From The Vault: Toni Braxton – ‘Un-Break My Heart’

Published: Sunday 15th Feb 2015 by Joe

Though released almost two decades ago, Toni Braxton‘s classic ‘Un-Break My Heart’ still serves as a Valentine season favourite. As such, the lovelorn number is this week’s From The Vault pick.

Interestingly, initially Braxton wasn’t too keen on recording the Diane Warren-penned and David Foster-helmed track. After skilled convincing from then-label head L.A Reid, Toni agreed and turned this ballad into a monster smash.
The second single from her magnum-opus ‘Secrets’, the song topped the Billboard Hot 100 for eleven weeks – funnily enough from December 7 1996 to Valentine’s Day week in 1997. It reached the fifth position on the Canadian charts and entered the Top 3 in numerous European countries. Perhaps, most notably though, the gem won Braxton her fourth Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal.

It is with flying colors that frequent collaborator Bille Woodruff managed to create a heartbreaking visual for a heartbreaking track. Starring world-famous model Tyson Beckford, the video sees the stunner mourning her deceased lover and later on taking the stage for an all-out diva masterclass that has now become permanently etched in the minds of millions.


To this day, Toni Braxton remains a rare gem; from her deep sultry tone to her effortless brand of “sexy”, she has established herself as one of R&B’s most notable royals and  definitive music legend.

As widely known, her run in the industry has been filled with high highs and challenging lows. Hence, why we’re hoping the Grammy winning success her latest project, ‘Love, Marriage, & Divorce’, will inspire her to press on with new music so as to allow generations to come to appreciate the wealth of her immense talent.


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  1. Al February 15, 2015

    Simply breathtaking and beautiful. I miss music like this. Toni’s voice is s*** and deep. One of the best voices from the 90s and Dianne Warren is an amazing songwriter. One of my all time favs

  2. Carlitos February 15, 2015

    Toni! Toni! Toni! She is so classy and remarkable. Out of her peers (Mariah, Whitney, Celine), she is the most underrated, yet the most talented. This song will forever be one of the greatest songs in history.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 16, 2015

      Say she is the most underrated if you want, but she is definitely not the most talented in that group. Are you serious?

  3. tits mcgee February 15, 2015

    Amazing song by an amazing songstress.

    My favorite album by her is ‘The Heat’.

    *Plays ‘Spanish Guitar’*

    • Royalkev February 15, 2015

      Omg, get out my head! You’re like a long lost twin! I love “The Heat”, it’s so underrated!

      *Plays Maybe*

      • tits mcgee February 15, 2015

        Lol. I guess great minds… 🙂

  4. Vida February 15, 2015

    What a pleasant escape from the previous Lady Flopga post! Toni is the ultimate talent and seductress! UBMH is her signature song! When will tamar?

  5. SipTheTruth February 15, 2015

    Her grammy win was well deserved & I hope her next album will be more ballad based

  6. Royalkev February 15, 2015

    I loved this song. Toni’s voice is so rich, sensual and magical. I always felt like out of all the “diva-esque” singers Toni’s gift of emoting was second to none. You feel her pain, sorrow, passion and desire in every note of every song she sings.

    • tits mcgee February 15, 2015

      Preach hun!!

  7. DanYiel Teflon February 15, 2015

    I actually Loved the Album “Libra” by Toni Braxton every single song was a hit & it still can play straight through!!

    • Royalkev February 15, 2015

      Yessss! *plays Take This Ring*

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 15, 2015

        Gurl dat’s my jam!!!!!

  8. hives scared of R8 February 15, 2015

    One of the greatest ballad.I remember it blocked Rkelly’s “I believe I can fly” on the bb hot 100.Thats amazing

  9. HOWYOULIKEIT February 15, 2015

    I am so happy she won a grammy with her latest album. Please yall need to listen to her song “The D Word”. Masterpiece

  10. TheElusiveLamb February 15, 2015

    A Toni Braxton post! I love her so much. She’s just so sultry and soulful. What’s crazy to me is how Toni isn’t still in the top 20 of the BB 100, because out of all her peers, she’s the one that sounds closest to her prime vocals and still looks the same. I’ve been waiting for an amazing comeback from Toni for a while now. I’m just hoping it happens, bc I still can’t figure out why Pulse and especially Libra didn’t do millions.

    • BeyRihLiyah February 15, 2015

      Mariah, whitney,celine and toni the queens of adult contemporary pop ballads

      • TheElusiveLamb February 15, 2015

        Say that sis.

  11. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 15, 2015

    She looks just like Halle Berry in the last pic

    • tits mcgee February 15, 2015

      Interesting observation. That explains why Shemar Moore dated them around the same time back then. Lol.

  12. Blacksista February 15, 2015

    This woman is a Star. I love her and LMAD is a great album and deserved Five Grammys. Maybe if they give Beyonce the big Grammys she deserves, some of those R&B Grammys would go to an actual R&B act makes no sense she should have 20 Baby Grammys and no big categories

  13. Dossome February 15, 2015

    I love this song…I agree,she does deserve a COMEBACK,she’s been making consistently great music since her debut and that voice<33333333333333333333

    Let It Flow is my fav.Simply out of this world

  14. Blacksista February 15, 2015

    “I love some him” and Making Me High

  15. JOHNVIDAL February 16, 2015

    Amazing! Her very best.

  16. kay for Toni Braxton February 16, 2015

    I’m so sure she’s gonna have a comeback soon… The momentum is gradually building, the world is getting to remember her again, I’m sure the next album will do very well, maybe a collaboration with Nicki won’t be bad

  17. whenindoubtthetruthwillout February 16, 2015

    OMG!!!! Love this song sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And love her to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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