea behind men who are physically stronger than women usually, taking advantage of that upper hand is more likely to make people upset. And that is understandable. It is not just about violence there but power. Someone taking advantage of their privilege being a man.
      Women have an inherent DISADVANTAGE in the world and so NO, the feminism movement is NOT one sided to put women first in a world where they are put SECOND to men.

      • metzo January 2, 2015

        School her. +1

  11. LB January 2, 2015

    @Truth Serum

    I am no Beyonce fan by any mile but Beyonce’s angle on feminism is women independence. If you’re looking for someone who used their voice to champion strong women, it is Beyonce during the early stages of her career. She lost the ball with 4 and Beyonce, but Beyonce was a strong voice for one aspect of feminism (listen to DIL, B’Day and IASF).

    Never would I have thought that Beyonce, who preached empowerment, strength and Independence would submit to a man and let him c** on her.

    • Truth Serum January 2, 2015

      Beyonce in fishnet-stockings and high heels is NOT empowerment. Maybe because they like to skew stories and statistics. Like Beyawnce and Pigta Ora’s stories they like to exploit not only women but minorities when it’s beneficial to their agenda.

      Feminism is a hate movement and marketing strategy, so it was forgotten.


  12. Please Take Note January 2, 2015

    I hate artists who promote or talk about feminism simply because they promote rights without responsibilities.

    Please Rita, take a seat. While violence against women and the objectification of the female body are not new tropes in music, 2014 was unfortunately not a year of changing tides: Sexual assault support group RAINN slammed Maroon 5 for their “Animals” music video. The video depicts a stalker fantasy that quickly turns into a weird sexual blood bath (as seen above). The video for Playz-N-Skillz’s song “Literally, I Can’t” features men repeatedly telling women to “shut the f*ck up!” And who could forget Eminem? This year the rapper threatened to r*** Iggy Azealea and punch Lana Del Rey in his music. And Beyonce…Drunk in Love.

    Of course feminists would be mad at women speaking up against feminism; it undermines their undercover hate movement. The sooner feminism dies out the better for everyone!!!

  13. truthtea January 2, 2015

    Says the woman who f*cks her way to fame.

    • Molly January 2, 2015

      Lol ooop

      • Ha! January 2, 2015

        Beyonce’s stans, please take note… 😀

    • Josie February 4, 2015

      Says the idiot who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

  14. Next???????? January 2, 2015

    STFU! Equality bla bla bla. Yeah..right.

    What a bunch of crap. In 2014, a woman can do anything from being a stay at home mom to running for president. The modern feminist movement is incredibly misguided.

    Oh please.

  15. Mark111 January 2, 2015

    I don’t get why this term is treated like Jesus. There’s a huge grey and there’s nothing wrong with that. This movement only caters to white working women, but now every woman wants to use it and now there’s a problem? The only people making a big deal about using the term are the ones that made a career off of it. Beyonce and others don’t HAVE to lean on this, but the haters does and that’s why they’re mad. It’s like Al Shapman coming to a Black Lives Matter march and say “well, this isn’t a real civil rights movement, it’s civil rights lite.”

  16. metzo January 2, 2015

    Feminism is so simple. It’s not about competing with men but just giving women the same oppotunities that men have.
    There was a time where there were a lot of proffesional positions that were said to only belong to males because women were thought to be incompetent to achieve those positions. Nowadays, we see female mechanics, police officers, and even females serving the marines/military. That’s evolution and that’s what feminism is about.
    Seeing women fair just as good or even better commercially in the music business as men is feminism.
    Beyonce firing her male musicians and hiring an ALL-FEMALE band is the true representation of a femimist (not mentioning her countless female empowerment songs).

  17. LB January 2, 2015

    What are your top 5 or 10 albums you bought in 2014?

    1. Ed Sheeran – X
    2. Coldplay – Ghost Stories
    3. Mariah Carey – Me. I am Mariah
    4. Jhene Aiko – Souled Out
    5. One Republic – Native
    6. Linkin Park – The Hunting Party
    7. Sam Smith – In the lonely hour
    8. Tinashe – Aquarius
    9. Trey Songz – Trigga
    10. BabyFace/Toni Braxton – Love, Marriage and Divorce

    • 7 January 2, 2015

      1.BEYONCE(Platinum Edition), currently #34 on Billboard 200.

      • LB January 2, 2015

        Good for her, is that the only album you bought in 2014?

      • 7 January 2, 2015

        Yes that’s it. I stream the others (X, In the Lonely Hour, Pink print, Aquarius ext…)

      • LB January 2, 2015

        LOL, OK what are the top 5/10 albums you streamed

      • metzo January 2, 2015

        Loll. Same. Tbh.

      • 7 January 2, 2015

        1. In the Lonely Hour
        2. Me.. I am Mariah
        3. Aquarius
        4. Pink print
        5. Live, marriage..

      • LB January 2, 2015

        Interesting, Pink Print is a horrible album IMO though but otherwise very interesting. You need to step your coin up and buy 4/5 of the albums you listed, they are good albums.

    • TheElusiveLamb January 2, 2015

      1) D’Angelo
      2) Mariah Carey The ElusiveChanteuse
      3) Ledisi The Truth
      4) Toni Braxton and Babyface
      5) Tinashe Aquarius
      6) Jhenè Aiko
      7) Maroon 5
      8) Teyana Taylor
      9) Coldplay
      10) Trey Songz Trigga
      11) Chris Brown X
      12) Ariana Grande My Everything
      I also enjoyed songs from Beyoncé, Ashanti’s Braveheart, Sam Smith, and a few others

  18. CATFISH CAREY January 2, 2015


    • Rosie January 2, 2015

      It’s coming! One of the members said it was finished a few months ago.

      • CATFISH CAREY January 2, 2015


      • ShitGotReal January 2, 2015

        Florence already has 1 festival booked, at least. She’s doing super bock super rock in Portugal.

  19. Career Ender January 2, 2015

    lovebird talking about Beyoncé fans being haters while hes the most hateful creature created by God since Lucifer?
    no LB , no!!!!!!

  20. Career Ender January 2, 2015

    I don’t care about feminism
    I dont know what’s with it that makes you phaggots write essays about it, whenever there is post about it

  21. Minajesty(Believe in your Queendom) January 2, 2015

    Lol, so many fake accounts.

  22. Merril Owns January 2, 2015


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  23. Peaches January 5, 2015

    Rita Oral lol.

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