TGJ Roundtable: How Did Katy Perry Do At The Super Bowl?

Published: Monday 2nd Feb 2015 by Sam


Welcome to the latest TGJ Roundtable!

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Today’s roundtable topic asks…

How Did Katy Perry Do At The Super Bowl??


For me, the performance was “quintessential Katy”. Enjoyable and wholly inoffensive, but a big ball of basic when looked at for what it is.

The spectacle was mesmerizing and the set-list carefully curated to remind how much of a hit-machine the singer has become.

Yet, none of this could override the air of “just there” that defines Perry as a performer.

For the players on the field, the Super Bowl is deemed the match of all matches, the showcase of the immortals, and the day that competitors bring their definitive A-game. Viewed this way, I didn’t observe anything we haven’t seen from Katy before.

The inclusion of Missy Elliott was both a masterstroke and an arguable mistake; because while it served as a much-needed bolt of electricity to an otherwise unremarkable performance, it reminded the masses of the one thing Katy lacks on stage – star quality.

Again, I must stress that it wasn’t “bad” from a technical standpoint. After all, the production element was awesome and Katy’s pre-recorded vocals were on fleek.

However, when following the trio of titans that are Madonna, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars, there’s a certain level that must be matched or exceeded. Let’s just say Katy didn’t come close.

Personally, I hope organizers for next year’s show place (slightly) less emphasis on who has most Twitter followers and more focus on who can deliver an epic show. For that reason, I’d love to see Jennifer Lopez, Pink, or Lady GaGa in the running.



Was it Beyonce? No. Was it everything it needed to be? Yes!

Expecting Katy Perry to deliver a Super Bowl showing on par with Bruno Mars’ and Beyonce’s set is unfair for more reasons that any of us have time to go into, and so- fully aware of this- I was able to enjoy and kinda sorta love what the ‘Teenage Dreamer’ did last night.

Sure it was a lot a little Disney, but so what?! Katy’s success in the game lies in the lane she’s carved out for herself, dishing up quirky Pop goodness to an audience she can’t afford to lose to Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande.

So, though she gets 0 points for creativity, she gets a 10 out of 10 for me for doing what she’s always done best.



Katy Perry’s Super Bowl XLIX Halftime performance was quite the visual spectacle. In reality, we are talking about “Katy Perry” – as such the performance aspect of the event did not come with high expectations. So, for what I expected, she met and exceeded multiple times.

However, in not giving another pass to mediocrity, her performance left much to be desired. From the Tin-Man inspired dance moves to Mariah Carey-esque backing track on deck, the honest truth is that performance would have been just as entertaining if she were absent.

I am the resident Madonna “stan” and I think I understand now how people felt about her Super Bowl showing [which I still think was epic, by the way]. I say this to highlight the consensus that the visual carried the entire performance so far that the performer herself got lost in it.

It was more than evident that Katy was not lying when she said that she studied Beyonce and Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime shows for her own; because she tried to combine the visual element of Madge’s with the energy of Bey’s. However, after suffering through her popcorn catalogue, it was painstakingly clear why they are who they are and she’s…several tiers below.

So, for Katy Perry, I’m going to give this a C+ for energy, an unexpected hair-whip or two, and staging.



Madonna, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars… Katy Perry…

First of all, let’s say that it was always going to be a challenge for Ms. Perry’s Halftime performance to surpass or match those of said acts. Although three totally different type of artists, the one common trait they share is their “Stage-Blazer” status; which isn’t necessarily something the Hot 100 queen is celebrated for.

Now when trying to bypass the standards which had been set katy-missyby the aforementioned alongside Prince, Michael and Janet Jackson we are left with a cute, tongue-in-cheek show, filled with #1 records, bright visuals and pleasantly surprising chemistry between the headliner and her guests of choice. Nothing triumphant, nothing disastrous, just a respectable showing.

With that being said, I always felt like there is an “All American” underlining about Katy’s work – her music and image – which was very apparent during the performance, leading me to believe that, in the grand scheme of things, the majority of the viewers thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Side note: After seeing her steal the show during yesterday’s extravaganza, am I the only one who’d like to see Missy Elliott headline her own halftime show?


Do you agree with our points? Who was spot on? Let us know your thoughts on the latest TGJ Roundtable and Katy Perry’s performance below!

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Beysus Impact February 2, 2015

    I liked Dark Horse. That was cool. The rest I kinda skipped….

    In other news…. Can Kanye, Rihanna & Paul Hit No. 1 on the Hot 100? – Billboard

    • FutureCiara February 2, 2015

      It has a good chance riding and depending on the visual aid.

      • FAF February 2, 2015

        I thought the performance was good. It was fun & pretty kid friendly thats the aim of Super Bowl performances so I give her an A

        We knew she wasn’t gonna have intricate choreo, so she used the pyrotechnics and lighting to make the show

  2. MisdamenorFan February 2, 2015

    Missy was everything! ICON!

    • Lobe February 2, 2015

      For you are right dear…. I’m shocked they havebt written up a report about Missy Elliot singles skyrocketing on the iTunes charts. Out beating all of Katy Perry’s songs. Who halftime show was it again?

      • Nika February 2, 2015

        they did – she did

  3. Barb-wire February 2, 2015

    In all honesty I already forgot about it, but then TGJ had to remind me.

  4. Cough Cough February 2, 2015

    It just sounds like three shady Beyonce STAN queens sitting in a circle, gossiping like they’re in “Paris is Burning”. Yes BEYONCE’s show was PHENOMENAL and so were the rest of the people you mentioned. We’re those THE ONLY ACTS TO EVER PERFORM THE SUPERBOWL HALFTIME SHOW EVER IN HISTORY? so I don’t really see the need to bring up them, especially queen bey, instead of just giving Katy a rating based on her own. Every halftime show is going to be different as they will always be different types of artists and performers.

    • LB February 2, 2015

      No, David and Rashad are objective, Samantha is the shady loose bottom queen

      • Skyfall February 2, 2015


      • Cough Cough February 2, 2015

        “Was it Beyonce?” was his first line.. His May have been the lessor of three evils but miss David was right at the shade table kiikiing

    • Career Ender February 2, 2015

      I see they got your gravatarless worthless existence seething #Essays

  5. FutureCiara February 2, 2015

    It wasnt bad at all, Very entertaining indeed. It wasnt THEE BEST I’ve seen. But she brought her personality and artistry which I appreciated, Along with her great anthems. The visuals were the best part with the exception of those kiddy beach costumes

    I also love how her guest performers were black…. That says alot.

    Which brought up the question as to WHY on EARTH has Missy Elliott NOT been asked to do a Super Bowl Half Time show by herself!?!?!

    The industry is so shady, But Missy stole the show and she could have really gone at it alone! And brought Ciara out with her and all her guests thats shes done features with over the years. Missy has always been a great candidate. She brings energy, gets people up dancing, And is great for Family TV viewing!

    Next year I vote for either Gaga, Missy Elliott AND or Ciara.

    • LB February 2, 2015

      Next year it’ll probably be a male artist but if it’s a female, I’m certain its Mzz Swift.

      • FutureCiara February 2, 2015

        I pray to god it Isnt! That choice is very predictable though, Her portraying Americas Sweetheart and everything will certainly give her the best chance.

    • Career Ender February 2, 2015

      I would like to see Pink, R.kelly (he gotclassic hits for days) or Maroon V

      • Jamon February 2, 2015

        I think JLo would put on an awesome show!!

  6. LB February 2, 2015

    Sooooooo…..I don’t care what Samantha has to say, he can keep that novella.

    I agree with David and my fav Rashad, it was a Katy Perry performance, so expect BIG PRODUCTION and not much for everything else.

    I personally think it was an OK performance, there were a lot of highs and a lot of lows but everyone has to remember this is Katy Perry, expecting Janet Jackson without the titty pop is asking too much, she had to work with what was available to her and I think she did a good job.

  7. LB February 2, 2015

    We also have to take into account that Katy has got enough hits to do this on her own, especially in the States where her biggest audience is.

    People may not have liked the Nick Jr, Disney channel flare that came with it, but she made it a family show that I’m certain everyone was singing along too.

    I liked the Missy Elliot part, hated the big cartoons part and got my life on the Dark Horse part, she had something for everybody. I give her 6/10.

  8. SMH February 2, 2015

    That nickelodeon mess has already been forgotten and it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet. The only thing people are talking about this morning is Missy Elliott.

  9. Everyone’s A Critic February 2, 2015

    People keep bringing up beyonce.. Hers was great but Katy’s was fun! I thought it was very enjoyable and easy to sing along too. I don’t get the missy hype. I was disappointed to say the least. Lenny was Awsome. Katy can’t dance and it was obvious she was tryna imitate a certain someone who she was taking notes from. All that fierceness with the posing after each song is SOOO bey #beyinspired!!’
    But overall she was great and the vocals (from what I recall 2am in the morning, TV low volume, me very tired) were the best I’ve heard from her. The closing number was epic and I feel the performance was very American. When you think of popular American visuals, you see Katy’s muse. She did HER thing. It was very Katy Perry. Just like Beyonces performance was very beyonce. It’s very unfair to say katy wasn’t creative. Her team are very creative and they create a Katy Perry fun filled extravaganza!! No, she didn’t take much Risks but neither did bey and no one gave her much slack for that.
    Katy gets an A from The Critic. She did what the job required and ENTERTAINED MAMAAAA

  10. gina February 2, 2015

    Janet Jackson still owns the Superbowl Halftime Show.

    • FutureCiara February 2, 2015

      Janets right tittie is ICONIC!

  11. FutureCiara February 2, 2015

    The Missy Elliott #LoseControl teaser certainly left us all unsatisfied without the full version, Ciara cameo included. That would have been superb!

    Ciaras time is coming! I can envision a full set much like the “Get Up” music video, Tons of dancing and family friendly anthems!
    She has a great library of hits that are Both Super Bowl Half Time Show ready and FUN, Pleasing the entire stadium and family at home.

    • FutureCiara February 2, 2015

      Yall can thumbs down all the F*** you want!

      “Where Ciara” trended on Twitter in the US overall after Missy teased us with Lose Control. The world would have loved to see a Ciara cameo if not a full on Super Bowl Show. Seethe that there are only a handful of truly talented performers and stage blazers! Ciara being amongst that group!

    • Mark111 February 2, 2015

      No ONE was asking for C-Error! He didn’t even cross my mind. HeHe was where she was suppose to be… at home, watching it on the tv with her b****** son.

      • FutureCiara February 2, 2015

        Another stan of the deceased, Still hating and envying the living!

        BYE troll!

      • Charlieyoncé February 2, 2015


  12. FutureCiara February 2, 2015

    Katys ponytail slayed your favz though!

  13. JJFan1814 February 2, 2015

    Kary Perry did well and worked with what she has. It’s a pre-requisite to Stan for Beyoncé. This site would be more credible if musical tastes were diverse instead of wholly biased.

    • Career Ender February 2, 2015

      It is more worth than your worthless existence Ajaja, you low life 3rd world piece of shiat. Go fetch the goats from the wilderness

  14. mike February 2, 2015

    LOOKING BACK as good as Beyonces was – it was not creative! Had you see her on tour she did the EXACT same things she does on tour. Absolutely nothing fresh was done in Beyonces performance. As as we may praise her for her showmanship – Katy stepped up to the ball last night and did so in a huge way.

    I mean one of you talkes about her tin man moves while speaking of Madonna. Have you forgotten how awful Madge looked at times doing choreography in that performance? Especially when she was dancing with LMFAO

    Katy was HUGE! And visually more epic that Beyonces and Bruno’s. The only thing that Bruno has over her is that I think he sang live or lipped very well. Katy was well rehearsed and that entrance on the LION was on fleek!

    WELL F****** DONE KATY! Ignore the queens on this roundtable. Probably still in the club tryna do the single ladies dance!!!!!!!!

  15. Suicide Blonde February 2, 2015

    It was a children’s birthday party, just that, that being said, the show has the best stage since Madonna’s halftime show, still no one has topped Madonna’s HT SB performance, (production wise), it was a high class performance, it remind me of China’s olympic ceremony. Beyoncé’s performance was predictable, we all have seen those moves, the stage was ok, as always her fans overhyped everything she does. Bruno was brilliant, pure talent there, musical talent.

    • FutureCiara February 2, 2015

      Still looking for a male to top Bruno’s majestic performance!

      Bruno is KING!

      Michael Jackson & Prince slay the overall male category in terms of Iconic SuperBowl Half Time performances

      • Suicide Blonde February 2, 2015

        I have the same opinion for Michael Jackson’s halftime performance that i have for Beyoncé, it was predictable, same thing all over again.

      • FutureCiara February 2, 2015

        OOP….. Bye heifer!

      • Sharida February 2, 2015

        Bruno was amazing last year. I’m hoping that Christina gets her chance next year!

    • Yeah I Said it February 2, 2015

      Madonna fans overhype Madonna. She is no different from Katy. All production and visual based with the odd yoga move. Except Katy had real live vocals.

      • Suicide Blonde February 2, 2015

        No fanbase is better than the Beyhive when it comes to overhype their idol.

      • Yeah I Said it February 2, 2015

        I disagree.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 2, 2015

        What??? LOLOLOL The whole performance by Katy Perry was obviously lipped too. Difference is Madonna´s catalogue destroys Katy´s and Madonna was actually working the stage.

  16. Eloviano February 2, 2015

    Was wondering when you guy’s were going to discuss last night’s SB show.

    1. I agree with Sam 100%.
    2. I don’t agree with David.
    3. Rashad, great analysis there.
    4. Joe, I agree. Missy deserves her own SB show as the headline act.

    Here’s my 2 cents of what I think about the performance.

    For me the consideration of Katy Perry as the headline act was a mistake. It’s blasphemy at it’s finest. Past performer’s have set the bar high for upcoming acts to reach or come close to. Sure there have been supbar performances in the past(I’m not gonna touch on that).

    What defines a great SB perfomer for me??? I want to be wowed, show me why you’re the headlining act bittch, leave your heart on that stage. Prove that you’re worthy of the names your fans and the media bestow upon you. Entertain me like it’s your last show. Go big or go home. It’s all or nothing. Especially as a new act like Perry, this is your chance to show the world what you got. After all it’s the Superbowl.

    Katy Perry is a mediocre artist at best. The true definition of smokes and mirrors. Not even hiding behind colourful props could help her. In all honesty Missy was the highlight of the show. Lenny did nothing for me.

    Maybe I’m too hard on her. That it ain’t fair for her to be compared to great stage blazers like Beyoncé , Prince etc(when she’s not known for her performing skills in the 1st place) but I expect you to bring your A game when it comes to the SB. In the words of Anderson Cooper, it looked a rehearsal for a Nickelodeon show. And I’m not here for it.

    In conclusion, watching my dog pee is far more entertaining than Katy’s performance last night. Here’s hoping the next act they’ll pick will redeem the event and get me turnt for the show again.

    • fatusankoh February 2, 2015

      Eloviano omg you said it all well done

      • Eloviano February 2, 2015

        @fatusankoh, thanks✌

  17. fatusankoh February 2, 2015

    Sam was right I love Kathy but it is a ok performance but I love all her out fit she is a beautiful girl

  18. Career Ender February 2, 2015

    Senior permanent resident connetor aka Hatebird leaving essays after essays but everyone got zero f**** to give

  19. Career Ender February 2, 2015

    Her production was better than that ancient creeping creature that existed B.C aka grandmadonna

    • FutureCiara February 2, 2015

      Hunny, U know what!


    • Suicide Blonde February 2, 2015

      Lol, when will you guys understand that you can shade Madonna whenever you want, she’s not my #1 fave artist, just my fave female artist 😀

      • FutureCiara February 2, 2015

        We can dragg Curt Cobain too!? Your choice!

      • Suicide Blonde February 2, 2015

        Lmao, curt?, really haha.

    • Charlieyoncé February 2, 2015

      You know what? I f****** can’t! LMAO f****** SCREAMING!!

  20. IKeepG@ysHumble February 2, 2015

    @Eloviano, gurrl come on now. Loosen up with the dragging on the girl. Twitter has already ethered her enough. Seat your high standard Virgo inferiority complex down.

    Katy’s performance was enjoyable for her “standards”. Missy slayed my entire existence. Yaaaaaaas she did that. Wasn’t feeling Lenny. In all honesty, the show was fun, family friendly and cute.

    • Career Ender February 2, 2015

      Aint you one of those twitter person cake like gaga accused me of being?

    • Eloviano February 2, 2015

      @IKeepG@ysHumble. I know you ain’t coming for me when you’re built like a Tetris block. No T, no shade. Exit to the left ⬅ sis on your way out.

  21. FutureCiara February 2, 2015

    “Side note: After seeing her steal the show during yesterday’s extravaganza, am I the only one who’d like to see Missy Elliott headline her own halftime show?”

    Enough Said Joe!

  22. TRUTH SERUM February 2, 2015

    I agree with David. It was a nice performance and Katy looked gorgeous. At times it seemed a little Disney and needed some edge. It was good seeing the sexiest rocker alive… Mr. Kravitz!!! Can you say s** personified..

    • Suicide Blonde February 2, 2015

      Sexiest Rocker alive
      Oh believe me, i love Kravitz, i really do but there are some m************ out there that literally f**** you with a simple glance, get into that Rock world.

      • TRUTH SERUM February 2, 2015

        I’m sure there is, but rockers tend to be a little to skinny for my taste. kravitz is lean but he’s still pretty muscular.

  23. gilbert February 2, 2015

    Production- A+
    Stage presence, performance & impact- B

    Production- A
    Stage presence, performance, & impact- A++

    Production- C+
    Stage presence, performance & impact- B+

    Production- A++
    Stage presence, performance & impact- C-

    • JOHNVIDAL February 2, 2015

      Bruno slayed the rest musically though. And production (something the artist has nothing to do with) was more creative and felt bigger in Madonna´s case, not Katy´s.

  24. Dossome February 2, 2015

    According to Billboard,Prince had the Best Halftime performance EVER!!!!!

    • #ByeFelicia February 2, 2015

      The same Billboard that said Iggy Azalea is running Hip Hop???

      • Dossome February 2, 2015

        Did Billboard say that?or was it Forbes?Whatever,they are alot more credible that “TGJ Bound Table”

      • LB February 2, 2015

        Whatever,they are alot more credible that “TGJ Bound Table”

        Shade a little bit Dossome, tell us how you really feel b****. I got a refill of that tea from this, YASSSSSS

    • FutureCiara February 2, 2015


  25. #TeamTinashe Stan February 2, 2015

    Great candidates for next years halftime show should be Jay Z, Eminem, Coldplay, TLC, Shakira, or Celine Dion but I’m more interested in a Hip Hop or Rock artist next year.

  26. DeCarlo’Fung February 2, 2015

    YAAAS At Work it, Get ur freak on and Lose Control skyrocketing to itunes top 20!! All at the same time!! Slay Missy! SLAY!!

  27. Yeah I Said it February 2, 2015

    It was good. To be honest I don’t see how Katys differered from Madonna. All about fancy visuals to cover up what they lack, except Katy was actually singing live.

  28. Yeah I Said it February 2, 2015

    Missy came and stole the entire show though.

  29. cocobutta February 2, 2015

    We ALL know Katy is not full of routines and individual stage talents, so what she brought to the table was a bunch of hit charting songs & a Katy styled production of entertainment that mixed her pop, Lenny’s Rock & Missy energizing hip-hop that made it very watchable and provided a strong overall package to maximize her talents to share to a large viewing audience.

    I didn’t expect so much lip-syncing but it didn’t bother me one bit as at least we wouldn’t have to focus on how she sounded.

    Missy got big chunk of time, so stamina issues for Katy? But hey sips champagne (from a flute) & loved that portion of the halftime show.

    It assisted the overall success so kudos to Katy for showing that much love to WIN!

  30. Mark111 February 2, 2015

    It was nice. People need to enjoy the damn show and stop ating like they work for BillBoard. The bright, fun child like colors is Katy’s artistry. I told y’all it’ll be candyland LIVE.
    “It’s going to be very Madonna/BEP. A lot of eye candy and effects to cover up her lack of performance skills. Preety much going to be a candyland game.” -Mark111 1/30/15
    Sure Madonna’s production was GREAT, but she had to grab a lot of then current artist to grab our attention, and that’s VERY predictable for Grandmother. Beyonce KILLED her’s. So what it was her tour, that was the point, she showed her whole career in 14 mins. Plus it was a great promo of “You like this HT show? Well I can bring this to your city”. And the greats were all great. I want Linking Park next year, switch it up. Hell I really want MISSY. Like one stated, her bring out all the artist she worked with.

    • Charlieyoncé February 2, 2015

      This “Grandmadonna” shebang has me pissing my pants, I can’t LMAO!

  31. Fancy BISH February 2, 2015

    When it comes to the Super Bowl, it’s King Michael (obviously), Janet (and her tittty, but no JT…Janet’s tittty slayed chile!), Beyonce, Madonna and PRINCE, PRINCE & PRINCE…that’s all I got 😉 Everybody else was ummm……cute lol…..and Katy was holding on to that mic for dear life when she was “performing” Roar on that mechanical animal…wouldn’t want to drop that (Prince side eye)…and Missy basically played us her Itunes versions of her songs…her vocals sounded exactly like the records, cause….well, it was the records lol…but she did look cute while she upstaged the headliner…I know ya’ll woke up like, who’s performing next year? I sure did…and what did Auntie Fee cook? 😉

  32. Dossome February 2, 2015

    Can we get a post on how Missy has THREE songs on Itunes Top 20 and 2 in the Top 10?

  33. metzo February 2, 2015

    I have yo agree with all of you TGJ writers. But I still really really enjoyed her performance. She slayed the show for what it was, an entertaining halftime show to hold us over until the second halftime.
    To me, Katy did good and she was very clever to bring out Missy. That was icing on the cake.

    I like Katy

  34. LB February 2, 2015

    Oop, Marina and The Diamonds is blazing up the iTunes singles charts. Those tumblr muscle merry power bottoms are out of control

  35. metzo February 2, 2015

    Not Missy slaying the top 5 of iTunes with 2 songs!
    Looks like she’s the one who actually benefitted from sales boost.. ICON!

    • LB February 2, 2015

      I’m happy for Missy but Basic Perry also benefited, check the iTunes album charts

      • metzo February 2, 2015

        Yasss. Hapspy for Missy. And damn @ Katy, thats a huge jump for albums! Woww

    • blue February 2, 2015

      that proves nothing, katy’s hits were recent, people still have them in their playlist, she was never gonna get a huge boost


    Honestly, she did great! That white woman digital pop princess (Rih is the pop digital pop queen) made me stan for her that night. I got my life with all of those outfits, except for the hoodie dress she wore. This was honestly in my top 5 superbowl performances. It was that good. Now, I guess she can finally have another teenage dream era and prism can get the same sales it got.

  37. metzo February 2, 2015

    Can we just talk about when Katy was hair whipping and just unexpectedly jumped n slow grinded on Lenny kravitz? That S*** was hilarious! And they kilt I kissed a girl too. I swear this is one of the most entertaining halftime shows I’ve ever watched.. hahaa

  38. blue February 2, 2015

    this is the people i would love to see do the super bowl next

    xtina, britney(both have those timeless american classics), shakira(could slay with just performing full versions of WW, HDL, SW, LT), justin timberlake.

    Would love rihanna to wait at least five years before she even campaigns for it, she has the hits but she is just too recent. The reason missy stole the show was because her songs were songs you loved but havent heard or thought of in years so they felt so fresh and new.

    • blue February 2, 2015

      good god my english is going down the toilet…#backtohighschool

    • LB February 2, 2015

      blue, can I just say you’re the commentator I respect the most here. Your comments are always so intellectual, analytic and on point.

      Good on you

      • blue February 2, 2015


  39. african music lover February 2, 2015

    so how many people tuned in?

  40. Casual-T February 2, 2015

    Y’all need to stop being so critical and cynical. Katy Perry’s performance was awesome. They asked KP to perform, and she did a KP show, just as I expected. Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott were nice additions, too.

  41. B2B February 2, 2015

    I would like to see Nelly or Kanye West take on the Half-time show next year. Nelly has a terrific cateloug as so does Kanye when it comes to universal appeal.

  42. GAslickmouf February 2, 2015

    Its looking like Katy just killed her own career!! That kid s*** has gotta go. That’s a gimmick. Y’all trash GaGa name y’all damn well better trash Katy trashy ass!!!!

    Good bye!!

  43. Bey Advocate February 2, 2015

    I’m just trying to imagine how it would have been if the theatrics and props weren’t in the performance :/ bringing out Missy was refreshing though.

  44. Theman February 2, 2015

    Katy Perry did an amazing job overall.. She looked beautiful. She went in on the singing towards the end. The production & visuals were astounding.. Her vocals > Madge.. Beyonce was great performance wise, but that’s it. Beyonce is so over hyped.. This site is jealous of all artists not named Beyonce..

  45. Theman February 2, 2015

    Katy’s show was spectacle..

  46. Teacher( Call ha Young Gummy) February 2, 2015

    “Viewed this way, I didn’t observe anything we haven’t seen from Katy before.”

    Same thing could’ve/should’ve been said about Beyoncé’s performance! Seen one Beyonce performance seen em all! And just like Missy, Destiny’s Child was the highlight of her show!

  47. obsidian February 2, 2015

    They should’ve just hired the Barnum and Bailey Circus to put on the halftime show with Katy Perry’s music playing in the background…..that would’ve made for a more entertaining show!!!

  48. Dev February 2, 2015

    Katy’s show was okay, and to be honest i thought the same for Beyonce’s and Madonna’s all which i have no major desire to watch again.
    The superbowl is a difficult thing to get right as its not really a concert but more of an entertainment spectacle where the focus is the visuals for T.V more so than the audience.
    Katy did Katy as anyone who is a successful artist would do, but where i think she had the upper hand on Beyonce as did Madonna and Bruno Mars is the fact that the period during her preformance there was an over saturation of her in the media and concert which made her show very familiar by the time it hit the stage. Next year i’m hoping for a real extravaganza that maybe only a veteran rock group can do, maybe Run DMC, or the Beastie Boys

  49. red wine February 2, 2015

    Beyonce must have did something right you guys are still talking about her 2 year old performace

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